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Surgical Abortion in Bangalore Explained by Experts

Surgical abortion in Bangalore: Explained by Experts

The term surgery itself instigates fear in most of the people. The fear increases when we know nothing or very limited about a surgical procedure. 

Abortions for unwanted pregnancies or the ones that need to be terminated for certain medical reasons are performed through different procedures depending upon further diverse factors.

Abortions are carried out broadly by two kinds of procedures: Medical and Surgical. Medical, as the name suggests involves terminating early pregnancies medically with the use of certain approved medicines.

Surgical abortions are suggestive of surgeries by the name, but they actually are not.

What comes to your mind when you think of surgery? Undoubtedly, several common things are in thoughts of most people, some of which are; cuts, bruises, stitching, suturing, hospitalization, etc that provoke fear in most women.

Surgical abortion: Do you need to fear it?

For a woman already struggling with some spoken and unspoken physical and mental fears, the word surgery adds on more. If you are also struggling with similar fears, here’s what can help you calm and relax down. The best method to face your fear is to attain more and more valid knowledge about the topic.

First thing you need to know is your gestation period. You can expect to be prescribed surgical abortions for pregnancies that have progressed more than 6 weeks from the first day of your last menstrual period (LMP).

Before we begin, feel relaxed since surgical abortions are far from scary procedures. They are simple and safe procedures (technically, not intensively invasive) when performed by experience gynaecologists at a certified abortion clinic.

Surgical abortion procedure types and what to expect from each type:

Here is an ultimate guide of what it is like to undergo a surgical abortion in Bangalore. Two methods fall under this category:

  1. Vacuum aspiration
  2. Dilatation and Evacuation (D & E)

Vacuum Aspiration (VA) method of abortion explained:

If your ongoing pregnancy is located intrauterine and is beyond 6-8 weeks but less than or equal to 12 weeks, then most likely, you will be prescribed Vacuum Aspiration method for your abortion.

This method is a gentle procedure lasting between 3 – 10 minutes only. It is a non-invasive method. A sterilized slender medical tool is inserted through the cervix to reach the uterine cavity.

A vacuum is created and suction applied to gently suck the embryo and other gestation products to detach them from the uterine lining. The contents are then softly removed.

The vacuum needed for the procedure can be created by two different methods: manually or through an electric driven motor. If it is done manually, the procedure is known as Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA). And when it is done through electric-motor, the procedure comes to be known as Electric Vacuum Aspiration (EVA).

The working and action of both are same and selection is made based on the availability of the tools, patient specific requirements, and the training and experience of the operating gynaecologist.

This is a painless procedure and is generally more or less like an OPD procedure. At a good abortion hospital completely equipped with highly-qualified doctors and well-trained medical staff, you can expect the procedure to be entirely painless.

To further relax and calm you down and deliver a completely painless experience, you can expect it to be carried out under anaesthesia. A short-acting anaesthetic agent is administered, the effect of which will wean away in a few minutes soon after the procedure.

Since the abortion by VA is done safely and easily in the doctor’s clinic, you can get discharged within an hour of the procedure as soon as you feel comfortable.

You may not require hospitalization and you can return home the same day.

Even if you are travelling to Bangalore for abortion from any other city, you can travel back the same day conveniently and confidently of having undergone a complete abortion procedure.

To help you decide the best abortion clinic in Bangalore, you can check for the availability of anaesthetist at the abortion clinic. Not all clinics have qualified, registered and experienced anaesthetists. So, even if an abortion hospital is a certified abortion hospital, it is not necessary that the doctor there will deliver a painless abortion procedure. You will have to choose the best abortion clinic in Bangalore for a painless and gentle surgical abortion.

Dilatation and Evacuation (D & E) method of abortion explained:

This surgical abortion method type is prescribed for terminating pregnancies that have progressed beyond the length of 12 weeks but are less than or equal to 20 weeks. In India, abortions are legal up to 20 weeks for generally recommended circumstances and up to 24 weeks under special / exceptional conditions only.

This D & E method is very lightly invasive, but there are no bruises, stitches and sutures if you are thinking so. During this method, the cervix region is dilated and sterilized tools are gently inserted. Then, the products of gestation are made to detach from the uterine lining and are easily removed through the vaginal route.

The entire uterine cavity is cleared up to ensure a complete abortion. This abortion procedure lasts only a few minutes and generally not beyond 30 minutes. A general anaesthetic agent is administered to ensure a painless experience.

After surgical abortion by D & E method also, you can expect to be discharged the same day after a couple of hours as soon as you feel comfortable.

This method is also equally efficient as the VA method and most of the surgical abortions are generally complete provided, they are performed by experienced and well-trained gynaecologists.

