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Abortion price in Bangalore: All you need to know!

When looking forward to having any medical procedure, a major concern is a price involved. And it is essential to know the basic things to prepare for the procedure. And the price of abortion is indeed a big consideration if you are planning to have one recently.

This post intends to help you understand the difference in the price of abortion for one woman from the other. And also guide you into the factors on which the cost of abortion depends.

Speaking of Bangalore, a metropolitan city, the price of abortion can vary largely. So, let’s begin!

The cost of abortion depends on your pregnancy length:

Now, do you know how far are you in your pregnancy?

You discover that you are pregnant when you take a home pregnancy test on a missed period. However, each girl and woman is different and has a different menstrual cycle length.

Your menstrual period may also range between 25-40 days. Therefore, the day of conception also varies for women. And one can only make an approximation of the gestation period from the Last Menstrual Period (LMP).

What is LMP?

The first day of your last menstrual period is taken as the first day of the gestation period. So, typically, nearly the first two weeks of gestation do not actually involve an embryo. It is during the ovulation period that a woman may conceive.

This gives an approximate idea as to how far has the pregnancy progressed. However, for the exact pregnancy length, you need to have a transvaginal scan. It will help the doctor know the exact length and location of your pregnancy. And your abortion options further depend on these factors.

And the abortion price further depends on the abortion method.

Now, let’s see your abortion options based on pregnancy length.

WHO recommends three methods for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. These are:

  1. The medical method of abortion
  2. Suction method of abortion
  3. Surgical abortion

The medical abortion method:

Abortion pills method of abortion or medical abortion is the method for terminating very early intrauterine pregnancies. It is acceptable to use this method for up to 6-8 weeks. The cost of abortion pills in Bangalore may vary from a small amount that you pay to a huge cost if it comes with a complication.

The efficiency of this method is also not 100%. Therefore, there is always a probability of a complication. And abortion price with a complication may not only increase the cost of the procedure. It also poses a great risk to the patient’s health and life.

Since the abortion pills method is a non-invasive abortion method, it does not involve the cost of a surgical procedure. Hence, it comes as a cost-effective abortion. However, the cost of a medical abortion other than in terms of the amount comes in various forms. These include:

  • Moderate to severe pain
  • Moderate to severe bleeding
  • Risk of incomplete abortion: In such a case, consider the cost of surgical abortion to complete the procedure.
  • Risk of infections
  • Discomfort, pain and fatigue for up to days and sometimes weeks. So, if you are a working professional, the time when you are on leave, you are not earning. And hence the medical abortion price may cost you days off from the work.
  • Since you may need more than one appointment for a medical abortion, you can add on the cost of appointments and travel to and fro.

So, this was how medical abortion may impact the price of abortion for you depending on your pregnancy length.

Suction abortion:

This is a safe method for terminating intrauterine first-trimester pregnancies. Pregnancies less than 12 weeks need a more efficient method of abortion than abortion pills. By this time, the embryo size and gestation products increase in size and volume. Therefore, abortion pills may not effectively evacuate all the womb contents.

Hence, the suction method is a safe choice. It is also known as the Vacuum Aspiration method of abortion.

The procedure involves the removal of the embryo and other pregnancy products by gently sucking them from the womb. Suction is done with the help of an aspirator.

It is a slightly invasive procedure and therefore, its cost may be more than medical abortion. However, when you count on its risks and efficiency, for some women and girls it may come at a lesser cost than medical abortion.

Let’s see how.

  • Firstly, if you choose to visit a registered abortion clinic in Bangalore, you can obtain it as a single appointment procedure. So, there is only one appointment consultation, travel and other associated costs.
  • Secondly, its efficiency is nearly 100%. Therefore, the risk of an incomplete abortion is less likely. For this and the upcoming reasons, many women and girls who are less than 8 weeks pregnant may also opt for suction abortion. And the cost of another appointment or for the surgical procedure for abortion completion may not come as add-ons.
  • Thirdly, the pain and bleeding with suction abortion are less than that with medical abortion. Suction abortion is an in-clinic abortion method in which the procedure gets completed within the clinic. Therefore, the removal of most pregnancy products is complete within the clinic. And women may bleed only for 2-3 days post-abortion. And many women claim that they did not bleed at all after the suction abortion.
  • The fourth reason is minimum discomfort and painless abortion. The in-clinic abortion at certified abortion hospitals is done with mild pain relievers and patients under anesthesia. This makes abortion a painless experience. And pain post-abortion is very mild. Whereas, the medical abortion method involves immense abdominal cramps and pain to expel the embryo.
  • The fifth reason is that, unlike medical abortion, abortion by suction needs only a single day off from your work. The abortion is complete within the clinic in less than 10 minutes. You may take a day or more rest if you need. Whereas for a medical abortion, the abortion takes place most likely on the third day. And then, you may need to wait for up to a week to be sure if the abortion is complete.

