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Pregnancy Termination & early abortion in Bangalore options

Pregnancy Termination & Early Abortion In Bangalore Options

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Deciding to have an abortion

Risks with unsafe abortions

What abortion law has to offer

Where to get an abortion in Bangalore?

Early abortion options at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH)

Abortion pills

Gentle Care suction abortion

Gentle Care surgical abortion

Deciding to have an abortion:

Most women who look for pregnancy termination are already sure of the decision. It is however obvious to have concerns regarding ending their pregnancy. Some other women may still find themselves in a confusion. Their confusion usually stems from the lack of knowledge regarding their options.

Furthermore, other things playing an equivalent role include the diverse feelings a woman may be getting. She may want to look forward to her pregnancy at one moment.  And yet may consider herself not ready for motherhood on the other. It is absolutely normal. In fact, it is the pregnancy hormones that are playing their part.

It is normal to feel conflicted, sad, anxious, nervous, guilty, uncertain and alone. Every pregnancy and every woman are different. Even different pregnancies happening to the same woman at different times are different.

If you too have discovered your pregnancy and are not sure of your options, you are at the right place.

We understand your difficulty. We are also thoughtful regarding all kinds of thoughts you may be having. Sometimes, it becomes important to speak to someone who can help you process your emotions. It is normal to feel emotional but balancing is equally important. This can make it easier for you to decide on your next move.

You need to go through all the available options and we are here for you to listen. You can confidently share your feelings, and talk to a healthcare professional by calling on the helpline number. Or you can leave your message. You will receive all the help you need.

Someone is always there to listen to you even in your difficult times. Although you may not see it at the present moment, do not be hard on yourself. Relax and take time to learn your options.

An unwanted pregnancy: Your options:

In a pregnancy, it is the couple’s personal decision and also the right to choose what to do next. However, in many situations, couples or just the girls fail to look at what should be their next move. Here is some help.

You can take the pregnancy to full term:

There are many unplanned or unexpected pregnancies. Couples may not be prepared for this piece of news. But if they were planning to have a child shortly, they can probably carry this pregnancy forward. It entirely depends on the couple’s choice and what they feel.

If they think that it can be the right time to start a family, they can proceed. Although the pregnancy is unexpected, they still have 8-9 months to prepare.

But sometimes, families are already complete. The couple may not be financially, socially or emotionally capable to support the child throughout the upbringing. In such a situation, pregnancy termination at an early stage may come as an option. However, such couples often feel guilty. They may not find themselves completely prepared for pregnancy termination.

They can think of other alternatives like going through pregnancy and childbirth. And then, give the child for adoption. This can be of help to couples who are struggling with infertility. This can bring joy to their lives.

You can terminate the pregnancy early:

In many situations, adoption may not be a welcome option. The mother or the couple may not be certain of the right life for their child. They may be experiencing other sets of fears, opinions and concerns. In such cases, they can choose to end the pregnancy early.

Unmarried couples often desire that their sexual intimacy should not result in an unwanted pregnancy. Upon a missed period, they keep their fingers crossed that the two lines on the Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) kit do not turn dark. They have their own fears.

Pregnancy and child as an unmarried are not what they may be looking forward to. Moreover, marriage may also not be on their plan for the near future. Some may still be studying. Some others may be struggling in their career. They may be wanting to have a professionally stable life before getting married.

Whatever you are feeling right now, we can help you get ahead of it. Whether it’s a pang of guilt for a mistake, for not being thoughtful or out of control, please be easy on yourself. Or if it’s guilt for ending a pregnancy, please relax. Choosing to terminate a pregnancy early can make a big difference. At an early stage, the pregnancy tissue is not even completely formed. And at this point, you may not even know whether the pregnancy is viable. Choosing to end a pregnancy early may be of some help and you can be kind to yourself.

Some women, especially unmarried girls or single women see no other option than pregnancy termination. However, they lack the knowledge as to where should they seek help. They may not know of their reproductive rights. Or may struggle with finding safe and confidential options. So, here is some help.

