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What is the cost of abortion in Indiranagar, Bangalore?

A warm hello to all the readers! So, here comes the post to help you understand the factors affecting the cost of abortion in Indiranagar, Bangalore. Besides, you’ll learn that cost of an abortion is never a fixed amount. It varies from patient to patient.

If you are reading this, you are most likely planning to have an abortion in Indiranagar or somewhere near in Bangalore. And you are looking for some trustworthy information to help you decide your next move into an abortion.

Without any speck of doubt, the cost is a very important factor while making any purchase. We go through several queries in our mind to find out if the mentioned cost is really worth it. And then, we also do a sneak peek to discover the pros and cons of buying it.

And when it is a medical procedure, we cannot settle for less. However, we have to weigh the things to find a balanced equation. In the case of abortion being the procedure being judged, we need the cost of abortion to be in balance with a successful and comfortable procedure with no long-term side effects.

Besides, the cost of abortion should also have the pleasure of excellent caring professional medical treatment at its equivalent on the other end. 

So, here begins digging in the facts so that you can ascertain whether the cost of an abortion is justifiable. And also, to help you obtain a comfortable, successful, friendly, safe and successful abortion in Bangalore.

What are the factors that affect the cost of abortion in Bangalore?

Cost of abortion

The most common factors affecting the cost of abortion in Indiranagar or anywhere in Bangalore can be broadly categorized into:

  1. Pre-abortion consultation
  2. The method of abortion
  3. Patient’s medical condition
  4. Facilities sought for the comfort

Speaking in terms of money you need to spend on an abortion procedure, it may vary from woman to woman, abortion hospital to hospital and with differing facilities of the hospital.

This may start with your pre-abortion consultation. Consultation charges of doctors may vary in regards to their qualifications, experience and the facilities they are providing.

But it is essential that you choose the best doctor for abortion because abortion may have a lifelong impact. And a highly-qualified and experienced doctor may be able to provide you with the best abortion consultation. He/she will be able to ensure that the best abortion method is prescribed to you.

Pre-abortion consultation:

Complete care will be taken to minimize the risks and side effects of abortion. All abortion risks are preventable. And, for that, the doctor needs to consider all important factors before prescribing the abortion procedure.

These may include:

  • Length of your pregnancy, i.e., how far you are from your Last Menstrual Period (LMP).
  • Your pregnancy’s location, whether it’s intrauterine or an ectopic pregnancy.
  • Any existing medical condition that you may be having like Hypertension, Diabetes, Liver or Kidney disorder, any genetic disorder, adrenal gland disorder or any other.
  • If you are on some medications, the qualified doctor will check beforehand whether the prescription medicines may suit you. This is because there are events where the patient is taking some medicines that are contraindicated with medicines for abortion. It also becomes the responsibility of the patient to provide the complete and right information to the doctor so that the best diagnosis be made.

Besides the cost of consultation, there are independent charges for some essential blood tests and an ultrasound. They may also vary from lab to lab. But the tests cannot be skipped. They are important for prescribing the best abortion method for your particular case.

Ultrasound is essential to check for the length and location of the pregnancy. And it should be done at the earliest to rule out any case of an ectopic pregnancy. Ectopic pregnancy may even be fatal, but an early diagnosis can save your reproductive health as well as life. And with an early diagnosis, the right treatment can be made. 

The method of abortion:

The cost of an abortion in Indiranagar or anywhere in Bangalore depends largely on the method of abortion.

And the method of abortion depends on the patient-specific parameters. For terminating intrauterine pregnancies, the three safe abortion methods that may be prescribed are:

  1. The medical method of abortion
  2. Suction abortion
  3. Surgical abortion

Let us now check the cost of each method of abortion.

Cost of the medical abortion in Bangalore:

Before we discuss this in detail, please make sure that you are not trying to avail MTP kit in Bangalore without a doctor’s consultation or prescription. Medical abortion is the abortion with pills or the MTP kit. But self-medication without proper diagnosis and consultation is not advisable.

This is the earliest abortion method and also the least expensive in terms of monetary figures. However, the cost of medical abortion in terms of health and efficiency of the procedure is more than that of suction abortion.

The medical abortion method is advisable only for terminating intrauterine pregnancies that are less than 6-8 weeks.

Cost of the medical abortion in terms of amount spent:

So, if this is your method of abortion, the cost of abortion will be like this:

  • Cost of consultation and tests to confirm length and location of the pregnancy.
  • Amount of money you shall spend on travelling to the hospital for your appointment. Remember, you may need more than a single appointment for a medical abortion. Consider at least two appointments.
  • Cost of the abortion pills. The doctor may give you the abortion pills in the abortion clinic itself. Or you may have to buy them from a pharmacy with the doctor’s prescription. It may be possible that the consultation and abortion pills cost may be clubbed together.
  • Cost of another ultrasound after a week to ascertain whether the abortion is complete.
  • In case of an incomplete abortion, add up the cost of a surgical abortion procedure to complete the abortion.

