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How to Use MTP Kit Unwanted Kit for a Safe Abortion?

Abortion in Bangalore, India

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At the very first, let us give you the Breaking News, “Abortion in India is Legal”. Now, you may say that you already knew it as India has legalized abortions for more than five decades. Oh, really! Did you know this? Then, please ask yourself if you have procured any MTP Kit Unwanted kit legally. Well, you need not answer it to us, but to yourself.

Safety should be your priority. So, if you have procured abortion pills without consulting your healthcare provider at a registered MTP centre, then we are sorry to say, that you are risking both your health and life.

So, wait for a while before you get to learn “How to use MTP kit Unwanted kit?” You will get your answer in this post. But, you will also learn how to obtain a safe abortion. By the end of this post, you will have the information to make the right choice for yourself. So, stay with us before you get to be really using the kit Unwanted or any MTP kit or abortion pills, you may call by names you may like.

Did your doctor for abortion prescribe you the MTP kit or the Unwanted Kit?

If the doctor may have prescribed you the kit Unwanted, definitely she must have guided you on how to use the Unwanted kit. But since you are discovering this information online, please don’t get fooled by any information you receive on using abortion pills. You should always turn to reliable sources for trustworthy information.

We understand that this is about your safe choices, short-term and long-lasting health and of course, life. So, we are sharing this post with you with responsibility as the information is coming right from the doctor for abortion in Bangalore. So, you have a valid reason to trust what is coming ahead in this post.

If you haven’t yet visited any abortion clinic and bought an MTP kit by yourself, at least do not use them until you have an ultrasound. It is crucial to eliminate any possibility of an ectopic pregnancy before taking abortion pills or any MTP kit or Mankind Unwanted kit.

Additionally, it’s important to confirm how far you are in your pregnancy, i.e., the gestation period before you take the abortion pills.


Let’s first discuss the ectopic pregnancy.

See, ectopic pregnancy is rare but still, a possibility. Sources may vary, but some statistics say that roughly 25 pregnancies out of every 1000 pregnancies can be ectopic. Furthermore, it accounts for 75% of maternal deaths in the first-trimester. (Source) This number tends to be increasing these days with a sedentary lifestyle leading to obesity, Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD), Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID), etc. Women with these conditions tend to be at a higher risk of ectopic pregnancies.

Although rare, ectopic pregnancy is a medical emergency which not only threatens the patient’s health but also her life. It is a faulty pregnancy where the embryo implants at the wrong location, like the cervix lining, ovary, abdominal cavity and most commonly in the fallopian tube (tubal ectopic pregnancy).

Ectopic pregnancy cannot be sustained at such locations and can rupture at any time. This rupture can result in internal bleeding (hemorrhage); which can even turn into a fatal outcome without immediate medical intervention. Even with immediate help, the patient may lose her fertility, a harsh blow to her reproductive health. And the impact it can have on her life is beyond words.

So, it is extremely important that you have your ultrasound before taking abortion pills. The scan can tell if your pregnancy is normal, also known as, intrauterine or is ectopic. Now, for ectopic pregnancies, any MTP Kit Unwanted kit will not work. So, for an ectopic pregnancy, “How to use MTP kit Unwanted Kit?” is a useless query.

Abortion In Bangalore: Can You Ignore Ectopic Pregnancy Risk

Why MTP kit Unwanted Kit will not terminate an ectopic pregnancy?

The medicines in the Unwanted kit are Mifepristone and Misoprostol, together also known as MTP kit or abortion pills. The tablet Mifepristone helps in ending a pregnancy by blocking its most essential hormone, also known as, the pregnancy hormone, Progesterone.

Progesterone is a hormone essential for maintaining the lining of the uterus (endometrium) and supporting a pregnancy. By blocking the progesterone receptor, mifepristone essentially prevents progesterone from exerting its effects on the endometrium. This leads to a thinning and breakdown of the endometrial lining, making it unsuitable for implantation of a fertilized egg or for supporting an existing pregnancy.

The second medicine of the Unwanted kit, Misoprostol stimulates the uterus by contracting uterine muscles and helping the uterus expel the pregnancy tissue. Misoprostol binds to Prostaglandin E1 (PGE1) receptors present in the smooth muscle cells of the uterus. This binding mimics the effects of natural PGE1. And that’s because Misoprostol is PGE1’s synthetic analogue and can mimic its effect on the uterine muscles.

As a result of this binding, a cascade of cellular events gets triggered leading to uterine contractions. Following contractions, the uterus expels the pregnancy tissue along with the uterine lining naturally through the vaginal route. In addition to uterine contractions, Misoprostol also helps in cervix softening and ripening to facilitate the expulsion.

This is how the MTP kit Unwanted kit works in inducing a natural miscarriage. In case of an ectopic pregnancy, Mifepristone will do its job and block the Progesterone. Misoprostol, too shall do its job. But still, abortion may not take place. Why? Since the embryo is not in the uterus, uterine contractions will only expel the endometrium (uterine lining), but not the embryo. So, abortion with abortion pills will not take place in such a case.

What next?

If an ultrasound detects a faulty or ectopic pregnancy, do not delay even a single day. Visit your healthcare provider or doctor for abortion. Show the scan report. The doctor shall immediately provide you with the treatment which can either be with medicines or through surgery, depending on the exact location and your health condition.

The Bonus Tip: As soon as your home pregnancy test is positive, get an ultrasound. Early detection of an ectopic pregnancy can be treated with medicines only because surgery may impact your fertility. For example, in the case of tubal pregnancies, the tube carrying the pregnancy and the attached ovary may need to be removed. This reduces the woman’s fertility to nearly 50%. And it can therefore become difficult for her to conceive naturally.

