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Considering abortion in Bangalore at 7 weeks? 

Pregnancy Termination & Early Abortion In Bangalore Options

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Visiting an abortion hospital

Before an abortion at 7 weeks of pregnancy

Abortion methods at 7 weeks of pregnancy

Scheduling an abortion appointment


If you are considering an abortion in Bangalore, it may be best for you to opt for early pregnancy termination. In a case, you are 7 weeks pregnant when seeking an abortion, it’s good. You are still early and in your first trimester.

Abortions in India are available for up to 20 weeks in normal circumstances such as that a contraceptive failure. This is the most common reason for unplanned and unexpected pregnancies. The methods of abortion depend on how far along you are in pregnancy. So, at 7 weeks you can undergo both a medical abortion as well as a vacuum aspiration procedure. However, medical abortion is mostly recommended to abort pregnancies less than 6 weeks.

Ahead in this post, we will discuss both the available abortion methods and what to expect from each of them. Although both methods are safe and effective, your choice and decision will always receive respect at the best abortion hospital.

Familiarizing with both the methods and pros and cons of each can help you decide on the most accessible and safest abortion choice for you. After all, there is nothing more important than your health and life. And having a safe abortion in Bangalore is a reproductive right of every woman. And that’s available whether you are married or unmarried delivered to you by the Indian abortion law. Any adult woman can get a legal abortion in Bangalore with her consent only.

To know more about the details of the legal aspects of abortion in Bangalore, you can follow the link: Is abortion legal in Bangalore: What do you need to know?

Let’s begin.

Visiting an abortion hospital:

Once decided, you need to visit a registered abortion hospital near you for abortion. You should never self-diagnose or self-medicate with abortion pills. Self-administration of abortion tablets carries immense risks to both your health and life. You may not even know how to manage the complications after a botched-up abortion.

Every year, many women end up with severe complications post self-abortions. Then, they seek medical help in case of emergencies. And sometimes, the patient’s condition is so worse that doctors have to pay extra effort to save the lives of such women. Even if their lives are saved, they may suffer severe implications and life-long complications.

Therefore, never attempt a self-abortion. Rather, seek professional medical help at the hands of the best doctors for abortion.

Many women hesitate in visiting abortion hospitals fearing the stigma surrounding abortions. Most unmarried couples prefer procuring abortion pills without a prescription due to fear of being judged. They worry about what the doctor will think of them for having premarital sexual intimacy. They also fear that the doctor or nurse or anyone at the hospital would reveal it to their families.

If your concerns are similar, do not buy abortion pills without a consultation. Instead, you can look for a confidential abortion clinic near you. To find out the best private and safe abortion clinic where you can comfortably and confidently have an abortion, please read the post at the following link: 9 Criteria To Use While Choosing Your Gynaecologist for Abortion in Bangalore

Before an abortion at 7 weeks of pregnancy:

When you arrive at the abortion clinic, you will first receive a pre-abortion consultation. This is the time when you can openly and freely speak to your doctor regarding your concerns, doubts and queries. You can expect the doctor to listen to you patiently and offer the best medical aid. She may also help you come over any psychological feelings that you may be having regarding an abortion.

During the private one-on-one consultation with the doctor, you can comfortably speak to her without fear of prejudice. The doctor will evaluate your medical condition and advise you to undergo some diagnostic tests. These tests are essential for your safety. The method of abortion largely depends on the results of these reports.

The routine tests usually consist of ultrasound to evaluate your pregnancy length and location. And routine blood examination to check your blood count, presence of infections, and a few other things. Other tests’ essentiality depends on your medical condition. The doctor shall ask you to get them done only in case your medical condition calls for it. For example, the doctor may ask for your blood sugar level test in case you are diabetic. Or may ask for Liver Function Tests in case you are suffering from fatty liver or any other liver condition.

In case you have any allergies, please mention them to the doctor. Also, in case you are taking any medicine(s) or suffering from any medical condition at the time of seeking an abortion, your doctor must know about them. All the diagnostic tests shall get completed in just a few minutes and the reports can be collected soon enough.

