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Circumcision can be done for a variety of reasons. They can be medical, cosmetic, ethnic or religious.

What is circumcision surgery?

Prior to having a circumcision operation done it is good to understand exactly what the operation is and how it will benefit you. Wh

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Abortion Hospital in India – Everything You Need to Know

Every pregnancy that is intended to be terminated should have access to early abortion services. Availing early abortions can prevent many abortion complications, provided they are sought at safe abortion hospitals.

In India, there are several abortion hospitals, but to choose the best abortion hospital for you, you’ll have to do a little homework.

Here’s an ultimate guide into helping and picking the best abortion hospital in India. Let’s get started. 


Surgical Abortion in Bangalore Explained by Experts

Surgical abortion in Bangalore: Explained by Experts

The term surgery itself instigates fear in most of the people. The fear increases when we know nothing or very limited about a surgical procedure. 

Abortions for unwanted pregnancies or the ones that need to be terminated for certain medical reasons are performed through different procedures depending upon further diverse factors.

Abortions are carried out broadly by two kinds of procedures: Medical and Surgical. Medical, as the name suggests involves terminating early pregnancies medically with the use of certain approved medicines.

Surgical abortions are suggestive of surgeries by the name, but they actually are not.

What comes to your mind when you think of surgery? Undoubtedly, several common things are in thoughts of most people, some of which are; cuts, bruises, stitching, suturing, hospitalization, etc that provoke fear in most women.

Surgical abortion: Do you need to fear it?


Abortion Pills in Bangalore – Medical Abortion Explained by the Doctor

Medical abortion or Abortion Pills in Bangalore explained by the doctor

As the name suggests, medical abortion refers to the abortion procedure with the help of medicines. It is the non-invasive method for terminating early pregnancies. 

Medical abortion in Bangalore: Is it your option?

Abortion by abortion pills is the first thing that comes to minds of all women wanting to terminate unplanned pregnancies. But it cannot be effectively availed by all.

How far has your pregnancy progressed?

When did your pregnancy test reveal a positive?

You can calculate your pregnancy period taking your last menstrual period (LMP) as day 1 of pregnancy and its week as the first week.

You may be wondering that the conception most likely occurred after 2 weeks, and still, the initial 2 weeks are also added in the gestation length. 

Yes, this is the standard adopted by most of the countries for ascertaining the gestation length. 

So, have you calculated your gestation length?


9 Criteria To Use While Choosing Your Gynaecologist for Abortion in Bangalore

Once a woman knows that she is about to undergo an abortion procedure, there are plenty of choices ahead to make her abortion experience safe and comfortable. One such big decision is the choice of the MTP centre and the gynaecologist.

Are you too one such woman wondering about how to choose the best gynaecologist for abortion in India? If yes, here we have outlined certain things that can help you in making the best choice. 

Let’s get started. 

#1. Registered Medical Practitioner (RMP):

The first and the most important thing is the qualification of the gynaecologist. For abortion to be safe, it needs to be performed by technically and professionally sound and experienced gynaecologist. After all, you will want safe hands to perform the abortion procedure.


10 Important Things to Know Before Taking Abortion Pills in Bangalore

Abortion Pills in BengaluruAbortion pills or an MTP kit seems like the easiest option when it comes to cease an unwanted pregnancy.

If you have recently realized that you are pregnant and you are currently not looking forward to having a baby, then using abortion pills to terminate the unintended pregnancy may come to you as the earliest option.

But before you self-administer abortion pills in Bangalore or anywhere else in India or the world or even if you consider buying it from an online pharmacy or a nearby pharmacy or availing it from an uncertified MTP centre, there are a few critically important things to consider.


Cost of Abortion in Bangalore

Bangalore has emerged as one of the choicest cities for a medical destination where people from throughout India and the world seeking medical aid come and obtain the required healthy options.

There are plenty of reasons that make Bangalore in India as the city of choice for a variety of exclusive medical procedures. And one such medical procedure is abortion or the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) which has seen an influx of patients in Bangalore from across the country and worldwide.

There are plenty of considerations that go into mind while considering an abortion and one such thing is the cost of an abortion. Abortion cost varies in different countries, in different cities of the same country and is also different in different MTP centres of the same city. Similarly, the cost of an abortion in Bangalore may vary from centre to centre, based on the medical facilities available, doctors/medical staff’s qualifications and experience, as well as the quality of the abortion procedures available at the abortion centre.


