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Can abortion cause infertility: What experts have to say?

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Welcome readers! We are here to discuss one of the most common queries women have before they seek an abortion, “Can abortion cause infertility?”. And sometimes after abortion, when they find it difficult to conceive, they blame a past abortion experience. To be very true, there is no straight ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ to this question, “Can abortion cause infertility?”. But there are different perspectives to look at the answers. And this post comes to you as insights from experts at the best abortion hospital.

Most of the time, a safe abortion does not cause infertility. However, an unsafe abortion can cause infertility due to several reasons. A more important question you should figure out is whether your choice of abortion method can cause infertility. Whether the method you are up for is a safe choice. If it’s a safe choice, you can proceed with abortion care. But make sure, you have your queries cleared right from the doctor for abortion during your pre-abortion consultation.

Now, let’s see the different scenarios where abortion can be a safe choice not impacting your fertility and where abortion can cause infertility.

A safe abortion will not cause infertility, but an unsafe abortion can. Now, what kind of abortion can you call a safe abortion? And how to obtain a safe abortion at an abortion clinic near you? Let’s get this shorted at first.

Safe abortion: What it means for you?

When a registered medical practitioner who has received ample training for providing abortion care prescribes abortion, it’s a safe abortion. Not only this, when he/she performs a pregnancy termination using the World Health Organization (WHO) guidelines or the standards laid by the medical board of that country in a registered Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centre using approved medicines and techniques within the safe gestation limits, an abortion is a safe abortion.

Well, this is a definition in a broader context. So, let’s break it down to make it easier for you to understand if you are undergoing a safe abortion or not.

  • Have you visited the doctor for abortion yet?
  • Have you obtained an ultrasound to confirm your pregnancy, its exact length and location?
  • Are you trying to terminate your pregnancy with abortion pills?
  • Has the abortion doctor prescribed you the abortion pills?
  • Or the doctor for abortion recommend any other safe abortion procedure?
  • Are you trying a DIY abortion?

Let us first give you a very important information. Most of the self-abortions that women perform usually by self-administration of pills or reaching out to quacks only for anonymity, especially unmarried women. Such methods contribute to what we call unsafe abortions. Furthermore, unsafe abortions are the most common reason for maternal mortalities and morbidities. It’s true not only in India but throughout the world. And such an abortion can cause really infertility.

A safe abortion would mean:

Pre-abortion consultation:

You receive a proper pre-abortion consultation that ensures that you are physically and emotionally prepared for the procedure. It would also ensure that the doctor for abortion diagnoses your medical condition and prescribes the most suitable abortion method. Each pregnancy is different. Hence, a pre-abortion consultation can ensure the best abortion method specific to your current needs.

It also ensures that you are making this decision as an informed decision. Moreover, this is the time when you can ask queries and find the answers right from the doctor for abortion herself. Even you can tell the doctor about your medical history or any medicines that you are taking, if any. Similarly, any other medically relevant information, like allergies or preferences like, painless abortion or concerns like the cost of abortion can be shared during this private consultation.

Additionally, you can provide your consent for abortion after you have understood what to expect from the procedure and post-abortion. You can always request the doctor to explain it to you in the language you feel comfortable with. Language should not be a barrier to safe abortion care. So, the doctor can always use translation tools to avoid any miscommunication and ensure that you have understood all you need to know.

Furthermore, this is the time when you can develop trust in the doctor for your abortion procedure. And therefore, you know what to expect from your abortion procedure before undergoing the pregnancy termination. In case you want to share any emotions you have or concerns bothering you, please do share. The doctor can address them as per your situation to make the abortion not only safe but also a comfortable experience for you.

Your abortion is complete without much discomfort and pain.

The abortion is successful in a single attempt without needing additional procedures, as it may be required for completing an incomplete abortion. And for your kind information, the most common complication with abortion pills is incomplete abortion.

Women often opt for abortion pills since they believe that the cost of abortion with abortion pills in Bangalore can be the least compared with other methods. However, with an incomplete abortion, they often require an additional procedure that increases the total cost of abortion.

Moreover, with a medical abortion that happens using safe abortion pills, one may experience abdominal cramps and pain. The abortion completion can take at least 3 days and even more, if the bleeding doesn’t stop. This is also a symptom of an incomplete abortion. Although, abortion is safe yet may need additional procedures for completion.

Abortion In Bangalore: Can You Ignore Ectopic Pregnancy Risk, can abortion cause infertility

Short-term complications:

A safe abortion would mean that you do not experience short-term complications. Pregnancy symptoms start weaning away soon enough with a safe abortion. You receive monitoring from the healthcare provider as the abortion progresses and is completed. The doctor may also prescribe you additional medicines to prevent any complications like antibiotics for infection, hematinic to make up for the blood loss, etc.

Long-term complications:

A safe abortion would mean that you do not suffer any complications to your reproductive health or general well-being in the long run. The abortion does not impact your fertility. You can naturally conceive in future if you are willing to. There is no impact on your reproductive health.

Emotional wellbeing:

Safe and legal abortion goes beyond just the physical procedure. It acknowledges the complex emotional journey a woman may be on. By providing access to abortion services in a non-judgmental and supportive environment, women facing unplanned pregnancies can feel empowered to make informed decisions.

This supportive space allows them to openly express their fears and concerns without fear of stigma. Additionally, safe abortion services prioritize a woman’s physical and mental well-being, offering counselling and resources to help navigate the emotional complexities of the situation. This holistic approach ensures women are not only receiving safe medical care but are also emotionally supported throughout the process.

