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What is the abortion pill cost in Bangalore?

The biggest challenge in obtaining a medical procedure is the cost involved. And the same is true when we are seeking an abortion. It is justice to look at the cost involved with abortion before proceeding ahead. And it is a wise plan to get ready for all aspects.

Being prepared for abortion is very important. And this post intends to help women and girls seeking abortion in Bangalore learn the real abortion pill cost.

People often forget the real cost of abortion behind the monetary figures. They may think that it is just a matter of a few bucks and they can obtain abortion pills from any pharmacy. However, what they do not consider is:

  • The cost of abortion pills in terms of risks and side effects involved.
  • The cost involved in dealing with abortion complications.
  • Abortion pills cost in terms of pain.
  • Price of abortion pills in terms of discomfort.
  • Abortion cost in terms of reproductive health.
  • Price of abortion in terms of general wellbeing and long-term health.
  • Abortion price in terms of the mental and emotional wellbeing of the woman.
  • Cost of abortion in terms of time involved in obtaining the abortion.

In this post, we will discuss all these factors that can affect the final abortion price in Bangalore.

Welcome readers! Have a quick read and analyze all the factors affecting abortion in Bangalore just before you self-diagnose or try to cut down your abortion cost.

So, let’s begin!

Cost of abortion pills in monetary figures:

The cost of abortion pills may depend on the following factors:

The brand that you purchase:

Various companies manufacture and market abortion pills. The price may vary from brand to brand and from brand to generic. Also, the quality of abortion pills may range from average to great.

Source of abortion pills:

You make the purchase of abortion pills or MTP kit in Bangalore from a pharmacy. If you do so with a prescription, then the pharmacist shall give you the same brand as mentioned in your prescription.

In case you buy an MTP kit without a doctor’s prescription, it is illegal as well as unsafe abortion. And in such a case, the pharmacy store representative may ask you higher than the Maximum Retail Price (MRP). He/She may take advantage of you trying to procure abortion pills without a prescription.

Or if you visit a registered abortion hospital, your doctor shall check various factors before prescribing you abortion pills. The doctor shall check whether you are eligible for a medical abortion or not. He/She may advise you on the best abortion method as per your case-specific.

The doctor may either prescribe you an MTP kit and direct you to buy it and shall tell you how and when to take it. You may have to buy it from a pharmacy store.

Or the doctor may dispense you the medicines at the clinic itself. So, you will have to pay at the hospital both for consultation and also for abortion pills. Although, this may be more in comparison with buying an MTP kit from a pharmacy. But this will ensure that your abortion is safe and is successful.

Cost of abortion pills in terms of risks and side effects involved:

There are substantial risks with the self-administration of abortion pills. However, there are some other risks as well that may be possible even when you visit a registered abortion clinic. For instance, the ones like incomplete abortion due to the inefficiency of the medical abortion method.

Let’s discuss them briefly.

Risk of incomplete abortion:

What is an incomplete abortion?

Abortion is the medical process of terminating a pregnancy and removing it from the uterine cavity. When all the pregnancy products do not expel from the womb, abortion is known as an incomplete abortion.

How is it a complication?

Abortion pills when taken after considering all the factors may still lead to an incomplete abortion. This is because the medical abortion method is nearly 95%-97% effective only. So, there is always a chance of incomplete abortion.

And this probability increases when women or girls pop in abortion pills without consultation. This is because:

  • They may not know whether they are eligible for medical abortion.
  • They may not know the exact length of their pregnancy. Abortion pills efficiency decrease with an increase in pregnancy length. And the World Health Organization (WHO) recommends the use of abortion pills only to terminate intrauterine pregnancies less than 6-8 weeks.
  • A layman girl or woman may not know the right dose she needs for a successful abortion.
  • She may not even know the best method of administration for her.
  • Medical abortion involves the use of two different abortion medicines. One pill stops the pregnancy and the other one expels the pregnancy products from the womb. There is a time gap between the two medicines. In case this timing is not perfect, even then, an incomplete abortion may happen.
  • Sometimes, women and girls are suffering from co-existing medical conditions. They may even be taking medicines for the same. Certain medicines interfere with how abortion pills behave in the human body. So, if this thing is not taken into due consideration, again there are vivid chances of incomplete abortion.
  • In some other similar situations, certain food items and lifestyle practices also affect how abortion pills behave within the human body. A layman girl or woman may not be aware of this and her abortion may not be complete.

