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Gentle Care abortion in Bangalore vs abortion pills

Can Mifepristone & Misoprostol Cause Abortion In Bangalore

Gentle Care abortion is the early abortion method developed by senior gynecologists of Bangalore. The abortion team at the Bangalore Genesis Hospital developed the Gentle Care abortions. It came as a result of the need to provide exceptional holistic abortion care to all patients.

Unwanted pregnancies, unexpected pregnancies and sometimes even planned pregnancies need abortion services. There are several circumstances in which a couple or a woman alone may choose to end the pregnancy. But the major concern is “how” abortion is provided and “how” we talk about the same.

There are a lot of socio-cultural norms and stigma attached to abortions, not only in India but throughout the world. This creates barriers for women and girls seeking abortions. These barriers make it difficult for women to access Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) services.

Moreover, they also act as roadblocks to communication. Women do not get to know who to speak to in such difficult times. Firstly, unwanted pregnancy can be a highly emotional time for any woman. And there is no surprise that it can make her feel vulnerable.

Pregnancy is a time when even the woman is unable to figure out what’s going on with her and within her. She may feel lonely, depressed, anxious, sad, frightened or have conflicted feelings. And if you too are undergoing any of these, it is normal. After all, pregnancy hormones are also doing their work.

Understandably, you may not find yourself in a position to get out of such a situation all alone. And you may also not be able to confide in anyone to talk to or seek help.

This post intends to help you in obtaining a safe, legal and confidential abortion with the best abortion care.

Your need for quality abortion care:

Abortions are likely safe procedures when performed at registered abortion clinics. However, the treatment you may receive at any hospital may vary depending on several factors. These include the hospital facilities, the treatment options available, the qualifications and experience of doctors, nurses and more. Even how you are made comfortable throughout your stay at the hospital is of utmost importance.

Although abortions are safe medical procedures, abortion care varies. And you may want to have the best possible care. Unsafe abortions can pose various threats to your future health and life. Many acute complications impact the patient’s life just after the abortion. For instance, heavy bleeding, fatigue, weakness, and infections are some of the acute complications.

And then there can be chronic complications that can impact the patient throughout her life. Some of them are lost fertility and recurrent infections of the reproductive tract. Others can be affecting the physiology of the reproductive tract, for instance, uterus shape distortion like that of the bicornuate uterus. And others may be adenomyosis, endometriosis, etc.

The cost of unsafe abortion can even be the life of the patient.

It is therefore essential to have a safe abortion that protects the patient’s

  • Physical health
  • Mental and emotional wellbeing
  • And also respect and maintain her privacy

A safe abortion ensures that:

  • You are happy about your health and decision.
  • You do not suffer from any long-term side effects.
  • Your fertility does not get a negative impact. You can conveniently and safely conceive in future as per your circumstances.
  • You can move ahead in life with confidence in your words and works.

And the registered abortion hospital near you that can provide just the best abortion care.

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Your abortion decision:

When you are early, you have more options. Moreover, complications with abortions in the early stages are very feeble. And in a case, you do have any feelings or sense of guilt within you, an early abortion can get you out of it. It is because, during the early stages, it is very hard to tell whether the pregnancy is viable or not.

As the pregnancy progresses, pregnancy hormones also start fluctuating very frequently. And these hormonal changes can make way for a variety of emotions. Some women feel emotionally weak and vulnerable. Some have intense anxiety, especially when the pregnancy is unwanted like in the case of unmarried couples.

If you too are confused, you do not have to take this alone. You can speak to the doctor regarding all your options. Sometimes, speaking to a neutral person may be of great help. Someone who can listen to you without judging you may give you the most-needed support.

The doctor at BGH will not only listen to you but will also help you learn all the pros and cons of your choices. The abortion choice is personal and is absolutely fine. When a woman or a girl finds that she is unexpectedly pregnant, she may have many things going in her little head. She may think about her family, partner, relationships, school, career, work, life goals, health, safety and personal beliefs. And it is something that we encourage every reader to give thought to.

This is because, in the end, you should feel good and happy about yourself. Health comes best with well-informed and thoughtfully made decisions. Trust us, you are not alone and you will receive all the help you may need. BGH doctor will help you throughout the entire journey.

A friendly talk with the doctor:

Most of the patients visiting the abortion clinic are predetermined about having an abortion. But if you find yourself in a difficult situation, you are free to openly discuss your options with the doctor. You are surely going to find a neutral friend in the doctor. The doctor will be ready to help you in making the choice that is best for you.

