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Read this before you buy abortion pills in Bangalore:

An unwanted pregnancy is nearly a cumbersome situation for any woman. And women may seek an abortion to end most of the unwanted pregnancies.

Women in Bangalore have been reportedly obtaining abortion pills as a quick fix to this problem. But does it really fix the problem? Or does it bring more?

Hello, young girls and women out there in Bangalore! We understand that unwanted pregnancies can come to any of you. Many of the readers might have even experienced the same.

Have you recently discovered that you are pregnant and you do not wish to carry the same?

Is the pregnancy wanted or is it the opposite, an unwanted pregnancy?

How far do you think you are from a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore?

Welcome readers! This post is to help you have a safe termination of an unwanted pregnancy in Bangalore, India. But first, give up any thought of buying an abortion pill without consultation. Promise???

Read ahead to know why.

Abortion in Bangalore

Some quick facts:

Let us begin with some abortion-related facts that you may not know about.

First, calm down. Do not panic. There is always a solution to a problem if you are ready to find one. Even this post is an initiative of the Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) to help women and girls in Bangalore have access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC).

Right pieces of information can help a woman make a well-informed abortion decision. This can save thousands of lives that end up due to complications from unsafe abortion procedures.

Some facts to help you stay relaxed:

  • Abortion in Bangalore, India is legal.
  • You can obtain an abortion in Bangalore for a wide range of reasons.
  • Many women do not know that abortion in Bangalore, India is legal in case the pregnancy has resulted from contraceptive failure. And the best part is that you may choose not to mention which method of contraception failed.
  • You can obtain an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy both as a married woman or an unmarried girl.
  • You can obtain an abortion in Bangalore only on your consent if you are an adult. There is no need of involving your parents in the matter. Even the partner’s consent is not required for legal abortion in Bangalore.
  • Abortion can be a safe, comfortable, quick and easy procedure to end an unwanted pregnancy. However, you need to choose the best MTP centre or the abortion hospital near you.
  • Almost all abortions performed at registered abortion hospital in Bangalore are safe.
  • Abortion in India is legally available up to 20 weeks of gestation. Under special circumstances, some women can even obtain it for up to 24 weeks.
  • You may think of abortion as a painful procedure. Indeed, an unsafe abortion can be very traumatizing both physically and mentally. But safe abortions can be hassle-free, convenient, painless and Gentle touch if you choose the right abortion hospital.

Some facts to caution you:

According to the World Health Organization (WHO):

  • “Lack of access to safe, timely, affordable and respectful abortion care is a critical public health and human rights issue.

  • Around 45% of all abortions are unsafe, of which 97% take place in developing countries.

  • Unsafe abortion is a leading cause of maternal deaths and morbidities. It can lead to physical and mental health complications and social and financial burdens for women, communities and health systems.”


  • Risks with abortion are seriously grave, the volume of which may be beyond your estimation.
  • Unsafe abortions in India are the third major cause of maternal mortality and morbidity.
  • An unsafe abortion may even be fatal and the cost of an abortion can be the life of the patient.
  • Unsafe abortions can hamper the reproductive health of women posing difficulty in future conception.
  • Internal injury with unsafe manual abortions can lead to hemorrhage, infections and even death.
  • Abortion pills may end up in incomplete abortions.

Abortion pills in Bangalore and the unwanted complications:

Easy access to abortion pills in Bangalore has made it the easiest option for unwed girls seeking abortion in Bangalore. Whenever the news of an unwanted pregnancy rings the bell, many unmarried girls either themselves or with the help of their partners procure abortion pills.

The ease of availability of abortion pills in Bangalore and the lack of restrictions makes them a comfortable option for most couples. According to a survey and ground report of “Mirror Now”, many pharmacies in Bangaluru are selling abortion pills illegally without asking for precautions.


Although, it is illegal to sell or purchase abortion pills without a valid prescription from a registered medical practitioner, yet women are looking forward to obtaining them by hook or by crook.

This way, girls and women are endangering their lives each day. Abortion pills come under the ‘Schedule-H’ of medicines as per the “Drugs and Cosmetics Act” of India. And therefore, they should not be sold to any customer over the counter.

Still, many people out of greed for charging more for abortion pills have been selling them off without prescriptions. Moreover, they themselves are not confident of the method, mode and dose of administration pills. So, it is vague to expect them to be providing the correct information to the patient.

Some instances and the role of the pharmacist:

According to the same report, there were multiple incidences where abortion pills were just handed to anyone who asked for them.

  1. In one of the incidents, the pharmacy attendant did not ask the correspondent for the prescription. He gave three medicines to the girl and asked her to take each of the three pills together the same day. And next set of similar three tablets on an alternate day.
  2. In another similar incident, the pharmacy attendant was not sure of the pills he handed to the correspondent. However, he asked her to ‘try her luck’.

And there were similar cases. In each of them, the pharmacy owner or the attendant did not:

  • Ask for the prescription.
  • Tell the patient of the effectiveness of the pill.
  • Tell the patient of the possible side effects.
  • Warn the patient to have it only under consultation or medical supervision.