After the doctor has the reports, she shall evaluate them and prescribe you the best abortion method.

Abortion methods at 7 weeks of pregnancy:

There are two safe abortion methods for terminating early pregnancies. Since you are 7 weeks pregnant, you can conveniently undergo any abortion method as advised by your gynecologist. However, it may be better to familiarize yourself with each abortion method. This will help you to choose conveniently.

Let’s discuss each method one by one. Along the way you’ll also learn the safety of each procedure and what to expect.

Medical abortion: What to expect?

Although medical abortion is an option to terminate early intrauterine pregnancies, doctors usually recommend a suction abortion after crossing 6 weeks. The reason for their preference is that the chances of incomplete abortion increase with an increase in gestation age.

Before prescribing you the abortion pills, the doctor will evaluate your eligibility for a medical abortion. Only if you are eligible and you prefer an abortion at home, the doctor shall give you abortion pills. Most patients today are reluctant to go for medical abortion due to the availability of a better abortion method, Gentle Care suction. We’ll learn its advantages ahead in the post. But before that, let’s find out if you are eligible for a medical abortion.

Your eligibility for abortion pills:

Considering you are 7 weeks pregnant, the doctor may most likely prescribe you with suction abortion. However, you still have a choice of medical abortion. But you need to be ready for the risks with abortion pills at this stage of your pregnancy.

So, a doctor for abortion will prescribe you abortion pills only if:

  • Your pregnancy is intrauterine. Ectopic pregnancies are medical emergencies needing a different line of treatment.
  • You are not suffering from a medical condition like adrenal insufficiency, any blood clotting disorder or anemia.
  • You are not taking any medicines that can interfere with abortion pills. Many medicine(s) may interact with abortion pills and decrease their efficiency. And many others may be contraindicated. So, the doctor will check all these things before you stand eligible for abortion pills.
  • You are not allergic to any ingredient(s) of abortion tablets.
  • In case of an incomplete abortion, you are ready to undergo surgery to get the abortion completed.
  • You can wait for up to a week for the abortion to complete.
  • You are okay with moderate to severe abdominal cramps and pain. And in the case of very heavy bleeding, severe pain or any other emergency, you can approach emergency medical help.

In a case, you are eligible and are ready for abortion pills, the doctor may give you abortion tablets at the clinic itself. However, at 7 weeks, her preference will be inclined towards a suction abortion. And that’s for your good. You can have an in-clinic abortion that gets completed within a few minutes at the clinic itself. Moreover, Gentle Care suction abortion is painless and you may not need to wait for a week for the abortion to complete. Besides, you can resume your activities on the same day.

Medical abortion: The procedure:

Now, if you have decided to undergo a medical abortion, the abortion shall take place in two steps. The doctor will give you two types of abortion tablets, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. She shall hand them to you both at the same time describing how and when to take each.


She may ask you to take Mifepristone at the clinic itself. And guide you to take Misoprostol tablets at a gap of 24-72 hours. She shall evaluate your condition and decide the best gap between the two medicines. She shall also do any dose adjustment according to your Body Mass Index and any other necessary criterion.

After taking Mifepristone, you can return home. It will not cause any pain or any other feeling. It will work by blocking the availability of Progesterone, the pregnancy hormone to the embryo. This will stop it from growing.


Now, you will most likely take the second abortion tablet(s) on the third day or as directed by the physician. You will have to take it when at home. This is an abortifacient medicine that will trigger the abortion. You can expect some moderate to severe painful abdominal cramps as a result of uterine contractions. These contractions will expel the pregnancy products from your uterine cavity.

You will most likely start to bleed in nearly half an hour. You can expect heavy bleeding for nearly 4-6 hours passing large-sized clots and even the embryo. The bleeding must slow down after that. But in a case, it doesn’t slow down in 7-8 hours, you may need emergency medical help.