Abortion for Unmarried Couples – Best Options in Bangalore India

In India, as of today, all women have equal reproductive rights including the right to seek abortion regardless of their marital status. Still, abortion of unmarried women is seldom discussed. The lack of information and know-how about abortion is one of the leading causes of unsafe abortions in India. That is why; we need to have open conversations educating and informing women about their reproductive rights. Every woman has the right to a safe, legal and confidential abortion procedure in India with a focus on her long term health and well-being, and without being hassled in any way.


Abortion pills available in Bangalore

Based on the number of weeks of pregnancy and specific requirements of the patient, there are different options for abortion procedures in Bangalore: the most common two options are a non-surgical option for abortion, known as the “abortion pill” or medical abortion; and a surgical abortion.

The abortion pill is available to most women during the early stages of pregnancy.  This is different to a surgical abortion, but each have their own risks and both should be administered under the care of an experienced gynecologist at an MTP certified hospital.  

There may be currently a few options for abortion pills available online in Bangalore. Even though different abortion pills may be available online, it is still very important to seek medical care and guidance before taking them, and it is critically important to take them under the prescription and supervision of an experienced medical professional/ gynecologist.

You must not self-administer an abortion procedure at home without medical supervision, under any circumstances, as it can carry serious short-term and long-term health risks. 

Abortion pills available in Bangalore India

The best, and most common, abortion pill option is to combine the two medications of mifepristone and misoprostol. There are a large variety of abortion pills flooding the market in India, and that are now available online as well.

Each pill may have the same two ingredients but in different dosages. It is very important to seek help when looking for the right pill for you as everyone will react differently to different dosages in these pills.

Some of the abortion pills that are available in Bangalore and throughout India are:

  • Syn-Bort
  • Unwanted Kit Abortion Pills
  • Cipla Mifepristone and Misoprostol (which is known as the Cipla MTP kit)
  • Abortion kit by Neiss Labs
  • Mifegest Kit for Medical Abortion

All of these different options of the abortion pill will use the combination of drugs above – mifepristone and misoprostol.  Each of them have slightly different amounts of each of these two drugs, and your body may react differently to someone else’s with each pill. Speak to a medical professional for help to get the best guidance and advice for the  abortion pill procedure suitable for you and your body.

Risks and side-effects of the abortion pill and what to consider 

Although the medical abortion, or the abortion pill, is a safe and effective method of terminating a pregnancy up to 6 weeks, it does have side-effects and some risks. This is why it is critically important to have these pills administered under the care and guidance of a gynecologist at a reputable MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Certified hospital to ensure the risks and side-effects are managed correctly.  

It is also advisable to seek CAC (Comprehensive Abortion Care) via methods and standards suggested by The WHO (World Health Organization). This ensures the long-term health and well-being of the patient, that risks are at a minimum, as well as having guidance of what to do should any of these risks occur.

Here are some abortion pill risks:

  • Ongoing pregnancy can occur in less than 1% and the next step here would be to undergo a surgical abortion under the care of a trained medical professional.
  • Excessive bleeding can be severe enough to require a blood transfusion. This usually only occurs in 1 in 1000 cases, but it is best to be under professional care in case this does occur.
  • Incomplete abortion is the most common complication. This occurs when the pregnancy is not completely evacuated from the uterus and the next step would be to undergo a surgical procedure under the guidance of a medical professional.
  • Abortion pills can also cause cramping and in some cases when taken without gynecologist supervision may lead to uterine haemorrhage / severe blood loss. 

The best choice for your medical abortion

Abortion pills are available and must be administered at reputed MTP Certified Hospitals for Abortion in Bangalore where experienced and trained gynecologists and medical doctors ensure the best choice of abortion pills in Bangalore and the suitable procedure for you, as well as the after-care and guidance needed through each step of this process.

Choosing Abortion in Bangalore India

Planning for Abortion in Bangalore India

If you are faced with the problem of unwanted pregnancy, it is important that you are mentally and physically prepared for abortion – the medical termination of pregnancy.

More often than not, women who do not want to conceive due various reasons, but end up getting pregnant choose abortion to dismiss the unwanted fetus from their womb.

There are surgical and medical types of abortion, including via abortion pills, and the doctor will consider your stage of pregnancy, physical and mental condition before recommending the type of abortion.   While medical abortion may or may not produce desired results depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy, surgical procedure usually proves successful.

Early or Late Abortion in India

It is important that abortion is performed in the early stage of pregnancy or first trimester, though in certain cases, it can be done in the later stage.  As you proceed with pregnancy, complications involved in abortion are bound to increase.

