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Medical Abortion

If you do not want to have surgery, but are pregnant and for whatever reason have decided to have an abortion, there is another option for you: medical abortion. This process is performed through medication and is generally less invasive than the surgical method. It does have some pitfalls as well, though.

A lot of people might prefer to have an abortion through medicinal methods because it is less invasive than surgery. This is especially true for someone who was raped and is currently emotionally vulnerable and insecure. This often makes the woman affected unwilling to be touched, but especially in the private areas that must be accessed to perform a surgery.

When you have a medical abortion, you will have to be examined in an initial consultation, where the doctor will give you an ultrasound and discuss your options. However, after that, the process is less invasive and more personal.

With this process, the woman takes medication in order to force her body in to having an abortion. While the medication is taken at the doctor’s office, the actual abortion can be conducted at the woman’s own house. This makes it the first choice for many women who are looking to have an abortion.

This does not mean that everyone can get one or that it comes without problems, though. There are some other things that must be taken into account when considering this type of abortion.

An abortion through medicinal methods must be performed very early on in the pregnancy. While the length of time you have to be allowed to have this process are going to depend on where you are and what is legal there, in most places you will have to get it done before the first nine weeks are over. This means that you have to know that you are pregnant, make up your mind to have an abortion, go meet with the doctor, and have the process all in a very short amount of time.

In addition to the length of time that you have to decide to have the procedure, there are also different health consequences of the act. For example, the cramping that results from this process is considered to be a lot more painful than when conducted through surgery. Therefore, if pain is a big consideration in your decision you should take this into account.

Though a lot of women might prefer a medical abortion, there are reasons that it might not be your choice. Therefore, you should talk to your doctor about what is right for you.

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