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Pregnancy Terminations

The idea of getting an abortion, or pregnancy termination, can be overwhelming and possibly even terrifying; however, some women feel as if, despite the enormity of the situation, it is the only possible solution for them. If you are in this position, then you are going to want to go to a doctor for an initial consultation and to have all of your questions and concerns answered by this health care professional. However, to help give you some basic understanding of what he or she is telling you and to have a basic grasp of what you want and expect from the procedure, it is still a good idea to go into this consultation with a basic understanding of some potential options.

Like many medical procedures, there are going to be choices of what type of pregnancy termination you should get. However, which options that are available to you are going to depend in large part on where you are and how far along in your pregnancy you have gotten. This is something that your doctor will discuss with you, but the following is some basic information on some potential options:

  • Medical abortion: This procedure is performed by taking medically prescribed medication in order to make the body self-induce an abortion. The medicine is taken at the doctor’s office, but the woman can go home to have the procedure. However, the procedure must be done very early on in the pregnancy and it may cause more cramping than the other methods.
  • Early pregnancy and late pregnancy surgical abortion: Early and late pregnancy abortions require the use of surgery to end the pregnancy. At the appointment, a doctor will give you some pain medication and possibly something to numb the affected area, but will probably not give you any general anesthesia. He or she will then suction out the pregnancy after having dilated the cervix.

Both of these procedures must be done fairly early on in the pregnancy unless the mother’s health and safety is at risk, but they can be done later than the medical abortion. The late pregnancy abortion is more in-depth than the early abortion and requires an additional appointment before the actual procedure in order to pre-dilate the cervix. Both surgeries are outpatient procedures.

If you go to a safe, healthy, and legal place, your pregnancy termination will most likely come without complications or risks. It is important to make sure that the place you chose to go is safe, though.

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