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Choosing abortion in Bangalore India: What, when and how?

Choosing Abortion In Bangalore India: What, When And How

Deciding on whether to have an abortion or not is a personal decision that a couple has to make. It largely depends on whether the pregnancy is wanted or not, whether planned or an unexpected pregnancy, whether the couple is married or seeking abortion in Bangalore as an unmarried couple.

However, when the decision on getting an abortion is the most likely choice, one should remember to get Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC). Unsafe abortions in India and other parts of the world are a leading cause of maternal mortality and morbidity.

So, if you are looking for your abortion in Bangalore options, you are at the right place. This post intends to educate you regarding what are your early pregnancy termination options at the best abortion clinic near you. Besides, you will also receive knowledge on certain points like what are your early abortion options and how you need to prepare for the abortion.

Abortion preparation needs the patient to get prepared for the procedure both physically as well as mentally. Safe abortion in Bangalore does not impact a woman’s physical or mental or emotional wellbeing. It does not have any long-lasting side effects or complications that can have an impact throughout her life.

But for safe abortion, it is also important to visit the registered abortion hospital near you. And if you seek a confidential abortion, then probably, you should know how to choose the best private MTP centre near you.

Let’s get started with some queries you may be having. Hopefully, you’ll get answers to all of them in brief here. However, if you wish to discover more in this regard, you can always book a consultation appointment for deciding your abortion in Bangalore options.

Schedule a consultation appointment for abortion in Bangalore.

Is abortion in Bangalore legal: What do you need to know?

Abortion in India is legal. So, relax, if you have been worrying about abortion being legal in Bangalore. You can avail of legal abortion in Bangalore for several reasons:

Failure of contraceptives:

You can obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore if your pregnancy is a result of contraceptive failure.

Do you know?

Earlier, only married women could get a legal abortion for this reason. But with the introduction of the MTP Act, 1971 latest amendment in MTP Act 2021, even unmarried girls can get a legal abortion for this reason.

Are you an unmarried girl struggling with an unplanned pregnancy? Do not worry at all! You can get a legal abortion. You can get a safe abortion. And you can get a confidential abortion.

Slots for unmarried girl abortion in Bangalore get filled in quick and you may not want to miss them. Abortion methods may vary with delay in abortion.

Inquire for the earliest available spot.


You can obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore if your pregnancy is a result of rape/incest. Now, what’s the difference between the two?

Rape is an immoral act where sexual assault does not involve the permission of the partner. This means that sexual intercourse is done against the will of the victim.

However, incest involves a sexual relationship between two people with mutual consent. However, the two people involved in the relationship are from the family and hence considered illicit.  

Indian law considers pregnancies resulting from such acts can pose a mental threat to a woman’s life. Therefore, they permit legal abortions for pregnancies resulting from rapes as well from incest.

Karnataka alone sees nearly 44 cases of rapes each month.


Besides, there has been a rise in sexual assault incidences. And many other incidences go unreported due to attached stigma and shame.

We understand how much a girl or a woman suffers and survives such criminal acts. And also, the compassion and treatment one may need when such acts result in unwanted pregnancies.

In case you are looking forward to having a safe, legal and confidential abortion for a pregnancy resulting from rape, you can visit the best abortion hospital near you. If you too are struggling to survive such an act, we are there for you!

Please do not attempt self-abortion. It may harm your health and life. We can help you.

Schedule a confidential abortion appointment in Bangalore today!

To protect a woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life:

Many a time pregnancy complications can take a harsh turn. In such events, doctors may prescribe to terminate even the wanted pregnancies before they attain full term.

We do understand the mental and emotional stress such couples undergo. Moreover, we also understand their immediate needs. Such cases can occur with anyone and at any time during the entire gestation age. Abortion in India is legal for such cases and it is obtainable at any time during the pregnancy.

If you are one such couple, please look ahead for safe abortion options rather than delaying them because of emotional stress. Delay can cause further complications, some of which can impact the woman throughout her life. Some others may even be life-threatening.

But you can start afresh after the abortion recovery. There is always a silver lining amidst dark clouds. There is always a ray of hope and you too can further have a healthy future pregnancy. But, as of now, if abortion is a well-informed prescription, you should obtain only a safe abortion. It can help you recover and start better with a healthy living.

Remember, an unsafe abortion can cause harm to your future pregnancies. So, check out how to choose the best doctor for abortion before you decide where to have an abortion.

At Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH), you will receive all the help you may need as a part of safe abortion.

Schedule an early appointment for safe abortion in Bangalore.

Detection of fetal anomalies:

In some rare cases, pre-natal determination of fetal wellbeing reveals that the child to be born may have some developmental disorders. Or the child may be born with a disease that is either incurable or he/she may not survive the same.

In such cases also, abortion is a prescription and couples may find it difficult to make the abortion decision. However, you must process your feelings and start a new beginning.

After all, you may be wanting a healthy child. So, if abortion is a prescription for such a case, you can legally obtain it in Bangalore.