Surgical abortion:

The WHO recommends the use of surgical abortion methods for terminating intrauterine pregnancies that are more than 12 weeks. Abortion in Bangalore, India is legal for up to 20 weeks in normal cases and up to 24 weeks in special circumstances. Therefore, you can expect the surgical abortion prescription when you are looking forward to terminating a late-stage pregnancy.

By this time, the embryo size and volume of pregnancy products and other placental tissue increase widely. Therefore, suction alone may not remove the implanted embryo and pregnancy products completely. And a surgical intervention is hence an essential requisite here.

Due to an invasive procedure, it needs highly qualified and experienced doctors and nurses to complete it successfully. You need to visit only the best doctor for abortion when it comes to surgical abortion. So, the cost may also be on a high-end.

Moreover, accuracy and precision are big things upfront. So, you cannot expect to settle for an unsafe abortion at the hands of an unprofessional. Its cost may come in form of internal injury, loss of fertility, infections and other forms.

For making this procedure a painless one, it needs the patient to be on anesthesia. So, you can add on the cost of the anesthetist. The surgery gets complete in less than 30 minutes. But you really need to visit only the best abortion hospital for a surgical abortion.

The cost of abortion depends on hygiene conditions:

A good and reputed hospital always uses disposable tools and equipment wherever possible. And sterilization of other medical tools is done before and after each procedure to maintain hygiene. This prevents the occurrence of infections which is very common during any medical procedure.

So, if you need to pay slightly higher, then, that is for your protection and your health. Basically, you can call it a long-term investment in your health. If prevention of abortion complications comes at a slightly higher cost, you may not hesitate in getting it.

The hospital also invests in maintaining the hygiene by regular cleaning and deep cleansing. Even sterilization of not only the tools but also furnishings is done regularly. All of this and more is done to ensure patient protection from severe infections.

Hygiene conditions of hospital premises have become more necessary with the onset of the global pandemic COVID-19. Hence, it becomes absolutely essential for you to visit only a good abortion hospital that follows all guidelines and measures to ensure patient protection from severe infections.

The cost of abortion depends on the pregnancy location:

So far, we have spoken of intrauterine pregnancy termination.

Now, have you ever heard of or experienced an ectopic pregnancy?

Now, what happens during conception is that the male sperm fertilizes the female egg. This union takes place in any of the fallopian tubes. Two ovaries connect to the uterus with the help of these fallopian tubes.

After fertilization, the egg travels down the tube and implants in the uterine cavity. This is the place that can sustain a human embryo and help in its growth and development.

But in some cases, the fertilized egg called the embryo fails to reach the uterus. It may remain stuck in the tube and stick to the lining. Or in some cases, it travels down to reach the cervix lining and attaches there. In other rare cases, it may enter the abdominal cavity.

These cases are the conditions of extrauterine or ectopic pregnancies. They may be rare, but one cannot rule out the probability of their occurrence. These pregnancies are not viable but very dangerous if not diagnosed and treated on time. They can even be fatal.

The abortion price for ectopic pregnancy may vary according to the pregnancy location. And it also depends on the duration. When detected early, it is easy to remove an ectopic pregnancy. Its removal is possible with the help of medicines at an early stage.

However, delay in detection of an ectopic pregnancy can cause the embryo to keep growing until one day it ruptures. This is a serious condition. An emergency surgery becomes essential to save the woman’s life. Ruptured ectopic pregnancy can even be fatal. So, the abortion price may depend on the condition in which the patient is brought to the hospital.

Cost of abortion price depends on the abortion team:

When seeking medical help, one may always want the best care. If you want a safe abortion, you tend to visit a certified abortion clinic. Only highly qualified and experienced doctors can perform abortions with precision. There are so many post-abortion complications that can disrupt the quality of life of the girl or the woman after an abortion.

But they are all preventable only if you make the wise choice of the abortion team. Always look for the qualifications and experience of the abortion doctors and nurses before visiting the clinic.

Schedule an appointment for abortion only at a certified and registered abortion hospital. When you will visit the best abortion clinic, the doctors have high-edge qualifications and experience, you can be sure of safe abortion. And there is no harm in paying a little more for your safety. It may help prevent the additional cost of abortion complications.


For instance, if you visit any random hospital where the doctor prescribes you abortion pills without ascertaining whether they are the best for you. Then, the cost of abortion may come in form of various complications.

There have been instances of incomplete abortions with abortion pills when the doctor or a quack does not check for pregnancy length. Other factors to consider while prescribing abortion pills are the mode and dose of administration. The same dose may not be suitable for all patients alike.

Next, the patient’s allergies, her tolerance to pain and whether she is ready to get an incomplete abortion completed with surgery are also given due consideration. Then, the cost of a surgical abortion will come as an addition after a medical abortion. Also if the patient is suffering from any medical condition or taking any medicines, their interaction needs a consideration.

