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Mankind Unwanted Kit vs Gentle Care abortion in Bangalore:

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Contents in this post:

Legal things to know about abortion in India

Who can get an abortion in Bangalore?

How far in your pregnancy can you get an abortion in Bangalore?

Do you need your partner’s or parents’ consent for abortion?

Will your abortion in Bangalore be confidential?

What is Mankind Unwanted kit?

What is Gentle Care suction abortion?

Which is better Mankind Unwanted kit or Gentle Care suction abortion?

Seeking abortion as a legal reproductive right by any woman depends on the abortion laws of her country. Abortions have received a varied perspective in different countries. Sometimes, this difference is also visible within different states or cities of the same country.

This post intends to help the readers learn about their abortion options in Bangalore. India is a progressive country and so are its abortion laws. However, many women still prefer secret abortions. They tend to buy abortion pills and kits, such as “Unwanted kit”.

And there are several other brand names by which you can get abortion pills in pharmacies. Is it legal to go to a chemist’s shop and buy abortion pills? And is it safe to self-administer abortion pills?

It is illegal to buy or sell abortion pills without a valid prescription from a registered medical practitioner. The law for abortion pills needs to get stricter because such acts lead to abortion complications. And then, women seek emergency medical help. But by that time, many women pay the cost of unsafe abortion with lost reproductive health and/or other complications. Some of the abortion pills’ complications can even be life-threatening. Do you know unsafe abortions are the third-major reason for maternal mortalities and morbidities in India?

Furthermore, you need to learn what are your reproductive rights concerning abortions. Let us bifurcate it based on your queries. This will help you find your answers as you scroll down and dive further into the post. Let’s begin.

#1. Who can get an abortion in Bangalore?

Any woman, married or unmarried can get a legal abortion in Bangalore. The same rule applies throughout India. Abortions in India are available equally to all girls and women on several grounds. These are:

Contraceptive failure:

There is no doubt in the fact that contraceptives fail. Many a time, moments of intimacy may result in unwanted or unintentional pregnancies. Well, if that’s the case with you too, you do not have a time machine to get a time warp. And you cannot go back in time and undo what has been done.

But this cannot stop you from changing your today and tomorrow. If the pregnancy is unplanned and you do not wish to continue with it, it is absolutely fine. It’s okay. More than 70% of unwanted pregnancies undergo termination each year. But the sad fact is that many of them are unsafe. If you too are wanting to avail a Medical Pregnancy Termination (MTP) kit and terminate your pregnancy, probably you should read further. It may not be a good idea.

In an attempt to make abortions as safe as possible, the Indian government brings several regular amendments to abortion laws. The abortion laws were first introduced in the year 1971. 50 years later, the MTP Act and rules, 1971 saw its latest revision, i.e. MTP Act 2021. And with this latest amendment, unmarried girls can also obtain a legal abortion in India for an unexpected pregnancy.

Earlier, the clause of contraceptive failure for abortion was available only to married women. As a result, many unmarried girls would buy abortion pills or “Unwanted kit” from pharmacies. And for the same, they would pay higher the cost of abortion since they buy them illegally.

The cost of abortion comes to them in various nerve-wracking forms. These include complications such as heavy bleeding, incomplete abortion, ectopic pregnancy, infections, and lost partial or complete fertility. By the time such emergency cases seek medical care, the complications mostly have worsened.

To protect woman’s health and wellbeing:

There are certain high-risk pregnancies. They can pose a threat to the patient’s physical and/or mental health and sometimes even life. Abortion in India is permissible in cases where pregnancy termination is essential to protect the patient’s health and life.

Case of fetal deformities:

Many deformities are possible to detect early during a prenatal examination. There may be many diseases that a child may be born with. For example, Autism, Down’s syndrome, developmental disorders, limb impairments, cleft lip and palate, neural tube disorders, etc.

Children born with many of them do not survive for long. And many other diseases are non-treatable. Abortions in India are permissible for such cases also. Parents always want to give their children the best and they cannot settle for anything less. Early detection of fetal deformities may one side put the expectant parents into grief. But somehow, it may be an opportunity for them to start better and healthy. This can help them expect a healthy baby in future.

The couple can take the time and treatment they may need before family planning. Prenatal vitamins and a healthy lifestyle can help them have a healthy child.

But as of now, if the fetus has been detected with deformities, abortion in India is legally permissible. And parents too have a choice whether to continue or not with the pregnancy. Their decision and wishes receive due respect and discretion.


Sexual assaults are yet another reason for unwanted pregnancies. Carrying ahead with such pregnancies may pose a mental threat to the patient. And she may have to bear the pain throughout her life.

Therefore, abortions in India are permissible if the pregnancy is a result of rape or incest.

#2. How far in your pregnancy can you get an abortion in Bangalore?

Abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in normal cases such as contraceptive failure. In some special cases, it is permissible even beyond this period. However, for some special cases like that of fetal anomalies, the legally permissible age is 24 weeks.

