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Where can you get abortion pills in Bangalore?

abortion in Bangalore

Most of the girls and women looking for abortion in Bangalore find it an easy rescue to obtain abortion pills. They may even manage to get them from pharmacies. However, they do not know the complications they may get into.

This post intends to help people looking for abortion pills obtain them safely. Besides, you will also learn your safe, legal and confidential abortion options.

Abortion with pills is just one abortion method. And it is not safe and works efficiently for all girls and women alike. This post will help you learn all the safe ways to terminate an unwanted pregnancy. So, you can make a conscious choice.

On the way, you will find answers to some of the queries posted on various sources regarding abortion in Bangalore. As a result, you can hope to get your answers in some of them right from the experts.

So, let’s begin!

Starting with your earliest query,

“Where can you get abortion pills in Bangalore?”


Abortion pills are available at registered Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centres. Therefore, you can visit a registered abortion clinic near you in Bangalore. Next, you can obtain a consultation with the gynecologist. If the abortion pills seem fit for your pregnancy termination, she shall prescribe you the same.

Most of the abortion hospitals provide abortion pills within the clinic itself. While some others may prescribe them to patients. In such events, patients can buy them from nearby pharmacies. They can get them only by showing valid prescriptions.

This is the best abortion practice that any girl or woman seeking abortion in Bangalore should follow.

abortion in Bangalore
Abortion pills in Bangalore

However, some unmarried couples and even married ones are obtaining abortion pills without prescription. By doing so, they are risking their health and lives.


Abortion pills are a likely safe method of terminating early pregnancies. However, just like any other medicine, a patient cannot decide what’s best for her. Only qualified and experienced registered medical practitioners at registered MTP centres can legally prescribe abortion pills.

Besides legally, it is also medically safe to take abortion pills only after consultation with the concerned doctor. This is for your safety only.
Abortion pills may carry many known and unknown risks. Let the doctor decide if abortion pills are the best abortion method for you. Even if it is not, you can obtain a legal and safe abortion by another available method.

You can share your concerns and fears regarding abortion on our platform in the comment section. You will receive the earliest possible help from the best abortion hospital.

Let us learn how can self-administration of abortion pills be risky for you.

Risks with abortion pills:

Risks with abortion pills are multiple. However, they are all preventable by obtaining them only after consultation with the doctor at the registered MTP centre. Some of the most common risks many women and girls face with abortion pills are:

Risk of incomplete abortion:

Do you know what is your pregnancy length?
Do you know the exact dose of abortion pills?
Or do you know how and when to take abortion pills; you can say the right method to take them?
Do you know the location of your pregnancy?
When you do not know these answers, how can you justify that you are doing right by taking abortion pills?

How can abortion pills result in an incomplete abortion?

Gestation period:

Abortion pills are safe medicines that can terminate early pregnancies. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends using abortion pills for only up to 6-8 weeks.

Most women and many unmarried girls seeking abortion take abortion pills without this knowledge. In events their pregnancy is in the late stage, chances of incomplete abortion intensify. Taking abortion pills beyond 8 weeks of pregnancy may not efficiently remove the embryo and all the placental tissue.

Pregnancy remnants may remain in the womb causing vaginal spotting and the patient may bleed for days and weeks.

How can the risk of an incomplete abortion be preventable?

The risk of an incomplete abortion is preventable by taking abortion pills after consultation. Do not take abortion pills beyond 8 weeks of pregnancy.

Dose of administration:

The exact dose of administration of abortion pills is varied for all women. The doctor at the abortion clinic shall first check your exact body weight and calculate your body mass index (BMI). Then, she will calculate the right dosage for you.

Also, the dose may vary depending on your pregnancy length. In the 7th and 8th week of abortion, higher strength of the medicine may cause a complete abortion.

Then, in a case you are suffering from any medical condition, like fatty liver or some kidney (renal) disorder, the dose may need adjustment.

Or if you are taking any medicines that may impair abortion pill working, the dose adjustment becomes essential.

You may or may not be aware of all these things and the solutions to all these problems. So, the right abortion pill dose is essential for complete abortion. If you take abortion pills without the dose correction, the probability of incomplete abortion is more.

Mode of administration:

There are different methods of taking abortion pills. It may include oral route (by mouth), vaginal (internal placement inside the cervix), buccal, sublingual. The wrong mode of administration may also result in an incomplete abortion.

The doctor shall evaluate your specific medical needs and then decide the best mode of administration for you.

Abortion pills time gap:

Two medicines together work in inducing a miscarriage. These are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The doctor will most likely give you the first pill at the clinic. And then the second pill has to be taken at a gap of 24-72 hours.

