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Abortion Pills – Critically important details About Medical Abortion explained

Are you struggling with any of the below mentioned questions or the like? If yes, this post is for you.

“Impossible, we took precautions.”

“We are not ready for the child.”

“We already are a complete family.”

“We are unmarried.”

“It happened in an emotional outburst. But, we are not ready for the child.”

“We have financial issues. We don’t want a child right now.”

“I am struggling for my career. I cannot have a child right now.”

Pregnancy is not always wanted and can many times come as unexpected news. And these are just a few issues that couples feel with a positive pregnancy test. But worrying about it does not contain the solution.

The first thing that comes to mind is that it is not possible. This may happen because people use contraceptives to avoid unwanted pregnancies. They are efficient but unfortunately, they may fail at times. So, the first thing that you can do is just to stay calm. Do not panic. Take a few deep breaths.

Only a calm mind in the first place can take the right second step. With an agitated or frustrated mind, in the state of fury, most people act in haste which results in further unexpected outcomes. So, if you will stay calm, you can figure out what to do next.

You can go on thinking and worrying for as long as possible. But the only solution that may come to your mind at both first and the last place for an unwanted pregnancy is getting an abortion.

Do not hesitate to get help. Do not delay getting medical help:

Once you are determined to have an abortion, the next is Where, When and How.

Do not delay.  The Abortions pills procedure that is conducted in early pregnancies is the safest of all the abortions. Earlier the procedure, lesser are the risks. Whether married or unmarried, seeking an abortion legally is your reproductive right. So, do not hesitate. Visit the gynaecologist at a reputable certified MTP centre for abortion for safe, legal and confidential medical help.

Abortion Pills Bangalore:

Once you visit the gynecologist, you will be examined for the length of your pregnancy. If you tested soon enough when you missed your period, your gestation age is most likely less than a week. This shall relieve you a lot since if your gestation period is less than or equal to 6 weeks, you are most likely to be prescribed abortion pills to evacuate your uterine contents.

Abortion procedure done using pills is the safest and the most convenient method of getting an abortion. It is known as Medical Method of Abortion (MMA). It has been recognized as a safe abortion method by the World Health Organization (WHO) to terminate early pregnancies.

According to the WHO, all women have the right to access Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) services. Unsafe abortions can cause temporary or permanent disabilities and even fatalities in women. Hence, it is recommended to have an abortion conducted only at a certified MTP centre under the technical guidance of trained medical staff.

Abortion Pills Procedure:

There are two drugs namely Mifepristone and Misoprostol which have been categorized in India as safe abortion pills. But, one thing you should know is that the term ‘safe’ here can be applied only when these abortion pills are being administered under the assistance of a trained and certified medical professional. By no means, abortion pills can be considered safe if they are self-prescribed or self-administered.

The administration of the two abortion pills may vary from patient to patient. Some may need only oral administration while to some, vaginal administration may be prescribed.

As soon as a female conceives, her body starts releasing a hormone, progesterone in levels more than the normal routine. This is necessary for the sustenance of the pregnancy. The first step of abortion by abortion pills is to halt the production of Progesterone. This is done by the pill number one, Mifepristone. It is taken orally and soon after, the Progesterone levels will start declining. With lack of Progesterone, growth of the fetus will stop.

Pill number two, Misoprostol is administered after Mifepristone. It can be administered as early as at the same time in some cases or late by a maximum of 48 hours after having taken Mifepristone. Either you will be asked to take it orally or a medical professional will insert in vaginally. It will work by promoting the uterine contractions. This will induce cramping in your lower abdomen, more or less like your periods. It will also prepare the cervix for abortion by softening it. You can expect the expulsion of all products of gestation (POG) within 24 hours from taking Misoprostol.

After the administration of both the pills, you will be discharged from the hospital. The abortion will be like a little heavier menstrual flow. For pain management, the doctor may prescribe some analgesics for you to feel comfortable.

For a follow-up visit or call, you can speak to the hospital staff and an appointment can be scheduled. For a speedy recovery, you will be prescribed with some hematinics to make up for the blood loss and antibiotic therapy to prevent the occurrence of any infections.

Advantages of the medical method of abortion (abortion pills):

  • It is the easiest and the earliest method to terminate a pregnancy.
  • It is a non-invasive outpatient procedure. No hospital stay is required.
  • Post-abortion recovery is quick.
  • Chances of infections are the least.
  • It helps the patient get relieved even from the mental stress and anxiety of carrying an unwanted fetus.

