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Can Mifepristone & Misoprostol cause abortion in Bangalore?

Can Mifepristone & Misoprostol Cause Abortion In Bangalore

Are you residing in or near Bangalore and looking to buy abortion tablets?

If yes, then probably you should give in a quick read to this post because it intends to answer all your queries and concerns regarding abortion in Bangalore with tablets.

This post shall cover:

  • What are abortion tablets?
  • How safe is the abortion pill?
  • How do abortion tablets work?
  • Can you have abortion tablets?
  • From where can you get abortion pills in Bangalore?
  • What is the cost of abortion pills?
  • How can you have a safe, legal and confidential abortion?

We shall try to cover most of your concerns here. But in a case, we miss out on something or you have another query that remains unanswered by the end of this post, please let us know by leaving your esteemed comment.

Let’s begin.

What are abortion tablets?

The tablets that can terminate a pregnancy and help in inducing a natural miscarriage are called abortion tablets.

Ever since the introduction of medicines, there have been many progressive advancements. Similarly, many medicines came and went with better replacements. Speaking of abortions, the two safe and approved medicines are Mifepristone and Misoprostol.

The abortion method that involves these medicines is known as medical abortion. It is a safe method for terminating intrauterine pregnancies less than 6-8 weeks. The abortion regimen by abortion tablets may vary from patient to patient. Some of the variations may come with patient specifics, like:

  • The exact pregnancy length.
  • Any co-existing medical condition.
  • Patient-specific allergies, any interactions or contraindicated medicines being taken.
  • Medical history.
  • Pain threshold.
  • Patient’s blood counts to estimate how she may react to blood loss following induction of abortion

and many more.

You should consult a senior gynecologist before taking abortion pills. Only a qualified and experienced doctor can tell you whether abortion pills are right for you. And if they are the right choice, the doctor shall guide you the best into how and when to take them.


Do not get confused with the term abortion pill. It is the name used for both medicines that work together to end a pregnancy. Neither of them can work solo.

How safe is the abortion pill?

Abortion pills are safe and effective only when prescribed by a registered medical practitioner. When prescribed, they are likely safe in terminating early pregnancies. However, their efficiency weakens when used in late-stage pregnancies.

This means, when a patient takes abortion pills beyond the recommended period, there are chances of incomplete abortion.

Moreover, it is important to note whether a particular patient is eligible for abortion pills or not. Not all girls and women respond equally to abortion pills. Moreover, the abortion pill is not the only abortion method for terminating early pregnancies.

Gentle Care suction abortion, a pioneered method by the Bangalore Genesis Hospital offers safe, comfortable and painless procedures. You can call on their helpline number to know more about the same.

Schedule an abortion consultation appointment.

How do abortion tablets work?

In many countries, approved medicines for abortion may vary. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) and the US Food & Drug Administration (FDA) recommend using Mifepristone and Misoprostol. Both of them have also approved these medicines.

The first and the most important thing to remember is not to self-diagnose or self-administer abortion pills. It may carry immense risks that you may neglect and may be unaware of. The doctors who qualify for abortions prescribe abortion pills only after ascertaining their safety for individual patients.

Let us see how do the two pills work to bring an abortion. It happens in the two stages and we will discuss it step by step. This will also help you learn what to expect with a medical abortion. Along the way, you will also learn better and more efficient abortion method through Manual Vacuum Aspiration (MVA).

The first stage:

When you visit the hospital by an appointment, the doctor shall first check for your eligibility. If you will seem fit for a medical abortion, the doctor will give you the first abortion tablet, Mifepristone.

Usually, you may have to take it orally. Sometimes, the doctor may decide on vaginal insertion as per a particular case. After taking this medicine, you may not feel any change or pain. You can go home and do your routine work.

This pill will start working in your body without you having to feel something different about it. It is an anti-progestin. Now, this may be a medical term for you and you may wonder what is it. So, let us explain you in brief.

Progesterone is a hormone in the human body that gets secreted in higher quantities during the pregnancy. It is also known as the ‘pregnancy hormone’. In the absence of this hormone, the embryo does not grow. Being an anti-progestin, Mifepristone blocks the production of more progesterone. Besides, it also makes the available progesterone unavailable for the embryo.

This halts the embryo’s growth and the pregnancy stops. However, it is still in the womb. It has to expel to complete the abortion. And this will happen in the second stage. Let’s get to that straightaway.

The second stage:

During your first appointment, the doctor will hand you over one or more abortion tablets. The dose will depend on your particular specifics. These include your pregnancy length, your Body Mass Index (BMI), or any other particulars seeking dose adjustment.

These tablets contain Misoprostol. The doctor will advise you how and when to take them. Usually, they have to be taken at a stretch of 6-72 hours. Again, the time gap between the two medicines varies from patient to patient. And also varies is the method of administration.