However, even later abortion must be done in the early stages of pregnancy, except in unavoidable circumstances where the life of the mother is under threat due to pregnancy complications.

Ideally abortion performed in the first trimester is safer than that done in the other stages of pregnancy.  Though both procedures use the same technique to remove the unwanted fetus, the late abortion is more complicated and requires extra caution on the surgeon’s part.

During the initial consultation, doctors in the abortion clinic in India begin with addressing the patient’s concerns and discussing all the available options, including keeping the baby and going ahead with pregnancy.

However, if the patient is firm enough on terminating her pregnancy based on the patient’s specific situation, the medical practitioner will clearly explain the pros and cons of the procedure and set up an appointment for the final round, that is, the medical termination of pregnancy.

Generally expert medical practitioners in the abortion hospitals in Bangalore do not suggest elective surgeries after the end of the second trimester, since doing such a procedure can also pose a risk to the life of the mother.

Whether to Choose Abortion in India

Abortion is a personal decision that can cause you pain mentally.  It is crucial that you are mentally prepared for an abortion in the event of an unwanted pregnancy.  Try to consult trusted well-wishers regarding your decision and seek their advice before making the final decision.

If you still decide to go ahead with abortion in Bangalore, choose a reputable and abortion certified multi-specialty hospital, such as Bangalore Genesis Hospital, which has trusted and skilled doctors to perform the procedure in full compliance with the law and also keep your information private and confidential.

To learn more about undergoing an abortion in Bangalore India, visit or call 934 382-6182 or 900 849 2277 to schedule a consultation with an experienced doctor.

Say Good-Bye to Gynecomastia With Advanced Male Breast Reduction Surgery in Bangalore

Breast reduction surgery was thus far associated with women.  But it is no surprise that the procedure is becoming increasingly popular with men, who are eager to get rid of their “moobs” also sometimes referred to as “man boobs”.

Some men suffer from excess tissueover their chest that takes the form of enlarged breasts, negatively affecting their self-esteem.   To some men, it is more than embarrassing to have feminine features, such as breasts, which might prevent them from making the most of life.

Breast reduction in India, performed in the form of an advanced surgical procedure, can prove to be the most effective treatment for gynecomastia.

Causes of Gynecomastia

If you have oversized breasts, it is better to find the cause of your condition before going ahead with treatment.  Some of the causes of enlarged breasts in men may include:

  • use of certain drugs or anabolic steroids
  • excessive alcohol intake
  • certain diseases, including cancer
  • sudden weight loss, resulting in sagging skin
  • congenital abnormality
  • disorder of the endocrine system

More often than not, the condition might be attributed to hormonal changes and imbalance in the body.  If the estrogen level outweighs the androgen level in your body, your chest might start to take a more feminine form.

Drug side effects or malfunctioning of the physiology might also contribute to the rise of estrogen levels in men.  Though non-surgical treatments are available to remove the overdeveloped or enlarged chest, a male breast reduction surgery ensures quick and assured results.

The condition may be characterized by:

  • A combination of excess glandular fat and tissue
  • Excess glandular tissue development
  • Excess localized fat

Treatment for Gynecomastia

Performed under local anesthetic, gynecomastia surgery performed at Bangalore Genesis Hospital is a one-to-two-hour procedure.  Different from female breast reduction, this type of surgery involves a complete removal of the tissue in males.

During the gynecomastia surgery in Bangalore, our highly skilled and experienced doctors make an incision around the nipple and perform small scar resection with liposuction to excise the tissue and remove fat on the chest.

After the procedure, scarring is a natural occurrence around the nipple, but this isn’t something to worry about, as the scars will fade gradually over time.

Gynecomastia surgery in Bangalore is performed in a comfortable setting and involves a combination of

ü  excision of excess breast tissue

ü  removal of glandular fat

ü  tightening and sculpting of the chest skin and underlying muscle

Gynecomastia may be present in one breast or both breasts.  Since the procedure involves a small incision, the risk of infection is minimal.

However, it is crucial that you follow up with the surgeon after the procedure to ensure the post-surgery recovery is carefully monitored and risks are minimized.

If you have been avoiding certain physical activities merely to hide your condition, it is easier than ever to restore your self confidence by choosing the best surgeon for your male breast reduction procedure.   Visit find details about the procedure or call us at 934 382 6182 to speak with the doctor regarding the surgery.