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10 Important Things to Know Before Taking Abortion Pills in Bangalore

Abortion Pills in BengaluruAbortion pills or an MTP kit seems like the easiest option when it comes to cease an unwanted pregnancy.

If you have recently realized that you are pregnant and you are currently not looking forward to having a baby, then using abortion pills to terminate the unintended pregnancy may come to you as the earliest option.

But before you self-administer abortion pills in Bangalore or anywhere else in India or the world or even if you consider buying it from an online pharmacy or a nearby pharmacy or availing it from an uncertified MTP centre, there are a few critically important things to consider.

#1. It may be illegal

In case you are opting to self-administer abortion pills, the first important thing to note is that it is not legal. Abortion in India is legal if the services are availed at a certified MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) centre.

It is illegal to sell or buy an MTP kit without the prescription of a registered medical practitioner. And both buyer as well as the seller are punishable for this act.

You may be wondering why is it illegal to self-administer even though abortion is legal in India. So, answering your query, it is illegal because there are serious abortion pill side-effects which can even be fatal. So, even with abortion pills, each abortion needs to be performed by a trained medical professional only.

#2. It may not work, impact your reproductive health and even endanger your life:

Orally or vaginally taking abortion pills may not work at all or result in an incomplete abortion. This is true both if you self-administer or even if you take it at an MTP centre. due to its efficiency.

Medical termination of pregnancy by abortion pills method is 95% to 98% effective. Whereas, other methods of abortion like manual vacuum aspiration (MVA) and Electric vacuum aspiration (EVA) and dilatation and evacuation (D & E) are all nearly 100% effective when performed by well-qualified and certified professionals at certified MTP centres.

Abortion pills may also not work in case of an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy is a serious medical condition and hence you should use abortion pills only if prescribed by a qualified practitioner.

A well-learned gynaecologist ascertains the location of pregnancy before prescribing any method of abortion, including abortion pills.

Abortion pills consist of pills that work by halting the growth of the fetus and then causing uterine contractions evacuating the uterine contents through the natural route in the form of vaginal bleeding.

But in the event of ectopic pregnancy, the fertilized egg is unable to reach its destined location, i.e., uterine lining. It starts developing outside the uterus, most commonly within the fallopian tube.

What happens is when a woman gets pregnant, a sperm fertilizes the egg released from the ovary. Now this fertilized egg travels to the uterine lining through the fallopian tube. But in some cases, this fertilized egg does not reach the uterus. Instead, it starts developing within the tube which is very narrow and cannot support the rapidly growing egg.

When you take abortion pills which comprise of two different pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol for an ectopic pregnancy, abortion will not happen. There will be uterine contractions which might bring in vaginal bleeding and leave you thinking that abortion has taken place. But you may not know without a transvaginal scan that the fertilized egg is still growing somewhere else and the bleeding was a result of uterine contractions and not abortion.

Then this growing egg which is still continuing to grow may find the fallopian tube too narrow to be able to sustain the growth. This can lead to the rupture of the fallopian tube, mostly presented by syncope of the woman accompanied by heavy bleeding. Then surgical intervention is needed to remove the fallopian tube, ovary and other products of gestation of that side. This will reduce the chances of fertility and impact your probability of getting pregnant in the future. The condition is an emergency and can also be life-threatening if medical care is not sought immediately.

Isn’t it a grave consequence which most pople do not think about before self-administering abortion pills without determining whether the pregnancy is intrauterine or ectopic?

Ectopic pregnancy can also occur in some other places. The fallopian tube is the most common example.

#3. Before taking abortion pills, it is important to know your gestation length:

Other cases when abortion by abortion pills can remain incomplete is taking them in later stages of pregnancy.

Are you looking forward to having an abortion by abortion pills? Then it’s better you first know your gestation length. Length of pregnancy means the age of the pregnancy.

Abortion by abortion pills is the prescribed method usually only up to about 6 weeks of pregnancy for safety.

Now how to calculate your gestation length? Your first day of last menstrual period (LMP) is taken as the first day of gestation. Conception occurs almost after 2 weeks post your LMP date. So, when you first realize that you are pregnant at your missed period, probably your length of pregnancy is 5 or 6 weeks.