But please remember to have a safe abortion and that too as soon as possible. Delay may cause more complications.

Schedule an abortion appointment today!

Cost of abortion in Bangalore: What you need to know?

Any medical procedure cost is not more than the patient’s health, life and wellbeing in the long run. Similarly, abortion costs in Bangalore may vary from hospital to hospital and from patient to patient.

Each patient is individual. Her needs are different and medical needs may also vary largely according to her current medical condition. Therefore, abortion costs cannot come as a consolidated figure. However, you can call the helpline number and inquire about the estimated cost of an abortion.

This can help you have the amount ready during your abortion appointment.

Broadly, abortion cost depends on several factors like:

  • Pregnancy length
  • Pregnancy location
  • Abortion method
  • Diagnostic tests
  • Patient’s medical condition
  • History of any illness that may need extra diagnostic tests and management of complications
  • Private facilities such as personalized one-on-one patient consultation for a confidential abortion
  • Single-day abortion
  • Some patients may choose to recover in a private room and not want to stay at the hospital for long
  • The location of the abortion hospital will decide your travelling costs for abortion
  • Whether you are looking for a short, quick and successful abortion in a single appointment or are ready to wait and have it completed in multiple appointments.

Cost of abortion in Bangalore in terms of lost health:

Further, abortion costs may come in terms of affected health if a patient chooses an unsafe abortion method. These may come in the form of:

  • Abortion costs in terms of loss of fertility or reproductive health. These may include several kinds of infections of the reproductive tract, injury to reproductive organs and others that can impair her future pregnancies.
  • Price of abortion in terms of internal injury that can lead to a chronic medical condition. Some injuries are irreversible and the patient has to live with them throughout their life.
  • Abortion price may come in terms of loss of life that can be due to several reasons like sepsis resulting from severe infections. This again may result from unhygienic abortion care, premises and unsterile tools. Or it can be a result of ectopic pregnancy rupture after self-administration of pills.
  • The cost of abortion may increase if the complication of an incomplete abortion presents itself after a DIY abortion.
  • Similarly, the list of risks and complications is long like heavy bleeding and blood loss, hemorrhage, pelvic inflammatory disease, endometriosis, post-abortion synechiae, adenomyosis and many more.

But the most important thing is to remember that all abortion complications are preventable. And please do not delay since an increase in pregnancy length increases the chances of complications.

You too can have a safe abortion with no side effects impacting your life in future.

Schedule an appointment for early and safe abortion.

Up to when can you have a safe abortion in Bangalore?

The permissible circumstances in which a woman or girl can obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore have been discussed above. But what you may not know is that up to when can you have your abortion.

So, you can have an abortion in India for up to 20 weeks in most circumstances. However, in some special cases like that of rape or fetal anomalies, many girls and women have been granted legal permissions beyond the 24-week ceiling age as well for certain special cases. And when an abortion is necessary to safeguard the woman’s health and/or life, there is no upper limit up to when she can obtain a legal abortion.

However, the methods of abortion vary with varying pregnancy lengths.

Where and how to have a safe abortion?

Safe abortion means an abortion that protects the safety of a woman in terms of her physical, mental, emotional health as well as safeguards her privacy.

Abortion methods and their costs vary from hospital to hospital. But if you seek top-notch healthcare, then cost is just a monetary figure for the moment. Think of a happy, successful abortion after which you can start your life afresh stress-free.

Moving ahead in life after an unsafe abortion can be troublesome when it brings harsh consequences. Check for your self-help:

As per the Population Reference Bureau, India accounts for at least 145 deaths per 100,000 live births which is way too high. And this data comes from the complications of unsafe abortions. This would mean 1 in 290 women suffering from abortion complications is likely to face an unfortunate death.

(Source: World Health Organization (WHO), Trends in Maternal Mortality: 2000 to 2017, Estimates by WHO, UNICEF, UNFPA, World Bank Group, and the United Nations Population Division (New York: WHO, 2019).


We hope this little piece of factual information can stop you from attempting an unsafe self-abortion.

Registered medical practitioners, qualified and experienced gynecologists at registered abortion hospitals are there to help. Why take a chance of self-abortion? If this is just to cut the cost of abortion, then remember, no cost is more than your health and life.

Coming next to the safe abortion methods in Bangalore.

Abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH):

Bangalore Genesis Hospital is a top-rated abortion clinic in Bangalore that complies with all the legal standards framed by the government. It is equipped with everything you can expect from the best abortion hospital as a patient and what one may need to certify a hospital as a registered abortion clinic.

Besides, the hospital has the best abortion team that has received recognition for their work not only in Bangalore but throughout India. It also has international fame for being the most reputed abortion clinic in Bangalore with highly-qualified and experienced physicians and nurses.

Pre-abortion consultation:

When you first arrive at the hospital, you will experience a calm and pleasing atmosphere. When you visit by appointment, there is no waiting period. The doctor shall see you in a one-to-one private consultation. You can speak to the doctor in a friendly manner. No personal queries that can make you feel judged or uncomfortable are never asked for.