Now, you may keep bleeding for days or even weeks. You can assume the abortion to be complete once the bleeding stops. In case, it doesn’t stop by day 7, please schedule a follow-up appointment. In case of incomplete abortion, you may need surgical intervention.

Also, seek immediate medical help in case you have a fever for more than 24 hours. It may be due to infection. An untreated infection can cause serious health complications such as sepsis which can even be fatal.

Medical abortion: Risks and side effects:

While you were reading about your eligibility and the abortion procedure, you may have also come to know of abortion pill risks. These include the possibility of incomplete abortion, moderate to heavy bleeding, pain and infections.

These are the risks that may persist even if you take safe abortion pills after consultation with a gynecologist. But, if you self-administer abortion tablets, the risks and their intensity can even be higher. With self-administration, you may not know the pregnancy location.

And in a case of an ectopic pregnancy, the abortion pills will not work at all. They will not be able to induce a natural miscarriage as abortion tablets work only on intrauterine pregnancies. The embryo may rupture within your body causing internal bleeding. It is a dangerous situation. Immediate surgery is essential to save the patient’s life. Even if she survives this condition, she may lose her fertility. The loss may be partial or complete depending on how severe the condition is.

Even with an intrauterine pregnancy, during self-administration, the patient may not know whether she is eligible for medical abortion. She may not be able to do the necessary dose adjustment. She may even not know the best gap to take abortion tablets. As a result, the probability of an incomplete abortion further increases.

It is advisable to take abortion pills only after consultation with the doctor and if prescribed.

For knowing the cost of the MTP procedure in Bangalore, you can click the following link: MTP Procedure cost in Bangalore: All you need to know!

Let’s learn about the other abortion method, the suction abortion.

Vacuum aspiration abortion: What to expect?

Vacuum aspiration or the suction method is the most preferred method for terminating a 7-week-old pregnancy. The procedure for pre-abortion consultation and the diagnostic tests may remain the same. Whether you are eligible for a medical abortion or not, you may be eligible for a suction abortion provided that the pregnancy is intrauterine.

Even women who are eligible for abortion pills at 5-week pregnancy or 6-week pregnancy often prefer suction abortion. They prefer the suction method because of its many advantages. The most important one is getting a complete abortion in a single appointment itself. Then, there are women fearing pain with abortion. So, suction abortion is a painless option for them.

Women who want to resume their activities soon enough and cannot afford a long professional or study break also prefer suction abortion. With a Gentle Care suction abortion available at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH), these patients go back to their routine the next day. Since it is a single appointment and a same-day procedure, the patient can go back home the same day. There is no need for overnight hospitalization.

Even the procedure is very short and quick. It takes less than 5-7 minutes to evacuate a 7-week pregnancy. After the abortion, the patient can comfortably rest in her private room. Since the procedure is non-invasive, she can eat and drink normally after the abortion. She can also order some beverages and food from the comfort of her room. Grocery and food delivery partners like Swiggy, Zomato and Dunzo are available on a single call.

After the abortion, you can return home with the happiness of a successful medical procedure. If you have come by your convenience, your companion can drop you home. Or you can easily take a Uber or a local cab.

Gentle Care suction abortion: The preparation:

Gentle Care suction abortion is available at BGH where highly qualified and experienced doctors perform the abortion. During the pre-abortion consultation, the doctor shall explain the procedure in detail. She shall also answer your concerns and queries. If you are very anxious about pain, you can also ask the doctor to perform the abortion under a short-anesthesia.

Gentle Care suction abortion: The procedure:

Once you are ready, a nurse dedicated to your care and support will take you to a private examination room. Rather, it’s a pleasant examination room to help patients relax. The nurse shall get you dressed for the procedure. She will help you lie in a comfortable position for the doctor to be able to easily remove the pregnancy.

The nurse will clean and numb your cervix region. Then, the doctor will gently insert a small, thin, flexible and disposable tube inside your womb. Once in place, she shall turn on an aspirator which fits in her hand. This will create suction pressure which will help in detaching embryo and pregnancy tissues. All the detached material will pass down this tube and collect in a bottle. The doctor will examine the evacuated contents to check if the abortion is complete.