Cost of the medical abortion in terms of health:

In case of complete abortion:

If you have your abortion completed with pills, remember it will cost you:

  • Moderate to heavy bleeding since the embryo and placental tissue will pass out with vaginal bleeding. Bleeding may last for up to a few days or even weeks.
  • Mild to severe pain due to abdominal cramps. If you visit a registered and certified abortion clinic in Bangalore, the doctor will prescribe you pain management medicines. This will help you ease your pain.
  • Anxiety may happen with some women since you may need to wait for up to a week to be sure of a successful procedure.
  • You may need off time from work for a few days as per your convenience until you feel comfortable. But at least, a break of a couple of days may be needed.

In case of incomplete abortion:

An important piece of information is that abortion pills may only be 95% – 97% efficient. This efficiency is achievable only when the doctor considers all the important things before prescribing you abortion pills.

If you choose to self-administer abortion pills, you may not know whether you’ll have a complete abortion or not. You may also not know whether abortion pills are right for you. For example, abortion pills may not be the preferred method for you to terminate a pregnancy, if:

  • You are more than 8 weeks pregnant. Chances of an incomplete abortion increase with pills beyond this period.
  • You got pregnant while having an intrauterine contraceptive device (IUCD) implanted. It may be an ectopic pregnancy.
  • You are taking some medicines for some medical conditions like Hypertension, Lupus, Deep Vein Thrombosis, Liver disorder, adrenal insufficiency or the like. The medicines you may be taking may impair the efficiency of abortion pills and lead to an incomplete abortion.

You can expect to be suffering from abdominal pain and bleeding until you have your abortion completed. And it shall be completed by the surgical abortion method.

Incomplete abortion may also make a woman susceptible to vaginal and other pelvic infections. So, in case of any fever that stays beyond 24-36 hours, you need to visit the doctor. Otherwise, the infection may spread and increase the chances of sepsis.

So, the cost of an incomplete abortion comes in form of, consultation, the abortion cost, the abortion cost for completing the abortion, discomfort, pain, fatigue and disturbed work-life balance.

Cost of suction abortion in Bangalore:

Suction or the Vacuum aspiration method of abortion is recommended to be used to terminate intrauterine pregnancies through 12 weeks. It can also be used when you are less than 8 weeks pregnant in case you opt for it for comfort.

The initial cost of a suction abortion in Bangalore may be the same as that of medical abortion. The initial tests, pre-abortion consultation may remain the same. However, the cost of the procedure may be on the higher side.

This is because this method is slightly invasive and only qualified doctors who have received training for performing suction abortions can perform an abortion by this method. Moreover, the equipment used in this method comes at a higher cost than MTP kits.

For a painless suction abortion, anesthesia may be administered. So, the cost of anesthesia and the anesthetist’s fees will be added. And then the disposable tools are used for suction abortion and hence this method may have the cost of all these things summed up.

The advantages of suction abortion and the cost associated:

But it has its other advantages over a medical abortion and there, it may come at a lesser cost than medical abortion. These are:

  • Painless abortion.
  • Minimum discomfort.
  • Zero to minimum bleeding.
  • It is a single appointment procedure. So, consultation and travelling charges are only charged once.
  • Its efficiency is nearly 100%. So, you can have a completed abortion in a single appointment with same-day discharge. But, not all MTP centres are equipped to perform suction abortions. Even if it is available, you should check whether you can obtain it as a single appointment and with same-day discharge.
  • You may be able to resume your daily activities the next day itself. However, you should avoid strenuous activities for a few days to avoid pain and discomfort. Also, it will help you in early healing.

Schedule an appointment for a suction abortion at BGH:

You may schedule an early appointment at a hospital located nearly 6 km from Indiranagar. Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) located on Queen’s road has the best abortion team and has been performing safe, legal and confidential abortions for more than 20 years.

Another plus side is that you can travel there through any local transport, your personal vehicle or hire a cab. Or you can just speak on the hospital’s helpline number and they can have a cab booked for you both for picking up and dropping back.

BGH offers painless, gentle care and single-appointment abortion procedures with same-day discharge. And the hospital doctors and nurses are so caring, professional, compassionate and non-judgmental that you may need to look no further.

You can easily obtain a safe and confidential abortion at BGH as a married woman or an unmarried girl or a single woman. You may not need any partner or parental consent also if you are above 18 years old.

Cost of surgical abortion in Bangalore:

Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) or commonly known as surgical abortion is recommended for terminating pregnancies beyond 12 weeks. It is also a slightly invasive procedure where the embryo and other gestation products are removed by scraping them off the uterine lining. After that, all the contents are scooped out and removed through the cervix.

Since this method can only be performed by qualifying and experienced doctors, you can expect its cost to be a little higher than suction abortion. The initial cost includes consultation, blood examination and ultrasound. Then, the cost of the abortion procedure, anesthetist fees and that’s all.