Only the medical and relevant details mandatory for providing you with a comfortable abortion experience have a place. You should also tell your doctor regarding any co-existing medical condition or medicines you have been taking.

The doctor shall advise you of some relevant tests to ensure your safety. With reports in hand, the doctor shall provide you with detailed information regarding your available abortion options.

The abortion method shall depend largely on your pregnancy length, location and certain specific factors concerning your medical condition. The doctor will thoroughly evaluate your medical reports to reach the best abortion procedure for you.

You will also receive the procedural details of the procedure you are likely to undergo for terminating your pregnancy. And then, you can expect a professional and a positive medical experience. You can expect such a pain-free and stress-free abortion experience only at BGH. Have a look at what its patients have to say.

The abortion procedure:

Most pregnancies are normal or intrauterine. However, to rule out the risks of ectopic and molar pregnancies and also to be sure of the exact pregnancy length, the doctor shall advise a scan. It is a painless ultrasound and takes not more than 2 minutes to complete.

The doctor shall evaluate the reports of the same and then may decide the best abortion method for you. Some other routine blood tests may be necessary as per your medical condition to prevent any complications and ensure your safety.

While ectopic pregnancies may receive a different line of treatment, intrauterine pregnancies are safely terminated by the three safe abortion methods. These are:

  1. The medical abortion
  2. Gentle Care Suction abortion
  3. Gentle Care Surgical abortion

The medical abortion at BGH:

If your pregnancy is less than 6-8 weeks, then you can opt to terminate it safely in the comfort and privacy of your home. The doctor will give you the first abortion pill to take at the clinic itself. And you will receive another set of the abortion pill(s) to take when at home at a gap of 24-72 hours.

The doctor shall determine the exact dose needed for a successful abortion for your case after meticulous consideration of your medical condition. Even the mode of administration may vary from patient to patient.

You can take the pills and resume your normal work the same day. You may not feel any change. But when you take the second abortion pill as and when directed, you should stay at home. This medicine will trigger the abortion and induce a miscarriage.

You can expect to start bleeding as early as half an hour. Or it may take even longer up to 4 hours. In any case, stay by a loved one to feel comfortable and he/she can be there for you in case of any help you may need. The embryo may expel in less than 6 hours. But you may continue to bleed up to a few days and weeks. You can take a rest for a day or more if you feel like it.

But after the day of the abortion, it is more or less like a regular menstrual period. With abortion pills, you need to remember a few things.

These are:

  • Sometimes, abortion pills can result in an incomplete abortion. And you should be ready to get it complete by surgical method. Although incidences of incomplete abortions are rare, however, it is better that you know both the outcomes.
  • Medical abortion is like a natural miscarriage. So, you may experience moderate to severe pain with abdominal cramps. If you are okay with the same, the doctor can prescribe you some safe pain relief medication to ease your abortion journey.
  • You may need to wait up to a few days to be sure if abortion is complete. So, the anxiety can keep you up during the waiting period. In case, you bleed beyond day 10, consider it time to schedule an appointment for a consultation.

But in a case you want to leave the clinic with resolution to your problem, you can opt for Gentle Care Suction abortion. Learn more about it!

Gentle Care Suction abortion:

It is the method of abortion for terminating all pregnancies that are in their first trimester, i.e., up to 12 weeks. It is a short, quick and painless in-clinic abortion procedure.

The nurse shall help you lie in a comfortable position in a private room, unlike cold operation theatres. She shall numb your cervix region and also disinfect it.

Then, the doctor shall gently insert a soft and flexible disposable tube in your womb and gently pull out the pregnancy. The use of a hand-held aspirator will create mild suction and all pregnancy products will evacuate.

This method is very gentle and involves minimum discomfort. You can go back home as early as within 15 minutes after the procedure knowing that your abortion was successful. Unlike medical abortion, it is a painless, quick and efficient procedure.

9 out of 10 women who are early in seeking abortion prefer Gentle Care suction abortion over abortion pills. The best part is that you can get back to work as soon as possible. This is very important for students and working girls and women.

One of the patients mentioned:

“Basically my treatment went fine…. in short I found the doctor n nurses took my recovery quite seriously so it was smooth and quick… was able to return and get back to work asap (which was very important to me) and didn’t feel issues after the procedure since I was given needed medicines also counselling.”

Check out for yourself!

Schedule an appointment for Gentle Care suction abortion today.

All slots for up to a few days may be filled up. Inquire to know the earliest available spot or you may miss an early one. 

Gentle Care Surgical abortion:

BGH offers a Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E) procedure gently to terminate any pregnancies beyond 12 weeks but less than 20 weeks.

All abortion procedures at BGH are highly professional with patients’ comfort at the highest priority.

Patient care, comfort and satisfaction is at the forefront of their treatment.

Schedule an early appointment. Delay can miss your earliest spot!

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