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MTP Procedure cost in Bangalore: All you need to know!

Welcome readers! This post will help you know:

  • What is Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP)?
  • MTP Treatment
  • Cost of MTP
  • MTP Side Effects
  • How to have a safe, legal, confidential and cost-effective MTP procedure in Bangalore?

Well, if you are reading this post, it is most likely that either you are planning to have a recent abortion. Or you are looking for abortion options for someone in the family or a friend.

Well, considering the cost of anything before making the final purchase decision is always a wise thing. However, when it comes to a medical procedure that can impact your health and life in the long run, you better look for your safe options.

And of course, safe abortion options can be cost-friendly in diverse terms like that of your health in general, reproductive health, mental and emotional wellbeing and even life.

So, let’s dive into the post!

What is Medical Termination of Pregnancy?

Medical termination of pregnancy means terminating a pregnancy with the help of medicines. You can also call it medical abortion. It helps in stopping the pregnancy and eliminating the embryo and other pregnancy products from your body.

It is the earliest method of abortion. However, you need to visit a registered MTP clinic near you for a medical abortion. Although abortion takes place with the help of medicines, abortion pills are not equally suitable for all girls and women.

Your doctor will most likely prescribe you abortion pills if your pregnancy is less than 6-8 weeks. Another thing is that abortion pills are meant only for the termination of intrauterine pregnancies. We shall learn more about things to consider before taking MTP pills in Bangalore.

Gestation age for medical abortion in Bangalore:

As mentioned above, a medical abortion shall be the choice only for early pregnancies. The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends medical abortion for up to 6-8 weeks only. If the patient takes abortion pills beyond this period, it may result in complications.

When patients self-administer abortion pills, they do not consider the gestation period. And therefore, they mostly have worse abortion experiences. Sometimes, patients even risk their health and lives at the hands of botched up abortions.

If you are considering abortion in Bangalore with abortion pills, please consult your gynecologist without any delay. You may discover your unwanted pregnancy in the 5th or the 6th week. So, you have only 2 weeks left for a medical abortion if your pregnancy is intrauterine.

When you visit the registered abortion hospital, your doctor shall advise you to have an ultrasound. This is to ascertain the exact length and location of your pregnancy. And also, to prescribe you the best abortion method. These tests shall decide whether you are eligible for a medical abortion or you need pregnancy termination through a different method.

MTP Treatment:

What happens during abortion with abortion pills?

Coming next to the medical abortion procedure, if you are eligible for one. Medical abortion happens in two stages. Since we are speaking of medical abortion in Bangalore, it may be available as a single-appointment procedure. Or in some cases, it may need more than one appointment.

So, let’s see what will happen after the doctor prescribes you an MTP procedure.

The doctor shall give you one abortion pill, Mifepristone at the clinic. You may have to take it orally at the clinic itself. However, for some women, the doctor may prescribe vaginal administration.

According to your specific needs, the doctor may either hand you the second abortion pill(s) to be taken at home after a stretch of 2-3 days. Or you may have to visit the clinic again as and when asked to. On the second appointment, the doctor shall give you the second abortion medicine, Misoprostol.

The doctor may ask you to take it orally or shall place it intravaginally. Usually, when at home, the doctor asks the patient to take the medicine orally. The patient also receives proper information and directions regarding how and when to exactly take the medicine.

Now, let’s see how the two medicines will work to make an abortion happen.

The first abortion stage with abortion pills in Bangalore:

When you take the first abortion pill, Mifepristone, you can go home after that. You may not experience any pain or cramping. You can do your routine work.

What does Mifepristone do?

Mifepristone is an anti-progestin. During pregnancy, the woman’s body secretes a hormone, Progesterone in large amounts. It is essential for the growth and development of the embryo.

Mifepristone stops the production of this hormone. Besides, it also inhibits the action of available Progesterone thereby depriving the embryo of the essential nutrition.

So, the first abortion pills stop pregnancy growth.

The second abortion stage with abortion pills:

This is when your body expels the embryo and gestation products. The second stage of abortion starts after you take the second abortion medicine, Misoprostol. It brings in uterine contractions and helps in the expulsion of the embryo and other gestation products.

The expulsion takes place through the vaginal route. You can expect to experience moderate to severe pain owing to abdominal cramps. Most women report it as menstrual period pain but accompanied by heavy bleeding. While some women may experience intense abdominal cramps and resulting pain.

Most women start expelling their uterine contents within 4-6 hours. Most likely the abortion is complete within this period. However, they shed the uterine lining and placental tissue for up to days and weeks.

For a complete abortion, the bleeding stops by days 7-10. But in some rare cases, women bleed even beyond that.

When to seek medical attention?

Since the medical abortion takes in the comfort of the patient’s home, it is sometimes known as ‘bedroom abortion’. But there are a few things that you need to remember if you are planning to have one.

In case you experience any of the following things, you should immediately seek medical attention.

