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Are you looking forward to having an abortion in Bangalore?

Are you looking forward to having an abortion in Bangalore?

Are you looking for some answers and solutions to any of the following problems regarding pregnancy and abortion?

  • What is the probability of getting pregnant after sexual intercourse?
  • When to see the doctor upon a missed period?
  • How to obtain a safe abortion?
  • Do you need to involve your parents if you seek abortion as an unmarried girl?
  • What is it like to have an abortion in Bangalore?
  • How early can you recover after an abortion?
  • Can anyone in future know that you have had an abortion?

If yes, then stay tuned because you will get answers to your problems straight from the experts.

Here are a few queries we receive on our several platforms. We are answering them here so that people with similar queries can get all the help they need. Most people look for their answers on online platforms and so we decided to share them here.

Rather than attempting self-abortion and risking your health and life, you must get the knowledge from a reliable source before you take the next move. So, let’s begin!

The Query:

“I had intercourse this weekend. I am due for my periods after 10 days. We used a contraceptive. However, there was some precum or some sticky fluid that was felt during contact. Can I get pregnant? Is there any way out that can stop me from getting pregnant this time? What if I get pregnant? Can I get abortion pills in Bangalore easily?”

The answer:

Hello, dear reader! Yes, it may be possible that you are pregnant. Considering the time of the menstrual period during which you had intercourse, you were most likely during your fertile window. And therefore, there are some chances that you may be pregnant.

But there is nothing to worry about as you say that you used a contraceptive. But even if due to any technical fault or some wrong method of using, you may have felt the stickiness. And contraceptives do fail many times. So, you may be pregnant.

Our advice is that do not worry at first. You are not yet pregnant. There are 50-50 chances of you being pregnant and not pregnant. But worrying and anxiety are no solutions. There is nothing that you can do until your period. So, you should wait for another 10 days until you miss your period.

If your period is on time, then you are not pregnant and your worries end here.

Taking a home pregnancy test:

And even if you miss your period, take a home pregnancy test. You get a kit easily from any nearby pharmacy or can even order a UPT kit online. You can get it at your doorstep. There are directions on using the Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) kit mentioned on the package. Sometimes, you get it in the form of a package insert.

You need to use a few drops of your morning first urine. Collect them in a clean container. There is a small dropper enclosed in the kit. Fill in a few drops in the dropper and drop them in the sample section of the kit. Let the kit rest on a flat base for 2-5 minutes.

If a single pink line is visible where the mark ‘C’ is given, you are not pregnant. In case, the two dark pink lines are visible both for ‘C’ and ‘T’, then you are pregnant. If none of the lines is dark pink, the kit may be faulty. You can repeat the test with another kit.

In case the test is negative and you do not get your periods within the next two days, it’s time to repeat the test. Again, if it is negative, you can schedule an appointment with your gynecologist to find out the reason for your delayed period.

The doctor may advise you to undergo a transvaginal ultrasound to confirm pregnancy. If you are pregnant, the test will help you know the exact length and location of your pregnancy. And if you are not pregnant, the test will help the doctor diagnose the reason for your delayed period. Then, she may give you medicines and treatment accordingly. 

Your early abortion options:

However, if you are pregnant, you can consider an abortion. Taking the pregnancy to full term is your choice and you have to make it with your partner. However, if you think this is not the right time for having a baby, you can consider your early abortion options.

The TVS test will help the doctor at a registered abortion clinic decide the best abortion method for you. Firstly, the location of the pregnancy will help the doctor rule out any chances of ectopic or molar pregnancies. Even if your pregnancy is found to be ectopic, the doctor shall advise you of some medicines for terminating the pregnancy.

This is very essential to save your reproductive health and life. Ectopic pregnancy removal is technically a medical condition rather than an abortion. It needs immediate attention for the safety of the patient’s life.

And in case your pregnancy is normal, i.e., intrauterine, then there are three safe abortion methods for you at the best abortion hospital near you in Bangalore. These are:

  1. Medical abortion with the help of abortion pills
  2. Gentle Care suction abortion with the help of suction is available exclusively at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH).
  3. Gentle Care surgical abortion

Since you are early in seeking an abortion, you may be most likely in your first trimester. So, you may not need any invasive surgical procedure for pregnancy termination. However, delaying in seeking abortion may add to your gestation period and narrow down your options.

Let’s learn about each method in detail.

Medical abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH):

When you first arrive at the hospital for an appointment, you may not need to wait. The doctor will provide you with a private one-on-one consultation. You should tell the doctor about your medical history and the doctor shall advise you on some tests if needed.

