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Where to have an abortion in Bangalore if you are unmarried?

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Let’s first begin with the preferences of unmarried or single women when they seek abortion in Bangalore. That’s the best approach to help unmarried women find the best hospital for abortion care.

But before that, we request you to refrain from self-medication or any unsafe abortion in Bangalore method. Such attempts may be prompting and very compelling in the first go. But they can have grave consequences. You do have choices. You do have a voice. So, please let us help you find the best hospital for the abortion of unmarried women in Bangalore.

The want of a confidential abortion by unmarried women:

There is no doubt in the fact that stigma of abortion is still prevalent in the society. And this is more when the abortion seeker is an unmarried girl or a single woman. Premarital sexual intimacy is still considered taboo in many societies which pushes unmarried couples to opt for unsafe abortion methods.

Women or their partners often buy an Unwanted kit or a similar Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) kit containing abortion pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol. The chemists sell these medicines Over The Counter (OTC) without a prescription which is illegal only to make some extra money. By doing so, they sell the tablets worth Rs. 500/- or 700/- for Rs. 1000/- or 2000/-. So, even unmarried women see this as the most inexpensive abortion method.

However, this is the biggest mistake they make. Such attempts put the woman into the following consequences:

Pain with a medical abortion in Bangalore:

Abortion pills work by naturally releasing the pregnancy tissue in the form of vaginal bleeding. So, they cause abdominal cramps which are similar to period pains but more intense. Some women find the pain very intense.

Especially when an unmarried girl attempts such an abortion in Bangalore, she may be alone. Neither she may be able to tell the family if residing with the family. Nor she may have any help if she is residing as a paying guest or in a hostel. This can worsen her situation when no one is with her to help ease the pain.

On the other hand, when a woman seeks a safe abortion at a registered abortion clinic, she can undergo the process under the monitoring of the healthcare provider. So, she can easily manage the pain and in case of any necessity, she may be given analgesics to help relieve her pain.

Bleeding after taking abortion pills in Bangalore:

Then, abdominal cramps are followed by moderate to heavy bleeding. Again, at home or in her private space, the woman has to undergo this without professional monitoring. So, she may not realize when the abortion is completed or if the abortion is still incomplete.

Some women get unconscious also due to heavy blood loss. In such events, the woman may not be able to know when to seek medical help. And when she is going through all this alone, she may not be able to get help in an already botched-up situation.

Whereas, if she had undergone a medical abortion at the abortion hospital in Bangalore, she may be under continuous monitoring. So, the doctor can acknowledge and manage any complications. Rather, they can prevent complications from occurring in the first place.

Incomplete abortion after taking abortion pills:

Now, one of the biggest complications with abortion pills in Bangalore is an incomplete abortion. An incomplete abortion can occur because of the wrong dose or wrong mode of administration. So, a very important thing that women do not know before they administer abortion pills in Bangalore is that these medicines are not suitable for all women alike or all pregnancies.


Women may be undergoing some medical conditions and taking any medicines that can interact with abortion pills and decrease their efficiency. Also, there can be situations where women may need dose adjustment according to Body Mass Index (BMI) or in accordance with the medicines she may be having or any condition she may be undergoing.

Even there are different modes of administration. Not all women can have a successful abortion with abortion pills or Unwanted kits with the same oral route. Some may need buccal administration. Or the doctor may choose to administer the medicine vaginally.

An incomplete abortion can also result if the gap between the two different medicines is not appropriately spaced. A woman may not be able to choose the best gap for her. It’s only the doctor for abortion who can ascertain the best spacing between Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

Next, even after proper dose, mode and spacing, abortion pills can result in an incomplete abortion because their efficiency is not more than 95%. For any known or unknown reason, abortion pills can result in an incomplete abortion.

What next?

Now, the further devastating thing is that you will need corrective surgery if you are suffering from an incomplete abortion. Now, if for the want of secret abortion, you have popped in abortion pills in Bangalore without a valid prescription, how can you visit a hospital and seek help? Even if you do so, you will have to undergo a surgical abortion which will come at a cost more than that of pills. So, the cost-cutting you have done earlier was of no use.

Ectopic pregnancy risk:

Have you heard of ectopic pregnancies or faulty pregnancies? If yes, it’s good. Then, you must know that abortion pills do not bring about a successful abortion if your pregnancy is ectopic. If you do not know about ectopic pregnancy, then, you must read our post dedicated to ectopic pregnancies, the link for which is: Unwanted Kit and Ectopic Pregnancy: Abortion in Bangalore

The ectopic pregnancy risk must be ruled out before administering abortion pills. Ectopic pregnancy can still be present. And it can rupture at any moment. Now, this is an emergency which can even be life-threatening. So, women who try secretive abortions with pills without ascertaining if their pregnancy was intrauterine or ectopic, can get into such a troublesome situation also.

And you know what, emergency surgery can save your life with a ruptured ectopic pregnancy, but you may have to part ways with your future fertility. This loss can be experienced in varying degrees, from a slight decline to a devastating absence. Now, is it worth popping in abortion pills without discussing it with the doctor for abortion?

But, how to get a confidential abortion in Bangalore as an unmarried or single woman?