Risks with unsafe abortions:

Many girls and women attempt self-abortions owing to the societal stigma. Most of them are unsafe. Their decisions of unsafe abortions get triggered by public opinion, religion, families, culture and more. Discovering an unwanted pregnancy put most girls and women in a state of confusion. And when they are sure they want an abortion, they try to get secret abortions. Most often, they buy abortion pills by paying higher than the cost of an MTP kit at pharmacies. They attempt unsafe abortions rather than discovering their safe options,

Such decisions can be seriously damaging to their health. Some threats may be short-term while some are long-term with some others being life-threatening. 

Some of the risks with abortions include ectopic pregnancies, heavy bleeding, internal injury, infections, etc. The risk of ectopic pregnancy can be really serious. The pregnancy may rupture within the body. This can impact a woman’s fertility. She may lose her probability of conceiving in future. The loss may be partial or complete. Sepsis resulting from infections can also be fatal if not treated on time. 

Many women have fears with abortions. Some are quite relevant. Some fears concern their safety, their health, pain with abortion and others. While some others remain centered around confidentiality and their privacy. It is mostly due to the want for secret abortions.

In other situations, girls and women are curled up in several agitating thoughts. They know and understand things, but fail to settle down emotionally. They look for quicker resolution rather than their safe options.

However, all abortion risks and complications are preventable. Stay tuned to know where can you get a safe abortion in Bangalore

What abortion law has to offer?

Well, it depends on the country of your residence. Abortion rules vary with countries being liberal in some to very restricted in others. And in some countries, it may be legally offensive and punishable.

But if you are in India or can travel to Bangalore, India, you have quite women-friendly abortion rules. Abortions in India are legal and that too for a wide range of circumstances. Besides, the rules also make sure that abortions are as safe as possible. The rules decide upon many things such as:

Where can a woman get an abortion?

Who can perform an abortion?

What are the safe abortion methods? What medicines, tools, and techniques can be used to terminate a pregnancy?

Up to when can a woman avail of pregnancy termination?

Whose consent is essential for an abortion?

And several other things that the government adopts to make abortions safe. The core purpose is to make Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) accessible to all women. 

Coming to your legal rights,

  • You can obtain a legal abortion in India if your pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure or rape/incest. Or in cases, the pregnancy poses a threat to your physical and/or mental health and/or life. Even if fetal anomalies have been detected during prenatal examination, you can get a legal abortion.
  • You can obtain an abortion irrespective of your medical status. Even unmarried girls can obtain a legal abortion in India.
  • You can get an abortion up to 20 weeks in normal circumstances. In some special cases, you can obtain it even beyond this period. However, you may need legal intervention in such a case.
  • You do not need anyone else’s consent for an abortion. You can obtain it with your consent only if you are above 18 years old.

Regarding other legal things:

Abortion is legal only when performed at a registered abortion clinic. Only a qualified registered medical practitioner can perform an abortion. He/She too has to have completed essential training. There are standard guidelines for medical diagnosis. Guidelines also provide framework for pre-abortion consultation, abortion procedures, post-abortion prescription, etc.

Comprehensive Abortion Care starts with pre-abortion and lasts through the patient’s final recovery. The abortion law tries to ensure that all the recommendations and guidelines are followed.

It is difficult to control unsafe abortion practices that occur as a result of self-attempts by women. The regulations try to make the medical pathway easier and more accessible. This is to ensure that all girls and women seek abortions safely.

For this, they try to help women learn their reproductive rights. Also, do they try gaining their trust concerning their privacy and confidentiality. This way, more girls and women are expected to seek safe abortions rather than unsafe abortion practices. Gaining the trust of women and girls can save millions of lives each year.

Where to get an abortion in Bangalore?

If you are in Bangalore, then you have the best abortion team at your service. You can call the helpline number of the Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH). Do not forget to inquire about an early abortion slot. BGH is a premier boutique hospital that provides Gentle Care abortion services.