Although it is the responsibility of the pharmacist to check out the dispensing of medicines. Firstly, the Schedule ‘H’ medicines were sold without prescription. Secondly, this attempt promoted or at least not stopped self-diagnosis or self-medication.

Where to get Safe abortion pills in Bangalore?

Although safe abortion pills are available in Bangalore, however, self-administration may not be a wise choice. There are plenty of ‘things to consider’ while prescribing abortion pills to any patient. Only a qualified and experienced doctor can help you with the correct diagnosis and prescribe you the best abortion method.

The abortion pill method is not the safe, effective and efficient method for all women alike. For many women, it may be an easy, comfortable and convenient method while seeking a bedroom abortion. But for many others, it may come as a traumatic experience.

Still, if you wish to have your abortion with abortion pills, at least do not self-administer them. You may consult a registered abortion clinic in Bangalore. 

Contact Bangalore Genesis Hospital for a quick, safe and effective medical abortion.

The doctor may prescribe you safe abortion pills in case he/she considers it fit for your case. In case you are fit for medical abortion, you can easily have the abortion pills in your comfort zone. Abortion will most likely take place on the third day and you can expect to bleed for up to a week.

However, please do follow-up with the doctor post-abortion to ensure you have had a complete abortion. You will also receive post-abortion consultation and prescription to help you in rapid recovery.

Let us now learn the risks of self-administration of abortion pills.

Risks with abortion pills: Why you should not attempt a self-abortion?

Although abortion pills may be safe, however, the risks cannot be ignored. And a doctor at a registered MTP centre considers all these risks before prescribing abortion pills. And only if the doctor finds the medical method of abortion in the best interests of the patient, he/she may prescribe them.

Do not fall in for any misinformation or misinterpretation. It is always advisable to have a consultation before the abortion.

Knowing the risks of abortion pills will help you understand that all these risks are preventable. It will also help you learn the fact that self-medication is not a healthy practice. It can put you in irreversible trouble(s).

Coming to individual risks with abortion pills,

Risk of incomplete abortion:

Now, the most important thing that you might be expecting from abortion in Bangalore is that you get a successful one. But, what if the abortion pills you buy do not work as you might expect them to?

Incomplete abortions are the most common problem with abortion pills when administered without proper consultation.

What is an incomplete abortion?

Abortion is said to be incomplete when all the products of gestation are not evacuated from the uterine cavity. Girls and women may think buying abortion pills in Bangalore is the easiest rescue from an unplanned pregnancy.

But they do not know that they may end up having the embryo removed, yet feel pregnant-like. They may bleed continuously for more than 10 days. And the bleeding may range from slight spotting to heavy bleeding. Abdominal cramps and pain are further additional things they may suffer.

In fact, the embryo might remove with abortion pills, yet thickened uterine lining may not shed off completely. Or some embryo tissue might have been left out which may not remove on its own.

And many women turn to hospitals with botched up abortions after self-administration of abortion pills.

Read the fact!

In the words of a doctor handling the emergency ward in Bangalore:

“Women with incomplete abortions often come to us when they are left with no choice. Some come drenched in blood, some come in a half-conscious state, while some others are carried to the hospital in an unconscious state. We do our best to save their lives. 

Some girls knock on the doors of quacks or unprofessional people to get their abortions completed. They only end up with internal injuries. Sadly, but true, many succumb to them and do not survive unsafe abortion complications. Others who survive may lose their fertility and have to live entire lives with some of the other co-morbidity.

Besides their physical trauma, psychological stress makes way for bigger problems like depression, schizophrenia and more. And most of these women do not even get psychological counselling or help only because they attempted secretive abortion procedures. And hence, they hesitate in opening up about their trauma.

It’s a part of our work that we see two or three cases like this regularly. However, we believe that if women are made available of the fact that they do have options for legal and safe abortions, they may not resort to these self-abortions.”

You need to know this!

Now, the facts with an incomplete abortion that you may need to know are:

Incomplete abortion due to inefficiency of abortion pills:

Even if you obtain safe abortion pills, they can cause an incomplete abortion. This can be attributed to their quality, standard and other things. And even if you manage to buy the best quality abortion pills, still there is a probability of incomplete abortion.

This is because abortion pills are only 95%-97% effective. And this efficiency is achievable only when all the factors like gestation age, pregnancy location, patient’s age, medical history and condition, any co-medicine, dosage and mode of administration of abortion pills are considered.

When all these essential things are not considered, the chances of incomplete abortions increase. So, all women seeking abortion in Bangalore should get the aforementioned things checked, considered and consulted before taking abortion pills.

Incomplete abortion due to pregnancy length:

Abortion pills are the recommended method of abortion for terminating only early pregnancies. As per the guidelines by the World Health Organization (WHO), abortion pills should not be prescribed for abortions beyond 6-8 weeks.

The more is the gestation length, the higher is the embryo size and the more is the uterine thickness. So, the products of gestation are more. And hence, they may not be cleaned out with the pills only.

During self-administration of abortion pills, women and girls often ignore this fact. Although with the help of the Last Menstrual Period (LMP), an approximate gestation period can be reached at. Yet, the exact length of the pregnancy can be arrived at only through a clear transvaginal ultrasound.