The Indian abortion law gives you a whole wide window for pregnancy termination. It may sound like a privilege for many women seeking abortions in later stages. However, it may be best to seek an early abortion. Earlier you are, more are your options. Furthermore, abortion complications are very minimal during the early stages. They may increase in late-stage pregnancies.

Indian law indeed allows abortions in a wide window. However, to make abortions safe, the abortion methods vary. There are three safe abortion methods as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). These are:

  1. Medical abortion with the help of abortion pills is available for up to 8 weeks.
  2. Vacuum aspiration method with suction available for up to 12 weeks.
  3. Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) or surgical abortion for up to 20 weeks.

When you visit a registered abortion clinic in Bangalore, do make sure that the hospital is a certified abortion clinic. And it is always wise to get an appointment prescheduled. This gives the patient time needed to prepare for the abortion. And in the meantime, she can get the essential tests after consultation with the doctor.

Do you know you can get a single-appointment, successful abortion at a clinic near you in Bangalore? Stay tuned to know more about the painless, quick, single-appointment, successful and comfortable Gentle Care abortion.

Well, we call the Indian abortion law women-friendly. And there is more than a single reason that we do so. Firstly, it is available to all women regardless of their marital status. Next, the gestation age window is quite wider as compared to other countries. And the third thing is that a woman can get an abortion only with her consent.

Yes, if you are an adult, i.e., above 18 years, you can give your consent for abortion. You may choose not to involve your parents or partner in the same. So, if you have likely ended up with an unwanted pregnancy being in a live-in relationship or without marriage, don’t panic. Do not worry. Relax because you do have a pregnancy termination option available.

And if you are in Bangalore, there is an added advantage of Gentle Care abortion available just in your city. Why would you need to go anywhere else when you can get a private and confidential abortion in Bangalore? And that too equipped with the world-class healthcare facilities. From your first call lasting through post-abortion recovery, your Gentle Care abortion experience is going to be seamless.

Inquire about the earliest slot for Gentle Care abortion.

#4. Will your abortion in Bangalore be confidential?

Again, as per the Indian abortion law, pregnancy and abortion may be confidential aspects of any woman’s life. And hence, the hospital cannot disclose any patient information to any person besides the patient herself.

The law respects the privacy of abortion matters. But the hospitals with crowded waiting halls may compromise your privacy. Moreover, recovering in general wards may also not be your choice if you are seeking a private abortion. And there is always a probability of encountering a friend or neighbor staying in the same city. But all these concerns are avoidable by visiting a private abortion clinic. And having an appointment before visiting will make sure that you do not get to see any fellow patients. Moreover, there will be no waiting period as well.

Now, let’s move ahead.

What is a “Mankind Unwanted kit”?

To help you understand it better, we are bifurcating this whole term, Mankind + Unwanted + Kit. Mankind is an Indian based pharmaceutical company. So, in this term, it stands for the company that is responsible for marketing this brand, Unwanted. Yes, Unwanted is a brand chosen as per its relevance that stands for its use as abortion pills for unwanted pregnancies. And Kit instead of pill or tablet refers to more than one medicine in the combo pack.

We hope that you now know “Mankind Unwanted Kit” is a combo pack of abortion pills marketed by Mankind Pharma.

The kit contains two kinds of abortion pills, Mifepristone and Misoprostol They both work together to induce a spontaneous miscarriage. However, not all girls and women are eligible for abortion pills. There are several things of consideration that only a doctor can help you evaluate. Although abortion pills are likely safe, their complications and side effects are also there.

Each pregnancy is different, each woman is different and the medical condition of each patient is also different. A registered medical practitioner first evaluates the pregnancy length, location and patient-specific medical factors. Only if abortion pills seem fit in terminating the pregnancy, the doctor prescribes abortion pills.

Self-administration of abortion pills or the “Mankind Unwanted kit” may be dangerous to your health and life. You should take it only after a consultation with a senior gynecologist.

Ahead in the post, you will learn the side effects of abortion pills. You will also learn how to have a safe, legal, confidential and complication-free Gentle Care abortion.

What is Gentle Care suction abortion?

Gentle Care suction abortion is a painless, comfortable abortion experience available at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH). Tthere are several reasons for its name being Gentle Care.

This method is pioneered by the specialist abortion team at the best abortion clinic. The performing doctors have decades of experience. They use the latest medical equipment and techniques to safely and efficiently terminate a pregnancy by manual suction.

Gentle Care abortion is painless, quick and nearly 100% efficient. The patient can return home with the confidence of a successful procedure. Other benefits include a short procedure lasting only a few (3-5) minutes. The patient can return to a normal routine the same day.

Let us learn more about its advantages over abortion pills.

Which is better Mankind Unwanted kit or Gentle Care suction abortion?

It is always best to believe in a trusted doctor regarding what’s best for your health. And when it comes to reproductive health, the needs and care may vary at different times of the patient’s life. One may be wanting an abortion as an unmarried girl today. But tomorrow, after marriage, she may want to enjoy risk-free motherhood.

