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Abortion Law in the Philippines

It is illegal to obtain an abortion in the Philippines unless it is to save the woman’s life. If the woman’s life is in danger, she needs the approval of a panel of medical professionals before the abortion can be performed.

If the woman chooses to have an abortion either by inducing herself or consenting to someone else performing the procedure she faces between six months and six years in prison. The person who performs an abortion is subject to the same penalty as well as the suspension of the right to follow a medical profession.

Despite the severity of the law, abortion remains a common occurrence in the Philippines. It is estimated that there are 27 abortions for every 1,000 women each year in the Philippines. The estimated number of abortions in the year 2000 ranges from 400,000 to 550,000.

One explanation for the large number of abortions in the Philippines is the lack of access to contraceptives due to the social and political restraints on health care. Many women who choose to have an abortion do so because they cannot afford another child and did not want to become pregnant, leading to a rise in the number of unsafe abortions in the Philippines.

Unsafe Abortions in the Philippines

It is estimated that in the year 2000, 105,000 were hospitalized due to complications following abortion. The rates of women hospitalized for abortion complications varied from one area to another, and researches believe that this difference may be due to better access to hospitals in major cities. So more women many have needed hospitalization but did not have access.

It is believed that 1,000 women die every year in the Philippines due to unsafe abortion practices. Depending on the region, unsafe abortion is responsible for between 13% and 35% of the maternal mortality rate.

There are several options for a woman seeking an illegal abortion in the Philippines. Abortion pills are available on the black market, and there are also traditional medicines and makeshift services. None of the options offer proper medical supervision and few are even administered by proper medical guidelines.

One woman, named Ana was 35 when she sought out an illegal abortion. She already had seven children, all of which were conceived by force, as Ana was in a violent relationship at the time.

With seven children she could barely afford to care for, she knew that she could not add another. She decided to have a “medical” abortion which involved having a catheter inserted into her cervix for several hours.

For a week she suffered severe bleeding before allowing herself to be taken to a hospital, where nurses told her that if she died, it was her own fault. She is not alone, one in six women who obtain an illegal abortion suffer complications.

Women who do suffer complications are able to get post-abortion procedures at a hospital but often they will face prejudice and abuse by the medical staff as Ana did. They also face social stigma and are ostracized from their community.

There is no reason for a woman to suffer through the painful and illegal abortions in the Philippines. There is a safe and legal option open to women who are willing and able to travel outside the country.

Getting an Abortion Abroad

For many women the solution to the problem of abortion in the Philippines may be to travel to a country where abortion is legal. In India abortion is legal up until 20 weeks of pregnancy based on the patient’s applicable conditions.

The Abortion Clinic located in Bangalore, India and offers a safe and sterile clinic that is able to perform a variety of abortion procedures. We have a highly trained staff that is able to address any complication that may arise, and state of the art equipment to constantly monitor the health of the patient.

Skilled doctors are able to rise to the occasion should anything go wrong and will ensure that the patient will not suffer any long term complications following the abortion. If they are performed in sterile clinics by well-trained doctors, abortions are relatively safe procedures.

Since this can be a very hard time for patients, the Abortion Clinic in India works with their patients to make all the necessary travel arrangements, including flights, ground transportation and lodging. They even offer contraception advice and counseling for those women who have a hard time after the procedure. 

A visit to the Genesis Abortion Clinic in Bangalore India is one that will not have  dangerous complications or long hospital stays, it is worth one’s health and well-being to seek out the very best care for an abortion.

Call  +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182 to speak confidentially with the doctor in Bangalore India. 


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