Due to this personalized service available exclusively at the Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH), all spots get filled in quick. You may not want to stay in your world of anxiety and restlessness for long. So, an early rescue is essential to help you take the next move. Do not miss an early spot.

Get an early appointment booked today.

Early abortion methods: All you need to know:

The legal scenario regarding abortion in India is that it is legal for both married women as well as unmarried girls. The abortion methods vary depending on how far you are in your pregnancy. Another important thing is the gestation age. You can obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore for up to 20 weeks in normal cases.

Most girls and women seek abortion when contraceptives fail. If that’s your case too, you have the first 20 weeks into your pregnancy for a legal abortion. Even for the first 20 weeks, the abortion methods vary with the exact length of pregnancy. And you can obtain an abortion with your consent only if you are above 18 years.

We will be discussing the Gentle Care abortions available at Bangalore Genesis Hospital. Along the way, we will also discuss what to expect from each method. Although the doctor shall explain to you in detail before the procedure, it may be better to have a little hunch.

Let’s begin.

Abortion method for up to 8 weeks of pregnancy:

It is most likely that you discovered your pregnancy when you are between 5-6 weeks pregnant. There are two abortion methods available for terminating early pregnancies. These are Medical abortions with pills and Gentle Care suction abortions.

Abortion with pills is available for only up to 8 weeks. Whereas, Gentle Care suction is available for up to 12 weeks. The choice of abortion method depends on your specific medical condition. When you are early, you can choose between the two methods if you are eligible for both of them.

Almost all girls and women with normal intrauterine pregnancies are eligible for Gentle Care suction abortion. However, for medical abortion, they may or may not be eligible.

Besides the patient eligibility, there are several advantages of Gentle Care suction abortion making it more popular. We will highlight them ahead in this post.

Pre-abortion medical consultation:

Before any abortion method prescription, the doctor shall ask you to get some very important but quick tests. These include:

  1. An ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy length and location.
  2. Routine blood examination to confirm your blood levels and rule out any infections.

Tests based on patient-specific medical conditions:

Some tests are specific to the patient’s medical history. For instance, in case the patient is suffering from some acute or chronic medical condition, the doctor may need to adjust the medicine dose. The doctor may even need to change the preferred abortion method.

Patients suffering from hypertension are mostly taking blood thinners as antihypertensive medicines. Such patients may bleed for a longer time after abortion pills. Even intensity may be high. These patients can find relief with Gentle Care Suction abortion since it causes minimum bleeding.

Other than that, there are patients with diabetes. And it is very common. Patients with diabetes have a longer healing time as compared to healthy patients. A non-invasive abortion may be better for them. And both medical abortion and Gentle Care suction abortion are non-invasive.

However, if the patient crosses the 12-week mark, she may need a mildly invasive procedure for abortion. And a routine blood sugar examination can help the doctor decide the best time for abortion. And also, the doctor can prepare additional medicines to prevent any fluctuations and complications.

Patients with co-existing disorders:

Some patients may have a kind of renal disorder or liver problems like fatty liver disease or high uric acid. Such patients may be taking some medicines that can alter how abortion pills work in the human body. And in such cases, the doctor considers Gentle Care suction abortion better for the patient.

Besides avoiding this interaction, other advantages of the procedure include that is painless, quick and more efficient. Many patients who self-administer abortion pills often seek help in the late stage after complications. Most of the complications that come up are incomplete abortion with abortion pills. Another one, heavy bleeding is also a result of abortion pills. Some others may be life-threatening, such as ectopic pregnancy rupture.

But you know what, all these complications ad situations are avoidable with a proper diagnosis. Let the doctor prescribe you the best abortion method. Of course, you can choose if you have the two options available. However, do not self-administer abortion pills or choose an unsafe abortion method only to cut the cost of an abortion.

You may not know what an unsafe abortion may bring with it. It is always best to speak to your doctor before deciding on what to do next. The plus side of you staying in Bangalore or a nearby city is that you can visit the best abortion hospital. Many patients obtain Gentle Care abortions from the places like Frazer Town, Indiranagar, Banaswadi, Kammanahalli and more. And also receive esteemed guidance from the senior gynecologists of the country.

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Let us now learn a little more about abortion pills:

Abortion pills are a safe and effective abortion method in which the abortion pills induce a natural miscarriage. The two safe and approved abortion pills are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. They work together to end and evacuate a pregnancy. The pregnancy tissue at this age is so small that it seems more or less like a clot.

If you choose to go ahead with abortion pills, you will receive the first abortion pill at the clinic. The doctor will choose the best mode of administration and calculate the best dose for you. The second pill is to be taken at a gap of 24-72 hours after the first pill. The doctor may hand it over to you the same day itself. In some cases, the doctor may ask you to visit the clinic at the right gap.

