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9 Criteria To Use While Choosing Your Gynaecologist for Abortion in Bangalore

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Once a woman knows that she is about to undergo an abortion procedure, there are plenty of choices ahead to make her abortion experience safe and comfortable. One such big decision is the choice of the MTP centre and the gynaecologist.

Are you too one such woman wondering about how to choose the best gynaecologist for abortion in India? If yes, here we have outlined certain things that can help you in making the best choice. 

Let’s get started. 

#1. Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP):

The first and the most important thing is the qualification of the gynaecologist. For abortion to be safe, it needs to be performed by technically and professionally sound and experienced gynaecologist. After all, you will want safe hands to perform the abortion procedure.

The first qualification for a professionally qualified gynaecologist in India is the baccalaureate degree in MBBS (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery). This is the first and the minimum qualification needed for a doctor to be a registered medical practitioner for performing an abortion procedure

Now, if the gynaecologist has attained further higher education like postgraduation or MD in Gynaecology and Obstetrics or even higher, then he/she has an advantage over an RMP with only MBBS as the qualification. 

Sometimes, you may notice DNB mentioned along with the qualifications of the doctor. It stands for “Diplomate of National Board”. It is the title awarded by an autonomous academic body named National Board of Examinations (NBE), Delhi which is awarded to the doctors who complete their postdoctoral or postgraduate medical education under it. The academic body falls under the Government of India under the Ministry of Health and Family Affairs. 

So, now you know which qualifications are needed and you can easily strike off the names of unqualified people or quacks.  

Let’s move ahead to the next step.

#2. Certified MTP Centre:

You might be astonished at the fact that there may be qualified doctors but their premises may not have the permission to conduct a legal abortion in India

The first requirement for a centre to receive recognition is the same, the doctor should be a qualified practitioner and registered with the State Medical Register. 

This is because apart from the gynaecologists, even their centres should be hygienic and furnished with medical equipment, essential medicines, IV fluids, emergency medicines, qualified supporting staff, backup facilities for managing emergencies and have some other required essentials and follow the recommended guidelines for performing abortions.

Only such centres are approved, recognized and certified as MTP centres which fulfill all the written down criteria for an MTP centre to receive approval for accreditation. You can always check for it at the reception. 

#3. Experience:

Now comes the professional training and experience of the gynaecologist, supporting medical staff like anaesthetists and nurses.

Experience is the only thing that makes anyone always better regardless of the field. The same stands true even with medical professionals.

The more extensive the training has been done, the standards followed and the years of experience in conducting abortions by various methods can further refine your choice.

A good gynaecologist for abortion in Bangalore will take care of all necessary precautions that can help in preventing complications and eliminate the risks and side-effects associated with abortions.

He/she will consider your complete medical history to check for any interacting medicines or any co-existing medical condition that can help in prescribing the best abortion method suiting your specific needs. 

For prescribing the best method of abortion for you, a good gynaecologist will perform all the necessary blood and urine tests and also transvaginal scan to get the exact gestation age and to see the location of the pregnancy.

Abortion methods are different for ectopic pregnancies which are abnormal pregnancies which get implanted in places other than the uterus like the fallopian tube. Abortion of such pregnancies are dealt with by different treatments. All these tests are essential so that the best treatment can be given to you. 

Moreover, allergies and infections can be prevented and managed by avoiding allergic combinations and co-prescribing tolerable antibiotics. Even your hormonal cycle may get disturbed post-abortion.

As per the MTP Act, 2020, the provider base for providing abortion services has been expanded for healthcare professionals employing Medical Method of Abortion, i.e. through abortion pills.

Earlier, only allopathic practitioners were allowed to legally terminate pregnancies. But, since the amendment in the MTP Act, earlier this year, even Ayurveda, Unani and Siddha practitioners can terminate early pregnancies since they can be terminated without any surgical intervention.

However, only a good gynaecologist will take care of your rapid post-abortion recovery and prescribe you the necessary supplements for the same. You can also expect to receive dietary guidance and psychological counselling with a good gynaecologist for abortion

Hence, we would recommend getting your safe abortion procedure done by a highly experienced gynaecologist at an MTP Certified Hospital for abortion in Bangalore ONLY.

#4. Abortion method:

How early are you to avail abortion services?

Check out your gestation age and your available options based on your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) or you can also speak to our healthcare professional by calling on our helpline number. 

As recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO), there are three methods for terminating pregnancies.

  1. Medical Method of Abortion (MMA): This is the method of abortion using safe abortion pills. The provider base of doctors has been increased only for this method. And this is the recommended method only for early abortions, i.e., only up to 6 weeks of pregnancy.

But since its efficiency is less than other methods of abortion, even for early abortions, many women prefer the gentle suction method of abortion. Moreover, heavy bleeding accompanied by pain, incomplete abortion and associated discomfort make it a less preferred choice. After all, no cost is more than the cost of health.

  1. Vacuum aspiration: This is the most commonly employed method of abortion. It refers to the application of gentle suction by creating a vacuum and evacuating all the products of gestation. It is a short procedure lasting between 3 – 10 minutes. It is more or less like an outpatient procedure (OPD) and most women get discharged within an hour post-abortion.

The suction can be created either manually or using an electric-driven motor. The first method is called Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) and the latter is called Electric Vacuum Aspiration (EVA). 