For instance, if your LMP was 1-Sep. Then, your 6 weeks of gestation will be over by 14-Oct. And it will be somewhere between 4th – 10th October when your pregnancy test comes positive. So, to avail medical method of termination (abortion pills) for your unwanted pregnancy, you have only a few days.

This means there is a very small window for abortion pills as the recommended method of abortion.

What can happen when you take abortion pills when your pregnancy has progressed beyond 6 weeks? Well, this is one thing which is very important for you to know before you consider taking abortion tablets.

For the abortion tablets to work efficiently, the size of the fetus needs to be very small that can easily be detached from the uterine lining. This is why abortion by an MTP kit is typically not recommended beyond 6 weeks of pregnancy. And if you take abortion pills after that, there are chances of the abortion being incomplete. All the gestation products may not be removed from your uterine cavity.

Finally, the surgical procedure will have to be done to remove the remaining products of gestation.

#4. It may not be a single appointment procedure:

Though the medical method of abortion by pills is an outpatient procedure, you may need to visit the abortion clinic in two appointments stretched over a gap of a few hours or a day.

Or it is also possible according to your specific case that you receive the first pill in your first appointment and the second is given to you to be taken at a certain time at your home.

If you want to avail a private abortion in Bangalore, probably you may not want to visit the abortion clinic for more than once. For your best option, keep reading further.

#5. You may be allergic to abortion pills:

Every woman behaves uniquely to abortion pills. And some women may even be allergic to them. Some of the serious allergic reactions of Mifepristone, one of the abortion pills are rashes, closing of the throat, swelling of the lips and/or tongue and/or face.

You will need immediate medical attention in case of appearance of any of these reactions or others like troubled breathing, fainting or a fast heartbeat.

#6. You may be taking some medicines which are contraindicated with abortion pills:

Many women seeking abortion for unintended pregnancy may also be dealing with other medical conditions like hypertension, diabetes, gastric disorders, or any other physical or mental ailments. These women may be taking prescribed medications for these conditions.

And if they resort to self-administration of abortion pills or avail it at an uncertified MTP centre, then the prescriber may not be aware of the contraindications of the abortion pills with your prescribed medicines for other conditions. These can also cause serious side-effects which can either lead to comorbid situations or may even be fatal.

Apart from medicines, there may be other medical conditions in which abortion pills cannot be used entirely or have to be used with precautions. Some of these include undiagnosed abdominal growth, adrenal gland problems like a chronic adrenal failure, if you have got an Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) implanted for contraception or if you have a condition called coagulopathy which is a bleeding disorder.

Remember, if your pregnancy test comes positive even when you have an IUCD implanted in your womb as the contraceptive method, there are more chances that the pregnancy may be ectopic. Do not take abortion pills without prescription at all.

Are you anaemic? If yes, then probably a qualified doctor will recommend you a gentle abortion method like MVA or EVA if your gestation length is less than 12 weeks and D & E if it is above 12 weeks but less than or equal to 20 weeks. This is because abortion by pills may cause heavy bleeding leading to loss of a large amount of blood.

#7. There’s a waiting period to know whether the abortion pills worked or they didn’t.

Just as aforementioned that abortion by pills may not be complete, a woman cannot be fully confident that abortion has been successfully completed unless either bleeding stops within a week or ascertained by a transvaginal scan.

In cases of complete abortion by abortion pills, bleeding stops within a week. But in cases of incomplete abortions, bleeding generally continues beyond a week presented by either spotting to mild to moderate to heavy bleeding which may or may not be accompanied with abdominal pain.

Therefore, before a week, a woman cannot be fully confident of having had a successful abortion. And this waiting period can add to her anxiety and nervousness.

#8. Abortion pills briefed for your help:

There are two pills approved as safe abortifacients, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. For the growth of the fetus, after fertilization of the egg, the woman’s body starts secreting the hormone Progesterone. It is essential for sustaining pregnancy.

Mifepristone, the first abortion pill blocks the action of progesterone which halts the fetal growth. So, the first work is done.

