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Abortions in UAE

The United Arab Emirate (UAE) is a group of nations that are ruled independently but by the same strict code of laws or conduct that is based on Sharia law. Because women are not given many rights under the UAE, abortion in UAE countries is very rarely legal, and when it is legal, it is only legal in a very limited set of circumstances.

Because of its illegal status, abortion in these UAE principalities is met with extremely unforgiving punishments unless one of the limited circumstances, usually relating to a serious health complication for either the mother or the baby, is met. Even in these legal procedures, it is hard to get approved for an abortion, which usually has to be applied for really early and has a complicated process, including review by a medical panel and getting the process done at a qualified facility.

When someone breaks this law, whether by having or giving an abortion in UAE countries, the punishment is generally pretty severe. It can include multiple lashes, in addition to several years in jail.

Because women often have relatively few rights in these nations, her reputation is often one of the few things she has. Whether right or wrong, another consequence of getting caught having an abortion can be the loss of a good reputation, which in turn might anger her family.

In addition to these concerns, abortion in illegal manners is very dangerous. More often than you should care to risk your health to try, illegal abortions result in death or complicated, serious, even permanent injuries. Because of this, it should be avoided at all costs.

Instead of risking your life, another option is to consider going to India, where abortions are legal. Getting an abortion in UAE nations is very dangerous, not to mention illegal, but getting one in a country where it is legal offers a way to do it without being unhealthy, unsafe, or illegal.

You can even find a clinic that has plans that include helping you arrange travel and helping you find a place to stay while you are there. Going this route allows you make the trip seem like a vacation. This will help ease suspicion, but it will also help you ease the stress of the situation; this might be an emotional time in your life, and a vacation might be able to help you.

A well-established, well-respected, legal clinic that offers this service in India is the Abortion Clinic in India. Instead of getting an abortion in UAE nations, where it is dangerous and illegal, consider this clinic by looking : Alternatively, if you have questions you want immediately addressed, call (934) 382-6182.


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