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Best Doctor for abortion in Frazer Town, Bangalore

Commonly known as Frazer Town, the region goes by the original name of Pulakeshi Nagara. It is a suburb of Bangalore Cantonment. 

This post is for girls and women looking for an abortion clinic in Frazer town, Bangalore. Although there are many abortion hospitals near you in Bangalore, do you want the best?

This post intends to help you select the best abortion hospital near you in Bangalore. 

Let’s begin with a little chit-chat. 

How far are you in your pregnancy?

Are you married or seeking an abortion as an unmarried girl or a single mother?

When was your Last Menstrual Period (LMP)?

Have you taken up a home pregnancy test only?

Have you consulted any doctor for confirming your pregnancy duration and location?

Do you know about ectopic pregnancy?

Do you know about abortion methods and what can be your preferred method?

Are you suffering from any medical condition when you discover that you are pregnant?

Do you know your legal reproductive rights?

These questions and many others play an immense role in deciding whether you are about to opt for a safe abortion. 

Let us now look into the facts that can help you decide the best abortion clinic for you. 

Abortion can have a long-term impact on health. Therefore, it is always best to seek advice from the best doctor for an abortion. As a patient, you have the right to trustworthy and unbiased information. 

Sadly, many women choose to buy abortion pills or MTP kits in Bangalore without undergoing a proper consultation. As a result, India witnesses unsafe abortions being a leading cause of maternal mortalities and morbidities. Self-medication with abortion pills is also an unsafe abortion. 

How to find the right abortion clinic near you?

In light of complications caused as a result of unsafe abortions, you must seek the best advice. And for that, you have to consider certain things. And here’s a checklist for the same. 

  1. First, location and distance of the abortion clinic from your home or wherever you may be staying is important factor. 
  2. Secondly, hospital certification and registration for being a registered abortion hospital.
  3. Next is the Qualifications and experience of the abortion performing doctor.
  4. Qualifications, training, and experience of nurses and medical assistance staff.
  5. Facilities like confidential abortion procedures like a private one-to-one consultation and private room.
  6. The abortion procedures available at the hospital.
  7. Non-disclosure policy of the hospital.
  8. Personal comfort facilities like caring and compassionate nurses, non-judgmental behavior and support you may need. 
  9. Facilities for a partner or a friend or companion throughout your stay at the hospital.
  10. Hospital infrastructure
  11. Care for hygiene, patient’s comfort and safety to her privacy.

Always look for the hospital testimonials and Google reviews and ratings. Independent reviews play a decisive role when it comes to picking up things and making choices. People often look at reviews when making online purchases.

Then, this is an abortion procedure, a highly important medical procedure. It can impact your physical and mental health life-long. And therefore, it is essential to go through all the options, narrow down your choices with every single factor and then pick the one that stands best for you and your long-term health. 

Let’s understand some other things to know what can be your abortion procedure be like. 

Location of the abortion hospital:

The location of the abortion hospital is a major factor to be considered while seeking one. Some women may choose to go to as nearby a hospital as possible. And others are ready to fly off to a different city or country. Each woman may have her reasons for picking up the location.

However, we would like to bring to you some essential reasons for having an abortion in a nearby clinic in Frazer Town, Bangalore

Method of abortion:

The medical method of abortion:

In case you choose a medical abortion method, i.e. abortion with the help of abortion pills, you may need more than a single appointment. If you choose a clinic that is located at a longer distance, you will need more round-trips to the hospital. 

Although the abortion will take place in the comfort of your home, which is why it is known as a bedroom abortion. However, if you bleed too heavily, you may need immediate medical attention. And you need to visit the hospital at the earliest. 

Besides, if the second abortion pill, Misoprostol is administered to you vaginally, you should be able to reach home as soon as possible. So, nearer you are, lesser will be the time spent travelling and sooner you can reach home. Moreover, follow-up will be easy.

Points to remember with the medical method of abortion:

Appointments for abortion:

It may need two or more appointments. The doctor will give you the first abortion pill, Mifepristone, either to be taken orally at the clinic or can administer it vaginally. It is the doctor who decides the best mode of administration for individual patients according to their specific medical conditions. 

The second pill, Misoprostol may either be handed to the patient with directions to take it orally. Or if the doctor is convinced that vaginal administration may be better for your case, you may have to visit again after 24-48 hours for the second abortion pill(s). 

Another big thing is that if you bleed for more than a week, again you may need to visit at another appointment for follow-up. 

And the efficiency of medical abortion is not more than 98%. So, there are quite some chances of incomplete abortions. Although the chances of incomplete abortion are rare if you choose to visit a certified and registered abortion clinic. However, an incomplete abortion may come to any woman. 

And if this happens to be your case, you will need another appointment to get the abortion completed. 

So, it may be best to visit a registered and certified abortion clinic near you if you want to obtain a medical abortion.

Gestation period:

Medical abortion in Bangalore is recommended to be used only for terminating intrauterine pregnancies that are less than 8 weeks.

Many women who buy MTP kits without a doctor’s consultation often face the complication of incomplete abortion. They often do not know whether abortion pills will work for them as expected. Neither they know the location of their pregnancy nor its length and not even the dose and method of administration. As a result, complications make in their way. 