What next?

Now, an incomplete abortion presents itself with continuous bleeding that can range from slight spotting to heavy bleeding. With a completed abortion, you can expect your bleeding to stop by day 7-10. However, some women may continue to bleed for longer.

But in a case bleeding does not stop, it is essential to have a follow-up to ascertain whether the abortion was successful or not. And if the transvaginal scan detects the presence of pregnancy products in your womb, it is a clear case of incomplete abortion.

Now, you can not buy another set of abortion pills that can complete your abortion. In most cases, surgical intervention is essential to remove all gestation products. And you must get it done only by a highly qualified and experienced doctor.

You need to visit a registered abortion hospital where the doctor shall clean your womb to remove all gestation products and complete your abortion.

A piece of advice:

In case you were trying to cut the cost of your abortion by a medical self-abortion, you end up paying a higher cost. Now, this cost comes to you in various forms. See for yourself.

  • The monetary cost of abortion pills in the first go.
  • Additional amount for a surgical procedure to complete the abortion.
  • Additional or multiple tests for diagnosis.
  • Travelling costs as per the means of your convenience.
  • Cost of the pain you have been suffering from all this time.
  • Abortion price in terms of your discomfort and fatigue.
  • If you are a professional, you were not on an official break. So, include the cost in terms of the salary deduction for the break time.

There can be further risks with unsafe abortions.

If you visit a registered abortion hospital, the doctor shall take your medical history, analyze your medical reports, check for the exact length and location of your pregnancy before prescribing you abortion pills.

An experienced doctor prescribes abortion pills only after due consideration of all the essential things. This means that the cost of abortion pills in terms of an incomplete abortion will not be the likely cause if you get them only after proper consultation.

You can schedule an early appointment for abortion with pills in Bangalore at the best abortion hospital near you, Bangalore Genesis Hospital.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy:

Do you know what is an ectopic pregnancy?

An ectopic pregnancy is a faulty pregnancy that can happen to any woman. However, certain women and girls are at a higher risk of developing an ectopic pregnancy. But before a diagnostic test after conception, no one can tell you that your pregnancy is normal or ectopic.

If you are reading this post, probably you have come to know of your unintended pregnancy. And you are looking for your abortion options. Most likely, you may have taken up a home pregnancy test with the help of a Urine Pregnancy Test (UPT) kit.

Now you know that you are pregnant. But what you do not know at this stage is where is the embryo. You may be thinking that it is in the womb only which is meant to hold a pregnancy through full-term.

But it may or may not be true for you or any woman or a girl in that case. Let’s try to understand what is an ectopic pregnancy and where it is if not in the womb.

What is the difference between a normal and ectopic pregnancy?

A woman’s reproductive system consists of a uterus (the womb) that connects to the two ovaries, one on each side. Very thin and narrow ducts called fallopian tubes establish this connection. Whenever the fertilization occurs between a male sperm and a female egg, this process happens in any of the fallopian tubes.

The next step involves the travelling of this fertilized egg, now called the embryo to the womb. If it happens, it is a normal pregnancy or an intrauterine pregnancy. The embryo starts developing further after getting implanted in the uterine lining.

But if the embryo fails to reach the womb, it may remain somewhere stuck in the fallopian tube. This is a case of an ectopic pregnancy, also known as tubal pregnancy.

In some other cases, the embryo may travel to the cervix region and get attached to some lining there. And in further rare incidences, it may travel to the abdominal cavity. These are all the cases of ectopic or extrauterine pregnancies.

Such pregnancies are non-viable and they need removal as soon as possible both to save the woman’s fertility and life. Ectopic pregnancies may be life-threatening.

Now, let’s discuss how abortion pills are a risk to ectopic pregnancies and of course, the cost involved.

Risk of ectopic pregnancy with abortion pills:

Abortion pills are meant for terminating normal or intrauterine pregnancies. The first pill, Mifepristone stops the pregnancy from growing further. And the second pill, Misoprostol evacuates it from the uterus.

Now, these two abortion pills work only on intrauterine pregnancies and not in ectopic pregnancies. This is because although Mifepristone shall stop the production of the hormone, Progesterone. However, Misoprostol will not be able to evacuate it from the uterine cavity since the embryo is not there.

