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Circumcision can be done for a variety of reasons. They can be medical, cosmetic, ethnic or religious.

What is circumcision surgery?

Prior to having a circumcision operation done it is good to understand exactly what the operation is and how it will benefit you. Wh

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Consultations available by prior scheduled appointment.

Call to schedule appointment: 900 849 2277 or 934 382 6182

International patients call: (+91) 900 849 2277 or (+91) 934 382 6182

Inpatient admission hours: (24/7)

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What’s the procedure for unwed girl abortion in Kammanahalli

Discovering an unwanted pregnancy can be a stressful situation for any woman. If this news comes to an unmarried girl, her situation is further complicated. If you too have recently discovered that you are pregnant and you want its termination, you are at the right place.

There are many abortion clinics and hospitals in India. However, not every hospital is within the reach. And you may be wanting a safe, legal and confidential abortion. But how to avail one at a nearby MTP centre?


Read this before you buy abortion pills in Bangalore:

An unwanted pregnancy is nearly a cumbersome situation for any woman. And women may seek an abortion to end most of the unwanted pregnancies.

Women in Bangalore have been reportedly obtaining abortion pills as a quick fix to this problem. But does it really fix the problem? Or does it bring more?

Hello, young girls and women out there in Bangalore! We understand that unwanted pregnancies can come to any of you. Many of the readers might have even experienced the same.

Have you recently discovered that you are pregnant and you do not wish to carry the same?

Is the pregnancy wanted or is it the opposite, an unwanted pregnancy?

How far do you think you are from a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore?

Welcome readers! This post is to help you have a safe termination of an unwanted pregnancy in Bangalore, India. But first, give up any thought of buying an abortion pill without consultation. Promise???

Read ahead to know why.

Abortion in Bangalore


Abortions in Sri Lanka

While abortion is legal in a lot of places, such as India or the United States, it is also illegal in a lot of places, such as Sri Lanka. Abortion in Sri Lanka is illegal except for in the rarest of exceptions, but a woman who feels as if her only option is to get an abortion should not despair. She does have an option that will not require her to go to an illegal abortion clinic.

In Sri Lanka, there is only one reason a woman can get an abortion: the health of the mother. There is no exception for something wrong with the baby, or even if the pregnancy was the result of a rape.

If a woman does decide to get an abortion in Sri Lanka, despite the fact that it is not legal, there are really harsh penalties for being caught. The punishment will be given to both the person performing the operation and the woman herself. The punishment not only includes multiple years in jail, but it includes several lashes as well.

Not only is there strict punishment for getting an illegal abortion, there is also a strong chance that an illegal abortion will seriously hurt the woman or even kill her. Safe procedures that can be gotten at doctor’s offices and legal clinics are not available to women in Sri Lanka because the people with training, equipment, and knowledge to give a safe abortion often will not do one because of the penalty for being caught. This means that the only other option is often to go to a place without the training, equipment, or knowledge to give a safe abortion.

This can lead to serious health problems, permanent damage, and even death. Therefore, a woman in this situation should do everything she can to avoid going to one of these illegal places.

Instead, a woman in Sri Lanka who is going to get an abortion should try to go to a place where the procedure is legal. It is legal in many countries, and some of those places have services specifically to help the women in other countries that do not offer abortions.

Instead of getting an abortion in Sri Lanka, a woman can go to India to get an abortion. Some clinics even offer services that help the woman plan her trip, arrange transportation, and find a place to stay. This makes the trip look and feel more like a vacation, which helps ease stress and situation.

If you plan a trip to India instead of getting an abortion in Sri Lanka, you should look in to the Abortion Clinic in India. This great clinic has a lot of information at Alternatively, you may call (934) 382-6182.