Additionally, it shall safeguard your right to information, right to privacy and right to confidential abortion care.

Can abortion with abortion pills cause infertility?


Well, abortion pills do not make you infertile if they have been prescribed by the abortion doctor after diagnosing your medical condition. If you are eligible for a medical abortion, abortion pills may not cause infertility. If your abortion gets completed with pills and no other medical intervention is required, you have succeeded with a safe abortion procedure. So, you need not worry if “can abortion cause infertility?”.


But, if you are self-administering abortion pills and have not yet ruled out the possibility of ectopic pregnancy, then you need to worry about your fertility. Ectopic pregnancies are faulty pregnancies. A normal pregnancy, also known as, intrauterine pregnancy is where the embryo starts growing within the uterine cavity, its home, the womb. But, if it implants somewhere wrongly like if it fails to reach the uterus and implants within the fallopian tube, it is a faulty or ectopic pregnancy.

An ectopic pregnancy is not viable and hence, it needs immediate removal. Now, how can abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy make a woman infertile? So, what happens when a woman takes abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy is that she may experience abdominal cramps and bleeding. She may think that it’s pregnancy termination.

However, since abortion pills expel the contents of the uterus, they may fail to remove the embryo which is hanging in the fallopian tube. So, it may still be there. The bleeding experienced is usually of the endometrial lining, just like normal menstrual period, every month.

Now, the embryo still being present in the fallopian tube even after taking abortion pills can burst within the tube and cause internal bleeding. This is an emergency. The patient may need surgery immediately to survive. Even if the doctor manages to save the patient’s life, by removing the ruptured pregnancy tissue, the doctor will also have to remove the ruptured fallopian tube and the attached ovary.

Now, this will reduce your fertility probability partially. However, if the impact is larger or a major surgery involving both ovaries and tubes or the uterus itself, the fertility loss can be more than just partial. So, such a case is where abortion pills can cause infertility.

Can incomplete abortion after abortion pills cause infertility?

Abortion pills are not always effective in bringing out the complete pregnancy termination, with an efficacy of nearly 93%. So, there are always some chances of incomplete abortion with pills and these chances increase as the pregnancy advances. So, the doctor for abortion does not usually prescribe abortion pills beyond 6 weeks of pregnancy even if the patient is eligible for a medical abortion.

With an incomplete abortion with abortion pills, the doctor may advise the patient to undergo a surgical procedure, usually Dilatation & Curettage (D&C) or Dilatation and Evacuation (D&E). Both these abortion methods are also safe and do not make a woman infertile as such.

But, if they happen to be at the hands of an unprofessional, the results of internal injury can be grave. An injury to your reproductive organs as a result of using sharp, unsterile tools and in an unhygienic environment can negatively impact your fertility.

infection-free abortion in Bangalore
Abortion in Bangalore

Check out what our patients have to say about hospital hygiene Cost of abortion in Bangalore, hygienic abortion in Bangalore

Sharp tools can cause injury to your reproductive organs causing infertility.

Unhygienic premises and unsterile tools can introduce bacteria, viruses, fungi and other germs into your reproductive tract. An infection of the reproductive tract if not managed properly and immediately can turn into a chronic issue, such as Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID). PID can make it difficult for a woman to conceive naturally in the future. So, that highlights the importance of a safe abortion using sterile tools in hygienic premises. Always, look for a hygienic abortion clinic near you.

Can suction abortion cause infertility?

Suction abortion is a safe abortion method to terminate first-trimester pregnancies. If you obtain a suction abortion at a registered MTP centre by a qualified, trained and experienced doctor, suction abortion may not impact your fertility.

For instance, Gentle Care suction abortion available at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) uses a non-invasive approach for pregnancy termination. Since the doctor uses a hand-held device and an advanced technique for sucking the embryo gently from the uterus, it allows the doctor to control the suction pressure during the pregnancy stage.

As a result, the pregnancy tissue gets gently detached from the uterus and collects in the collection bottle. The abortion is completed in just a few minutes without the use of any sharp instruments that can cause injury. So, suction abortion is a safe abortion and is available for terminating pregnancies up to 12 weeks.

The gentle approach of Gentle Care suction abortion also does not distort the uterus shape. Sometimes, some outdated techniques of abortion can cause hard pulling of the pregnancy tissue. This can result in uterine distortion. As a result, the woman may find it difficult to conceive naturally.

Is surgical abortion safe? Can it cause infertility?

As mentioned above, surgical abortion is of two different types, D&C and D&E. Although, both are safe but carry a risk of internal injury. Injury can put your fertility at risk. So, it is always better to visit the best abortion hospital to ensure a safe procedure in a hygienic environment performed by highly qualified and experienced doctors performing safe surgical abortions.

Or you can also choose Gentle Care induced abortion available at BGH for terminating pregnancies between 12-20 weeks. The approach involves labor induction for the natural expulsion of the fetus followed by uterine cleaning by D&E. Since the fetus expels naturally, the procedure does not involve sharp instruments to scrape the uterine lining. As a result, internal injury risk is absent with this approach. Additionally, unlike D&C, D&E uses suction to remove any remaining gestation products. This further eliminates the risk of internal injury.

Moreover, the abortion doctors at BGH have experience of more than 30 years in performing safe abortion procedures. BGH doctors are hands to trust for safe abortion in Bangalore care.

Hence, you may now be aware that you should always rely on safe abortion services for your abortion care. Where a safe abortion may not cause infertility, an unsafe abortion can cause it. So, only safe choices.

Schedule a safe abortion appointment.

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