Even married women who consider it too early to have a child at this moment may want one tomorrow. And then, she deserves a healthy and risk-free pregnancy. And there are similar as well as different concerns for different women. Women seek abortions for diverse reasons and they may all be legitimate to them.

But an abortion today should not impact her future pregnancies. Nor should an abortion today have any adverse impact on her overall health and wellbeing. A safe abortion has to ensure the patient’s safety in terms of her physical, mental as well as emotional wellbeing.

To understand which abortion method is better, we will analyze them on different parameters. Let us see each of them one by one. This will help you arrive at a better analysis as to which is better. Besides, it will also help you in making a wise abortion decision.

abortion in Bangalore

Painless Gentle Care suction abortion vs pain with Unwanted kit.

See, abortion pills work to induce a miscarriage. Many women and girls experience severe abdominal cramps during their monthly menstrual periods. Abortion with pills works similarly. They cause abdominal cramps leading to uterine contractions. Expulsion of the embryo through the natural vaginal route is a result of these contractions. And there is no doubt that uterine contractions may make the patient feel ‘in pain’.

However, the pain threshold and intensity may vary from patient to patient. Some women may experience it more or less like menstrual cramps. While some others may reportedly need pain management. Hence, the pain variation may be from moderate to severe with abortion pills. The pain may be more on the abortion day. But it may persist up to a few days and even up to weeks.

On the other hand, Gentle Care suction abortion is absolutely painless. The patient does not even realize when the abortion is over. She may still be in a friendly conversation with the assisting nurse when the doctor may announce a successful abortion. There is no pain, neither during the procedure nor after the abortion.

So, if you fear pain with abortion, you can obtain a Gentle Care suction abortion. Many women in their early pregnancy opt for Gentle Care suction abortion over the Unwanted kit for a painless experience.

Quick Gentle Care suction abortion vs waiting period with Unwanted kit:

With an Unwanted kit, the abortion will most likely take place on the third day. The patient may bleed heavily for up to 4-6 hours. It is during this time that the embryo must expel. Beyond this stage, the bleeding is expected to get lighter with hours and days.

However, many women may still bleed for up to a few days to a few weeks. An indication of a complete abortion is arrived at after the bleeding stops. It may take up to a week for the abortion to complete. Although the embryo may expel early, however, the placental tissue and uterine lining may keep shedding for up to a few days. And it is only after the bleeding stops that one can be sure of a complete abortion.

It generally requires a follow-up visit . During this visit, the patient has to undergo a scan to be sure of a complete abortion. This visit is usually scheduled after day 7.

Do you want to have such a long waiting period before you know you are no longer pregnant? If no, then probably you may consider Gentle Care suction abortion.

The abortion gets completed within the clinic in less than 5 minutes. There is no waiting period and no follow-up is usually necessary. The patient can return home knowing that the pregnancy has been terminated successfully.

Zero to minimum bleeding with Gentle Care suction abortion vs heavy bleeding with Unwanted kit.

As mentioned above also, abortion pills may cause moderate to heavy bleeding. Therefore, it is not advisable even for anemic patients. Many patients who self-administer abortion pills often suffer at the hands of heavy bleeding. They may even need a blood transfusion to save their lives.

Whereas, Gentle Care abortion does not cause heavy bleeding. The doctor gently removes the embryo from the womb using a hand-held device. She removes all the pregnancy tissue within the clinic itself. Many patients do not bleed at all. Some report slight spotting or very light bleeding only for a day or two.

Bleeding and pain are often accompanied by fatigue, all of which are markers of discomfort. Many professional women, students and even homemakers do not want a long stressful period. Many others cannot afford it in terms of discomfort as it can impact their work efficiency. Hence, they prefer Gentle Care suction abortion over Unwanted kit.

100% efficient Gentle Care suction abortion vs 95% efficient Unwanted kit:

Even if a patient takes abortion pills after consultation, there is a probability of incomplete abortion. And the patient may need a small surgery to remove the complete pregnancy tissue and complete the abortion.

Whereas, Gentle Care suction abortion is nearly 100% efficient. The pregnancy gets over in a single appointment in less than 5 minutes.

Pregnancy symptoms with Gentle Care suction vs Unwanted kit:

With abortion pills, even after the abortion gets complete, the pregnancy symptoms fade away gradually. You may still feel nauseous, fatigued, tender breasts, sore nipples, etc. even after abortion. This happens because the pregnancy hormone levels take time to get down.

Whereas, with Gentle Care suction abortion, the body gets quicker signaling to stop the production of pregnancy hormones. Therefore, you may no longer feel pregnant the next morning.

The Gentle Care abortion is available only to a single patient at a time. This helps in protecting patients’ privacy and confidentiality. The patient comes in by appointment and leaves in less than a couple of hours. So, in and out of the clinic is quick and confidential. But there are only limited slots for Gentle Care suction abortion each day. You may not want to miss the earliest spot.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment today.

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