Surgical abortion: Facts and Myths

Now, coming to certain facts and myths that most women assume. Several questions are wandering in their minds. Many of these have been answered by experts and hence, will help clarify your doubts regarding surgical abortions.

Myth #1: Surgical abortions are painful. Are surgical abortions painful?

Fact: Well, the fact is that the word surgery comes with many pre-associated fears, one of which is pain. But most surgeries including surgical abortion in Bangalore are performed under anaesthesia. The patients are administered with short-acting or long-acting anaesthetics according to the time taken for the procedure to be completed.

Choice of anaesthetics also depends upon the patient history, co-existing medical conditions and allergic responses. Besides time-based anaesthetics, there are other types of anaesthetic agents divided into two groups: general anaesthetics and local anaesthetics.

Upon administration of a general anaesthetic agent, the patient goes into a deep sleep and she is completely unaware of surroundings keeping her calm during the entire procedure. After the procedure, the patient wakes up just like from the sleep after a few minutes.

While upon administration of a local anaesthetic agent, only the certain region where the surgery has to be performed gets numb and no sensations can be felt in that specific region. The patient remains awake in this situation and can see and feel the surroundings but not the pain in the area that has been desensitized.

When performed under anaesthesia, surgical abortions are painless.

It is advised to check the abortion hospital for the availability of an anaesthetist while scheduling an appointment.

Myth #2. Surgical abortions need hospitalization. How long do you need to stay in the hospital for a surgical abortion?

Fact: The two types of surgical abortion described above do not need hospitalization for more than a few hours. Most women get discharged within an hour or two post-abortion.

However, with unsafe abortions, there can be many complications and emergencies where hospitalization may be required.

But with safe abortions performed safely by experienced healthcare professionals, you can expect to get discharged the same day.

Myth #3. Surgical abortion can be avoided even in late pregnancies and abortion carried by abortion pills. Can you take abortion pills in later stages of pregnancy?

Fact: Due to fears like pain, issue of privacy, mostly in case of unmarried women and wherever women fear issues like societal stigma, many women think of purchasing an MTP kit online or from a nearby pharmacy.

The MTP kit comes to them as the best possible rescue from unwanted pregnancy. However, not only is purchasing abortion pills without the prescription of the gynecologist illegal, it comes with very high risks to the patient.

Sometimes just to avoid a surgical abortion, women may tend to buy abortion pills illegally. By this, they put their lives at risk.

When the pregnancy has exceeded beyond 6 – 8 weeks, using abortion pills to terminate the pregnancy may result in incomplete abortion. This is a common complication occurring with abortion pills and eventually to complete the abortion, you will have to visit the gynaecologist and get the uterine contents evacuated. So, you will have to face what you avoided in the first place. It is advised to never self-administer abortion pills.

Myth #4. Surgical abortions are costly. What is the cost of surgical abortion in Bangalore?

Fact: Cost of surgical abortion in Bangalore depends upon a lot of factors, most of which are patient-specific. Remember, no cost can cover the cost of hampered health.

Cost of abortion depends upon tests performed, the hospital (quality of professional staff, medical equipment, private room and other facilities), the type of procedure prescribed specifically to the condition of the individual patient, availability of anaesthetist and many more.

Unsafe abortion can cost a lot on your health, life, safety and privacy which you may never want to compromise.

Hence, it is advised to avail a safe and high quality abortion procedure in Bangalore rather than hunting for the cheapest options available that can cost you with health complications.

Myth #5. Privacy of surgical abortion is not safe at an abortion hospital. Is your abortion procedure private and fully confidential?

Fact: Abortion is a very sensitive topic throughout the world. Indian society has also looked down women availing abortions. Hence, many women fear that their privacy will not be safe if they visit an abortion clinic.

But the fact is that a certified MTP hospital cannot disclose any woman’s identity to anyone as per the legal norms for a safe abortion where safety to both health and privacy are mandatory.

Visiting some crowded general clinics may have you facing the crowd in large waiting areas. In such places, there is a probability of meeting an acquaintance.

So, what’s the better option? For a safe and private abortion, it is best to visit Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH). At BGH, all the facilities are in-house, doctor to patient consultation is entirely private one-to-one.

An assistant nurse may be present for your care and support.

Moreover, you can visit BGH by scheduling an appointment only. So, you will not have to meet other patients or people in the large waiting rooms. Besides, your abortion status and personal information will be kept completely confidential.

Myth #6. Surgical abortions can be safely availed outside certified abortion clinics. Why should you get your abortion procedure at a certified abortion hospital only?

Fact: Due to personal reasons like privacy, women who resort to unsafe abortions including unsafe surgical abortions at the hands of unqualified medical professionals pay the cost with their compromised health.

