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Your fears with abortion in Bangalore and early solutions

Abortion in Bangalore

More than 60% of women throughout the country undergo an abortion or pregnancy termination at least once in their lives. Every woman or girl is not prepared for childbearing at all times of her life. There may be times when she is not looking forward to carrying a pregnancy to full term. And this is very much her reproductive choice.

Abortion in Bangalore, India is legal for up to 20 weeks in most circumstances. However, the abortion methods vary depending on how far you are in your pregnancy.

This post intends to discuss the details of two safe early abortion methods. These methods are available at an abortion clinic near you in Bangalore.

Bangalore Genesis Hospital is the only one of its kind in Bangalore for providing personalized abortion care.

For most hospitals, abortions are just medical procedures. But for the Bangalore Genesis Hospital, abortions are personal experiences that girls and women undergo. If you too are struggling with an unwanted pregnancy and do not know where to find help, you are at the right place.

Unsafe abortions in India: Deciding the best for your health and life

The most contrasting thing is that many girls and women undergo unsafe abortions in India even when it is legal. And maternal mortality rate in India is quite high with an average of 10 women dying daily after an unsafe abortion. This makes unsafe abortions the third major cause of maternal mortality.

(Source: “The incidence of abortion and unintended pregnancy in India, 2015”The Lancet Global Health6 (1): e111–e120)

Even those who survive may face some complications with which they will have to deal throughout their life. Some of them are irreversible like loss of fertility, ectopic pregnancy rupture, etc. While some others may put dangers in future. Some of them are uterus distortion, problems of the uterine cavity like adenomyosis, synechiae, etc. All these complications can impact the quality of life and reproductive futures of women in the long run.

Having a baby is a big decision, but a personal one. It is you who have to decide the same because having a child is not just going through the nine months of pregnancy. It is a responsibility in itself. And one may not be ready for the same for several reasons. These may include educational, professional, social, economic or others. Sometimes, families are already complete and the couple is not looking forward to having an addition. In such events, it is a responsible decision to end the pregnancy early.

It is furthermore responsible to seek a safe abortion rather than an unsafe one risking your health and life.

Why do girls and women seek unsafe abortions in Bangalore?

Several considerations go into making a decision. But the majority of people choose unsafe abortions due to known and unknown fears. This fear may come in various forms and for several reasons. Some of these are:

Abortion in Bangalore

Fear of being judged by family, friends, society:

This is the biggest fear, especially with unmarried couples. They are unable to figure out who to talk to and seek help. Many girls find themselves deserted by their partners when they tell them about their pregnancy. Some partners back out while some others do not want to come to the forefront. They are ready to help the girls financially but do not get emotionally involved.

These things make the girls feel lonely. They do not find themselves in a comfortable position to speak to anyone in the family. And many times, they are unable to confide even in their friends. Their first fear comes from their own family. Then, it comes from friends, neighbors and society.

Sexual exploration without marriage has become one of the latest experiments for getting to know partners in new ways. But sometimes mistakes happen and you should not be very harsh on yourself for the same. Even married couples may or may not be ready at a particular time for a child. And for them too, the fear of societal stigma and even family pressure is big enough to fall in for unsafe abortion.

But do not fall in for an unsafe abortion unless you have discovered your safe abortion options.

Fear of being judged at abortion hospitals:

Another fear is from the healthcare professionals. If unmarried girls or even married women or couples visit hospitals for abortion, they fear the treatment they receive. Here, the fear is not of medical treatment but how the doctors and nurses or the hospital staff will behave with them. They expect the medical fraternity also to be indifferent to abortions on choice.

Many women often seek help on online platforms which are not always very safe in dispersing the right information. So, you should always trust the information coming from experts and healthcare professionals.

Some women and girls in many parts of India often say that the doctors turned them away without providing abortion as unmarried. Sometimes, even married women claim that they have been asked to bring in their partners. This is seen in many places even though abortion in India is legal both for married as well as unmarried women. And they can obtain legal abortions only upon their consent.

Many girls while sharing their past abortion experiences mentioned to have received indifferent behavior. They were judged for being pregnant without marriage. Even married women claim to have received blunt remarks from the doctors. The hospital staff and nurses also behaved rudely with abortion seeking patients.

If your fear is similar, you can confidently and fearlessly visit Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) for a non-judgmental abortion. The doctor and the nurses are all highly qualified, experienced and non-judgmental. You can receive the best abortion care regardless of your abortion choices or your marital status.

Schedule an appointment for a non-judgmental abortion at BGH.

