About the Medical Procedures, Doctors, Gynecologists, Surgeons, Nurses and Administrator

  • Boutique Specialty Hospital with Personalized Medical Services: First of it’s kind in Bangalore India, based on US medical standards and practices.
  • High quality hospital medical expertise and facilities meet small clinic warmth and personal care.
  • Highly experienced doctors, gynecologists and surgeons with training and practice in the US, UK and Germany.
  • Skilled nursing staff with a minimum of 7 years experience in specialty surgery, MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy),  obstetrician-gynecologist cases.
  • Certified MTP Clinic for safe abortion procedures by registered medical practitioners, in India.
  • Provision of CAC – Comprehensive Abortion Care in accordance with The World Health Organization prescribed methods and standards.
  • Specialist surgeons for circumcision, phimosis treatment, vasectomy and hymenoplasty surgery.
  • In Medical Practice since 1980.  Top Rated small sized personalized hospital for innovative medical care since 1998.

Bangalore Genesis Hospital is professionally managed in accordance with US and International medical standards by an experienced administrator with over 30 years of International medical experience.

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Service Motto At Bangalore Genesis Hospital

“We shall pass through this world but once. 

Any good that we can do, or any kindness that we can show to any human

being, let us do now and not defer it, for we may not pass this way again.”