Misoprostol works by causing the uterus to contract. These contractions lead to embryo expulsion in the form of vaginal bleeding.

When any girl or woman self-administers abortion pills without ascertaining the location of her pregnancy, in a case of an ectopic pregnancy, abortion will not take place. The embryo may not grow or develop into a very large size but it can rupture any time whenever the space becomes narrow.

Such a case presents itself with heavy internal bleeding leading to hemorrhage. If the woman or the girl fails to receive emergency surgery to remove the ruptured tissues, she may even die.

Therefore, never self-administer abortion pills without ruling out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy.

Let’s see the cost involved with this risk:

Again, never try to cut down the cost of an abortion by self-medication. In case of an ectopic pregnancy, it may come to you in the form of the following prices:

  • Cost of abortion pills bought in the first place.
  • Abortion price that you pay with pain, discomfort, fatigue and bleeding.
  • The cost involved in surgery to save your life.
  • In case of a tubal pregnancy rupture, one of the fallopian tubes and the attached ovary removal will be essential to save your life. So, you pay the price of abortion pills with lost fertility and reproductive health. Your future pregnancies may have a negative impact. Your probability of getting pregnant in the future reduces to half.

A piece of advice:

Although the risks may seem very horrendous and they actually are, they are all preventable. Even the risk of lost reproductive organs and fertility are avoidable with a timely and wise abortion decision.

If you visit a registered abortion hospital, the doctor may not prescribe you abortion pills only after knowing your Last Menstrual Period (LMP). Although one may get an idea of an approximate gestation length, it never ascertains the pregnancy location.

An experienced doctor always asks the patient to get an ultrasound done before prescribing any abortion method. Only if the pregnancy is less than 6-8 weeks and is intrauterine, shall he/she prescribe you the abortion pills.

Early detection of an ectopic pregnancy can save a woman’s life and also her fertility. This is because early ectopic pregnancies are treatable with medicines only. And surgery may not be essential.

But when an ectopic pregnancy comes as a complication and is detected only when a patient faints and scans are done to find the reason, then only surgery can save her life. And fertility reduces to half already.

Risk of infections:

Just like when you are in the bleeding phase of your menstrual cycle, you are quite vulnerable to infections. Similarly, with a medical abortion or even a surgical procedure, there are chances of infections.

When you visit the best doctor for an abortion, you receive proper consultation and prescription medicines to prevent the onset of any kind of infection.

In case you have a fever and it does not improve by 24-hours, you need to take the prescribed antibiotics. If the infection continues to spread, it can result in sepsis. This too may be fatal.

Always choose to visit only a registered abortion hospital for a safe abortion.

Risk of heavy bleeding:

Some women and girls may bleed very heavily after an abortion. A medical abortion happens within 4-6 hours of taking the second abortion pill. So, you can expect heavy bleeding during this time. But in a case bleeding continues heavily, the woman may need a blood transfusion to make up for the blood loss.

This can also be a huge risk. If you self-medicate and end up in such a complication, you may not have the proper guidance to follow. You may not even know when and where to seek medical attention.

Whereas, when a qualified practitioner prescribes abortion pills, the patient receives complete information regarding ‘What to expect’ and ‘When to seek medical help’. Besides, the patient also receives helpline numbers to reach out in case of any complication since the abortion takes place at the patient’s home.

Do you want a confidential abortion?

Self-abortions are unsafe abortions and most of them result in complications like incomplete abortion, ectopic pregnancy complications, infections, heavy bleeding and more. Therefore, it is advisable to always visit a registered abortion clinic for a safe and successful abortion.

Many women, especially unmarried girls in Bangalore attempt self-abortions for the want of a confidential abortion. To them, confidential abortions do not exist. If you too think similarly, schedule an appointment at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH).

At BGH, you can receive a safe, legal, confidential and successful abortion. The hospital provides personalized abortion care to each patient. You receive private one-to-one consultation and private abortion.

When you visit the hospital by an appointment, you do not have to wait and you also do not see any fellow patients. You can comfortably receive consultation and abortion. The doctor will see you and check your medical history and reports of some diagnostic reports. They are essential to prescribe the best abortion method.

Hire a local cab from your location to the hospital’s location.

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