Fear of pain:

Many women share their past abortion experiences across various social platforms. Some of them are very harsh in terms of pain. Women and girls who read such stories can feel the pain themselves. This fear makes them opt for unsafe abortions such as buying abortion pills without a prescription.

The abortion treatment women in such experiences mention is mostly due to unsafe abortions. The reader does not know the fact that the experience comes as a result of unsafe abortion. And hence, acts in panic or anxiety fearing pain.

However, this post can tell you that Gentle Care abortions available at BGH are painless procedures. If you too fear pain with abortion, then you should know that abortion pills work to induce a natural miscarriage. So, if you are looking forward to buying abortion pills in Bangalore, then that can be a painful experience.

Abortion with pills occurs like a natural menstrual period. Abdominal cramps and pain accompany bleeding. So, if you think that buying abortion pills is a painless abortion choice, then you are probably wrong.

For the want of a painless abortion at an abortion hospital near you, you can choose Gentle Care suction abortion at BGH. It is a quick and short procedure available exclusively at BGH. Moreover, it has several other advantages over abortion pills like:


You need to prebook a slot for Gentle Care abortion. Then, you can obtain it on the same appointment. You can return home the same day feeling good about yourself, your medical care, and your decision.

More efficiency:

Abortion pills are not more than 98% efficient even when prescribed by the doctor. With self-administration of abortion pills, this efficiency is further less. This is because the patient is not aware of several medical considerations. These are dose and mode of administration, abortion pill interactions, precautions, the time gap between different medicines and others. Abortion pills are not the best abortion method for all women alike.

Whereas, Gentle Care suction abortion encompasses all these factors. It is nearly 100% efficient and the patient can get back home knowing that the pregnancy is over. Even if you are taking some medicines that interact with abortion pills, you can get a Gentle Care suction abortion.

Gentle Care suction involves manual removal of pregnancy by gently pulling it out through a hand-held device. Therefore, no abortion medicines are involved. And since the vacuum is applied to create suction, almost all of the pregnancy tissue gets removed within the clinic itself.

Hence, the patient gets the confirmation of a successful procedure at the clinic itself in less than 3-5 minutes.

Bleeding and discomfort:

Many women bleed only for a few minutes or have slight spotting for a couple of days after Gentle Care suction abortion. Whereas with abortion pills, the pregnancy tissue passes out with moderate to heavy bleeding. This may last a few hours after the second abortion pill(s).

And then, it may continue until all the endometrium lining sheds off. This may take from a few days to weeks. Many women continue to bleed for quite some longer even after 10 days. It may be a result of incomplete abortion.

And that is what we meant with abortion pills not being 100% efficient. They often result in incomplete abortions.

And bleeding may further lead to the patient being in a fatigued state and discomfort. For students and working women, it may be an additional trouble. Since they have to get back to their work at the earliest, they can choose a Gentle Care suction abortion. With such a gentle procedure, they can resume their routine soon after and get back to work the next day itself.

Schedule an appointment for a comfortable, efficient and convenient Gentle Care suction abortion today!

Fear from an uncertain future:

Another fear that put abortion pills at the forefront for many girls is the fear of a partner knowing in future of a past abortion. Unmarried girls who get into intimate contact with a partner may or may not marry the same person. In events when the relationships do not work as expected before marriage, they end in breakups.

In such cases, pregnant girls have a fear that if they visit an abortion hospital, they may have to undergo surgery. Girls may choose not to tell their present partners about their past relationships. And that’s very much okay because remembering the past and living with guilt is being harsh on oneself.

Due to this fear, they prefer abortion pills over abortion at a hospital. This fear is mainly from the unknown. To many girls, abortions involve surgeries, incisions, etc. And this lack of knowledge leads them into pitfall. They think that with abortion at the hospital, their future partner may come to know of a past abortion.

If you too are thinking the same, again you are wrong. Yes, with unsafe abortions done with sharp tools, some scarring in the uterine lining will be visible during some diagnostic tests. However, with a Gentle Care suction abortion, which is a non-invasive abortion, there is no scarring.

It is a gentle and simple approach, medically known as Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA). There is no surgery and hence no one in the future can tell that you have had an abortion. It is only you who can ever reveal it by word of mouth.

Schedule an abortion for a safe, non-surgical, early abortion by Gentle Care suction method.

However, if you miss the 12-week mark of your pregnancy, you may need surgery for an abortion. And BGH takes in only a very limited number of patients each day. Most of the slots for up to a week are usually pre-booked. You can inquire about the earliest available slot.

