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Top 5 queries on “Where to get an abortion in Bangalore?”

Surgical abortion in Bangalore

Unwanted and unplanned pregnancies come to bring couples’ lives to a standstill. And when it happens with an unmarried girl or a single woman, the want for an early abortion becomes the big need of the hour.

However, there are so many doubts and uncertainties that cloud the minds of couples during the early stages. For instance, the fear of a contraceptive method failure keeps them wondering what are the chances of the girl or woman getting pregnant.

The doubt of the emergency contraceptive pill also keeps them up. Through various sources, we have gathered a few queries that married and unmarried couples often raise on social platforms. They try to find reliable answers.

But sometimes, most of the people answering their queries are either laymen themselves or provide some confusing information. And at other times, some people also pass rude comments like,

“Why did you not think of it earlier?”
“Why did you get intimate without marriage?”
“Could you not have waited?”
“Are you out of your senses?”

Your answers:

This post comes as a ray of hope for all these people looking for answers. And our answers come directly from healthcare professionals and experts. So, you can completely rely on them. Moreover, if you still have any queries, you can comment in the comment box or can reach us via our Helpline number.

All queries and information are kept confidential. So, do not let any anxiety let you down. Speak to professionals before making any decision, even if it is for unwanted pregnancy abortion in Bangalore.

Let’s begin! Maybe you find your question similar and get your answer. So, stay tuned.

Query 1:

“Hi, I need some help! I am in a trouble. Could you please help me? My question is if you forget to take a contraceptive pill within 48hrs,   what is your chance of getting pregnant? Also when to seek help for pregnancy termination if the result is an unwanted pregnancy.”


Hello dear readers! If you forget to take the contraceptive pill on time, please do not worry. Every act of sexual intimacy does not result in pregnancy. It is only during the fertile window of the girl that she can get pregnant.

You should wait until your next period. Maybe you are not pregnant. So, there is nothing to worry about. But in case you miss your period, you can take a quick home pregnancy test. You can buy a Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) kit from any nearby pharmacy or can even order pregnancy test kit online.

You can find the directions on how to take the test on the pack itself. Do as directed. If you discover that you are pregnant, we would advise you not to delay. If abortion is your likely decision, the earlier you are, the more are your open abortion options.
You can schedule a consultation appointment for up to the first 20 weeks of your pregnancy. However, the methods of abortion may vary with an increase in gestation age. So, it is better to inquire about the earliest available spot for consultation and abortion.

Schedule a consultation appointment today!

Query 2:

“I got involved in sexual intimacy with my partner on my 12th day. My cycle is usually 28 days. I am not sure but maybe a little pre cum had come in contact. I have taken I pill within 48 hours. Can l get pregnant? If yes, what to do next because I am unmarried and do not want a child.”


If you have read the first answer, then probably you know that not every intimacy can result in pregnancy. However, since you mention that you have taken an emergency contraceptive pill well on time, it is less likely that it may fail.

You may or may not have ovulated on your 12th day. After ovulation, the egg waits to meet the male sperm only for up to 24 hours. So, do not worry at first. However, wait until you miss your period. If you miss your period, it may be due to contraceptive failure. Do not delay, seek medical help today!

Schedule a consultation and abortion appointment!

Query 3:

“Is abortion in Bangalore available at 11 weeks? If yes, where?”


Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in most cases. So, legally, you are in the comfortable zone.

However, abortion pills may not be the preferred choice for your case because they work efficiently in the first 6-8 weeks. Please do not tempt to self-administer abortion pills. They may result in several complications. Given the fact that you are 11 weeks pregnant, abortion pills may not empty the womb completely. This would result in an incomplete abortion.

But, there is still a better choice available for you. You can have a Gentle Care Suction abortion, exclusively available at Bangalore Genesis Hospital. It is a non-invasive, gentle in-clinic abortion procedure available for terminating first-trimester pregnancies.

What to expect from the Gentle Care suction abortion?

Pre-abortion consultation:

When you arrive at the hospital by appointment, you do not have to wait to see your doctor. The doctor shall see you in privacy. You can obtain one-on-one pre-abortion consultation. Your partner or a friend may accompany you.

The doctor shall check your vitals, take your medical history notes and evaluate your medical condition. You may have to undergo a few routine tests and an ultrasound to ensure your safety.

