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Surgical Abortions

If you are going to have an abortion, it is important that you realize that there are a few different types of abortions available to you. One such type is a surgical abortion. This method, as its name implies, is done through the means of surgery performed by a licensed doctor or physician.

There are two different types of abortions that are performed through surgery: early pregnancy abortions and late pregnancy abortions. Despite its name, a late pregnancy abortion must still be performed fairly early in the pregnancy, unless it is being performed to save the health of the mother. Both of these procedures are performed in a similar method, but the late pregnancy abortion is a little more complicated and in depth than the early pregnancy procedure.

  • Early Pregnancy Surgical Abortion: The first thing that will be done for any type of abortion procedure will be to have an initial consultation. At this consultation, a doctor will give you an ultrasound and discuss your options, questions, and concerns. If you are still sure that you want to go through with the procedure, you will be able to set up an appointment to have it done.

At your next appointment, you will be given some pain killing medication, as well as possibly some general numbing medication for the area being operated on. You will likely not be given general anesthesia.

Then, the doctor will insert some dilators, a tube, and a suctioning device into the zone. He or she will then suction out the pregnancy and possibly go in to cut out any remainders. The process will most likely take about 20 minutes, with a recovery time of about an hour.

  • Late Pregnancy Surgical Abortion: This process is very similar to the early pregnancy procedure, with a few key differences. The first is that an appointment between the initial consultation and the actual procedure will most likely be required in order to place some dilators into the cervix for a few hours to a day before the procedure. It will also likely last longer once you are in the actual procedure.

Either way, after the procedure, you will need to have a follow up appointment to make sure that everything is okay and that the abortion was complete and thorough. A surgical abortion is generally safe as long as you go to a safe and legal clinic in order to have it performed. However, having a follow up appointment is still part of the safety process.

If you are interested in getting or learning more about a surgical abortion in Bangalore, then you should look into the Genesis Abortion Clinic in Bengaluru India.  

You can also call 934 382-6182 or 900 849 2277 to speak with the doctor and schedule your appointment for abortion in Bangalore.  


2 thoughts on “Surgical Abortions”

  1. hi.

    i have a question, do you do abortion at 17 weeks pregnancy, please answer me if it is possible, i am single, and i tried medical abortion, but it failed.
    Please help ….

  2. Hospital Administrator

    Abortion can be done until 20 weeks of pregnancy based on the patient’s specific circumstances. Please call the hospital at 900 849 2277 or 934 382 6182 to discuss patient specific information and obtain help. International patients call (+91) 934 382 6182 or (+91) 900 849 2277. You can also message via WhatsApp.

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