The suction method may be different, but the purpose and the method are the same. And it is a very gentle procedure and entirely painless. To make it more comfortable, it is performed under short-term anaesthesia. 

If all other health conditions are alright and only the gestation length is the parameter to prescribe the abortion procedure, then it is recommended only up to 12 weeks of gestation. 

  1. Dilatation and evacuation (D&E): It is a slightly invasive procedure wherein the medical tool is gently inserted through vaginal route and the uterine lining is cleaned off.

    The process removes all the products of gestation. The needed precision and perfection to avoid any injury to the internal organs clarifies why you may need only an experienced gynaecologist for this procedure. 

The procedure takes a little more time than Vacuum aspiration but gets completed within a duration of 10 minutes to 30 minutes.

Most women get discharged the same day after 1-2 hours post-abortion as they feel comfortable. 

To make the abortion procedure entirely painless, it is done under a short-acting anaesthetic agent. If the gestation period exceeds beyond 12 weeks, then it is the recommended method for pregnancy termination. 

In India, it is legal to avail abortion by D & E for up to 20 weeks of gestation under certain circumstances and up to 24 weeks only under some special cases with involved complications like fetal anomalies.

If you know your gestation age, you can ascertain which method will most likely be prescribed for your pregnancy termination if it is intrauterine.


#5. Gentle and painless abortion procedures:

The next thing is your comfort. Most women have abortion fears. Fear from unknown keeps a lot of questions wandering in their minds. And a few of them are:

“Is abortion painful?”

“Will I need to stay at the hospital?”

“Will abortion affect my fertility and future pregnancies?”

Some women who have already availed abortion in the past and are seeking one shortly may have had an entirely different abortion experience. The experience could have been traumatic and painful. This inculcates fear in such women. For such women, we would like to clarify that even painless abortion procedures are available. So, do not panic and make a wise choice. Your past abortion story cannot be changed, but your future one can be made gentle.

For your comfort, it is important to check for the infrastructure and facilities provided at different MTP centres. Though the necessities will all be available at all the certified MTP centres, your comfort is not dependent on these facilities.

You may want an entirely painless procedure and a gentle abortion experience. And for that, you need experienced hands and well qualified, trained and experienced anaesthetist to make your abortion painless.

Generally, people associate any medical procedure with pain and fear. And besides the gynaecologist herself, it is the nurse who is bestowed with the capacity to be compassionate and caring towards all patients alike. 

This is difficult to know which centre will have what kind of doctors and nurses and other medical staff. But, don’t worry. We are there to help you.

Doctors and nurses are also trained to deal with the psychological fears of patients and their companions. They are required to provide the utmost care and compassion to their patients. Here comes in the professionalism trait.

#6. Availability of Medical facilities:

Though all certified MTP centres are required to be equipped with basic facilities all the time, the quality may vary from centre to centre.

Some centres may have the latest equipment and maybe using the latest technology for performing abortion procedures

# 7. Confidential abortion:

One most important thing associated with abortion regardless of community, city, country or society is the stigma related to abortion procedures.

Women sometimes feel looked down upon when they seek abortion services. This stigma gets broadened during abortion for unmarried girls, widows and some other women.

Such girls and women seek unsafe abortion methods and put their health and life at risk for terminating unwanted pregnancies.

One of the reasons that tempt them to resort an unsafe abortion is the confidentiality of their abortion status and their details.

They lack trust in institutions and gynaecologists where they feel their privacy is not safe. Rather than taking illegal and unhealthy steps, such women can seek legal abortions but how do they know their privacy is safe?

Firstly, as per the legality of abortions in India, it is the responsibility of the certified MTP centre to keep all the details relating to a woman’s abortion private and confidential.

Neither the doctor him/herself or medical staff of the centre can reveal any details of a girl or a woman to anyone. 

Many unmarried girls do not want to involve their parents into the sensitive issue of abortion and yet keep their abortion status legal. Such women and girls can avail legal abortions without getting their parents or anyone else involved if they are adults, which means above 18 years old in India.

In the event of contraceptive failure, such women can avail safe and legal abortions. And even their abortion status can be kept confidential. 

# 8. The professional attitude of the abortion team:

One of the most horrifying fears for women seeking abortion especially unmarried girls is the judgemental nature not only of the society but also of the practising gynaecologist and other assistant staff. 

Not all professionals are humble. It is important that the doctor is non-judgmental and gives you the best treatment regardless of your reasons and situation.  

Rather than endangering your life and health, it is better to make a wise choice by choosing the right gynaecologist for your abortion procedure

# 9. Early abortion:

Earlier you are in availing abortion for unintended pregnancy, more options you do have. Besides, early abortions expose woman’s health to minimum risk. And complications can be easily prevented. 

During the early gestation period, the size of the growing fetus is very small and hence all products of gestation can be removed efficiently as well as with minimum discomfort to the patient. 

With each passing day, your gestation age increases and your options taper down. 

Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) fulfils all the aforementioned criteria for choosing the best gynaecologist for abortion in Bangalore.

Abortion services can be availed on the same day by an appointment which can be scheduled. Book your slot today.

You are also discharged on the same day itself relieving you of stress while giving you the confidence of a complete abortion procedure.

You can call on the BGH helpline number to seek guidance or schedule an appointment for an abortion in Bangalore. Or you can simply drop a message requesting a call-back.


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