These tests are very essential to eliminate the complications and to prescribe you the best abortion method. The ultrasound will help the doctor to know the exact length and location of your pregnancy. The choice of the abortion method depends largely on it.

If your pregnancy is found to be intrauterine and less than 12 weeks, you can obtain the Gentle Care suction abortion.

The doctor shall explain the procedure in an easy-to-understandable language. This is to make sure that you are ready for the procedure both physically and mentally. If you fear pain, forget about that. There’s a reason why this procedure is called Gentle Care suction abortion. It is painless, quick and efficient performed by highly qualified and experienced doctors at the hospital.

A supportive, friendly and caring nurse shall stay by your side from start to the end of the procedure and until discharge. You can put down your fear of being judged or mistreated by the doctor or any other hospital staff for your abortion choice. Even if you seek abortion as an unmarried couple, you receive the same professional treatment with freedom from prejudice.

Your personal and medical details are also as safe as your health. The hospital does not reveal any patient details to anyone besides the patient herself. So, please relax.

Gentle Care Suction abortion: How is it done?

When you are ready for the procedure, the nurse shall take you to a private examination room. It is a private room, not an operating room. So, you can feel as comfortable and free as at home. The nurse shall get you ready for the procedure.

She will help you lie in a comfortable position. Then, the doctor shall examine your cervix region, disinfect it and numb it to make it a painless experience for you.

Then, the doctor shall insert a soft, flexible and disposable tube from your cervix opening to reach the embryo. You won’t feel any pain. The nurse shall also keep you in a relaxed state. The doctor has a small device in her hand that she may use to create gentle suction. This suction pressure will collect the embryo and other gestation products in the collection tube.

The entire procedure will get completed in less than 3-5 minutes. The doctor shall also examine if the womb is empty so that you can go home knowing that your pregnancy is over.

The only feeling you know after a Gentle Care suction abortion is the joy of successful abortion. Most unsafe abortions lead to various complications. But Gentle Care suction abortion, being non-invasive will not cause any internal injury. Since anesthesia is not involved, you can eat and drink normally before and after the procedure.

Since the method is absolutely gentle and does not involve any incisions or scarring, it will not affect your future pregnancies. You can try conceiving naturally as and when you feel ready for the same.

Post-abortion consultation:

After the procedure, you can rest in your private room for as long as you like. Most women can resume normal activities within 15-30 minutes and take discharge within an hour post-abortion.

Before your discharge from the hospital, the doctor shall provide you with post-abortion recovery guidance. As a part of Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC), abortion care starts with pre-abortion consultation and lasts through the patient’s recovery.

The doctor will give you a post-abortion prescription that will contain some antibiotics to be taken prophylactically. It will also have some supplements to aid in rapid recovery and any other medicines as per your case-specific.

The doctor shall also provide you with consultation on your available contraceptive methods and educate you regarding the same. Moreover, you will learn the Dos and Don’ts after an abortion that will help you in healing better and moving ahead in life stress-free and pain-free.

You can call the helpline number any time during your recovery period to seek any help you may need.

How long will you bleed after Gentle Care suction abortion?

Post-abortion experiences vary with women. So, there is no single thumb rule. But you can expect to bleed for up to 2-3 days post-abortion which may range from just vaginal spotting to moderate bleeding.
Some women do not bleed at all after the procedure since most of the uterine contents get empty at the clinic itself. You can rest overnight to process your feeling and emotions. And then, you can resume your daily activities the next day itself.
See, how comfortable, quick and efficient procedure is the Gentle Care Suction abortion. It is available exclusively at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH).


Since you are in your 11th week of pregnancy, you have only this week to get this non-invasive Gentle care suction abortion. If you miss this period, you may have to undergo a surgical procedure for terminating the pregnancy. Since the hospital has most of the abortion slots pre-booked for up to a week. You may not want to miss it! Call the helpline number to check for the earliest spot!

Do not miss it! Schedule your abortion appointment today itself.

Query 4:

“Hi, my partner and me had several rounds of intercourse in the past 6-8 weeks. We used coat protection every time. What are the chances of her being pregnant and when to see the doctor for abortion?”


Hello, dear reader! Yes, it may be possible that she is pregnant. It is better to take a home pregnancy test. In case she is not pregnant, wait for another couple of days. In a case, the period does not begin, take another pregnancy test. If it is negative, she may be suffering from a condition like that of Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD) or Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS).

