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Considering abortion in Bangalore at 11 weeks

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Unwanted pregnancy in Bangalore at 11 weeks

Is abortion in Bangalore at 11 weeks legal?

Can an unmarried woman get an abortion at 11 weeks in Bangalore?

Where to get a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore at 11 weeks of pregnancy?

Unwanted pregnancy in Bangalore at 11 weeks:

An unwanted pregnancy can become a turmoil for any woman, married or unmarried. However, not all women have equal opportunities and get similar legal help in such events.

While most unwanted pregnancies end in termination in India, there is a large difference in when women seek it. Although abortion in India is legal for up to 24 weeks in varied circumstances, the abortion methods are not the same. They vary according to pregnancy length, location as well as patient-specific factors.

If you are looking for your abortion options in Bangalore at 11 weeks of pregnancy, you are at the right place. We will try to answer all your queries concerning the same.

First, the most important thing for you is to stay calm and relaxed. We understand the panic that comes along with an unwanted pregnancy. However, being in Bangalore, you do have safe, legal and confidential abortion options. So, worrying is no solution to your problem. But thinking wisely for a safe and healthy medical decision can offer a timely and reliable solution.

We understand you may have your own concerns about terminating the pregnancy. And hence, we want you to know that it is absolutely fine and safe to opt for an early abortion rather than delay. A delay only brings in panic, complications and reduced abortion options.

Besides, when you are 11 weeks into your pregnancy, you only have this week to be able to terminate the same non-invasively. As you cross this 11-week mark, although you can legally abort but will need surgical intervention. Therefore, we would advise you not to delay.

Absolutely yes. Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in normal cases and up to 24 weeks in special circumstances. And you do not need to be married for abortion in Bangalore. You can even obtain a legal and safe abortion in India as an unmarried or a single woman.

Abortion in India is permissible in varied circumstances. These include:

Contraceptive failure:

This is the most common reason behind unintended pregnancies. Indian abortion law permits abortions for such pregnancies that have resulted from contraceptive failure. Earlier, abortion for this reason was available only for married women. But as of today, you can get an abortion for the reason of a contraceptive failure even if you are unmarried or a single woman, a divorcee or a widow.

Introduction of the MTP Act 2021 (the latest amendment to the MTP Act & Rules, 1971) grants legal permission to unmarried women to obtain a legal abortion on this ground.

To protect the woman’s health and/or life:

Many times, pregnancies pose diverse complications. Some of them can even be life-threatening. Doctors in such circumstances may advise an early pregnancy termination. So, if you are 11 weeks pregnant and presented with complications that pose a threat to your physical and/or mental well-being and/or life, you can undergo a legal abortion in Bangalore.

In fact, there is no ceiling age for terminating a pregnancy for such a reason although other rules may vary as per the circumstances. Even the abortion method may vary as per the patient’s medical condition and the time of pregnancy elapsed.

Fetal deformities:

Often some wanted pregnancies are diagnosed with fetal deformities. It is possible to detect them early with the help of different diagnostic tests. Different tests at different pregnancy stages can reveal fetal anomalies like metabolic disorders, limb deformities, mental development disorders, Down’s syndrome, etc.

If you too have come across such a situation, you may have undergone quite a variety of tests like ultrasound, amniocentesis, dual marker, triple marker or quadruple tests. Most couples consider it better to have a termination rather than proceed with a pregnancy that can have an unfortunate fate.

If you are looking for an abortion in Bangalore for this reason, it is legal. Please do not get disheartened if you are one such woman undergoing this. You are not alone. And you can always start it better and new. Take a break. Have some healthy meals and take good care of your physical and mental health. When you find your health in a good state, you can go for family planning on a happy note after the abortion.


Sadly, some pregnancies are a result of immoral sexual assaults. Indian abortion law permits abortions in such circumstances. Such pregnancies pose a grave threat to the mental well-being of the patient. In light of this fact, the government permits legal abortions in India in such circumstances.

What else do you need to know about a legal abortion at 11 weeks in Bangalore?

By now, you know under what circumstances you can obtain a legal abortion in India. However, there are some more aspects of legal abortions that we consider better to be known to a patient seeking one. So, here are some other facts that may help you have a little knowledge about abortion in Bangalore.

  • Abortion in India is obtainable up to 20 weeks of pregnancy in most cases. In some special cases, it is permissible for up to 24 weeks. And in further other special cases, as mentioned above, like that of life-threatening complications, a woman can obtain a legal abortion at any time during her pregnancy.
  • You need not prove that you are a married woman. And you need not even be married if you want a legal abortion. Many patients resort to self-abortion only because they do not know that they can obtain a safe and legal abortion as an unmarried woman. If you too are looking for an abortion being an unmarried woman, you can easily obtain it at a registered abortion hospital near you.
  • You can obtain a legal abortion with your consent only if you are an adult woman. The hospital will not ask you for your husband’s or partner’s or parents’ consent.
  • The hospital keeps your abortion details safe and confidential. Although the hospital does not disclose the details to anyone, however, if you are looking for a private abortion and do not want to encounter any acquaintances, you can schedule a Gentle Care abortion in Bangalore. Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) provides personalised abortion care to each patient in privacy. Moreover, you do not even get to see any fellow patients when you arrive at your appointment time.