Convenience and confidentiality:

The private abortion hospital offers in-clinic abortions that are safe, legal and confidential. Besides, they provide an exceptionally unique and satisfying patient experience.

The hospital is conveniently located in the heart of the city on Queen’s Road. It is easily accessible by several local means of transport. You can hire an Uber or visit by your convenience. But the hospital caters to abortion services only by appointments. This is to ensure that each patient receives personalized care and undivided attention. The hospital accepts only a single patient at a time. This also helps patients feel secure in concern with their privacy.

Visiting an abortion clinic in the same city of residence may have many concerns. Women or girls have fear of meeting acquaintances. They may fear getting spotted while going to or coming from or during their stay in the hospital. Another fear comes from the fact of meeting any or more people in the waiting hall, etc. If you have similar concerns, please relax!

BGH offers a completely comfortable environment that complies with your privacy and confidentiality. The in and out of the clinic is absolutely confidential. When you visit by appointment, there is no waiting period. Nor will you have to see any fellow patients. Since all the patients are given a unique time for the appointment, there may be no acquaintances. The hospital makes its best efforts for your privacy.

The doctor to patient conversation takes place in a private chamber in a comfortable one-to-one setting. You can choose to bring a companion or you can come alone as per your convenience. Whether you are married or unmarried makes no difference at all. Unwanted pregnancies are normal and so are abortions whether married or unmarried.

Safe abortions at Bangalore Genesis Hospital:

Abortion is considered safe when it safeguards:

  • Patient’s physical health.
  • Mental wellbeing of the patient.
  • The emotional health of the patient.
  • Patient’s right to decide.
  • Patient’s right to privacy and confidential abortion care.
  • Her long-time health and life in all respects.

Pregnancy termination or abortions are likely safe procedures. However, the hospital has to ensure that in several respects. It should not have any long-term impact on her health. Abortion care should also be a non-judgmental practice. It should never negatively impact how the patient feels about having an abortion.

Abortions are stigmatized all around the globe. But abortion team at Bangalore Genesis Hospital can help you have a safe and non-judgmental abortion.

A safe abortion will not hurt you. It is not going to have an impact on your future pregnancies. You can naturally get pregnant when you are prepared for the same. Safe abortions do not pose complications and risks like unsafe abortions.

The doctors know how to clean the womb efficiently with minimal discomfort in a painless manner. Pregnancy remnants known as incomplete abortion are a very common complication with abortion pills. And it is also a risk with unsafe abortions since incompetent quacks do not know how to efficiently clean the womb. Neither do they know how to manage the patient’s condition based on her medical history. The risk of infections prevails in unhygienic conditions.

But at BGH, you can have an absolutely safe abortion that is painless. It will not impact your future fertility. Care of hygiene is at its best and you can expect zero chances of infections. Bleeding is a minimum since the doctor gently removes all pregnancy tissue at the clinic. You can return home knowing your pregnancy is over. 

Hear from their patients:


Early abortion options at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH):

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends three safe abortion methods for terminating early intrauterine pregnancies. These are:

  1. Medical abortion
  2. Vacuum Aspiration abortion
  3. Surgical abortion

Medical abortion at BGH:

Medical abortion refers to the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) with the help of safe abortion pills. The two abortion tablets induce a natural miscarriage at the home. However, the method carries certain discomfort to the patient. These include:

  • Moderate to severe abdominal cramps resulting in moderate to severe pain.
  • Moderate to heavy bleeding. Patients with disorders like Anemia should not undergo a medical abortion. Abortion pills can cause heavy blood loss. The patient in severe cases may even need a blood transfusion. Even the patients taking blood thinners for conditions like Hypertension, Lupus, Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) or any other condition should prefer another abortion method.
  • Incomplete abortion: Abortion pills are not 100% efficient even after analyzing all conditions. It can always result in an incomplete abortion. The possibility of incomplete abortion with abortion pills is often not the patient’s choice. It puts the patient in pain and discomfort. Furthermore, an incomplete abortion gets completed by an invasive procedure to remove the entire pregnancy tissue.

