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Reviews and Testimonials from Patients – Genesis Hospital Bangalore India


Very friendly nurses with a lot of case*

Respectful and experienced doctors along with respective staff*

The concerned surgeon are very good and co operative*

Feel bit more relaxed*

Very good with conversation with nurses and staff*

Warm, friendly, caring ambiance & staff leading to a great experience*

This hospital helped me a lot. I thank them so much*

I’ve undergone circumcision operation at genesis hospital on 26th Dec. I’m extremely happy with how the whole process went through. I really liked the people (right from reception to surgery) at the hospital, who are so friendly in dealing with their patients . I have to make a special mention about Dr. Preetum, whose is so amiable in doing the post operation services. I readily refer this hospital to any of my friends & family.*

I was visiting my family in Bangalore from US and got circumcision surgery in Bangalore done at genesis. Have to say my overall experience far exceeed expectations! In the USA the doctors charge $2500 minimum for circumcision surgery. For that amount I was able to afford round trip return ticket to Bangalore, stay at 5 star hotel and get the circumcision surgery done since it was private. wow! and I think the acutaly quality of surgery and treatment at Bangalore Genesis Hospital was comparable or better than anyplace I could have gotten it done in the US. I’m very happy 3 months after treatment and plan on going back to this hosp. for many treatments whenever I need in the future. Dr. Patil is now a friend a thorough experienced professional*

The doctors and nurses were very professional , attentive and caring….sister annamma esp. first hospital where they explained me EVERYTHING and made sure I understood and was satisfied. got surgery done here and from start to finish they did great job and proper treatment. definitely recommend genesis..and service after surgery they asked if everything was right and follow up was good. I think thats more important for patients than fancy sofa or pretty receptionist*

Dr. Patil, Dr. Reenu and the nurses are really good….thanks guys my surgery has healed completely and you really helped ease out the pain.*

Yeah Genesis is definitely good price and medical service. I think it maybe best or top.*

They have the best gynaecologists for sure. Very attentive caring and my whole delivery procedure was handled nicely. Im very happy and very confidently can recommend genesis for the best experience for abortion and  gynecologist in Bangalore. They really care and thanks for it im very satisfied.*

It’s quite a nice hospital experience in Bangalore. They treat you quite well here and it seems like the focus is on very good medical care at reasonable price.. very good value! I left quite surprised pleasantly.*

Excellent medical care and friendly caring service I thought the doctors at bangalore genesis were very good here and the service was also quite conducive. they’ve done nice job in making it a close knit smaller size hosptial with the amenties of a big hospital but the high quality of care and service found only in small hospitals where you are still treated as a person and a living human being and not jsut another number in the hospital. Want to convey a special thanks to the nurses  who took excellent care before i was discharged. my wife and family were all also very happy.i would definately recommend bangalore genesis hospital.*


7 thoughts on “Reviews and Testimonials from Patients – Genesis Hospital Bangalore India”

  1. It goes without saying to those who works there, Everyone are always willing to go beyond to take care their patients as their family members. From Dr.Patil sir to respected women’s there are extremely helpful and awesome characters with kind and good manners. Especially when you travel from different states/city/country they give you all advice to settle you down locally around the hospital to make your treatment convenient. Thank you all once again

  2. I want a zsr circumcision operation. Please let me know the cost. I want it preferably on a Thursday and want to stay in the hospital till Sunday. Please note that I was diabetic , but now my blood sugar levels are normal without medication.

    1. Hospital Administrator

      For the circumcision operation you will not need to be admitted from Thursday till Sunday. The procedure and recovery time is shorter. Due to prior diabetic history, medical test and diagnosis by the surgeon will be done for your safety, prior to surgery. Regarding specific medial background and circumcision surgery procedure specific to you as well as cost, please call the hospital.

    1. Yes, ZSR Circumcision surgery by specialist in ZSR circumcision procedure is available at the hospital in Bangalore. Cost of the surgery can be discussed with the surgeon during the consultation at the hospital, where the patient’s specific surgery requirements and medical history will need to be determined before recommending the most suitable procedure. Please call to schedule your appointment at the hospital. Call Dr. Patil at 900 849 2277 or 934 382 6182 to schedule your appointment today.

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