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What’s the procedure for unwed girl abortion in Kammanahalli

Discovering an unwanted pregnancy can be a stressful situation for any woman. If this news comes to an unmarried girl, her situation is further complicated. If you too have recently discovered that you are pregnant and you want its termination, you are at the right place.

There are many abortion clinics and hospitals in India. However, not every hospital is within the reach. And you may be wanting a safe, legal and confidential abortion. But how to avail one at a nearby MTP centre?

Unmarried girls often resort to unsafe abortion methods because they believe it to be their immediate and the best rescue. Moreover, they may fear of their identity being revealed by visiting an abortion clinic nearby.

But that’s not the case if you can discover the best abortion hospital for your case. If you are residing in Kammanahalli, then, of course, you can choose to visit the Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH).

This is the only hospital near you that provides personalized abortion care. Although you may find a list of some private abortion clinics near you. But if it comes to personalized abortion services, your search shall narrow down to BGH.

In this post, you will learn how can you obtain an abortion in Kammanahalli, Bangalore as an unmarried girl.

So, let’s start!

We’ll see the concerns an unmarried girl has while seeking an abortion. And with due concern towards her struggle, her sentiments and the sensitivity of abortion, we shall answer them.

Legal things to know before visiting the abortion hospital in Bangalore:

Is it legal to have an abortion in India as an unmarried girl?

You are not doing anything illegal if you ask for an abortion in India as an unmarried girl. So, you cannot be turned away by saying that you cannot obtain an abortion in India as an unmarried girl.

Abortion in India is legal under several circumstances like:

  • Contraceptive failure: Earlier as per the MTP Act of India, the contraceptive failure clause was not included for unmarried girls. However, since women as adults have the right to choose how to live, many unmarried girls getting pregnant outside the wedlock attempted unsafe abortions.

They risked their lives and health. Therefore, to save their lives and health and give them access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC), the contraceptive failure clause has been included even for unmarried women. With the introduction of the new MTP Act 2021, any woman or girl whose pregnancy has resulted from contraceptive failure can obtain a legal abortion up to 20 weeks.

  • Pregnancy is a result of rape/incest/sexual assault.
  • To protect the woman’s physical/mental wellbeing and/or her life.
  • In events where fetal deformities have been detected. And it is believed that the child may be born with developmental disorders or some other deformities. Even in these cases, abortion in India is legal.

The majority of unmarried girls do not know that they can obtain a legal abortion for contraceptive failure. And this post is just to equip you with the knowledge that you need so that you can avail of a safe abortion confidently.

Consent for abortion in Bangalore:

One of your concerns may be: Do I need to bring my partner or parents for abortion in Kammanahalli, Bangalore as an unmarried girl?

No, absolutely not. It is entirely a choice that you have to make whether or not to involve anyone while seeking an abortion. As far as legal consent is concerned, you do not need anyone else’s consent for abortion if you are an adult.

In India, if you are above 18 years of age, you are an adult and are free to make your choices. So, you may visit the abortion hospital either alone or with your partner or anyone you consider in your good faith.

Having a companion or a friend may have someone to drive you back home if you feel dizzy. Moreover, emotional support is another thing that you can have with a friend by your side. It is the choice you have to make as per your comfort. Legally, there are no restrictions.

And if you choose to visit Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH), one of the premier abortion hospitals near you, you may choose to travel alone also. A caring and compassionate nurse shall be by your side all the time for the care and support you may need. If you choose to, the hospital can also arrange a cab for you to travel back home.

For abortion in Kammanahalli, Bangalore or anywhere in India, parental consent is needed only when the girl is minor. Other events where parental consent may be needed is when the girl/woman is mentally incapable of giving her consent.

What’s the time you have for an abortion?

Another concern you may be having after you discovered that you are pregnant is: How early can I have an abortion?

It is advisable to never delay while seeking an abortion. Delay narrows down abortion options legally. Abortion in India is available for up to 20 weeks in normal circumstances. And it is available for up to 24 weeks in special cases.

Many girls and women have taken legal support to have abortions even after this period. But as an unmarried girl, you may not be wanting to make your private issue a public one. And hence, it can be avoided if you do not delay and seek an early abortion.

Besides the legal scenario, abortion methods also vary with the pregnancy length. And with an increase in gestation age, complications with abortions increase.

Feel free to schedule an early appointment for an abortion at a certified and registered abortion clinic near you.

Private and confidential abortion: The concerns:

One of the major reasons why unmarried girls seek illegal and unsafe abortions is the fear of compromising privacy. The concerns may be like:

“What if the doctor tells my parents that I had an abortion?”

“What if the nurse at the hospital or any other staff is my neighbor? They may tell my family and even the society for me to be left ashamed and guilty.”

“What if someone in the hospital spots me? My pregnancy and abortion will all be known to people near me.”

“What will the doctor think of me for seeking an abortion as an unmarried girl?”

“Will the doctor or the nurses treat me with rude and harsh comments?”