You can take that home. However, it is the qualified doctor who decides the best time gap between the two medicines. It may vary from patient to patient.

If this gap is not proper, abortion pills may result in an incomplete abortion.

The efficiency of abortion pills:

Even when the doctor considers all the things before prescribing abortion pills, there are 2-5% chances of incomplete abortion. Abortion pills from different brands are available in the market. An experienced doctor always prescribes the medicines from the best companies.
For a successful abortion, you may not know which abortion pills may be the best for you.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy:

Have you ever heard of ectopic pregnancy?

It is a kind of faulty pregnancy and can happen to any woman.

Consider a girl or woman taking abortion pills without knowing whether the pregnancy is normal or ectopic. In such a case, abortion will not take place at all. Abortion pills work only on normal pregnancies. Ectopic pregnancies are medical conditions needing a different course of treatment.

This is a huge risk. Do you know why?

Because the pregnancy may rupture at a location wherever it is present. For instance, if the embryo is in the fallopian tube, it may burst. Rupture of pregnancy and tube may lead to internal bleeding. This presents itself with the patient fainting without anyone knowing the real reason.

In these cases, only immediate medical attention can save the patient’s life. She may need emergency surgery to remove the ruptured tissue.

This may save the patient’s life, but she may lose her ability to get pregnant to nearly half. A small act of taking abortion pills can take a harsh consequence of the life-threatening condition.

When unmarried couples seeking abortions take abortion pills without consultation, this can be a huge risk. The girl in her future life may want a child after marriage. But she may be suffering from compromised reproductive health.

So, if you are looking to buy abortion pills in Bangalore, please visit the abortion clinic near you. Only after a proper diagnosis and consultation, you should get a medical abortion. The doctor shall give you abortion pills only if you will seem eligible for them.

But do not worry if you cannot get abortion pills! There is Gentle Care suction abortion available at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH). You can obtain it as a short and quick in-clinic abortion.

Let us now get to some of your queries.


“Hi, I and my partner had intercourse 8 weeks back. We were very cautious and used condom. But she is having mood swings and heavy food cravings since two days. Her period was always on time, do you think she’s pregnant?”


Hello dear reader! This is one of the most common questions we have come across. See, your sexual intimacy act doesn’t have to result in pregnancy. It may or may not be possible. Pregnancy is possible only during the fertile window.

We advise you to wait until the girl misses her period. In a case, she is pregnant, do not attempt self-abortion with pills. The above section of the post discusses the risks with the same.

You can schedule an abortion consultation appointment at Bangalore Genesis Hospital. The doctor shall evaluate the patient’s medical condition and prescribe the best abortion method.

Gentle Care suction abortion at BGH, Bangalore:

Do not worry! Abortions at registered hospitals are very safe, legal and confidential. So, you can obtain a quick abortion that may take less than 5 minutes. She can return home with a successful abortion.

It is a non-surgical procedure and does not need sedation. So, you can eat and drink normally before and after the procedure. The privacy of each patient is very important for the hospital. That is why the hospital provides personalized abortion care respecting the privacy of each patient.

You may not have to wait when you visit by appointment. And you will also not have to see any fellow patient. The doctor sees the patient in a private doctor’s office setting. And provides the abortion procedure also in a private examination room unlike other hospitals having operation rooms.

After the abortion, the patient can rest and recover in a private room. A nurse shall stay by her side to help in anything. Most girls feel comfortable just in less than 10 minutes and take discharge in less than an hour.

Do not fear any judgment if you are seeking an abortion as an unmarried couple. Abortion in India is legal for both married and unmarried girls and that too on their consent only. The hospital does not discriminate against any patient based on her marital status.
All the doctors, nurses and staff are highly professional, friendly, caring, supporting, compassionate and non-judgmental. And abortions at BGH are completely confidential.

The best part is that whether she is studying or working, she can resume the routine the next day itself.

Since this abortion procedure is available for up to 12 weeks without any surgery, do not delay!

Schedule a Gentle Care suction abortion appointment today!

Let us take some more queries.


“I have one question and looking for some reliable help. If a person who is going through the 13th week missed periods after a sexual act, is she pregnant? Is there any solution for abortion? Pregnancy is not wanted. She is working. Can she have an abortion in Bangalore?”


Hello dear reader! Yes, this is also a common query. And we would be happy to help you out. In this way, we would also love to reach out to more people undergoing similar conditions and having similar concerns.

The 13th week as you mention here may be from the sexual act or after the missed period. Or it can be from her LMP. The abortion options for you in all the cases may vary according to your gestation period.