  • If bleeding after 4-6 hours remains very heavy. You can expect the bleeding to be less after the embryo expulsion. But in the event, it does not reduce up to 3 hours further, you may seek medical attention. Extreme blood loss may need a blood transfusion.
  • If the pain becomes unbearable.
  • If you have a fever that does not improve within 24 hours.
  • In a case, bleeding or spotting does not wean away by day 10. It may be a case of incomplete abortion. And in such a case, you may need a surgical procedure to complete the abortion.

MTP Cost:

Coming to an important factor, is the cost of MTP pills in Bangalore. Since medical abortion is the earliest available method and also a non-invasive procedure, its cost is less in comparison with surgical abortion.

But whenever it comes with a complication, its cost can exceed that of a surgical abortion. Besides, pain, discomfort, bleeding for days and up to weeks come as different factors.

When you visit a registered MTP centre near you for a medical abortion, you should keep the following factors to affect your abortion price.

Abortion consultation fees:

This further depends on a doctor’s qualifications and experience. And it may be wise to go to a highly qualified and experienced doctor for any medical procedure. Although the cost may be on a higher edge, it shall prevent the cost of abortion in terms of complications and unsafe procedures.

Diagnostic tests:

The doctor shall advise you to undergo some routine blood and urine examination and ultrasound or a transvaginal scan. These are essential for the doctor to be able to decide the best abortion method for your particular case. It is these tests that will help the doctor analyze your eligibility for a medical abortion.

Your medical condition:

In case you are suffering from any medical condition or are taking any medicines, the doctor may ask you for additional tests. Again, never skip them to cut abortion costs. They are essential for justifying and prescribing you the best abortion method.

Abortion medicines:

Abortion pills are not 100% efficient. And using sub-standard abortion pills’ efficiency is still at a lower end. If the doctor is using the best quality abortion pills, they may be a little costlier than their substitutes.  

Prescription medicines:

The cost of abortion shall also include the cost of any medicine(s) other than the abortion pills. The doctor may advise you to take some antibiotics to prevent infections. Your prescription may include some supplements to make up for the blood loss and also to restore your health.

You may also find some essential multivitamins on your prescription. These are to help you cope with fatigue and discomfort post-abortion. Also, there may be some pain relievers to help your pain ease. So, prescription medicines, their qualities can impact the cost of medical abortion.  

Facilities at the hospital:

Appointment for abortion:

If you are seeking a private and confidential abortion on an appointment, then you can expect its cost to be slightly more than that could be when you visit a general hospital. But that truly makes sense as

“Time is Money”.

In crowded waiting halls and a large queue with limited doctors for a higher number of patients, you can expect your day gone unproductively. At least, when speaking of professional people, they may not want to spend an entire day at the hospital.

They can take a break of an hour or so according to the location of the abortion hospital. When they arrive by an appointment, they can get a consultation and abortion pill, if they are eligible for a medical abortion. After taking abortion pills, they can return to their office because, with pills, they may need to take off on the third day.

Private consultation:

Well, abortion and the stigma associated with it can be seen everywhere across the globe. Although, abortion in India is legal, however, stigma is still prevalent. And many girls and women resort to unsafe abortions only to avoid societal stigma.

The need for confidential abortions become even more when unwanted pregnancies come to unmarried couples. Unmarried girls and single women are often reluctant in visiting abortion hospitals only to prevent themselves from getting spotted.

They also do not want their pregnancy and abortion status to get highlighted in the family or neighborhood or society, in general.

Rather than attempting a self-abortion, which is an unsafe abortion, they can visit the best abortion clinic. They can avail of a private one-to-one consultation at the time of their appointment with no neighbor or fellow patient to spot them.

Yes, when speaking of abortion cost, then, a private abortion may come at a higher cost. But it saves your day and the cost of your privacy compromise. Now, the ball is in your court and it’s you who has to decide the cost of your privacy. And also where to have a cost-effective confidential abortion.

If you are looking for such an MTP centre near you in Bangalore, you can choose to schedule an early appointment at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH). It offers safe, legal as well as confidential abortions on appointments.

Post-abortion care:

Comprehensive abortion care (CAC) consists of a patient’s complete care. It starts with pre-abortion consultation and lasts through post-abortion recovery.

After a medical abortion, what precautions you need to take, what diet you need to eat for a healthy restoration are a part of post-abortion care. Even advice on post-abortion contraception and measures to follow come as a part of CAC. So, the hospitals that practice safe abortions following WHO guidelines may provide post-abortion consultation.

Every consultation takes time and one can expect to pay the price for a consultation that will decide your future health. Moreover, good and reputed hospitals also provide you with helpline numbers to avail consultation in case of any medical condition or a complication.

BGH offers post-abortion consultation to all patients until their final recovery. You can always follow up with your doctor in case of any queries post-abortion.

MTP Side-effects:

Although the MTP method is a safe and efficient method of abortion. However, it may come with certain complications and side effects, most of which result from the self-administration of abortion pills. In this section, we will try to understand each complication and side-effect of MTP. Besides the side effects, we shall also see how these complications are avoidable.

Remember, all side effects are preventable if one is willing to analyze all pros and cons before making any decision. So, let’s begin!