Fear of compromised privacy:

One of the major reasons for married and unmarried couples opting for unsafe abortions is the fear of compromised privacy. They fear that visiting an abortion clinic may have them being spotted by an acquaintance.

They fear being seen by a neighbor as a fellow patient or a companion with some other patient. Some may think of someone they know working at the hospital. This fear is very grave since most hospitals have common waiting halls. And doctors often offer consultations with more than one patient in the doctor’s chamber at the same time.

Unmarried girls fear that this may come to the notice of their families through some common family acquaintance. And after abortion, the patient has to stay in the general ward until recovery. This may again pose a threat to her privacy and confidentiality which is one of her biggest fears.

If your fear is similar, then the piece of good news is that you can have a private and confidential abortion at BGH. Bangalore Genesis Hospital offers private one-on-one care and support throughout the abortion process.

It is a private abortion clinic that offers abortions only by appointment. Hence, there are no such chances of meeting any acquaintance. The doctors offer consultation in privacy with the patient’s comfort as the priority.

Even after abortion, the patient can relax until discharge in a private room rather than in common recovery halls. You come to the hospital, obtain the procedure and leave the hospital without any privacy compromise.

And do not worry regarding hospital stay. Unlike other abortion clinics, you do not need hospitalization for a Gentle Care suction abortion. You can take discharge on the same day after the abortion as soon as 15 minutes post-abortion.

 Schedule an appointment for a Gentle Care suction abortion.

Fear of confidentiality breach:

Women and girls when visiting an abortion hospital near them in the same city often fear confidentiality breaches. And this fear has some inclination with the similar fear of compromised privacy. The fear is somewhat similar at the hands of an acquaintance.

However, these girls are unaware of the fact that any hospital cannot disclose any patient details to anyone. We say that this fear has something common as compromised privacy. This is because even if the hospital does not disclose any medical information, an acquaintance can spread the word. And often, such words spread as bigger things than they actually are.

Therefore, women opt for unsafe abortion methods. Is your fear similar?

Then, fear no more because, at BGH, all your personal and medical details are absolutely safe. No details ever leave the hospital in any form. Even the Indian abortion law asks hospitals to maintain the confidentiality of abortion procedures.

The hospital offers private consultation, personalized abortion care, and private room. So, there is no chance of meeting a neighbor.

So, you can relax and schedule an appointment for a confidential abortion at BGH.

Fear from the unknown factors:

Some more fears that tempt women to opt for unsafe methods are the fears from unknown factors. These include mostly the legal factors like:

“Whether abortion in Bangalore is legal?”

“Do I need to involve my parents in an abortion?”

“On what grounds can I get an abortion?”

“When during my pregnancy term can I have an abortion?”

“Can I get an abortion as an unmarried?”

If you too are stuck in similar questions, then keep reading ahead to know the answers.

Legal things you need to know about abortion in India:

Abortion in India is legal in many circumstances. These include:

  • Pregnancy resulting from contraceptive failure.
  • To protect a woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life.
  • Rape/Incest
  • Fetal anomalies

Most unplanned pregnancies are due to contraceptive failure. And for these reasons, you can obtain a legal abortion for up to 20 weeks. However, the law permits some abortions such as in the case of fetal anomalies like Down’s syndrome, etc. for up to an extended period of 4 more weeks.

You can obtain a legal abortion with your consent only in case you are an adult. In India, people are identified as adults after attaining the age of 18 years. So, if you are above 18 years, you may choose not to involve your parents.

You also do not need your partner’s consent for abortion, whether married or unmarried. This also clarifies that abortion in India is legal both for married women or single women and unmarried girls.

So, if any of the above fears were tempting you to fall in for unsafe abortion, please do not fear.

Overcoming your fears and moving ahead:

Have you watched the Oscar-winning movie 2022, the Dune?

If not, here is a good quote regarding the fear that comes several times in the movie. And it also acts as a source of empowerment. We bring it to you here in this post with the hope that you may not fear and end up risking your life. Instead, we hope that you can have a safe, legal and confidential hospital at the best abortion hospital in Bangalore fearlessly.

Here you go with the world-famous dialogue which has an in-depth meaning and might help you overcome your fears.

“I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer. Fear is a little-death that brings total obliteration. I will face my fear. I will permit it to pass over me and through me. And when it has gone past I will turn the inner eye to see its path. Where the fear has gone there will be nothing. Only I will remain.”

― Frank Herbert, Dune

Schedule an abortion appointment.

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