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Choosing Abortion in Bangalore India

Planning for Abortion in Bangalore India

If you are faced with the problem of unwanted pregnancy, it is important that you are mentally and physically prepared for abortion – the medical termination of pregnancy.

More often than not, women who do not want to conceive due various reasons, but end up getting pregnant choose abortion to dismiss the unwanted fetus from their womb.

There are surgical and medical types of abortion, including via abortion pills, and the doctor will consider your stage of pregnancy, physical and mental condition before recommending the type of abortion.   While medical abortion may or may not produce desired results depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy, surgical procedure usually proves successful.

Early or Late Abortion in India

It is important that abortion is performed in the early stage of pregnancy or first trimester, though in certain cases, it can be done in the later stage.  As you proceed with pregnancy, complications involved in abortion are bound to increase.

However, even later abortion must be done in the early stages of pregnancy, except in unavoidable circumstances where the life of the mother is under threat due to pregnancy complications.

Ideally abortion performed in the first trimester is safer than that done in the other stages of pregnancy.  Though both procedures use the same technique to remove the unwanted fetus, the late abortion is more complicated and requires extra caution on the surgeon’s part.

During the initial consultation, doctors in the abortion clinic in India begin with addressing the patient’s concerns and discussing all the available options, including keeping the baby and going ahead with pregnancy.

However, if the patient is firm enough on terminating her pregnancy based on the patient’s specific situation, the medical practitioner will clearly explain the pros and cons of the procedure and set up an appointment for the final round, that is, the medical termination of pregnancy.

Generally expert medical practitioners in the abortion hospitals in Bangalore do not suggest elective surgeries after the end of the second trimester, since doing such a procedure can also pose a risk to the life of the mother.

Whether to Choose Abortion in India

Abortion is a personal decision that can cause you pain mentally.  It is crucial that you are mentally prepared for an abortion in the event of an unwanted pregnancy.  Try to consult trusted well-wishers regarding your decision and seek their advice before making the final decision.

If you still decide to go ahead with abortion in Bangalore, choose a reputable and abortion certified multi-specialty hospital, such as Bangalore Genesis Hospital, which has trusted and skilled doctors to perform the procedure in full compliance with the law and also keep your information private and confidential.

To learn more about undergoing an abortion in Bangalore India, visit or call 934 382-6182 or 900 849 2277 to schedule a consultation with an experienced doctor.


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