This is a nearly 100% efficient procedure when performed by an experienced doctor at a registered abortion hospital. And hence, you may not need to follow up with physical consultation. You can always seek assistance in case of any query via the hospital’s helpline number. Yes, travelling costs can be added, but it may be very less if you are visiting an abortion clinic near you.

This means it can be obtained as a single-appointment procedure.

However, not all hospitals provide single-appointment and same-day discharge surgical abortions. They may need the patient’s hospitalization for a night or more. But, if you are seeking a single appointment and a safe surgical abortion, you may feel free to schedule an appointment at BGH.

Since the slender medical tools are penetrated inside the uterus, there are chances of internal injury. Therefore, great care and precision are required with this method.

The abortion performing doctor needs to have technical expertise and experience so that risks can be avoided. Never settle for an unprofessional abortion to cut the cost of a surgical abortion at a registered abortion clinic.

Cost of unsafe abortion in terms of health:

An unsafe abortion may put into grave consequences like:

  • Internal injury leading to hemorrhage. If such a case is not effectively managed with emergency care, it can lead to heavy blood loss. The patient may even need a blood transfusion or can get into a coma in a worst-case scenario.
  • Infections may make their way in leading to fever with or without chills. Unmanaged infections can cause sepsis and even death. In some cases, pelvic infections cause inflammation in the fallopian tubes negatively impacting the woman’s fertility.
  • Injury to reproductive organs may affect future pregnancies.
  • An unsafe surgical abortion may even distort the shape of the uterus posing difficulty in future pregnancies.
  • Besides the physical trauma, unsafe abortion and impairment of fertility in future may add to mental trauma as well.

You can expect a cost-effective and safe abortion procedure at BGH.

Cost of abortion based on patient’s medical condition:

So far, we have seen the cost of an abortion in terms of pre-abortion consultation and the abortion procedure. Now, comes the cost of an abortion which is decided by each patient’s individual medical condition.

Not all women are in the same health at the time of seeking an abortion. They may or may not be suffering from a disease. For instance, if the patient is diabetic, she may need insulin administration during the procedure. This further adds to the cost.

If the patient is suffering from conditions like liver problems, kidney disease, etc., there will be additional costs for tests and management during the procedure.

When you are looking forward to having a safe abortion, you need to check for the right abortion hospital. The clinic should be equipped with all these basic facilities to be able to manage patients coming with difficult medical conditions.

Cost of abortion based on private facilities:

Every patient is different and personal needs may also vary. Some may be comfortable with a medical abortion procedure and are ready to undergo the pain, bleeding and discomfort. While others may be needing a painless abortion.

Some may need a private room while others may be ready to be a part of a general ward. When it comes to privacy, private room charges may be higher than just a bed in a general ward.

Some may be ready to wait in long queues while others may be seeking an abortion just at the scheduled appointment. Many women and girls in Bangalore are working and they may not be ready for multiple appointments and waiting periods.

An abortion can be a simple and comfortable experience if you can figure out what’s best for you.

The requirement of facilities within the room may also vary from person to person. Throughout your stay in the hospital, you might want a mode of relaxation for you and your partner. So, wi-fi access, television, beverages and snacks come at variable costs according to a person’s needs.

Cost of abortion in terms of patient’s mental wellbeing:

Abortion decision itself is a big thing for a woman or a girl to decide. At first, the woman may get stuck whether to have an abortion or not. This is a huge stress in itself. For an unwanted pregnancy, although abortion is the most consequential and the best step, yet its impact on the mental health of the women cannot be ignored.

When an abortion decision has been made, next should be the priority of the best abortion hospital near you. At a registered abortion clinic, it becomes the responsibility of the healthcare provider to look after the safety of the patient. This safety comes in terms of physical as well as mental health and her privacy.

The healthcare provider’s behavior and treatment play a major role in deciding how the patient perceives an abortion. Whether the patient will take it as a comfortable experience or a traumatic one, depends exactly on the treatment she receives.

A patient’s fears are not to be suppressed, rather addressed. The patient needs trustworthy and reliable information and compassionate behavior. She needs support, not judgment. Physical trauma may heal over time. However, mental bruises may never heal.

Cost of abortion in terms of emotional wellbeing:

Pregnancy triggers a lot of emotions and sentiments. And when we are speaking of unwanted pregnancy and abortion, it is a sensitive issue. And emotions have to be dealt with similar sense of sensitivity. Rather than making the girl or the woman guilty or judging her for seeking an abortion, she should be given emotional support. She needs your help, not the judgment.

The cost of an abortion in terms of her emotional wellbeing can either be a happy abortion experience or a traumatic one. In such a case, the woman or the girl can happily and healthily move ahead in life. But with unsafe abortion, the cost may be in terms of emotional imbalance paving way for disorders like depression, anxiety and fear from future pregnancies, abortions or even relationships.

At BGH, all the doctors and the hospital staff are non-judgmental. You can expect friendly and compassionate behavior with highly professional treatment. No personal queries are asked or the woman or girl dragged into it.

Schedule an early appointment for abortion at a clinic near you. 

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