Unsafe abortions are the third leading cause of maternal mortalities and co-morbidities in India. Surgical abortions are safe but they are associated with many side-effects and complications. All of these are preventable if the abortion is performed by well-qualified and experienced doctors.

Surgical abortions need uterine perforation, which if done improperly may lead to complications like haemorrhage, internal injuries, etc which can even be fatal. Or in many cases can lead to impaired fertility affecting future pregnancies.

Unhygienic premises, medical equipment and incomplete prescription may lead to many gynaecological infections.

All these complications are avoidable by choosing the best abortion clinic which would be a Certified Abortion Hospital in Bangalore.

Myth #7. Surgical abortions can affect future pregnancies. Will abortion affect your future pregnancies?

Fact: The statement does not stand true if surgical abortions are performed by well-trained and experienced abortion team. Such cases come across only with unsafe abortions which are presented with complications that go unmanaged.

Improper uterine perforation may cause injury to reproductive organs. Ignoring an early case of ectopic pregnancy that could be treated medically may lead to ruptured fallopian tubes. Such complications can impair the reproductive health of a woman affecting her future pregnancies.

As mentioned above, all the side-effects and complications of surgical abortions are preventable. Therefore, it is advised to visit only a high quality certified abortion hospital to avail safe, legal and confidential abortions.

Carefully performed safe abortions do not normally affect future pregnancies.

Surgical abortion in Bangalore for early pregnancies:

Many women from nearby cities and villages often travel to Bangalore to avail a safe, legal and confidential abortion. Such women seek means for complete abortions. They want to confidently return to their native place with the confidence of a complete abortion.

Besides, most of the women population residing in Bangalore is a working population. Even such women seek options for complete abortions, even when they are early enough to avail abortion pills.

At Bangalore Genesis Hospital, many women wanting to terminate early pregnancies as early as before 8 weeks choose Vaccum aspiration method of surgical abortion. This is because of nearly 100% efficiency of the procedure, unlike abortion pills which are 95% – 98% efficient.

Moreover, VA surgical abortion at BGH is a painless procedure unlike medical abortion which is accompanied by mild to moderate abdominal cramps and moderate to heavy bleeding.

Bleeding may be completely absent after VA in some women. While others may experience only slight bleeding generally for not more than a couple of days.

Whereas with medical abortion, bleeding may persistently continue for up to a week and women have to wait until then to be sure of a complete abortion.

Women who want to resume to work the next day after abortion mostly go for VA owing to the discomfort caused by the medical method.

What to expect during a surgical abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital:

If you choose to visit BGH for safe, legal and confidential abortion and you are prescribed with a surgical method for the same, here’s what you can expect:

  • First, you can choose to schedule an appointment by calling on the BGH helpline number to avoid any waiting at all. Once you visit there, you will be provided a private consultation.
  • Notes will be taken down for your complete medical conditions, including co-existing conditions, medicines that you may be taking, medicines and substances you may be allergic to, etc. This is done to avoid prescribing any allergic or interacting medicine.
  • You will be advised to get some diagnostic tests and scans for certain clinical findings like your complete blood count, your hormonal levels and Transvaginal scan to ascertain the pregnancy location and exact gestation length.
  • After your reports are received (which you will receive within an hour of your tests), your consultant doctor will review them and prescribe the best abortion method specific to your medical conditions.
  • If surgical abortion is the prescribed option, VA method can be done the same day and you can also get discharged within an hour post-abortion.
  • If D & E is the prescribed method, you can either choose to get it done the same day or else schedule an early appointment in cases like if you may want to be accompanied by a friend to drive you back home. Even in this case, you will likely be discharged the same day after an hour of abortion.
  • The entire procedure will be done in completely hygienic premises using sterile medical equipment and precisely and safely taking all necessary precautions.
  • You will not feel any pain during the procedure. Most women do not experience any pain even after abortion. Some may feel mild pain for which analgesics are administered.
  • You will be given a prescription for a week which will include antibiotics, antacids, analgesics, multivitamins generally and special medications like hormonal supplements, etc under special circumstances, all of which will aid in rapid recovery.
  • After a safe abortion, you will be advised for a follow-up visit after a week to ensure complete recovery.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding your medical condition or surgical abortion, feel free to comment and ask us.

Our experts will deliver the best possible help.

Call or WhatsApp on our helpline number to schedule an appointment or talk to a professional healthcare provider.

NOTE: Do not resort to unsafe abortion for any reason. Your health should be your priority. Make a healthy choice. In case of any consultation, we are there to Help You.

Seek out professional help without hesitation at the best hospital for abortion in Bangalore.

Surgical Abortion in Bangalore
Surgical abortion in Bangalore at Genesis Hospital Bangalore – Top Rated Hospital for Abortion in Bangalore India



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