Do not attempt a self-abortion. Do not buy abortion pills without consultation with the doctor. Because of its 13th week into the pregnancy, chances of incomplete abortion with pills get more likely.

You should schedule an abortion appointment at a registered abortion hospital near you.

Your abortion options at BGH:

If you choose to visit the best abortion clinic in Bangalore, do not delay as you already may be late. Since the hospital provides exclusive one-on-one patient care, all early slots are pre-booked. Inquire on their helpline number for an early available spot.

When you arrive by appointment, the doctor will see you in private. She shall check your medical condition. She will advise you on some routine blood tests and an ultrasound. These tests are necessary to know the exact length and location of your pregnancy. Also, to ensure a safe abortion, the choice of abortion method depends on these reports.

Most probably, you may not be eligible for abortion pills as per your pregnancy length. But considering a case there has been a delayed period and your pregnancy length is less than 8 weeks. Then, the doctor may check for other criteria before prescribing you a medical abortion.

However, in the case your pregnancy is less than 12 weeks, the doctor may prescribe you Gentle Care suction abortion. It is a quick, efficient and painless in-clinic abortion method.

How is it done?

When you are ready for abortion, the doctor shall answer all your queries and concerns. You will receive the details regarding the procedure including the cost of the abortion. Then, a nurse shall help you lie comfortably in a position for the doctor to gently perform the abortion.

After disinfecting your cervix region, the doctor shall gently insert a soft and flexible tube inside your cervix. You won’t feel any pain or discomfort at all. Then, the doctor shall turn on a manual aspirator that fits in her hand. It is a small device used to create suction. This suction gently pulls out the embryo and other pregnancy products in less than 3-5 minutes.

The doctor shall examine the collected contents to ascertain that the abortion is complete. Then, you can rest in a comfortable position in your private room. Most women take post-abortion prescription and guidelines and take discharge in less than 15-30 minutes post-abortion.

Will it impact your future pregnancies?

No, Gentle Care suction abortion does not impact women’s fertility or has any impact on their future pregnancies. Since it is a non-invasive procedure, there is no incision or surgical cuts and stitches or post-surgical bruises. Hence, there is no negative impact on your reproductive health. You can try conceiving naturally when you are ready.

If you wish, you can get an intrauterine contraceptive device during the procedure.

How long will you bleed after a Gentle Care suction abortion?

You can expect zero to minimum bleeding and that too only for a couple of days. Some women do not bleed at all or just for a few minutes post-procedure. This is because the doctor removes most of the pregnancy tissue with suction itself.

Schedule an early abortion appointment!

What if your pregnancy is past 12 weeks?

Very good question! In case your pregnancy is past 12 weeks, you can get a Gentle Care surgical abortion. Since the alone suction procedure may not be able to remove all the pregnancy tissue, you may need mild surgical intervention.

Gentle Care surgical abortion has ‘surgical’ just in the name. It is also a short, quick, single-appointment, same-day discharge, in-clinic abortion method. Unlike other hospitals, you may not need any hospitalization for the same. You can get it like an OPD procedure.

How is it done?

BGH uses the gentle Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method for terminating pregnancies between 12-20 weeks. Similar to the Gentle Care suction method, the nurse shall help you lie comfortably. A qualified and experienced anesthetist will prescribe the best anesthetic agent for you.

The use of anesthesia is for a short while to make the abortion painless. When ready, the doctor shall dilate your cervix region to insert sterile and safe surgical tools. The doctor shall gently detach the embryo and placental tissue.

Then, the use of an aspirator can help gently evacuate all the detached tissues. This will complete the procedure and you can wake up with a successful abortion.

The doctor may insert a uterovaginal packaging inside the cervix to shorten your hospital stay and minimize bleeding. You can rest in your private room until you feel comfortable returning home. When you feel like it, the doctor shall guide you with post-abortion recovery tips.

The pregnancy symptoms will start weaning soon. With the help of post-abortion supplements, you will be able to resume your routine activities within 1-2 days. The doctor shall also prescribe you some safe antibiotics to prevent any infection from setting in.

Will it impact your future pregnancies?

No, Gentle care surgical abortion is very gentle not just in name, but also in its function. The doctors at BGH do not use sharp surgical instruments to scrape off the uterine lining. Rather, they use gentle tools and techniques that do not distort uterus shape. Nor does it leave any scarring or internal injury. So, you can relax on this part! A gentle care surgical abortion will not impact your future pregnancies.

Schedule an early appointment for an abortion at the best abortion hospital near you.

Hire an uber to the hospital’s location.

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