Although many women with a single fallopian tube conceive naturally, we cannot underestimate the probability of a reduced fertility rate.

Now, let’s check the gestation age.

Will an MTP kit Unwanted kit cause a successful abortion?

Another thing that the ultrasound will help your abortion doctor learn is the pregnancy length. You can draw an estimate with the help of your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) date. But, do you know if MTP kit Unwanted kit will cause the abortion at this stage or safe to take? In fact, you may not even know the exact pregnancy length.

Well, frankly, you are looking your way out of an unwanted pregnancy with Unwanted Kit, the easy way out. No one sees it, no one knows it and you are out of a messy turmoil. That’s what you may have thought while you bought abortion pills.

Sorry to be breaking out this but you really need to know that abortion with abortion pills even with an intrauterine pregnancy may or may not result in a successful abortion. Abortion pills are nearly 93% effective. So, there are chances of incomplete abortion with pills. Also, these chances increase with the increase in gestation age. At our premier abortion hospital in Bangalore near you, Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH), we believe medical abortion is mostly successful only up to 6 weeks into pregnancy. Beyond this, there is a decline in the efficacy of abortion pills and not recommended beyond 8 weeks in most cases.

What can happen?

Incomplete abortion or failed abortion are the two things that can happen other than a successful or complete abortion with pills. With a failed abortion, there may or may not be spotting or bleeding. But the embryo still survives.

With an incomplete abortion, the fetus may not be viable anymore. It is also possible, that it has been expelled. But, products of gestation may still remain in the womb and cause bleeding, infections and other complications. An incomplete abortion needs early care to complete the procedure, which usually involves a suction abortion or a surgical abortion. Another set of any MTP kit Unwanted kit may not help.

And these chances are more when you have not been prescribed abortion pills by the abortion doctor.


  • You may not know whether you are eligible for the MTP kit Unwanted kit or not. As discussed above, if your pregnancy is ectopic, your pregnancy is not eligible for abortion pills.
  • Your pregnancy length may not be as accurate as you have dated it. Many times, women confuse implantation bleeding with an actual period. If such a case has happened to you, your pregnancy may be at least 3-4 weeks more than what you are expecting it to be. This actual date can be best ascertained by an ultrasound.
  • If you are taking any medicines that can impact abortion pill efficacy, you may not know them, but your abortion doctor can analyze them.
  • In case you have any allergy to any substance of the MTP kit Unwanted kit.
  • If you do not know the dose adjustment, if necessary.
  • You may not know what mode of administration shall work the best for you.
  • You may not know How to take the MTP kit Unwanted kit, meaning the gap between the two medicines and the best time to take them.

Don’t trust any online article on, “How to take the MTP kit Unwanted kit.


The article can tell you the standard that the Unwanted kit consists of 5 pills, 1 Mifepristone and 4 tablets of Misoprostol. It shall say:

“Take Mifepristone orally with water as soon as you buy the Unwanted kit. After 1 or 2 days, take all 4 tablets of Misoprostol, again orally. Within 4-6 hours, you should start to bleed. The bleeding can range from moderate to heavy. It will result in fetal expulsion and that’s all. You have an abortion. “

That’s all an article wanting to promote abortion pills should say. Although the information is correct, it’s incomplete and not applicable to all pregnancies. And that’s where women lack when they take abortion pills according to these guidelines.

The article misses the most important things on the eligibility of a particular pregnancy for a medical abortion. It does not encourage the reader to first get her diagnosis for pregnancy length and location. It also misses the note on any dose adjustment or change in the mode of administration for a woman.

And this post or any other post cannot do that for you. If you are seeking a safe abortion, you can opt for any MTP kit Unwanted kit but at least you need to first consult the abortion doctor. You should get your health checkup and even if you are eligible for abortion pills, you should take them only under medical supervision.

What you should do and Why?

Visiting an abortion hospital near you can guarantee you a successful procedure without complications. Self-managed or DIY abortions contribute to a significant portion of maternal mortalities and morbidities. And do you know unsafe abortions stand at the third rank in India for such complications?

An abortion provider near you can supervise how and when should you be taking abortion pills. She can adjust the dose. She can choose the preferred mode of administration. Additionally, she can supervise the process if the abortion is proceeding as expected. A supportive nurse can stay by your side as you undergo abdominal cramps and the abortion process. She can also monitor if your bleeding is heavy and needs treatment.

Furthermore, she can take care of your pain. Not only this, in case you are not eligible for a medical abortion, the abortion doctor can prescribe the best abortion method for you. She knows better than any online content.

Your online search for “How to use MTP kit Unwanted kit” can never be better than her experience. Trust your doctor. She knows what’s in your best interest. She can save you from dealing with any acute or short-term complications. Also, she can prevent any complication, such as loss of fertility that can have a significant impact on your life. Timely abortion care can also save your life by preventing any life-threatening complications.

Abortion in Bangalore Compared to Kit Unwanted:

There are better methods than Unwanted kits which are not only safe but also more efficient. If you are looking for an abortion in Bangalore, you are lucky to have Gentle Care abortion services available at a personalised abortion clinic near you.

BGH caters to abortion patients for up to 20 weeks, regardless of their marital status. So, you can get a safe, legal and confidential abortion just in your city. The hospital guarantees a comfortable and successful abortion in a single appointment without even needing any follow-up. Additionally, where abortion pills can result in an incomplete abortion, you can get a complete abortion with a Gentle Care suction abortion having a proven efficacy of nearly 100%.

Also, if you fear pain with abortion, again Gentle Care suction abortion causes minimum discomfort as a part of BGH’s painless non-invasive and personalized abortion care.

Unwanted Kit abortion in Bangalore, unwanted kit bleeding, abortion pills, MTP kit Unwanted kit

Schedule an abortion appointment.

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