Disadvantages of the medical method of abortion:

  • In some cases, abortion through pills may be incomplete. This generally happens if abortion pills are prescribed for late pregnancies. To avoid this complication, gynaecologists at BGH typically do not recommend their usage beyond 6 weeks of pregnancy.
  • Since abortion pills belong to hormonal abortion treatment therapy, some women may experience slight nausea, vomiting, fatigue and headache. The symptoms vanish within 2 days of the abortion completely.
  • Vaginal bleeding in most case lasts for up to a week.

There may be many questions in your mind, and we are here to answer them all up to your satisfaction.

#1. From when is the gestation age calculated?

Once pregnant, your first day of last period known as the Last Menstrual Period (LMP) is taken as the first day of your pregnancy and gestation week is calculated accordingly. You come to know that you’re pregnant only after you miss your period. This means, you are probably in the 5th week of your gestation when you have a positive pregnancy test. For abortion through pills, you have a window of about 2 weeks to visit a certified MTP centre.

#2. Can I get the abortion pills from an online or a nearby pharmacy?

To answer this question, we may bring to light two concerns.

  1. The first thing is that to buy or sell abortion pills without prescription is illegal. Online pharmacies do not ship any medicine without prescription except for the Over the Counter (OTC) medications. And abortion pill or a Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) kit is not an OTC product. And a nearby pharmacy may also not give you abortion pills without prescription.
  2. The second important consideration is that no abortion should be carried out without medical supervision. There can be mild to moderate to severe complications even with abortion pills. And in events of complications, only an abortion expert medical team is trained to handle the emergencies and the risks involved with the abortion procedure. Otherwise, the harm caused can lead to irreversible damage.

It might seem to many people that abortion by pills is a very simplified procedure and self-administration can be done. But, they are unaware of the serious and the potential adverse effects that an unsafe abortion may bring. Playing with a woman’s life assuming safety, cannot be justified.

For example, a woman is carrying an unwanted pregnancy. The pregnancy test came out to be positive recently after missing the expected periods and the test was done by a urine pregnancy kit (UPT) at home. Now, since the pregnancy is unwanted, the woman proceeds for self-administration of abortion pills without consulting any certified MTP centre.

No ultrasound scan has been done. In this very instance consider the pregnancy is ectopic, that is the fetus has not implanted in the uterus but is somewhere in the fallopian tube. But, the woman won’t know of it since no ultrasound was done which is asked for at certified MTP centres even before the administration of abortion pills. The consequence can be so serious that there might be a burst in the fallopian tube leading to internal bleeding. The doctor, in this case, will have to remove one side of the fallopian tube and ovary entirely through surgery. Isn’t this a big loss that can never be recovered?

Situations like this are a leading cause of maternal mortality and morbidity. Due to these unsafe abortions, self-administration or even the abortions at uncertified centres at the hands of uncertified quacks or even medical professionals but not certified to do abortions should be discouraged.

#3. Can I get the abortion done on the same day when I visit the hospital?

Yes, if you are recommended with abortion pills treatment for termination of an on-going pregnancy, you will be getting discharged the same day. It is an out-patient procedure.

#4. I am unmarried and I am pregnant. I don’t want to involve my parents. Can I get the abortion pills without their consent?

We understand your fear of not involving your parents in the abortion pills procedure as an unmarried woman. In case you are a major, i.e., above 18 years of age, it is only your consent that is needed if you seek an abortion. So, there’s no requirement of bringing your parents or anyone in that case if you are about to receive abortion pills. However, you can have the company of a friend or your partner to make you feel comfortable and at ease.

#5. Is abortion through abortion pills painful?

Abortion through abortion pills is a non-invasive, safe and convenient method of abortion. It is not as painful as it may seem to you because abortion as a word may scare you. The pain you may experience will be like your monthly menstrual flow. In case you are worried about the pain, you will be prescribed pain relievers that can ease the cramping. You can resume your normal life within a few days of the procedure though you will start feeling better after just a couple of days.

#6. Where can I get an abortion in Bangalore?

For an abortion procedure, visit only a recognized, accredited and certified MTP hospital. Having an abortion at unsafe hands can pose many difficult situations which are further complicated to handle.

Please do not play with your life. If you are in or can travel to Bangalore, you can schedule an appointment at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) as early as possible. You can even fly to Bangalore India and can return the following day.

Are you an unmarried woman seeking a abortion pills in Bangalore? If yes, we would like to bring to your kind attention that we understand your situation. Your physical and mental stress can put you in panic and in due course of making your abortion a secret abortion, you may tend to fall in for an unsafe procedure. Please, don’t do that for the sake of your health. Ruined health can sometimes never be resumed to normal.

Please stay calm and speak to a medical professional. Our abortion expert team at BGH is fully accredited and equipped for handling abortions most carefully, proficiently and professionally. For us, your safety comes in both health and privacy. We have no righteous means and reasons for judging your personal life and its decisions. You can expect our medical team to be caring, non-judgmental and completely reliable.

