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Abortion Methods

If you have decided to have an abortion, regardless of why you have made this decision, you probably are now curious or anxious about the various abortion methods available to you. You might not be surprised to learn that, like a lot of other medical procedures, there are different methods to terminate pregnancies. Two common methods are medical abortions and surgical abortions, which come in both early pregnancy surgical abortions and late pregnancy surgical abortions.

Though this is going to depend in great part on where you are located, the basic order of the abortion processes are going to be medical abortion; early pregnancy surgical abortion; and late pregnancy surgical abortion. You have to have the first done very early on in the pregnancy, but even the last must be done fairly quickly (usually before four months have passed). All three have separate procedures, but the last two are really similar, with the late pregnancy just being more in depth.

If you are considering getting a medical abortion, then you often have to make up your to get the procedure really early on in the pregnancy cycle. Most legal places will not do them after the first couple of months of pregnancy. This process allows you to take medication at the doctor’s office and then go home to await your body self-inducing the abortion.

The other abortion methods, the surgical abortions, give you more time to think and consider before you have to have them, even though these also do not give you a lot of time. However, if the mother’s life is at risk, the late pregnancy surgical abortion can be used later in the pregnancy in a lot of places. These two methods are very similar, but they do have a couple of key differences as well.

As its name implies, a surgical abortion does require the use of surgery. However, the surgery is generally outpatient and rarely even requires the use of anesthesia. It does, on the other hand, use numbing and pain medication in order to ease the complications.

You also might need an additional appointment in between the consultation and the procedure where a dilator will be inserted into your cervix so that it will be properly dilated at the time of the surgery.

Under these abortion methods, the pregnancy will be suctioned out of the patient. In some cases, the doctor might need to cut out any remainders.

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