The doctor may ask you to take them sublingually, by keeping them beneath your tongue. Or the doctor may ask you to take them orally or buccally, by keeping them in the cheek region. And in some cases, the doctor may ask you to gently insert them vaginally. It can be done either by hand or you can use an applicator. The doctor shall advise you on the best dose, gap and method of taking the second abortion pills.

What will happen next?

After taking this medicine(s), abortion will start in a few hours. So, you need to be at home after taking them. Most women expel the embryo in between 4-6 hours. However, bleeding will continue for longer. In case of very heavy bleeding, you should seek medical help.

But it happens in rare cases only because the doctor already considers these things before prescribing abortion pills. If any risk is there, the doctor may advise you of another abortion method suitable for you.

This medicine is an abortifacient. So, when you take it, the uterine walls begin to contract. Abdominal contractions will result in cramps and associated pain. The pain is more or less like the menstrual periods. However, some women experience more intense cramping and pain. They may even need pain management. The doctor shall prescribe some pain relievers alongside to help stay relaxed.


If you fear pain with abortion, you can go ahead with a painless abortion. Gentle Care suction abortion is painless and has several other advantages over abortion pills.

As a result of abdominal cramps, your womb will start to expel the embryo and placental tissue. The thickened uterine lining will also start to shed. You can expect the embryo to expel as slightly large blood clots. When you are very early, you may not even be able to distinguish between the normal blood clots of your menstrual period from the abortion.

However, the embryo size and the placental tissue volume increase every day. So, any delay may cause more pain, more blood loss and larger blood clots. After 6-7 hours, the bleeding will start getting gradual. But it may take up to 1-2 weeks for the bleeding to stop altogether in case of a complete abortion.

But in case your abortion is incomplete, you may continue to bleed or experience vaginal spotting for up to weeks. And it will stop only after you get your abortion complete through a surgical procedure (Dilatation & Evacuation). Some women may need abortion completion under a camera to locate the position of the remaining piece and evacuate it. This procedure is known as Hysteroscopy.

Coming to other advantages of Gentle Care suction abortion:

It is more efficient. This means there are nearly zero chances of incomplete abortion. The abortion gets completed within the clinic itself. Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) even uses uterovaginal packaging for some women and girls after abortion. It absorbs the maximum bleeding before the discharge. This ensures that the patient’s womb is mostly clean when she leaves the hospital.

And you will not bleed for days and weeks. Many women do not bleed at all or for just a few hours until the womb gets empty. And others may bleed for not more than a day or two.

Blood loss is often accompanied by fatigue and discomfort. And women today are working in all spheres of life. Most of the women and girls undergoing abortions do not want to stay in a state of discomfort for long. It may affect their professional or any kind of work efficiency. Again, Gentle Care suction abortion gives you the advantage of resuming your routine life the following day itself.

Schedule a consultation & abortion appointment today.

Can you have abortion tablets?

As mentioned before, abortion pills may or may not be the preferred method of abortion for your pregnancy termination. It depends on several factors. The doctor rules out most chances of risks with medical abortion before prescribing you abortion pills.

So, you can choose to have abortion tablets in case you fulfil the following criteria.

  • Your pregnancy is intrauterine and is less than 8 weeks.
  • You are comfortable with moderate to heavy blood loss. And your blood count must also be in a range that may not impact your health with blood loss.
  • It is okay for you to experience pain.
  • You want the abortion to happen in the comfort of your home.
  • You are in a condition to seek emergency medical help just in case of a need.
  • In a case of an incomplete abortion, you are ready to get it completed with the help of a small surgery.
  • You are not suffering from any medical condition in which the doctor’s may not advice you abortion pills.
  • In a case, you are taking any medicines that can alter the functioning of abortion pills in your body.
  • You have no known allergies to any ingredient(s) of the abortion tablets.

If you are eligible for medical abortion, you are also eligible for a Gentle Care surgical abortion . And it is available for up to 12 weeks. Now the ball is in your court. You will have to decide which method you may want to proceed with. It is always better to weigh down both pros and cons before arriving at a final decision.

Whatever you may choose to go ahead with, in the end, you should be happy about your decision. And your choice should be healthy.

From where can you get abortion pills in Bangalore?

Abortion pills in Bangalore are available at registered Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) centres. Most doctors self-dispense abortion tablets at their clinics. Some of them may even prescribe them to you. And you can buy them from a nearby pharmacy by showing a valid prescription.

Do not buy abortion tablets without a prescription. And do not self-administer them unless your doctor has ruled out all complications. There are several conditions like ectopic pregnancies that can create complications with abortion pills.

What is the cost of abortion pills?

The cost of abortion pills is not a single factor that can tell you the cost of an abortion. It is the total cost of abortion that you should evaluate for an estimate. It may vary from hospital to hospital and from patient to patient.

For a general estimate, there are several things you need to calculate to arrive at the final cost. Some of these are:

Medical abortion procedure:

In case you are eligible for abortion pills, then, the cost will include the cost of following.