Risk of incomplete abortion with MTP:

Abortion pills can result in incomplete abortion due to various reasons like:

Gestation period:

Taking abortion pills beyond the recommended gestation period can result in an incomplete abortion. Abortion pills work efficiently when taken for terminating pregnancies less than 6-8 weeks. Beyond this period, the size and volume of the embryo and pregnancy products increase.

Therefore, abortion pills are not effective in completely evacuating the womb contents when used at a late-stage pregnancy. When women self-administer abortion pills or take them without ascertaining pregnancy length, the chances of incomplete abortion are more.

This is preventable if the doctor looks for the exact pregnancy length before prescribing abortion pills. And in no case, should you self-administer abortion pills.

Efficacy of abortion pills:

The market is flooded with MTP kits from various brands. Some may have assay limits of nearly 100% while some others maybe somewhere in the region between 90%-97%. A layman cannot tell which medicine is better because both come in the market after quality control approval.

However, an experienced doctor knows what is better after years of analysis with several brands. Taking sub-standard or less efficacious brands can also result in incomplete abortions.

This is preventable by consulting a well-qualified and experienced doctor for an abortion. An experienced doctor shall prescribe you the best quality abortion pills.

Dose of abortion pills:

Have you ever taken medicine for any condition like fever or infection? Do you think the same dose will be appropriate for every patient for the same condition?

Have you have had any experience where you noticed a doctor giving a different dose of the same medicine to different children after checking their body weight?

Just like a doctor calculates the proper dose for each child after analyzing specific needs like body weight, body mass index (BMI), even abortion pills need proper dose calculation. If you are taking abortion pills without this exact analysis, the risk of incomplete abortion is high.

Although abortion pills may come as standard abortion pills, the doctor calculates and adjusts the dose according to individual patient needs.

The same is preventable by visiting only a registered abortion clinic with highly qualified and experienced doctors.

Mode of administration:

As we discussed earlier in the post, the doctor may give you abortion pills to take orally or may even insert vaginally. This depends on specific patient needs. If abortion pills administration is not proper, it may result in an incomplete abortion.

Again, if you choose the best doctor for an abortion, the probability of an incomplete abortion is less.

Co-existing medical condition:

Some women may be suffering from a medical condition at the time of the abortion. They may even be taking medicine(s) for the same. Some medicines may interfere with the working of abortion pills. And abortion pills may not work as efficiently as expected when taken along. This may result in an incomplete abortion.

This situation is preventable if the doctor takes down the patient’s complete medical history before prescribing abortion pills. It is also advisable for the patients to tell their doctor about any medical condition they may be suffering from or any medicine they are taking.

The best doctor shall take these things to consider in her/his notice before prescribing abortion pills to any patient.


Even after considering all important things, abortion pills are not 100% efficient. If you are looking for a 100% efficient abortion method, you may discuss your single appointment and more efficient abortion options with your doctor. Suction abortion and Dilatation & Evacuation methods of abortion are more efficient. Your doctor may prescribe the best one for you.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy with abortion pills:

Ectopic pregnancies are the ones where the embryo implants at the wrong location. It may remain in the fallopian tubes or get into the abdominal cavity or some other faulty location. Abortion pills do not terminate such pregnancies.

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are safe abortion pills only for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. In case you administer abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy, abortion will not happen. The embryo may still grow in size or it may rupture leading to internal bleeding.

Most patients who do not get early detection of the location of their pregnancy can faint due to internal bleeding. It is a huge risk. Surgery is needed to remove the ruptured pregnancy and the associated organs like the fallopian tube and ovary (in case of a tubal pregnancy). This hugely impacts a woman’s future fertility.

And in case immediate surgery and medical aid are not available for the woman, she may even die. Ectopic pregnancies may even be fatal in such incidences.

The risk of ectopic pregnancies is preventable by an early determination of ectopic pregnancy. An early transvaginal scan can reveal both the length and location of the pregnancy. With early detection, ectopic pregnancy treatment is possible without surgery.

Even if surgery is essential, a woman’s reproductive health and life are safe.

Risk of allergies with abortion pills:

Every individual is different and we all may have different allergies. A woman may even be allergic to abortion pills or any other medicine of her abortion prescription.

Such incidences are avoidable if you tell your doctor regarding your medical history, your allergies well on time.

How to have a safe, legal, confidential and cost-effective MTP procedure in Bangalore?

A cost-efficient MTP procedure is safe and efficient. Here, safety is in various terms:

  • Physical health in general
  • Reproductive health
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Mental health

And efficiency is in terms of a complete abortion.

Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in general cases like that of contraceptive failure. For special cases like rapes, it may be permissible for up to 24 weeks. To protect the woman’s life and health, there is no ceiling age for abortion. However, the opinion of two doctors may be essential.

Even in the case of fetal anomalies, abortion in India is available for a period beyond 20 weeks.

However, for a safe and efficient medical abortion, it should be the method of choice only for early pregnancies, less than 8 weeks.

If you are looking forward to having a safe and confidential abortion in Bangalore, you may speak on the helpline number of Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH).

Schedule an early appointment since the hospital only takes in a limited number of patients each day to maintain their privacy and provide them personalized abortion care.

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