Can an unmarried woman get an abortion at 11 weeks in Bangalore?

Of course yes, you can obtain an abortion in Bangalore at 11 weeks as an unmarried woman with your consent only.

Where to get a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore at 11 weeks of pregnancy?

Safe abortion at 11 weeks:

Abortions are available in only registered abortion hospitals. So, it is always better that you check with the hospital whether it is a registered MTP centre or not. Indian Medical Association grants certification for abortion only to the hospitals that fulfil the criteria for a safe abortion. They also keep a regular check on whether safe medical practices are being followed at the clinic. So, when you visit a registered abortion clinic, you can expect your abortion by qualified, certified and well-trained medical professionals.

However, it is important to check for many other things while you are shortlisting your hospital for an abortion. You can visit the following link to get a complete insight into all the things you should consider while selecting your gynecologist in Bangalore for an abortion. 9 Criteria To Use While Choosing Your Gynaecologist for Abortion in Bangalore

Do not attempt a self-abortion.

Just in a case, you were planning to purchase a Mankind Unwanted kit or any similar MTP kit without a prescription, it may be an unsafe abortion. It can pose serious complications to your health and life. Some of them are:

Risk of incomplete abortion:

Mankind Unwanted kit or any other MTP kit contains abortion pills. Abortion pills are safe only when prescribed by a registered medical practitioner after examining the patient’s medical condition. Since we are talking about terminating an 11-week pregnancy, you should know that even in feasible circumstances, abortion pills are not recommended beyond 8 weeks of pregnancy. And that’s because they may not completely evacuate the uterine contents beyond this period.

So, if you were thinking of a self-abortion with pills at this stage, the risk of incomplete abortion increases. Even if you expel the fetus after taking abortion pills, pregnancy remnants like placental tissue and other remains may not be completely removed. This is known as an incomplete abortion.

Furthermore, you can expect a lot of discomfort, abdominal pain, cramps, and bleeding that may range from slight spotting to heavy bleeding and fever with an incomplete abortion. And this will not be just for a day. It may continue for up to days and weeks until you get your abortion completed. And for that, surgical intervention may be necessary.

All of these are avoidable only if you choose to visit an abortion hospital near you rather than attempting a self-abortion with pills.

Risk of failed abortion:

Just like an incomplete abortion, there may be chances of a failed abortion where the fetus does not expel at all. In such a case, the fetus may stop showing any cardiac activity but remain in the womb. Again, surgical intervention is necessary to remove the fetus and clean the womb. Or if the fetus survives abortion pills, there may be chances of retarded growth and other malformations. There are chances that the child may be born with developmental disorders.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy:

You are 11 weeks pregnant, right? Have you undergone any ultrasound for this pregnancy up till now? If yes, what was the pregnancy location? And if not, then, the first thing is that you should obtain a scan as early as possible.

Have you heard of an ectopic pregnancy? If yes, you cannot ignore this risk. If not, you can visit the following link to know the details about an ectopic pregnancy. Abortion in Bangalore: Can you ignore ectopic pregnancy risk

It is a faulty pregnancy and a medical emergency. You’ll need to get it removed at the earliest. A failure to get an early removal may lead to an ectopic pregnancy rupture and damage to your reproductive organs. It may be life-threatening. It not only impairs the patient’s fertility but also poses a threat to her life.

If you have an ectopic pregnancy and you pop in abortion tablets, abortion will not take place. Abortion tablets are meant to terminate a pregnancy that is within the uterus. Whereas, an ectopic pregnancy is not in the uterus, but somewhere else like that in the fallopian tubes.

All of this is preventable. Even if you have an ectopic pregnancy, it is possible to terminate it only with medicines. But that is possible only with early detection. So, if you have not yet got a scan, get it today. To have a consultation and an abortion by a registered medical practitioner in Bangalore, you can schedule an abortion appointment today.

Risk of heavy bleeding:

Medical abortion at this stage can lead to heavy bleeding. Some patients may not be able to withstand this and may get into further complications needing emergency aid. If you are anemic or taking some medicines for other medical conditions or are suffering from a disorder that can affect the functioning of abortion tablets, there are vivid chances of heavy bleeding.