  • Consultation for one or more appointments.
  • Diagnostic tests: routine and special if you have any medical condition.
  • MTP procedure cost (abortion pills and other prescription medicines).
  • travelling expenses and
  • overnight stay if you are not at home.

In the terms of patient’s comfort, the cost will be:

  • Moderate to heavy bleeding.
  • Pain with abdominal cramps lasting for a few hours to up to a few days.
  • Fatigue due to blood loss.
  • Decreased Work efficiency.
  • In case the patient is a working woman, the cost of time in terms of break.

Follow-up is usually scheduled after 7-10 days of abortion to check whether the abortion was complete. This will include the cost of consultation and diagnostic tests. And what if the abortion does not get complete with abortion pills? Then, the cost of surgical abortion to complete the procedure may come as an addition.

Cost of Gentle Care Suction abortion:

In case you undergo a Gentle Care (GC) suction abortion, the initial costs will remain almost similar. These include the cost of consultation, prescription medicines, and diagnostic tests . But there is a comparison in other terms. These include:

  • Cost of single appointment with GC abortion v/s one to multiple appointments with abortion pills.
  • Painless GC abortion v/s pain with abortion pills.
  • Back to a normal routine the next day with GC abortion v/s longer break with abortion pills.
  • Complete abortion with GC method v/s probability of incomplete abortion with pills.
  • No need to follow up with a GC abortion v/s need of follow up with abortion pills. Also add up follow-up appointment, diagnosis and even the cost of surgical abortion to complete it. Post-abortion follow-up with GC abortion can be made available even by telephone. There may be no need of visiting the hospital in person in most cases.

Schedule an abortion consultation appointment today to avoid any delay.

How can you have a safe, legal and confidential abortion?

Legal abortion:

Many women and girls are unaware of their reproductive rights. Due to ignorance and lack of knowledge, such women become victims of unsafe abortions. And unsafe abortions present themselves with immense risks. Do you know, that unsafe abortion are the third leading cause of maternal mortalities in India?

This post will help women looking seeking abortion know what falls within the realm of the Indian abortion law. This will not only prevent women from seeking unsafe abortions but also, expand their access to safe abortions.

Abortion in India is legal for both married and unmarried women alike. It is legally available for up to 20 weeks in normal cases. Some special cases even permit abortions beyond this ceiling period. There are four major reasons resulting in unexpected or unwanted pregnancies for which abortions are permissible. These are:

  • Contraceptive failure: This is the leading reason for unplanned pregnancies.
  • To protect a woman’s health and/or life: Many pregnancies do not go as expected and result in several complications. Some of these complications are serious and can endanger the patient’s health in the long run. Some other complications can even be life-threatening. Abortion in India is permissible for these conditions throughout the gestation period.
  • Fetal anomalies: Many a time, fetal deformities detected during the pre-natal examination may call for abortion as a better option. Abortion in India is legal for a variety of fetal disorders like Down’s Syndrome, heart defects, neural tube defects, etc.
  • Rape/Incest resulting in an unwanted pregnancy.

Furthermore, you can get an abortion in Bangalore only with your consent. It is available on only the girl or the woman’s consent if she is an adult (above 18 years).

Schedule an appointment for legal abortion at the best abortion hospital.

Safe abortion:

Abortion is considered safe if it safeguards the woman’s physical, mental, and emotional well-being while also securing her privacy. Abortions performed at the registered abortion hospitals by the registered medical professionals are mostly safe.

Self-administration of abortion pills is an unsafe abortion method. Visiting quacks or unprofessional people for abortion is also unsafe. It can lead to serious complications.

You can choose to visit a registered MTP centre with senior gynecologists. Their high qualifications and experience can help you have a safe abortion at an abortion clinic near you.

Schedule a safe abortion appointment.

Confidential abortion

Many women, especially unmarried girls’ resort to unsafe abortions although abortion in India is legal for unmarried. This is mostly due to their fear of privacy breaches or to maintain anonymity. It is true that hospitals cannot disclose any patient information to anyone. However, visiting a general hospital has its demerits in terms of confidential abortion.

One may meet an acquaintance that the girl wants to avoid. Then, there may be multiple appointments due to a long waiting period. Also, some hospitals may need overnight hospitalization. Most women and girls may not be convenient with this.

You may choose to visit a private abortion clinic where you can get an abortion on a scheduled appointment. When you visit by appointment, you can get a private one-on-one consultation with the doctor. Moreover, no crowded waiting halls, no waiting period and no fellow patients. This can help you feel safe in terms of your privacy.

Bangalore Genesis Hospital, located near you is a private boutique abortion hospital. It specializes in single-appointment, same-day discharge, Gentle Care safe, legal, confidential, painless and comfortable abortions.

Due to the personalized abortion care, most of the abortion seats for up to 5-7 days are pre-booked. Please inquire about the earliest available spot.

Schedule an early abortion appointment.

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