Even with surgical abortions, the hospital needs to use the latest techniques and equipment for the safety of the patient. The risks with unsafe surgical abortions involve damage to internal organs, loss of fertility, chances of infections and even sepsis and more.

Visiting a good abortion clinic can save you from all these complications. You can have a comfortable and safe abortion free from any post-abortion complications and risks.

And we are pretty sure, no woman may want to risk her health, fertility and life at the cost of unsafe abortion.

Abortion price may depend on the private facilities:

Abortion and stigma may be synonymous for many people in and around Bangalore. Women seeking abortions may not want to be the victims of abortion stigma.

And when speaking of unmarried couples seeking abortions, they may need privacy to keep anonymity. And visiting the state hospitals or general hospitals may not offer them the privacy they are seeking.

For no waiting queues, a private consultation, abortion in privacy and resting in a private room post-abortion, you may expect to pay slightly more.

The waiting period, multiple appointments according to the availability of the doctors for the number of patients may not be your cup of tea.

In general hospitals and wards, you may not want someone to spot you. You may want to keep your pregnancy and abortion status confidential. And for that, you can seek an abortion in a private hospital that offers the private facilities you need. Again, there is no harm in paying more for some personal space and privacy that you may need.

Abortion price may depend on hospitalization:

Even all hospitals do not offer same-day abortions. You may want to return home or your hostel after the abortion on time. And that may not be possible with all hospitals. Some hospitals require overnight hospitalization.

So, if you seek a same-day abortion on a single appointment, then it may be possible only with advanced healthcare facilities. Visiting an abortion clinic that offers these facilities may come at a higher cost. But it shall save you multiple days off from your professional and personal life.

Remember, we mentioned when you are not earning if, in a profession, that cost is an addition to the abortion price. With same-day abortions, you can resume your routine activities after an overnight rest or additional day rest. But when you need hospitalization, you may need more breaks and more days off.

And also, it shall save you from the cost of abortion in terms of stigma and anonymity. More is the time you stay within the hospital in general, more is the probability of meeting an acquaintance. So, a quick and short abortion procedure may be a cost-effective and friendly abortion choice.

Abortion price in terms of patient’s mental health:

The circumstances in which a girl or woman seeks abortion may vary largely. Most unmarried girls tend to purchase MTP kits to save themselves from harsh and rude remarks. Many doctors and nurses look down on unmarried girls seeking an abortion.

Sometimes, they completely deny girls of providing them abortions even if they are adults. And in some cases, if the girls receive abortions, they have to face harsh behavior at the hands of the medical team. Although it is sad to know this, the complete elimination of stigma with abortions of unmarried may not be so easy. This is because of how the Indian culture sees premarital sexual relationships and resulting pregnancies.

Although girls may have their physical abortion scars healed over time, the mental harassment they face may remain forever. Some girls often get into conditions like depression. And many others who learn the mentally traumatizing abortion stories often tend to have an unsafe abortion. This tendency comes as a response to fear from the behavior of the medical staff.

Even married women sometimes receive harsh remarks at the hands of the doctors for seeking abortions. They do not pay respect for the women choices. Abortion in India is legal both for married women and unmarried girls. Yet women struggle to get the best abortion care.

So, if you are seeking a confidential, non-judgmental abortion, please have a look at independent patient reviews. You can check for Google reviews and hospital testimonials before you schedule an appointment for an abortion.

Visiting Bangalore Genesis Hospital for a safe, legal and confidential abortion:

While you may be looking for an abortion clinic near you in Bangalore, you may choose to visit the Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) for several reasons. Here is a list of all those good reasons that may help you in making a wise abortion decision.

BGH is a certified and registered abortion clinic.

It has an internationally recognized abortion team.

The doctors for abortion at BGH are highly qualified and experienced. They have an experience of more than 30 years in performing safe abortions. You can rely on the abortion team for a safe and successful abortion.

Nurses at BGH are also highly qualified. They have received their training internationally. They are also trained to use the latest equipment and tools.

The hospital is furnished with the latest technologies and tools for advanced healthcare. You can expect the same-day discharge and single-appointment procedure.

You can obtain a painless abortion at BGH.

The hospital cares for each patient’s privacy and hence provides private consultation with the doctor. When you come by appointment, there is no waiting period and hence, no crowded waiting hall. You will see your doctor in a one-to-one consultation.

The hospital provides a private room for each patient to rest until discharge.

All doctors, nurses and hospital staff respect your privacy and decisions. You can expect a private, non-judgmental and confidential abortion. No patient details are ever disclosed to anyone besides the patient herself.

As far as hygiene and your protection is concerned, the hospital has highly hygienic premises. Besides the premises, all abortions are performed with sheer concern for hygiene.

Schedule an abortion appointment:

Since the hospital offers personalized abortion care and does not take in a large number of patients each day, you may not want to delay. Schedule an early appointment for safe and successful abortion in Bangalore.

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