If you already have an ultrasound report, the doctor will be able to calculate your pregnancy length easily and accurately. In case you have not taken up a test so far, the doctor shall advise you to take it at a nearby lab. It won’t take much of your time. And you can receive the abortion on the same appointment. You do not need any other appointment.

The doctor will check your medical condition and analyze if you are eligible for abortion pills.

Please tell the doctor if:

  • You are suffering from any medical condition
  • Taking any medicines
  • Your allergies

After considering all the factors, the doctor shall check your eligibility for abortion pills.

She may prescribe you medical pregnancy termination if:

  • Your pregnancy is less than 6-8 weeks.
  • You are not suffering from any other medical condition that can create complications with abortion.
  • You are not taking any medicines that can interact with abortion pills.
  • There are no known allergies to abortion pill ingredients.

If you are eligible then, the doctor will give you the first set of abortion pills to be taken at the clinic itself. The doctor shall decide whether you need oral administration or internal administration of abortion pills.

Then, the doctor will hand you the second set of abortion pills to take when at home. The doctor shall decide the best time for you to take them between 24-72 hours. Do not self-administer abortion pills. You may not know whether they are the right abortion choice for you or not.

The abortion takes place nearly 4-6 hours after taking the second abortion pill(s). You can expect abdominal pain and heavy bleeding for a few hours. Then, the bleeding will wean away gradually. However, in case of immense blood loss or pain, you may need to seek medical help.

There are certain things that you should know before an abortion with abortion pills. And if you are not ready for them, you can also obtain Gentle Care suction abortion. 9 out of every 10 women who are less than 8 weeks pregnant choose Gentle Care suction abortion over the abortion pills method. This is due to several advantages of suction abortion over abortion pills.

So, what you need to know before an abortion with pills is:

Incomplete abortion with pills:

Taking abortion pills can result in an incomplete abortion. Although medical abortion is usually a safe method, however, it may not completely clean the womb. When a doctor evaluates all parameters before prescribing abortion pills, 5 out of every 100 women may face an incomplete abortion.

And with self-abortions, this figure gets high and the chances of incomplete abortion are further higher. This is because when a girl or woman takes abortion pills without consultation, she may not know whether she is eligible for abortion pills or not. She may not know:

  • her exact pregnancy length and location.
  • the right dose for her.
  • the right mode of administration for her.
  • whether abortion pills may lead to any complications if she is taking any other medicines.
  • or even if she is suffering from any other medical condition.

And then, you will need a short surgical procedure to get the abortion complete.

Pain and bleeding with abortion pills:

Since medical abortion refers to the induction of a natural miscarriage, you can expect abdominal cramps and resulting pain. Every woman’s response to pain is different. Some may consider it mild to moderate and bearable. While some others complain of severe cramps and pain needing pain management.

If you avail of medical abortion at BGH, the doctor shall also prescribe you some analgesics to relieve your pain. However, some women who fear pain often choose the painless abortion method. Gentle Care suction abortion is a painless abortion method.

Now, as far as bleeding is considered, it is moderate to heavy in the first few hours. Then, the bleeding should start decreasing until it stops. It may take up to a few days and sometimes weeks.

Some women may experience vaginal spotting even beyond a week. It may be because of incomplete abortion. So, if such a thing happens to you, you should consult your doctor for checking whether the abortion was complete.

Bleeding is often associated with fatigue and discomfort. Hence, working women who need to resume work soon often prefer Gentle Care suction abortion. Because bleeding with suction abortion is zero to a minimum, even studying girls seeking abortion prefer it over abortion pills.

The waiting period:

Another important thing that you need to know before you take abortion pills is the wait for successful abortion. With abortion pills, you cannot be sure of a complete abortion until the bleeding stops altogether. This may also take up to a few days and weeks as mentioned earlier.

This keeps the anxiety of the patient up until she is confident that she is no more pregnant.

However, with a Gentle Care suction abortion, the patient can go home knowing that the abortion was successful. This confidence is very much necessary to be able to cope physically, mentally and emotionally. The stress-free patient can recover earlier and better.

Gentle Care suction abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital:

BGH has pioneered its special abortion procedure, known as Gentle Care (GC) suction abortion. This is an available method to terminate all intrauterine pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks. Considering the query, we have taken up in this post, the woman is less than 12 weeks pregnant. So, she can opt for this abortion method.

Your pre-abortion consultation is similar to that mentioned for medical abortion. If you are less than 8 weeks pregnant, you can opt for GC suction abortion over abortion pills. In case you want a painless, single-appointment, more efficient abortion method and want to return home with a successful one, you can opt for this method.