Private and confidential abortion: The legal aspect:

The legal thing to know while seeking a confidential abortion is that no one can play with your privacy. The Indian abortion law requires the abortion hospital and the doctor to keep the personal and medical details of each patient confidential. Any person found to contravene with the same is legally punishable.

Private and confidential abortion: Being in the limelight:

However, your concerns are absolutely normal. These things can create anxiety. And you can also not deny a fact that acquaintances may tend to react surprisingly when an unmarried girl seeks an abortion.

They may make you feel guilty about a premarital sexual relationship. This may affect your personal and social life largely depending on your family and society. It may not only affect your present life, but also the future.

This may negatively impact your future married life which you may not want at all. But seeking an unsafe abortion is not the right way of handling this stress.

Private and confidential abortion: Finding the best abortion hospital:

If you too are struggling with queries like the ones mentioned above, then you should definitely seek a private abortion at a private abortion clinic. In a government hospital or some other hospitals offering abortions, there may be a waiting period.

And you do not want to get spotted in the crowd. So, always prefer a hospital where you can visit by a pre-scheduled appointment. At your appointment time, you can expect not to be waiting in the queue for your turn.

Next thing is to look if the hospital offers private consultation. You may not want other patients to be popping out their eyes when you are in conversation with the doctor. You may not even want your conversation with the doctor to be overheard. A private one-to-one consultation with the abortion doctor can help you stay safe.

Also, check if the hospital offers same-day single-appointment procedures. As an unmarried girl, you may not want to stay in the hospital overnight. Or even in the general ward while you are recovering from the abortion procedure.

So, check if you will be allotted a private room to rest in privacy throughout your stay in the hospital.

Private and confidential abortion clinic for women from Kammanahalli: BGH:

You can choose to travel to the Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) for a private and confidential abortion near you. Here is what answers all your concerns in that respect:

  • BGH offers abortions on pre-scheduled appointments. There is no waiting period or crowded waiting hall when you schedule an appointment beforehand.
  • Each patient at BGH is seen in private to give her access to one-to-one consultation. You can openly speak up in the comfortable doctor-patient setting.
  • The doctors, the nurses and other hospital staff are all non-judgmental. So, give up any fear of your identity or medical details being revealed to anyone. You can avail of a comfortable abortion without any fear of anyone besides the hospital knowing that you have had an abortion. And your details are nowhere going out in any case.
  • BGH offers personalized abortion care. Each patient is allotted a private room to stay in until discharge.
  • And the best thing is that BGH offers same-day single-appointment abortion procedures. Each woman is diagnosed for prescribing the best abortion method according to her medical condition. And then, the abortion is done the same day. Most patients usually get discharged within an hour post-abortion.
  • The abortion doctors and nurses are highly-qualified, experienced and internationally trained to offer safe abortions. So, you can expect a safe abortion at BGH.
  • The hospital is also equipped with all the facilities for the safety and comfort of the patients.

Non-judgmental abortion in Bangalore:

Abortion and the emotional wellbeing of an unmarried girl:

A safe abortion includes safety to the woman’s health and life and also to her privacy and her emotional wellbeing. Although physical bruises with abortion heal quite early, emotional disturbances may become nightmares.

During many incidences in India, women and girls were victimized for seeking abortions as unmarried. Although, abortion in India is equally legal for married and unmarried. However, the stigma attached to it and the mental perceptions within the medical fraternity varies largely.

Many unmarried girls have even been turned away denying them abortions. Either they were simply told that they cannot obtain an abortion as unmarried. Or they were asked to bring in their parents.

In many other incidences, abortions were provided to unmarried girls, but the harsh comments they received from the doctors and the nurses broke them down mentally. This kind of behavior leads unmarried girls into depression, guilt and other kinds of emotional challenges.

Rather than helping them in coming out of a problem in their life, this kind of rude treatment psychologically haunts them in future. They feel as if they are chained in their own thoughts and nightmares. They fear socializing and forget to live their life freely. And a broken relationship or the guilt takes them so down that they even fear from relationships.

Emotionally balanced abortions at BGH:

The doctors and nurses at BGH are entirely different. Besides keeping your personal and abortion details confidential, at BGH you can experience freedom from judgments, freedom from what the doctor is thinking or will think of you as an unmarried girl seeking an abortion.

The hospital realizes the sensitivity of abortions, especially when an unwanted pregnancy comes to an unmarried girl. And therefore, you can expect freedom from prejudice at BGH. No personal queries are asked and no personal comments are made.

BGH abortion team takes care of each patient’s physical, mental as well as emotional health. This helps them in recovering not only from the physical bruises of abortion but also helps them in moving on happily.

BGH is happy to return happy and positive patients who can take the next moves in life with freedom, joy and confidence.

What are you waiting for?

Schedule an early appointment at BGH for an early safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore.

Abortion in Kammanahalli: What is it like having one?

