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Circumcision can be done for a variety of reasons. They can be medical, cosmetic, ethnic or religious.

What is circumcision surgery?

Prior to having

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Circumcision Surgery and Best Circumcision Surgeon in Bangalore, India

Safe, painless and problem-free circumcision surgery in Bangalore for adults of all ages, children and babies done by experienced circumcision surgeon in Bangalore, India

Circumcision or circumcision surgery is the removal of all or parts of the foreskin from the penis.

It is a medical procedure or surgery that provides several benefits when done accurately and safely by an experienced medical doctor.

Circumcision in Bangalore is often recommended by medical professionals, and practiced for hygienic and medical reasons by patients, including adults, children and babies of all backgrounds.

Many people worry about this surgery, but from the moment the decision is made, until the patient is home and feeling fine, the doctors and nurses at Bangalore Genesis hospital are dedicated to patients’ ease and comfort.

The Genesis Circumcision Surgery procedure is neither complicated nor dangerous, when performed by Genesis specialist circumcision surgeons at the hospital.

A few benefits of circumcision surgery and solutions provided are:

  • Improves genital hygiene and cleanliness is less troublesome
  • Solution to provide treatment and cure Phimosisi.e very tight foreskin of the penis
  • Solution for Balanitis: prevents inflammation, itchiness or burning sensation of the foreskin.
  • Reduces the risk for penile cancer.
  • Circumcision surgery for adults in Bangalore, is more favorable for hygiene of the sexual partner.
  • Reported greater intimate pleasure and sexual satisfaction after circumcision for adults.
  • Reduces the risk of sexually transmitted diseases (std’s), since the foreskin of the penis retains bacteria and other infections.
  • Among babies and children: Prevents and reduces urinary tract infections, especially in children. Urinary tract infections can later lead to kidney problems. And hence circumcision operation is advised for babies and infants especially in western countries for medical reasons.
  • Circumcision operation has also been practiced for several centuries and is commonly referred to as “Khatna” among muslims. Circumcision surgery is practiced today by people of all ethnic and religious backgrounds.


  • 1 out of 10 men who are not circumcised suffer from inflammation of the head of the penis and foreskin at some time in their lives.
  • The number rises to 1 in 3 if the uncircumcised man is diabetic. (Diabetic men also have other health problems when uncircumcised.) In contrast less than only 2% of circumcised men experience such inflammation during their lifetime.

Call 934 382 6182 for a free phone consultation with the doctor, on the safe and painless circumcision in Bangalore procedure, without the risk of infections or side effects.

USA, Canada and International patients can also call us at : +91 934 382 6182

Circumcision surgery in Bangalore India, at the Genesis Hospital, is designed to be safe and painless

At the Genesis Hospital, circumcision in Bangalore services are provided by doctors and surgeons with over 30 years of collective experience and having completed over 15,000 successful circumcision and circumcision related surgeries since 1982 .

The most suitable procedure is determined for each individual patient to ensure a 100% problem free, safe and painless circumcision procedure.

Three decades of physicians’ experience back your assurance that patients are in the hands of professionals who have performed this procedure successfully for thousands of patients.

Our dedication to patients’ safety and health means you can rely on the safe and predictable outcome of this surgery.

We also want to caution the public against non-medical or inexperienced personnel performing the surgery due to the dangers of hemorrhage and infection

The safest circumcision surgery must be undertaken in hygienic conditions, with experienced medical professionals handling sterile instruments.

Anything less, is a risk to the patient.

The urologist in charge of the surgery will determine the best way to proceed, using one of several options, decided upon in a pre-procedure meeting with the patient or parents.

Recovery and healing after Genesis Circumcision Surgery

With the surgery performed as an Out Patient service, the recovery period will be brief.

However, patients are closely monitored after circumcision, by caring attendants post-surgery, to be absolutely certain that the recovery proceeds as expected.

Medication is provided to ensure a rapid healing process and specific instructions for care of the surgical site are reviewed with the patient or parents.

*Patients can rest assured that surgery is kept fully confidential to ensure your privacy.

Special Khatna in Bangalore services are offered for babies, young children and adults as well

If you need Khatna in Bangalore, please request it when you speak with the doctor by calling 934 382 6182.

Genesis hospital has a specialist surgeon who is specialized in performing only Khatna operation for babies. When providing khatna for babies, special care in taken during the procedure and during follow-up and after care.

A baby is delicate and tender and proper performance of the khatna procedure is very important to ensure a healthy baby.

The doctor will advice of the necessary precautions to take and the procedure to follow after khatna is performed.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the duration of the surgery?

The procedure is carefully and accurately performed in approximately 1 hour by our specialist circumcision surgeons.

2. How safe is the circumcision operation?

Under the expert care of our highly experienced doctors and nurses, it is completely safe. Many patients have expressed their relief and surprise when it was over quickly, without pain or problem.

3. How long is the healing process?

One of the nice things about this surgery is the rapid recovery period. Our doctors provide the appropriate medications to ensure this.

You may opt to return to work the same day. However, it may take a few days for the tenderness to recede. The doctor will advice you on the best course of action.

The Genesis Circumcision Surgery procedure comes with after-care instructions.

4. Is the surgery recommended for adults?

Yes, absolutely. Circumcision is a very common practice for babies from all backgrounds but nowadays circumcision surgery for adults in Bangalore has become very common and recommended as well.

Please see the benefits of circumcision surgery listed above on this page.

5. What is the cost for circumcision surgery?

Fees is determined based on the patient’s specific case, medical conditions, age and extent of surgery.

We strongly caution patients not to compromise on any short term cost of circumcision surgery, since the cost for the patient of a lower quality surgery is very expensive in terms of patient’s health and safety.

Genesis Circumcision Surgery is well known for it’s highest quality in surgical services.

You can expect the safest standard, accuracy and care to avoid any risks associated with the surgery. Genesis Circumcision Surgery also comes with after-care instructions to ensure fast healing and return to your normal daily functions quickly after surgery.

Your surgery has been designed into a systematic procedure keeping in mind the highest standards of quality after our doctors have conducted over 15,000 circumcision surgeries.

Our patients also receive the benefit of our efficient operations because they won’t incur expenses for an overnight stay.

For a free phone consultation with the doctor regarding circumcision surgery in Bangalore India, please call 934 382 6182. You can discuss your fees and any other questions you may have.

When you contact Genesis Hospital in Bangalore, your needs will be met by dedicated, caring people, considerate of your wishes and solicitous of your well-being.

Call us today for a free phone consultation to speak with the doctor directly, regarding any other questions you may have about circumcision, or to take an appointment at 934 382 6182

** All queries are fully confidential and treated with care and respect for patient’s privacy. Adults of all ages go through the circumcision for their benefit. There is no reason to feel shy or to hesitate.