Abdominal pain and bleeding with bedroom abortion:

The abortion pill method works in two steps. The first pill, Mifepristone is an anti-progestin. During pregnancy, the woman’s body starts secreting the hormone Progesterone in large amounts. It is essential for the growth and development of the embryo.

After taking Mifepristone, the growth of the embryo stops since the medicine blocks the production of Progesterone. This is the first stage of abortion. 

The second stage of abortion starts after 24-48 hours when you take Misoprostol. This Misoprostol contracts the uterus to empty the womb naturally like menstrual periods. 

This process involves abdominal cramping and hence pain is associated. It may range from mild to heavy. And bleeding too may range from moderate to heavy. Although, bleeding should ideally stop after 7-10 days. However, if you bleed beyond that, it may be due to incomplete abortion. 

Now, pain and bleeding may vary from woman to woman. So, again if you are going for an abortion with pills in Bangalore, you may need to be able to obtain medical help in case of heavy bleeding or severe pain. Again, in such a case, location plays a role. Near you are to the abortion hospital, earlier you will be able to obtain the help. 

If you choose to visit a registered abortion clinic, you can expect to receive the pain management medicines on your prescription. 

Suction abortion:

Having a suction abortion at a nearby abortion clinic may have benefits over travelling to a distant place. 

The method:

If you are looking for a single-appointment abortion for terminating your first-trimester pregnancy, then suction abortion may be your best choice. 

This is the recommended method of abortion for terminating pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks. It is a short and painless procedure. In addition, its efficiency is nearly 100% if performed by a professional at a registered abortion hospital. 

It can be obtained even if your pregnancy is less than 8 weeks and you have abortion pills as a choice. However, the method is used only for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. 

If you visit a nearby hospital for a suction abortion, you can obtain the same as an OPD procedure and walk back or take a cab or any local transport back home. No need of travelling or spend large amounts in hotels when you can have a successful procedure in your comfort zone. And then, you can get rest at home. 

What a suction abortion is like?

In a suction abortion, the embryo and gestation products are sucked out from the embryo using a vacuum. A thin tube called a vacurette is inserted in the womb through the vaginal route. The other end of this tube is attached to a suction apparatus, called an aspirator. It is further attached to a collection bottle.

For the comfort of the patient, the procedure is carried out under anesthesia. 

When suction is applied, the embryo gets detached from the uterine lining. It is sucked and it gets collected in the collection bottle. Suction is applied until all gestation products get removed and collected. 

The doctor keeps evaluating the contents of the bottle to find if there is any remaining tissue in the womb. 

Most of the contents get collected within 3-4 minutes. If the doctor feels any remaining product in the womb, they may be cleaned by scraping them off using sterile tools. Once all the products are removed, abortion is complete. It does not take more than 10 minutes for the procedure. 

You can expect to wake up in a while. In the meanwhile, you can rest in the private room allotted to you. You may expect minimum bleeding with suction abortion. Within an hour, you can get discharged. 

The doctor will prescribe you some supplements and medicines to ensure rapid healing. You can resume your daily activities from the following day itself. 

Having a suction abortion at a nearby clinic may offer additional benefit of travelling back home and getting rest.

Opt for a safe suction abortion:

Although you may be looking for a cost-effective abortion, remember to always opt for a safe abortion. Since the suction abortion involves uterine penetration, great care is to be taken during the procedure. 

The method is slightly invasive and hence an unsafe abortion can lead to internal injury. Unhygienic equipment or premises can lead to infections. And mark our words, unsafe abortions can even affect your future pregnancies. Or an unsafe abortion at the hands of an inexperienced or unprofessional abortion team may not deliver you a successful procedure. 

Some remnants of abortion may remain in the womb if performed by an unprofessional. So, it is always advisable to visit only a registered abortion clinic for a safe abortion procedure. 

All the aforementioned complications with abortion are preventable. And a good abortion hospital takes care of all the necessary things to keep away the side effects.

A safe abortion can be a comfortable, convenient and quick abortion. Contact Bangalore Genesis Hospital for a safe, legal, confidential, painless and comfortable abortion experience near Frazer Town.

Another benefit of having a safe abortion at a nearby clinic is an easy follow-up in case of any requirement. Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) is located only at a distance of nearly 3 km from Frazer Town. You can book a cab, visit by your personal conveyance, hire an autorickshaw or can speak to the hospital helpline for a pick and drop facility. 

Surgical abortion:

Surgical abortion is a mildly invasive procedure to end an unwanted pregnancy up to 20 weeks. The size of the embryo keeps on increasing with an increase in gestation length. And the same is true for placental tissue and other gestation products. 

So, suction abortion may not be able to effectively suck all the products of conception beyond 12 weeks. Hence, the World Health Organization (WHO) has recommended surgical abortion as the safe abortion method for terminating late-stage pregnancies. 

What a surgical abortion is like?

