Phimosis is a medical condition that occurs when the foreskin is too tight around the head of the penis.

There are several causes, symptoms and treatments options for Phimosis or tight foreskin.

One cause could be a growth of bacteria that causes the foreskin to swell around the head of the penis.

At Genesis we specialize in Phimosis treatment in Bangalore in order to determine the cause of this imperfection.

Several symptoms of Phimosis exist.  Each symptom offers its own problem.

The swelling of the foreskin can cause problems with urination.  If this symptom is not rectified, it may lead to kidney problems in the future.

Another symptom is pain or inflammation in the penis. This is because the tight foreskin possibly cutting off circulation.  Pain is most likely to be experienced during urination or ejaculation.

The foreskin can become inflamed due to bacterial build up, and may cause tenderness.

Phimosis has been thought to lead to penile cancer as well as urinary tract infections.  This may be due to the inability to urinate because of the tightness of the foreskin around the head of the penis.

There are three possible treatment solutions for Phimosis

It depends on the cause of the Phimosis.

Bacterial infections can be treated with topical creams that are applied to the penis and foreskin.

Less severe birth defects can usually be treated with a small surgery called a preputial stretch.  This is where the foreskin is simply stretched without any incisions.

For some defects, circumcision surgery may be the best and permanent solution.

The foreskin is retracted completely and then is removed from the glans of the penis by an experienced circumcision surgeon.  Then the layers of skin are stitched and dressed with ointment and gauze.

The patient usually goes home the same day, though he may experience tenderness around the head of the penis for a few days during recovery.  Some patients even return to work the same day.

Phimosis treatment in Bangalore at Genesis Hospital provides for the best possible options to circumcise male adults as well as male children.

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