Safe abortions are the ones that follow all the guidelines laid by the World Health Organization (WHO). As per the recommendations of the WHO, the three safe abortion methods for terminating intrauterine pregnancies are:

  1. The medical abortion method
  2. Vacuum aspiration method of abortion
  3. Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion

The safe methods for terminating ectopic or extrauterine pregnancies depend on the pregnancy length, location and patient’s specific conditions.

Things to consider before an abortion:

Certain things are considered before prescribing the right method of abortion to the patient. Most unsafe abortions are caused either by the self-administration of abortion pills or Do It Yourself (DIY) abortions.

And you cannot expect unprofessional people or quacks to consider these important things. If these things are considered before prescription, many side effects and complications can be avoided. At BGH, the patient’s health is the priority and hence the doctors make sure to consider every single aspect. This enables them to make the right diagnosis and prescribe the best abortion method to each individual patient.

A piece of advice for you is to be true to yourself and the doctor. Since no personal queries are asked, please do not hesitate in opening up regarding the questions that are essential for your health. Each individual patient is different and her medical needs may also vary. It is only a well-qualified and experienced doctor who can make this difference and prescribe the best abortion method.

So, here are these important things considered at BGH:

  1. The doctor may ask you to get an ultrasound. This is important to ascertain the length and location of your pregnancy. The method of abortion prescribed depends largely on these two important things. And there is no other test that can confirm them. An ultrasound is a safe and painless diagnostic test that gets completed within 2-3 minutes.
  2. The doctor may ask you to get some routine blood and urine clinical examinations. These are essential to be able to manage any complication or an emergency during the abortion. For instance, if you are anemic, you may need a blood transfusion. Or if you are diabetic, you may need insulin administration. Or if there is a presence of some infection, antibiotics may be administered according to the infection count.
  3. Tell the doctor if you are allergic to any medicine. This will help in preventing any allergy-causing agent from being prescribed to you. For instance, many patients may be allergic to the Penicillin class of medicines. And doctors usually prescribe Amoxycillin and Clavulanic acid medicine to prevent post-surgical infection. But if you are allergic to Penicillin, the doctor may prescribe you an alternative medicine.
  4. Tell your doctor if you are suffering from any other medical condition. Also, you should tell any other medicine(s) that you may be taking. The medicine(s) you are taking may be contraindicated with abortion pills or any other prescription medicine. So, the doctor may prescribe you an alternative. The dosage adjustment and the method of administration of abortion pills and other medicines are also dependent on these things.

Medical abortion method at BGH:

Medical abortion means abortion with the help of medicines. It is the recommended method for terminating intrauterine pregnancies that are less than 6-8 weeks. With this method of abortion, you may need more than a single appointment. This can be attributed to two things:

  1. The two abortion pills are not given at the same time. A gap of 24-36 hours is needed and the doctor may call you for a second appointment for the second abortion pill. However, the doctor may also hand you the second abortion pill on the first appointment itself. You will receive directions and timing to take the second medicine at home along with the pill.
  2. Abortion pills are not 100% efficient. So, if your abortion does not get completed with pills, you may need a follow-up appointment. In this appointment, if your abortion is incomplete, it may be completed surgically.

Other things to remember with medical abortion are:

  • It happens like a heavy menstrual period. So, abdominal pain and bleeding are also associated.
  • If there is heavy blood loss, you may need to seek medical help at the earliest.
  • You may bleed for up to days and weeks in some cases. If bleeding does not stop on its own by 7-10 days, have a follow-up for incomplete abortion.
  • When the doctor considers all the important things before prescribing you abortion pills, abortion is mostly successful in 97% of cases.
  • Fatigue, pain and discomfort may last up to 5-6 days.

Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion:

It is also known as suction abortion. At BGH, it is a single appointment and nearly 100% efficient procedure. The procedure is prescribed for terminating intrauterine pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks.

It is a gentle and painless procedure not lasting more than 10 minutes. You can easily obtain it as an Out Patient Department (OPD) procedure. You can get discharged within an hour after abortion. In the meanwhile, you can rest in your private room. A cab can be arranged to drop you home. Or you can choose to travel at your convenience.

Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion at BGH:

It is also known as surgical abortion. A surgical abortion is prescribed to end late-term pregnancies, i.e., up to 20 weeks.

At BGH, it is also a painless and gentle care abortion that lasts not more than 30 minutes. The patient gets discharged the same day after an hour of the abortion.

The advantage of suction and surgical abortions over medical abortions is that they are 100% efficient. Although, abortion pills are also safe, however, there is a risk of pain and incomplete abortion. If you want a single day abortion and confidence of a completed abortion before you leave the hospital premises, you may discuss the same with the doctor. And the doctor shall prescribe you the best method.

With any method of abortion, you will receive post-abortion guidance and prescription. This is to ensure that you heal early. You can reach out to the hospital anytime during the follow-up until your recovery.

Schedule your appointment for an abortion in Bangalore today!

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