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Top Rated Specialty Hospital with Personalized Medical Services in Bangalore, India

Innovative and personalized medical treatment given by Genesis Hospital’s professional and caring team of doctors, specialists, surgeons and nurses in Bangalore

  • Top Rated specialty hospital located in Bangalore, India since 1983. Specialists, surgeons, physicians, dietitians, nurses and experienced doctors in Bangalore.
  • Boutique small-sized Multi-Specialty Hospital and Nursing Home With Personalized Modern Medical Treatment: First of it’s kind in Bangalore – Located on Queens Road [Near Shivaji Nagar/ Cunningham Road entrance – Indian express building], Bengaluru.
  • Quality treatments, surgeries and medical care without compromising on warmth and personal care.



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  1. Thanks so much for your comment! My very first 🙂 I have an apmnentpiot set up on 2/14 with my nutritionist for a one on one meeting. I am required to keep a food log and bring it with me to my apmnentpiot. I have a checklist that I am working from for all of my pre-op testing. I am really excited for weight loss surgery. I know that there are many challenges ahead but I am so ready to be free from this prison that has become my body!

  2. will EDTA Chelation therapy will help patient having 70-80% blockage in arteries.How much the treatment will cost.

  3. From when EDTA chelation therapy is administered in your hospital? How many patients have been treated till now? Are there any side effects? Doctors prescribing it are trained/authorized by ACAM?

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