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Circumcision can be done for a variety of reasons. They can be medical, cosmetic, ethnic or religious.

What is circumcision surgery?

Prior to having a circumcision operation done it is good to understand exactly what the operation is and how it will benefit you. Wh

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There are many reasons that a man might consider having a circumcision as an adult: Balinitis is one of those reasons. This disorder is the name of the problem when the head of the man’s penis becomes inflamed, red, itchy, irritated, and has a burning sensation. While there are many theories as to why this might be, an uncircumcised penis is less likely to develop this disorder, and, if it is developed, will likely be less of a severe case.

There are numerous ways that this disorder can develop. A STD could cause the problem; a diabetic man might just develop the disorder; the area is not kept clean and hygienic; there is a bacterium or fungus. These are just a few of the ways that the problem could occur.

Circumcision can help with many of these reasons. For example, if done before the development of the STD, having a circumcision can actually reduce the likelihood of getting certain STDs, especially HIV, which in turn reduces the chances of getting an STD caused case of Balinitis. Also, it is believed that a circumcised penis is easier to keep clean and free of germs, viruses, and bacteria, which also could cause the disorder to develop.

There are a lot of signs that a man can have developed this disorder. A lot of the signs, though, could also point to something else (such as an STD). Either way, if a man has these symptoms, he should go to see a doctor because if it is another cause, he should get it checked, but if it is this disorder, it should still be solved and the root cause should be diagnosed.

The following are some of the potential signs of this disorder:

  • A painful, sore penis;
  •  Foul smelling discharge from the penis;
  •  In some cases, a rash might occur;
  •  A red, inflamed penis;
  • Excessive itching or burning in the area;
  • Red erosions that develop on the tip or head of the penis.

If you think you have Balinitis, then there is a good chance that the best solution to your problem will be to have a circumcision. Circumcision in adults is not as common as circumcision surgery in babies and young children, but it is still a useful and practical solution to some problems, such as this one.

If you think you have Balinitis, consider visiting the Bangalore Genesis Hospital to have a circumcision because this great hospital has a lot of experience in helping you solve this type of problem. You can also learn a lot about their program by looking around the website, For more specific questions or questions to set up an appointment, you can also call the hospital at (934) 382-6182.

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