It may be better to speak to a healthcare professional. She may have to take an ultrasound to confirm for pregnancy or even if it is PCOD or any other condition, the tests will help in deciding the further course of treatment.

But in the case, she is pregnant, the test will tell the exact length and location of her pregnancy. If you are looking forward to terminating the same, you can schedule an abortion consultation appointment. As per her medical condition and pregnancy length and location, the doctor shall advise her of the abortion procedure.

If you choose to visit the abortion hospital near you in Bangalore, Bangalore Genesis Hospital, you can obtain a single-appointment, same-day discharge abortion procedure without any delay.

Schedule a consultation and abortion appointment!

Query 5:

“Please suggest some reliable and safe abortion method which is also confidential in the 13th week after sexual act.”


Hello dear reader! This is to bring to your kind notice that the 13th week that you are mentioning here may be the 13th week from the last menstrual period. Or it may be from the time of your sexual intimacy.

However, in both cases, she is likely to be carrying a pregnancy. The best option for you is to schedule a consultation appointment. During the appointment, the doctor shall advise an ultrasound to check for the exact length of pregnancy.

This is extremely important because the method of abortion relies largely on this report. If the pregnancy week is the 13th, then she may need a Gentle Care surgical abortion for womb cleaning. But there are some chances that her pregnancy may be less than 12 weeks. In such a case, she can obtain a Gentle Care suction abortion. The details of the procedure are mentioned above.

However, in case she is 13 weeks pregnant, the doctor may need a mild surgical intervention.

Here is what you can expect from Gentle Care surgical abortion at the best abortion hospital in Bangalore, BGH.

Gentle Care surgical abortion: How is it done?

As a part of CAC, the patient and her companion will receive proper pre-abortion consultation, They will get procedural details, estimate the cost of abortion and answers to all queries before the procedure during a private one-on-one consultation with the doctor.

Since it is a mildly invasive procedure, the use of anesthesia will make the procedure painless. The doctor may help you decide whether or not to stay on an empty stomach. Accordingly, you can eat and drink or stay on an empty stomach before the procedure.

If you fear big operation rooms or highly abrasive surgeries, then please relax! BGH’s approach to surgical abortions is quite different from other hospitals. The top-notch abortion team at BGH has pioneered Gentle Care surgical abortions.

Unlike conventional surgeries, these abortions are performed with great precision and accuracy. Unlike other hospitals, you may not have to stay hospitalized overnight or have abrasive surgery.

A caring and supportive nurse will make the patient relax in a comfortable position and prepare her. After cervix cleaning, anesthesia administration will put her to short sleep. BGH doctors use the latest dilatation technology to dilate the patient’s cervix region.

Then, gentle spooning of the uterine lining will detach the embryo from the uterus lining. Similarly, all the placental tissue is also spooned. All the collectables are evacuated with the help of suction created using a manual aspirator. And the abortion is complete.

Gentle Care surgical abortion vs conventional surgical abortions:

Surgical abortion in Bangalore

The use of this technique does not impact your uterus health. Since sharp curette is not used as in the Dilatation & Curettage technique, there are minimum chances of internal injury. This will also not impact your future pregnancies. Most of the patients do not bleed beyond a couple of days.

The procedure takes less than 30 minutes to complete. After that, the patient can relax in her private room. She can take discharge as and when she feels comfortable. In the meantime, the nurse shall stay by her side to ensure she is recovering as expected.

Most patients can resume their routine activities within the next 2 days. However, certain precautions are essential to staying infection-free, pain-free and stress-free.

As a part of post-abortion recovery, the patient will receive all the information necessary for her to recover soon and resume her routine activities.


If the patient is in the 13th week of her pregnancy, she can obtain an abortion for only up to 20 weeks. And you may not get an early spot available. You must pre-book the spot for the Gentle Care abortion procedure. Any delay can increase the risks as well as you may miss the legal abortion mark.

Schedule an appointment for Gentle Care abortion today to avoid any delay!

Why abortion in Bangalore at Bangalore Genesis Hospital?

BGH is a top-rated abortion clinic located in the heart of the city on Queen’s Road. All the doctors at BGH are highly-qualified and experienced. Their abortion care is unparallel and their patient approach is the best in the city. Do not take our words for it.
Hear from happy patients!

You can be the next happy patient! Inquire about the latest slot now.

Schedule an abortion appointment.

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