#7. Will the abortion procedure be confidential?

As required by the law, the Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) strictly follows the privacy policy. You can feel safe about your privacy with every single person you come across in the hospital. Besides yourself, information regarding your condition and the abortion procedure will not be revealed to anyone anywhere. So, feel safe, do not hesitate and make an appointment without any delay.

#8. What is the cost of abortion using abortion pills?

The cost of Abortion varies according to the procedure with which the abortion is done. If the abortion is being done through abortion pills, i.e. by the medical method of abortion, the cost is typically the least of all other procedures. It can vary further according to the prescribed medicines and other correlating factors. The doctor will inform about the cost of abortion pills procedure based on the patient’s specific medical requirements during the consultation and diagnosis.

Whatever be the charge at a certified MTP centre, it will be value for money and a long term investment in your health and well being. Though you may think that abortion pills can be bought at a lower price from a pharmacy, the cost of complications that might occur can be much more than just in monetary terms. No price can be put on your health.

At BGH, abortion pills are prescribed usually for abortions up to 6 weeks of gestation keeping the patient’s safety and well-being as the highest priority. We realize the complication of incomplete abortion and hence, we strictly follow these safe abortion guidelines.

As the expert medical abortion team for abortions in India, we respect your reproductive rights, your choices, your privacy concerns, and your decisions. We are a team of professionals and our concern is to provide you with comprehensive abortion care in Bangalore until your complete recovery.  

Quick Summary

Mifepristone and Misoprostol are called the abortion pills because they are sometimes taken during the first few weeks of pregnancy in order to abort the fetus.

The woman will go to the doctor at the certified abortion hospital, to verify pregnancy and ensure that the pregnancy has not progressed past the first few weeks.

If this is the case, and the woman has been made aware of the risks associated with the use of these abortion pills in Bangalore, she can decide to use these pills to abort the pregnancy, based on her specific conditions in consultation with the doctor.

The first pill will be administered at the doctor’s office and is given orally.

The doctor will either have the woman set up a follow up appointment or give the woman pills to be inserted vaginally in the next twenty four to seventy two hours to help loosen the placenta sac and uterus lining, allowing the woman’s body to expel the aborted fetus.

As with any surgical procedure, or with taking any medication, your situation and medical history should be discussed with your doctor before making a decision on an abortion in Bangalore.

Medical warning reminder:  Do not attempt abortion at home or under unsupervised or unsafe conditions.  Do not purchase abortion pills at a pharmacy or online and do not administer the pills under any circumstances. Abortion can carry serious and long term risks.  

You must consult a gynecologist in person at an MTP Certified hospital only, to understand your medical options before making any decisions related to your abortion procedure.  Do not take decisions in haste.  Stay calm and seek professional medical help.

Call or WhatsApp +91 934 382 6182 or +91 900 849 2277 to discuss your questions with an experienced gynecologist at the Genesis Hospital certified abortion clinic in Bangalore.


24 thoughts on “Abortion Pills – Critically important details About Medical Abortion explained”

  1. I am 17yrs old and i am pregnant. What do i do now?
    Where do i go in Bangalore to get an abortion pill without the doctor asking me to tell my parents because i just cant tell them and i am sure i am not more than 5 weeks pregnant.

    1. Hospital Administrator

      For minors below 18 years old, consent is required from the parents/ guardian for abortion / medical termination of pregnancy. For adults above 18 years of age, consent is not required.

    2. Hi,
      I am 5 weeks pregnant , and for me and my husband this pregnancy was unplanned so wants to terminate it. I am not in banglore so can u please tell me how many days will be required to complete the process through pills or suction procrdure so that i can plan accordingly

      1. 5 weeks is early stage pregnancy, so based on patient’s medical conditions/ history etc. abortion pills may be administered by the gynecologist.

        As long as it is early stage pregnancy, the abortion pill procedure by the gynecologist can typically take within 1 day. For patient’s traveling or flying in from outside of Bangalore, many depart the following day.

        However, we recommend discussing your specific conditions with the doctor by calling or WhatsApp the hospital at (+91) 900 849 2277 or (+91) 934 382 6182. Based on your discussion, you will be informed of the exact amount of time needed for patient specific abortion pill procedure.

  2. hi,

    what is the cost of these abortion pills?
    me and my gf had sex 2 weeks ago but took an ipill afterwards. now during her periods she is complaining of headache, vomiting, nausea etc. please help.
    reply asap,

    1. Hospital Administrator

      Please get the tests done by the gynecologist. Do not take abortion pills by yourself, at home and without gynecologist supervision. It carries long term health risks to the patient. Any abortion pills or medical termination of pregnancy procedures must only be done by an experienced gynecologist at a certified abortion hospital for safety of the patient.

