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Can You Do Abortion in Qatar | Medical Abortion

Abortion is legal in many places all over the world, but there are also a lot of places that it is not legal: Qatar falls in to the latter category. Except for in the rarest of circumstances, abortion in Qatar is illegal, but that does not mean that the women in Qatar do not want to have an abortion. Because of this, many women go to illegal, underground clinics; however, this should be avoided at all costs.

It is hard to get a legal abortion if you are in Qatar. There are ways, though; you can get a legal medical abortion if the mother’s health is at risk, if there is a serious birth defect in the child, or if there is a serious mental health risk. However, with the exception of the health of the mother, these must be done before four months have passed.

Even with the legal abortions, to get one is not easy. Women need the consent of the baby’s father if the abortion is the result of a birth defect. For any abortion, it must be approved by a panel of three independent doctors.

Because of all of the restrictions on abortion in Qatar, many women might chose to go to an illegal abortion clinic to have the procedure. However, this is a really bad idea.

While most legal abortions are very safe, the same cannot be said about illegal clinics. Places that offer these do not often have the medical knowledge or technology needed to provide a safe abortion; they also sometimes do not have the care or concern for the patient that ensures honesty and fair dealing. Because of this, illegal abortions often lead to serious, permanent health concerns and even death.

Instead of risking life and health to have an abortion, for expat women who need to get a safe medical abortion, they could go to a place that offers legal abortions.  Abortion in Qatar is not a viable option, but there are other options. The best of those options is to go where the process is legal and done by qualified and experienced gynecologists. 

You might want to consider going to the Abortion Clinic in Bangalore, India, where abortion is legal when done in compliance with the MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Act of India.  Abortion procedures are provided by experienced gynecologists in a safe, legal and confidential manner, based on the patient’s applicable circumstances, up to 20 weeks of pregnancy, and in compliance with The World Health Organization standards and methods for safe abortion.   

You can learn more by visiting which is an MTP certified medical institution. You can also call or WhatsApp to speak with the medical representative at the hospital at (+91) 934 382-6182 or (+91) 900 849 2277. 



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