Confidentiality is a key concern for many women seeking abortions. So, let’s break it down to how to choose a hospital in Bangalore that prioritizes your privacy.

Look for MTP Registered Facilities:

Confirm the hospital is registered under the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act. This ensures they operate legally and follow proper medical protocols. First, you need to understand that abortion in India is legal for both married and unmarried women alike. So, you need not hesitate to reach out for a safe abortion at a registered abortion clinic.

But yes, being a registered MTP centre cannot guarantee the privacy you may seek. Abortion is legal and that stays true. But, if you want a confidential abortion in Bangalore, let’s have a look at what you can do.

Research Online Reviews and Ratings:

Check patient reviews on platforms or the hospital website. Look for comments mentioning privacy and discretion during the abortion process. You can filter the reviews based on confidentiality and privacy. This will give you an idea of the hospital’s handling of abortion care.

Contact the Hospital Directly:

Call the hospital and inquire about their confidentiality policies. Ask if they maintain separate records for abortion procedures and how they handle patient information.

Inquire about abortion in Bangalore appointment:

Inquire if you can get an abortion in Bangalore by a scheduled appointment. Visiting the abortion hospital at your appointment time will prevent any waiting. Government hospitals often have large waiting periods. So, you may run into an acquaintance at such a place. Visiting an abortion hospital that provides abortion by appointment can prevent such incidences.

Better look for an abortion hospital that does not have large crowded waiting halls. So, no waiting, no probability of acquaintance.

Look for a specialized abortion clinic:

Visiting any hospital in Bangalore may have the same doctor attending to patients with different concerns. A gynecologist may be looking after prenatal pregnancy cases besides MTP cases and many others too. However, visiting a specialized abortion clinic can ensure that the doctor and other members are attending to only MTP patients. So, their outlook and attitude will be more empathetic and non-judgmental.

Inquire About Private Consultation Rooms:

Request a private consultation room where you can discuss your situation and concerns with the doctor confidentially. Some hospitals like Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) offer one-on-one abortion care. So, you can confidentially obtain the consultation and procedure there easily even as an unmarried woman.

Private recovery rooms:

Inquire if you can get a private room for recovery. This can be beneficial if you do not want to see any fellow patients as well.

Inquire about the number of appointments:

The more the number of times you will need to visit the hospital for an abortion, the more the chances of privacy breaches. And you will be fearful of the same until you get the closure. So, better ask if you can get a single-appointment abortion procedure.

Abortion with pills may need you to visit the hospital at least twice until you are sure of a complete abortion. On the other hand, BGH offers Gentle Care abortion procedures that are single-appointment. You can certainly be sure of a complete abortion on the same appointment before leaving the clinic. Also, you may not necessarily need a follow-up appointment.

Explore Options Beyond Your Locality:

While convenient, location isn’t everything if confidentiality is paramount. Consider reputable hospitals in different areas of Bangalore if they offer stronger privacy measures.

Choose a Hospital with a Supportive Staff:

Look for a facility with a team that understands the importance of confidentiality and treats patients with empathy and respect.

Remember, prioritizing confidentiality is your right. Don’t hesitate to ask questions and choose a hospital that prioritizes your privacy throughout the process.

The Want of a Non-judgmental abortion in Bangalore:

Facing an unplanned pregnancy can be stressful. And, judgment from healthcare providers can add to the burden. Here’s how to find a hospital in Bangalore that offers non-judgmental abortion care:

Research Doctor Credentials and Reviews:

Look for doctors specializing in women’s health or obstetrics and gynecology (OB-GYN) with experience in abortion procedures. Read online reviews or ask trusted sources for recommendations from doctors known for their understanding and compassionate approach.

confidential abortion in Bangalore

Also, as we mentioned looking for specialized clinics that offer only abortions, can be a great help. Since the doctors at such a hospital will be more familiar with situations like yourself. And hence, can offer non-judgmental abortion care. Also, such hospitals do not ask for any unnecessary details, other than what are medically relevant.

So, no personal queries that can make you uncomfortable. Hence, a non-judgmental abortion in Bangalore.

Hospitals with Counselling Services:

Hospitals with on-site counselling services can provide emotional support and guidance throughout the abortion process.  Look for facilities with counsellors who create a safe space for open communication and avoid judgment.

Contact and Ask Questions:

Don’t hesitate to call the hospital and inquire about their approach to abortion care. Ask if their staff is trained to provide non-judgmental and respectful care to women seeking abortions.

Look for Patient-Centered Language:

Hospitals that use patient-centered language during communication are more likely to prioritize your needs and feelings. Watch out for facilities using clinical terms that might feel impersonal or cold.

Trust Your Gut Feeling:

After interacting with the hospital staff, pay attention to your intuition. Do you feel comfortable and respected?  Choose a hospital where you feel confident in the doctor’s understanding and the staff’s approach.

Consider Support Groups or Online Forums:

Connecting with support groups or online forums for women seeking abortions in Bangalore can offer valuable insights.  Members might share experiences and recommendations for hospitals with a reputation for non-judgmental care.

Remember, you deserve to be treated with respect and empathy during this time. Choose a healthcare provider and hospital environment that prioritizes your well-being and emotional comfort.

Schedule an abortion in Bangalore appointment.

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