The second pill is Misoprostol. It causes contractions in the uterus. This helps in detaching the implanted fetus from the uterine lining and also evacuating all products of gestation naturally and normally.

The bleeding is often accompanied by pain and you may need to take off from your work to rest for a couple of days.

If you are eligible for abortion by abortion pills, you should avail Mifepristone in Bangalore and Misoprostol in Bangalore only at an MTP certified abortion clinic. Never overlook the associated risks with abortion pills.

#9. You may not know this:

There may be certain medicines that need to be prescribed along with abortion pills like antibiotics to prevent infections and other medicines to restore the vaginal flora.

Then you may also need hematinics to make up for the lost blood and other nutritional supplements, multivitamins and antioxidants to restore your general health and not make you feel debilitated after the abortion procedure.

Also, your hormonal cycle may get disturbed after an abortion by abortion pills which needs to be restored to restore your reproductive health so that your future pregnancies are not impacted.

So, if you were considering a Do It Yourself (DIY) abortion at home or planning to avail an unsafe abortion service at an uncertified centre, then you may not be administered all these medicines for a quick post-abortion recovery.

#10. Abortion by pills is not the easiest option:

As we mentioned earlier, abortion by pills method seems to be the easiest, but it is not so. It is the method that causes the most discomfort among abortion procedures, abdominal cramps, heavy bleeding and abortion may still be incomplete, further complicating your medical condition.

If you are an unmarried woman seeking a safe and confidential abortion, you may want to be confident with a completed abortion as you take a step out of the abortion clinic. This is possible only if you avail an abortion service which is nearly 100% efficient.

If you are a working woman and seeking an abortion, you may not want to take off from work for many days. With abortion pills, due to heavy bleeding, pain and discomfort, you may need to take a longer break. Whereas with MVA, EVA or D & E, you can resume work even the next day or after a day’s rest. That too with confidence that now you are not carrying an unintended pregnancy. Anxiety and nervousness of waiting for an abortion to be completed can even hamper your progress at work.

Abortion Pills in Bengaluru

Abortion clinic in Bangalore:

If you are staying in Bangalore or can travel to Bangalore for safe, legal and confidential abortion services, you can avail the healthiest option at Bangalore Genesis Hospital’s (BGH) abortion clinic in Bangalore.

At BGH, you can expect to receive the abortion treatment best for your health. You will have an abortion by abortion pills as an available option only if you are less than 6 weeks pregnant and your pregnancy is intrauterine.

At BGH, all your necessary medical tests will be conducted to prescribe the best suitable method for your abortion. Even your medical history and status of your allergies will be taken down to avoid any medicine you may be allergic to or is contraindicated with your coexisting medical condition or can interact with any of the medicines you may be taking already.

You can expect to receive the complete guidance as and when to administer the abortion pills in case you are prescribed with the medical method of abortion.

In case your pregnancy has exceeded 6 weeks period but is less than 12 weeks, you will likely be prescribed with a gentle vacuum aspiration method of abortion. And if it has exceeded even 12 weeks but is still less than 20 weeks, you can expect to be prescribed Dilatation and Evacuation method of abortion.

The most important thing is that your gynaecologist will ensure that you are prescribed the best method suiting your specific medical needs.

Due to the societal stigma associated with abortion, we understand how important it may be for you to keep your details and abortion status private.

You can avail a safe and private abortion at BGH where your health and privacy are both given utmost preference.

If you are an adult, i.e., above 18 years of age, you need no parental or partner or any other guardian’s consent to avail abortion in India as a part of abortion law of India. It is only you whose consent is needed for an abortion.

Also as a part of Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) as well as of the MTP Act of India, all your details will be kept confidential. No hospital staff can reveal your details or disclose your abortion status to anyone, besides yourself.

So, be relaxed and take a wise decision for terminating an unwanted pregnancy in India because not all health parameters can be restored. Choose healthy, Stay healthy.

If you have any queries, you can drop your comment below and we will get back to your query at the earliest.

For a personal query, you can also call on our helpline number and speak with a healthcare professional. Or you can also drop a WhatsApp message on our number seeking help for your query or requesting a callback.

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