When you take the second pill at the clinic, the doctor may insert it vaginally. But in most cases, the doctor chooses oral administration when the patient is at home. This is because the second pill will trigger the abortion process. The uterus will start contracting causing cramps and pain. As a result, the uterus will expel the pregnancy tissue through the natural route.

Bleeding may range from moderate to heavy for the first few hours and then subside gradually. Most women with successful abortions stop bleeding by a week or a few more days. However, in case bleeding continues even after day 10 with or without pain, it may be because of incomplete abortion. An incomplete abortion refers to the incomplete removal of the pregnancy tissue from the uterus.

In such a case, a small surgery may be essential to remove the complete tissue and complete the abortion.

Gentle Care suction abortion: Abortion method for up to 12 weeks of pregnancy

With a Gentle Care suction abortion, incomplete abortions are very rare, with nearly zero cases. And therefore, women who want to leave the hospital with a clarification in their mind of a complete abortion prefer Gentle Care suction over pills.

It is a small, quick, painless in-clinic abortion method. It is the best abortion method for terminating intrauterine pregnancies in several terms. Firstly, it is available to all women and girls who may or may not be eligible for abortion pills. Secondly, it is painless and causes minimal discomfort.

The pregnancy symptoms wean away quickly. Most girls and women who are either studying or are in professions do not wish to wait for up to a week to be sure of an abortion. They want to return back to normal lives at the earliest knowing that the unwanted pregnancy is over. Therefore, a Gentle Care suction abortion comes as the earliest rescue for them.

How is it done?

If you choose to or the doctor prescribes you the Gentle Care suction abortion, the nurse will take you to a private room. She will help you relax. Then, she will make you lie down in a comfortable position and clean your cervix region. This will prevent the onset of infections.

Next, the doctor will insert a soft and flexible tube inside your womb through the cervix. This is the tube that will collect the pregnancy tissue. This tube connects to a small device that fits in the doctor’s hand. It is an aspirator that will create suction. This suction will create gentle pressure that will cause the pregnancy tissue to move to the tube.

The other end of the tube connects to a collection bottle where all evacuated tissue collects. The doctor will examine the tissue to be sure of a complete abortion. Then, the doctor shall remove the tube gently. The entire procedure takes less than 3-5 minutes.

Then, the nurse will help you relax in the private room until you want to take discharge. Most women take discharge in 15-30 minutes post-abortion. They confidently go back home knowing that they are no longer pregnant.

Some other things you need to know about a Gentle Care abortion are:

  • It does not cause pain or discomfort.
  • Bleeding may range from zero to a minimum.
  • You may feel comfortable resuming your routine activities the next day itself. This is a very big reason why women opt for Gentle Care suction abortion. Hear from the past abortion experiences of professional women.

  • Since sedation is not needed, you can eat and drink normally before and after the abortion.
  • There is no need for hospitalization. Gentle Care abortion is a single-appointment abortion with the patient getting discharged the same day.

Abortion method for up to 20 weeks of pregnancy:

As abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks, between 12-20 weeks, surgery is essential for abortion. At this age, the embryo grows to a large size that may not be completely removed with suction alone.

At Bangalore Genesis Hospital, the latest Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) technique is employed for abortions between 12-20 weeks. It is also a painless and gentle procedure that lasts less than 30 minutes. You may not need hospitalization in either case.

Since slight detaching of the placental tissue may cause discomfort, the procedure is performed with the patient under anesthesia. The anesthetist will choose the best anesthesia for your case-specific.

The doctor will gently detach the embryo and placental tissue from the uterine lining using the latest and sterile equipment. Similar to Gentle Care suction, the detached products are evacuated with the help of an aspirator.

With Gentle Care surgical abortion as well, the patients get discharged on the same day. It is also an efficient abortion method and you can return home with a successful procedure.

Post-abortion guidance:

Post-abortion recovery guidance is very much part of Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC). And BGH follows it gracefully. Each patient receives post-abortion prescription before discharge. The doctor provides all the information in a friendly and understandable manner.

BGH patient reviews can help you know how early they recover post-abortion and how happy they feel with successful abortions. You can be the next satisfied and happy patient.

Due to exclusive one-on-one personal care provided by the BGH doctors, the abortion spots get filled in quick. The hospital accepts only one patient at a time and you may not want to miss an early spot. Inquire for the earliest spot. Most of the slots for a week are prebooked. Call the helpline number to fix your appointment for the earliest available spot.

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