Just like the menstrual cycle varies for each girl and woman, so is their ovulation time and the time of conception. And hence, while popping in the abortion pills, you may not know your exact pregnancy length. And even if a woman knows the exact length and takes abortion pills beyond the recommended time, incomplete abortion is a likely expectation.

Incomplete abortion due to abortion pills dosage and method of administration:

Each woman may behave differently to abortion pills.

Do you know that the dose of abortion pills need adjustment for different girls and women?

Not only the dose, but also the method of administration may vary. Some women may  need only oral ingestion of the medicine. While others may need a vaginal mode of administration for better functioning of the abortion pills.

Then, some women may be taking medicines for any co-existing medical condition. Many medicines can interfere with the functioning of abortion pills.

Only a qualified and experienced doctor can suggest the best dose and mode of administration. As a self-prescriber, you may not know how to take abortion pills, when to take them, the gap between different abortion pills and how many to take to make up for the exact dose for you.

When the doctor prescribes abortion pills, he/she may take care of all these factors. And the abortion pills may work for you. So, please consult your doctor before buying and self-administration pills.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy with self-administration of abortion pills:

What is an ectopic pregnancy?

If you do not know, pregnancy may sometimes change its path or get wrongly implanted. In a normal pregnancy, the fertilized egg passes through the fallopian tube and gets implanted in the uterine lining. Such a pregnancy is called intrauterine pregnancy.

However, in some cases, the fertilized egg may fail to reach the uterus. And it may either remain in the fallopian tube or travel wrongly to reach the cervix or the abdominal cavity. These cases are called ectopic pregnancies.

In the case of intrauterine pregnancy, incomplete abortion is a major risk. But the thing to worry about when you take abortion pills in case of an ectopic pregnancy is that abortion will not take place.

New news for you, isn’t it?

Yes, in such a case, you may bleed, you may suffer abdominal cramps due to the effect of the abortion pills. However, the embryo will remain in the wrong place and continue to grow. But these pregnancies are not viable. And hence when they may find the place narrow, the pregnancy may rupture.

Rupture of the pregnancy may even be fatal if immediate medical help is not given to the patient. Her fertility may be lost, either partial or complete.

How is an ectopic pregnancy detected?

An ectopic pregnancy is detected through a transvaginal scan. So, as soon as you receive the news of a pregnancy, whether wanted or unwanted, please do consult your gynecologist.

An ultrasound will help the doctor diagnose both the length and location of your pregnancy. And he/she may prescribe you the best abortion method. If abortion pills will work for you as expected, you can expect to be prescribed them.

Abortion at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH): What to expect?

Although most women from Bangalore may feel reluctant in visiting a nearby abortion hospital for anonymity. But, you do have a choice of a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore.

At BGH, you can receive the best abortion method prescribed for your case. The hospital is equipped to cater to all the needs of patients as per their individual cases. You can obtain a legal abortion at BGH for up to 20 weeks with different abortion methods.

  1. The medical method of abortion for up to 6-8 weeks
  2. Vacuum aspiration method of abortion for up to 12 weeks
  3. Dilatation and Evacuation (Surgical abortion) for up to 20 weeks. 

These are the methods of abortion for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. You may contact the hospital to discover your best abortion method. For terminating ectopic pregnancies, both medical and surgical methods are also available. The choice of the abortion method will depend on patient-specific parameters.

Cost of abortion in Bangalore:

You may want to cut the cost of abortion to make it an affordable one. We are mentioning this because we found out in our survey that many women resort to self-abortion with pills to cut the abortion cost.

To understand this better, you may need to know that unsafe abortion complications and side effects are immense. And the cost of an abortion is not just a monetary figure. It may come to you at the cost of health and even life.

You can cut the abortion cost in terms of travelling, hotel room etc. But always think of obtaining a safe abortion: safety in terms of physical and mental health and safety in terms of privacy.

You can expect a safe abortion at BHG in all these terms. The doctors at BGH are highly qualified and have multiple decades of experience. Even the nurses are highly qualified and internationally trained to give you the best and safe abortion experience.

Confidential abortion at BGH:

You can visit your nearby registered abortion clinic. If you fear confidentiality compromise, you may relax.

You, your pregnancy and your abortion will be completely private. You can book an appointment at the hospital. At your scheduled time, you may not see any fellow patient.

You will receive a private one-to-one consultation with the doctor. A nurse can stay by your side throughout the procedure. Do not worry about your personal details. Even if you are coming from the next door of the hospital, all your personal details are in safe hands.

Whether you are married or unmarried or a single woman, you won’t experience a speck of stigma or judgmental behavior. All the doctors, nurses and hospital staff are non-judgmental and highly professional. They all together make the best abortion team.

Not only you will receive the best treatment, but also you will receive support, care and compassion. Many unmarried girls resort to self-abortion fearing harsh comments from the healthcare provider. If you too are thinking similar thoughts, please feel free to consult BGH once. You may come out as a happy patient with a successful, safe and confidential abortion. 

Contact Bangalore Genesis Hospital for a short, quick, safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore. 


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