However, if you choose to visit an abortion clinic, the doctor shall examine you and treat you with the best medical care. The doctor shall consider all the things that can impact your abortion procedure and outcomes. So, the chances of heavy bleeding are minimal.

Risk of internal injury:

If you are thinking to visit an unprofessional just to keep your identity anonymous, then you should know that it too can be very risky. Even manual abortion by an unprofessional can lead to various complications. You cannot expect a quack to be using sterile tools or even the latest techniques for a suction abortion.

He/She may not even administer anesthesia or provide any pain relief medication during the abortion. You cannot expect a quack to be qualified or experienced in performing safe abortions. On the off chance, you can expect such a person to cause harm to your internal organs. Sharp tools and incisions can cause a lot of pain and internal scarring. Any harm to internal organs can lead to further complications. It can even hurt your reproductive health and life.

Again, all of these are preventable by making a wise choice to visit only a safe abortion hospital.

Safe abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH):

Bangalore Genesis Hospital is a specialised abortion clinic located on Queen’s Road, Bangalore. It’s a private hospital that caters to safe and personalised abortion services for more than 30 years in a row. All the doctors and assisting nurses are highly qualified, trained and experienced in performing safe abortions.

The hospital follows the best abortion practices as laid down by the World Health Organization (WHO). For terminating an 11-week intrauterine pregnancy, the hospital has premiered a Gentle Care suction abortion method.

This abortion method is available for terminating intrauterine pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks. It’s as gentle as the name suggests. At first, the patient receives a pre-abortion consultation. This consultation takes place in a comfortable doctor-patient setting in privacy. The patient can freely discuss her concerns. The doctor examines the patient and also makes sure to note all the things that can impact the abortion procedure and its outcomes.

You should tell the doctor:

  • Your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) date.
  • Any medical condition, you may be suffering from.
  • Any medicine(s) you may be taking.
  • Illness history, if any.
  • Allergies, if any.

If you already have an ultrasound scan, kindly bring its report along. Else, you’ll have to complete this small 2-3 minute test at a nearby radio diagnostic lab. This test is essential to rule out the probability of ectopic pregnancy and to be sure of your gestation age.

If you have any concerns, please feel free to openly discuss them with the doctor during your pre-abortion consultation.

Gentle Care suction abortion at 11 weeks:

The doctor will check your scan report and other reports of blood and/or urine examination, if necessary. If everything is okay, you may have to undergo a Gentle Care suction abortion.

The nurse shall take you to a private examination room and prepare you for the procedure. She will clean your private region and disinfect it to prevent any infections. Then, the doctor will gently insert a soft and flexible tube inside your womb through the cervix. Within a minute, the doctor will turn on a hand-held suction device. This will create a gentle pull which will pull out the fetus and all pregnancy products from your womb into this tube. All of these will pass down into a collection bottle. The doctor will examine these contents to ensure that the abortion is complete.

The procedure does not pain at all. However, if you are anxious about pain, you can ask the doctor to perform it under short-acting anesthesia. The entire procedure takes somewhere between 3-10 minutes. After the abortion, the nurse shall help you lie comfortably in your room until you feel sufficiently rested. She will also help you fix a sanitary napkin since you may bleed a little for a couple of hours.

Most patients feel like returning home in less than 15-30 minutes. Once you feel comfortable, the doctor shall provide you with a post-abortion prescription and consultation. You can ask any questions you have regarding your recovery. You can then take discharge from the hospital.

After a Gentle Care abortion, you can resume your life the same or the following day following a night’s rest. You can expect slight spotting for a day or two. But be sure, that the abortion was complete within the clinic itself.

Legal abortion at BGH:

BGH follows all laws and regulations for performing legal abortions and abides by them.

Confidential abortion at BGH:

We understand how important it is for a patient to confide in the doctor, the procedure and the hospital for a procedure such as abortion. BGH respects patients’ right to privacy. You can expect a completely private and confidential abortion at BGH.

When you arrive by your scheduled abortion time, you do not get to see any fellow patients or meet any acquaintances. You also do not have to wait in a crowded waiting hall. The abortion takes place in a private examination room in the presence of the abortion-performing doctor and an assisting nurse(s).

After the abortion, you can rest in your private room. So, everything from you visiting the hospital and leaving it after the abortion is confidential. The hospital also does not disclose any patient’s personal and/or medical details to anyone besides the patient herself.

At BGH, your abortion care and the safety of your health and privacy start with your first call itself. You can therefore safely obtain a confidential Gentle Care abortion at the best abortion hospital near you.

To maintain each patient’s privacy and keep the abortion team’s dedicated support reserved only for a single patient at a time, the hospital caters to only a limited number of patients each day. Most of the abortion slots for a week remain pre-booked. You may not want to miss an early slot, so inquire about the best available time today itself.

Schedule an abortion appointment.

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