  3. Hi my name is ashok. Last week I just inserted little my penis into her vegina and removed( i have not cummed into her vegina & her hymer not broken). Now i just want to clarify is there is a possibility of getting pragnent. If so what the procedure we nee to maintain to abort pragnent, whats the cost for abortion pills & duration to ill.Please reply immediately.

  4. Hi, Thanks for your question. Please call to speak directly with the doctor at 934 382 6182 about your specific situation and to get your questions answered.

  5. hello,am mohan from bangalore,i had s*x with my gf last month and used condoms.but,she has missed her periods this month is that mean she is pregnant?? if she is wat can i do ? how to consult and get abort in a safe way and in a day…i have heard about aspiration .can have some info about that soon?

  6. Hello Mohan, If she has missed her periods this month it does not necessarily mean she is pregnant. The only way to be sure about the pregnancy is via a pregnancy test. Please do not take medication or try to self-diagnose. It carries risks.

    We suggest you to first get a pregnancy test at the hospital and proceed with next steps after consultation with the gynecologist.

    Please call to speak directly with the doctor at 934 382 6182 about your specific situation and to get your questions answered.

    1. Halo
      I m aishwariya, my friend anita she is 18yr old.. She is pregnant. It was just a mistake but now neither she nor her boyfriend can afford a child. So what they should do to terminate her pregnancy. She is only 54days pregnent. Is it legal or not…??

      1. Since she is 18 years old and still not in late stages of pregnancy, medical termination of pregnancy can be legal based on the patient’s specific conditions, which needs to be determined by the gynecologists. Please ask her to call 900 849 2277 or 934 382 6182 to speak with the doctor and schedule the appointment at the hospital.

  7. Halo
    I m aishwariya, my friend anita she is 18yr old.. She is pregnant. It was just a mistake but now neither she nor he boyfriend can afford a child. So what they should do to terminate her pregnancy. She is only 54days pregnent.

  8. Halo
    I m aishwariya, my friend anita she is 18yr old.. She is pregnant. It was just a mistake but now neither she nor he boyfriend can afford a child. So what they should do to terminate her pregnancy. She is only 54days pregnent. Is it legal or not..??

    1. Hospital Administrator

      Abortion can be done at 14 weeks pregnancy based on patient’s specific situation. See abortion procedures besides abortion pills.

  9. Me and my gf had unprotected sex 5 weeks ago and I didn’t ejaculate anywhere in or near her. But she took an i-pill within 20 hours and she got some spotting 2 days later for a day. Then another day later she got her normal periods. We have been taking home tests every week since then and even thrice this week so far and they all show negative but her periods has been due 5 days ago and she still hasn’t gotten her periods. Is she pregnant?

    1. Pregnancy is unlikely based on the pregnancy tests showing negative and the other circumstances described. Scan results can confirm whether or not there is a pregnancy.

  10. Hi
    I am 5 weeks pregnant , and for me and my husband this pregnancy was unplanned so wants to terminate it. I am in banglore so can u please tell me how many days will be required to complete the process through pills or suction procrdure so that i can plan accordingly

    1. Yes, 5 weeks is early stage pregnancy and the abortion procedure is usually via abortion pills and can be done within the day based on the patient’s specific situation and medical requirements.

  11. So we had sex and the condom tore , so she took a pill within 12 hours after intercourse.She got bleeding around her next period timee but it was lighter thn usual and the next mnth after she did not gt period . We tuk 3-4 pregnncy test nd all r ngtive. Cn she still be prgnant?

    1. While the home pregnancy tests are usually accurate there is a small probability of inaccuracy depending on how it is taken. If you are unsure about the accuracy of the Home pregnancy test (HPT), urine and blood tests by the doctor can be the next step to confirm pregnancy. Regarding taking any Abortion pills / MTP Pills it is highly recommended not to self-administer the pills procedure without the supervision of a doctor/gynec at an MTP Certified Hospital, due to the associated health risks involved.

  12. Hi, Me and my wife had a sex 6 weeks ago and she missed her periods it is up to 50 days now still she didn’t get her periods.we think she is pregnant and we decided to get abortion due to some personal reasons. What is the procedure and i am not with her right now living far away from her, can the abortion done without my presence?? What we need to done with this??

    1. For early stage abortion based on patient circumstances the abortion pills procedure can be recommended by the gynecologist as a safe abortion procedure, after the required pregnancy tests, medical tests and diagnosis at the hospital. Yes, MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) / abortion in Bangalore can be done in the husband’s absence with wife’s consent. You can call or WhatsApp +91 900 849 2277 to schedule appointment at the hospital abortion clinic.

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