In case your pregnancy is between 8-12 weeks, the doctor may prescribe you GC suction abortion.

How is it done?

In both cases, the procedure remains similar. The nurse will take you to a private room where she will help you relax. When you are ready, she shall help you lie comfortably in a position for abortion.

She will clean your cervix region for preventing any onset of infections and also numb it using local anesthesia. This will make the abortion procedure painless. Sedation or general anesthesia may not be essential.

Then, the doctor will use a disposable soft and flexible tube to suck the pregnancy from your womb. She will insert the tube through your cervix into your womb. Then, she will create gentle pressure using a hand-held aspirator. This helps the doctor to create gentle pressure, exactly as much is needed.

Many hospitals use electrically driven devices for creating a vacuum. In some such cases, the doctor may not control the suction and pressure as desired. Therefore, physicians at BGH use Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA) to create gentle suction. The embryo gets detached from the uterine lining. All the placental tissue also collects in the vacuum region.

These collected products then move down the tube. And the doctor collects them from the other end in a collection bottle. She evaluates them to ensure a complete abortion. Then, the tube is gently pulled out from the womb. The nurse helps the patient to relax.

Although this may look like a big procedure to you. But you will be glad to know that it takes less than 3-5 minutes only. And within 15-30 minutes, you can take discharge. Until then, you can relax in your private room. You can have some beverages or snacks after the abortion.

Post-abortion guidance:

Before your discharge, the doctor will give you a post-abortion prescription. You can ask the doctor regarding any concerns you may have. She will guide you regarding what to do and what not to.

You will also receive diet recommendations besides post-abortion supplements to help you heal early.

Most women resume routine activities the next day after a Gentle Care suction abortion. Many working women and students prefer GC abortion over abortion at any other abortion clinic because of its advantages like:

  • It is painless.
  • It does not impact your future fertility, reproductive health or life.
  • The method is non-invasive and hence no incisions and stitches are involved.
  • The patient can go back home with a successful abortion.
  • Pregnancy symptoms wean away quickly.
  • Bleeding may range from zero to minimum and hence, less discomfort and fatigue.
  • Post-abortion recovery is quick.

Gentle Care surgical abortion:

As far as the taken up query is concerned, you may be less than 12 weeks pregnant. So, there are minimal chances that you may need surgical intervention. However, in case you are past 12 weeks, you can obtain a Gentle Care surgical abortion for up to 20 weeks.

It is a mildly invasive procedure, but very gentle at BGH. The hospital does not use sharp curettes for incisions that can cause uterine abrasions.

Rather, highly qualified and experienced doctors at BGH use gentle techniques for abortion. The procedure may need to put the patient under anesthesia for a while to make it painless. It may take less than 20-30 minutes to complete. The doctor gently detaches the embryo from the uterine lining using slender, sterile and safe surgical forceps.

Then, with the help of an aspirator, the doctor gently pulls out pregnancy products rather than emptying them by removing them manually. This does not impact your future fertility. Therefore, it is also a safe abortion method.

Message to take home:

Now, some more things that you may need to know before an abortion in Bangalore. These include:

By now you know your probability of getting pregnant after intercourse.

Next, when to see the doctor?

When you miss your period, you can schedule a consultation appointment right away. However, you can also choose to take a home pregnancy test. If it is positive and the pregnancy is unwanted, you can choose to schedule an abortion appointment. Or even if your pregnancy test is negative but your period is late, you can schedule a consultation appointment.

For a safe abortion, you can schedule an abortion appointment at the best abortion hospital near you, Bangalore Genesis Hospital.

Some more quick queries:

If you are an unmarried girl and above 18 years, you do not need to involve your parents in an abortion. You can obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore only with your consent.

What is it like to have an abortion?

The above section on abortion methods clarifies this.

How early can you recover after an abortion?

With medical abortion, it may take longer until the bleeding stops. However, with Gentle Care suction abortion, you can resume your routine the next day itself. The doctor may however advise some precautions to prevent the onset of infections for a couple of days.

Can anyone in future know that you have had an abortion?

No, unless you choose to tell it yourself with a Gentle care abortion. However, unsafe abortions may leave scars within the uterus that can help a doctor recognize a past surgical intervention.

All abortion procedures at BGH are safe, legal and confidential. So, do not worry. Stay easy.

Since the hospital takes only a limited number of patients each day to provide personalized care, you may not want to miss the slot. Inquire about the earliest available seat.

Schedule an abortion appointment today to avoid missing out.

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