Patients often see abortion as liberation when it is sought for unwanted pregnancy. But medical abortion may not give them this confirmation in a single appointment. The patient needs to wait for the abortion to complete. This can increase her panic, anxiety and even discomfort.

99% of the patients seeking early abortions prefer Gentle Care suction abortion over abortion pills.  

Gentle Care suction abortion:

This is the early abortion method available at Bangalore Genesis Hospital for terminating first-trimester pregnancies. It is an in-clinic abortion method that is quick, comfortable, painless and more efficient. Most patients prefer this over abortion pills for its several advantages, some of which are mentioned below.

  • It is absolutely painless. There is no pain during or after the procedure.
  • Quick and gets complete in less than 5 minutes.
  • It is nearly 100% efficient and there are nearly zero chances of incomplete abortion. Therefore, there is no requirement for a follow-up visit after the abortion.
  • Post-abortion recovery is quick.
  • The bleeding post-abortion is nearly zero or very scanty.
  • It happens in the private examination room in complete privacy. Therefore, is absolutely confidential.
  • Risks and complications like heavy bleeding, internal injury, and infections are not present. The method is non-invasive and hence, no internal injury. The patient can take discharge within half an hour after the procedure. Until then, she can relax in her private room.

Gentle Care surgical abortion:

This method is available for terminating pregnancies between 12 to 20 weeks. It is mildly invasive but not like conventional surgeries. At BGH, the doctors use their specialized Gentle Care Surgical abortion.

abortion in Bangalore
Gentle Care abortion

It is also a painless, quick, single-appointment, safe, risk-free and stress-free abortion. Abortions in Bangalore are legal for up to 20 weeks in general cases. And the pregnancies beyond 12 weeks need cervix dilatation and womb emptying for complete abortion.

The procedure gets complete in nearly 15-30 minutes. It depends on patient-specific factors such as exact pregnancy length and more. But since the procedure is short and the hospital uses the latest techniques for performing the abortion, it is risk-free. It is painless and bleeding is also minimal since the womb cleaning is complete at the clinic itself. The patient can return home with a successful procedure.

Gentle Care abortions are available only on appointments. As the hospital takes complete care to maintain each patient’s privacy and confidentiality, only one patient is admitted at a time. Delaying is never an option with abortions. So, inquire about the earliest available abortion seat.

Schedule an early abortion appointment today.


When you begin to consider a pregnancy termination, you are probably not in a very good state of mind because for most women this is not an easy decision. You have recently found out that you are pregnant, and you are most likely scared, unsure of what to do, and uncertain of what the future holds. You want to make the right decision, and you think that going through with the pregnancy might not be the right decision; therefore, you have begun thinking about having an abortion.

When you begin considering having this procedure, there are a lot of things that you should take into account. The first is why you are considering having the abortion in the first place.

There are many reasons that a woman might consider having an abortion, and what the reason for the consideration is might just have a major effect on what the end choice becomes. For example, if it is the health or life of the mother that is motivating the decision, then the end result will more than likely be that an abortion should be had. If, on the other hand, a woman just does not think she would make a good mother, she might be more inclined than in the latter example to bring the pregnancy to fulfillment and then put the child up for adoption.

Making a wise choice is important.

Carefully considering the reasons that you might want an abortion, or medical termination, will allow you to closer examine your options and then make a better and more informed decision, regardless of what that decision ends up being. However, even after you have decided to have the abortion, or not, there are many things that you need to take into account after the initial decision has been made.

There are lots of things that you still have to decide even after you decide to go through with an abortion. For example, where will you have the procedure? What type will you have? Is it legal where you are, or will you need to travel to a place where it is legal?

These are just a few of the considerations. However, the best way to come up with the answers for you is to talk to your doctor about what your options are and how long you have to decide what exactly to do.

Make sure that the place that you chose is in a place where pregnancy termination is safe. If you want to make sure that your pregnancy termination goes as smoothly as possible, consider the Bangalore Genesis Hospital.

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