Surgical abortion may vary from hospital to hospital. The basic technique is to remove the fetus and other gestation products by scraping off the uterine lining and then removing all products. However, some hospitals may be following old techniques for dilating the cervix. And then, you may need overnight hospitalization. 

Consider yourself lucky while you are in Bangalore. BGH is equipped with the latest medical equipment and techniques and hence can offer you same-day single-appointment surgical abortion. 

Besides, surgical abortion at BGH is painless and you may experience zero to minimum bleeding. After the abortion, you can get discharged the same day in an hour or so. After that, you may return to your home or hostel or Paying guest (PG) and can then get rest for the night. 

You can take another day off from work if you like. Otherwise, you are pretty good with a safe and successful abortion. During your discharge, you’ll receive post-abortion recovery guidance and prescription to help you heal early. 

Even the surgical abortion can have complications if performed by an unprofessional. Always opt for a safe abortion. The cost of abortion comes not just in terms of a monetary figure but in terms of health. Your reproductive health, in the long run, depends largely on the safety of abortion procedures. 

Since surgical abortion is an invasive procedure, its complications are similar to suction abortion like internal injury, loss of reproductive health, hemorrhage, incomplete abortion, etc. So, it is advisable to always visit a registered abortion clinic for a safe abortion. 

Obtaining a surgical abortion in a clinic near you may offer the benefit of ease of travelling and having an early appointment. Besides, your time and money in travel will also be saved. 

An important message:

When you discover about your pregnancy, you should get an early appointment for a consultation. You may be considering your abortion options, but more important is an early consultation. This is to ensure the length and location of your pregnancy.

Although, you may have an idea about the length of your pregnancy by calculating it from your last menstrual period. However, a UPT test will not tell you about the location of the pregnancy. 

It is very important to rule out any probability of ectopic pregnancy. You may plan your abortion according to your gestation length. But, location is to be ascertained very early to save your fertility and life.

Although chances of ectopic pregnancies are rare, they cannot be ignored. Its chances are 0.5%-1.5%. So, you can expect 1 out of every 100 women may have an ectopic pregnancy. 

Although, the chances may be less, yet ectopic pregnancies are the leading cause of maternal mortality and morbidity. There have been incidences when women either self-administer abortion pills or a doctor prescribes them without checking for the abortion location.

And those cases ended up in complications where abortion did not take place. Rather, the woman’s life gets in danger. If immediate medical help is not made available to the woman at the right time, it can even be fatal. 

So, never self-administer abortion pills without consultation from a qualified and experienced doctor. 

Legal things to know while seeking an abortion in Frazer Town, Bangalore:

Permissible circumstances:

You are lucky to be living in India for the Indian abortion law is progressive and women-friendly. And hence, you can obtain a legal abortion in India for a wide range of cases like:

  • Your pregnancy has resulted from contraceptive failure

  • The pregnancy is a result of a sexual assault on you.

  • Pregnancy termination is required to protect the woman’s physical and/or mental health and life.

  • The fetus has been detected to have deformities. 

Marital status:

You can obtain an abortion in India both as a married woman and an unmarried girl or a single mother. 

So if you are a student, a working girl, a professional, married or unmarried, you can obtain a legal abortion in India. 

But the law cannot banish the stigma with abortions. Nor can it decide or impact how healthcare providers treat unmarried girls and judge them. So, it is better to obtain a safe and confidential abortion at a clinic where you can feel friendly, relaxed and comfortable. 

Unmarried girls often choose unsafe abortion methods. But if you are living in Bangalore, you do not need to do so. You have the back of a non-judgmental and private abortion clinic, Bangalore Genesis Hospital. 

The professional abortion team at BGH is caring, compassionate and non-judgmental. You can experience freedom from any prejudices. You may not need to go to a distant place or opt for unsafe abortion. BGH offers completely private and confidential abortions in Bangalore. 

Even if you are coming from the next door, you can expect the pleasant, caring, relaxing and non-judgmental behavior of the abortion team.

Whether you are married or unmarried, you can obtain a private and confidential abortion at BGH.

Gestation period:

Although abortion in India is legal, however, you should not delay in availing one if you have made a decision. 

Delay may taper down your abortion options and also, complications increase with an increase in the gestation period. 

Well, abortion in India is legally available for up to 20 weeks in normal cases. In special cases like fetal deformities, it can also be obtained for up to 24 weeks. However, many women in India have obtained legal abortions even beyond this ceiling period with the help of the legal court.

Consent for abortion:

In India, you can obtain a legal abortion only with your consent if you are an adult. We are helping you with these small pieces of legal information because many unmarried girls are denied abortions saying that they need to bring their parents. It has happened in many Indian states. 

Not only did it happen with unmarried girls, but even married women were asked to bring their partners for legal consent. However, you must know that as per the Indian MTP Act, you can obtain an abortion only with your consent. 

So, what are you waiting for? You can schedule an early abortion appointment at your nearby abortion clinic in Frazer Town, Bangalore Genesis Hospital. 

All your personal and medical details will be kept confidential. So, you need not worry regarding your privacy. As far as safety is concerned, BGH has the best abortion team with highly qualified and experienced gynecologists, internationally trained nurses and other professional staff. 

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