Once the abortion is complete, the doctor will turn off the aspirator and gently remove the tube from your womb. There is no pain during the procedure except for a gentle pull that may feel like a Pap Smear test. In a case, you are very apprehensive about it, you can also undergo the procedure under local or general anesthesia. That would make the procedure completely painless for you.

Next, the nurse will help you get dressed. She shall give you a maternity pad because you can expect some spotting or bleeding for a few minutes. Many patients do not bleed at all. Some others may have slight bleeding lasting not more than a day or two.

Then, you can rest in your room and return home as soon as you feel comfortable. You’ll receive a complete post-abortion prescription to help you heal early before you take discharge.

Gentle Care suction abortion: Risks and side effects:

There are no risks and side effects associated with a Gentle Care suction abortion. A highly qualified and experienced team of doctors perform the abortion with great precision. Since the procedure is non-invasive, there is no risk of internal injury or infections. However, the doctor shall prescribe you prophylactic antibiotics to prevent any kind of bacterial invasion.

Gentle Care suction abortion is a highly efficient abortion method, Hence, there are zero to minimal chances of incomplete abortion. You may not even require a post-abortion follow-up, unlike a medical abortion. In case of any query, you can always speak to the doctor over the BGH helpline number.

Gentle Care suction abortion: Advantages over abortion pills:

Some of the advantages of a Gentle Care suction abortion over a medical abortion while terminating a 7-week pregnancy are briefed here.

  • It is a painless procedure whereas, abortion pills may cause immense pain.
  • Gentle Care suction abortion is highly efficient with minimal probability of incomplete abortion. On the other hand, abortion pills are not more than 95% efficient. Their efficiency decreases beyond 6-week pregnancy. So, you can expect that there are more chances of incomplete abortion with pills at 7 weeks.
  • Gentle Care suction abortion is an in-clinic abortion method. The abortion gets completed within the clinic. There is minimum bleeding post-abortion. Whereas, abortion pills trigger a natural miscarriage with moderate to heavy bleeding at home. The patient may need emergency help in case of excessive bleeding, pain, unconsciousness or any other complication. She may even have to wait for the bleeding to stop before she is sure that the abortion is complete. And this may take many days or even weeks.
  • With a Gentle Care suction abortion, you can get a copper-T insertion after abortion on the same appointment without any additional risks. It can be your long-term cost-efficient contraception control. Whereas, this is not possible with abortion pills. Even after the completed abortion, you may need an additional appointment for a copper-T insertion.
  • With a medical abortion, you may suffer from discomfort, pain, bleeding and fatigue for up to days. Whereas, with a Gentle Care suction abortion, you will feel completely normal in less than 15 minutes. You can rest overnight at home and resume your work the next day. Even early pregnancy symptoms shall wean away quite quickly.

For a more detailed comparison between the two, you can read the post the following link will take you at: Gentle Care abortion in Bangalore vs abortion pills

Scheduling a Gentle Care abortion appointment:

Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) is a premier abortion hospital in the heart of the city. It is easily accessible via any local means of transport. It offers safe, legal and confidential abortions. Patient safety and privacy are of utmost importance for the doctors and the team.

Since in and out of the clinic is absolutely private, the abortion consultation and procedure are confidential, most unmarried couples choose to visit BGH for abortion in Bangalore. At BGH, your health and privacy, both are safe.

Scheduling an abortion appointment is easy and quick. You can call the BGH helpline number or leave a message. According to the available schedule, the hospital coordinator shall share with you details of the earliest abortion spot available. You can book your appointment time and visit the hospital at the desired date and time.

You can obtain the abortion at the same appointment and leave the hospital after a few hours with a successful procedure.

To maintain the privacy of each patient and not keep any patient waiting, the hospital recommends you schedule a prior appointment. Since most of the slots get filled in quick, you may not want to miss an early spot. You can save your seat today.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment.

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