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Abortion Law in Qatar

Abortion in Qatar is illegal except in a few circumstances. It is legal if the woman’s life or health is threatened by the continuation of the pregnancy.

Abortion is also legal if the baby has birth defects but there are restrictions. Qatar also allows abortions for mental health reasons, but this does not form a loophole like it does in other countries.

An abortion can only occur after the situation has been judged by a medical panel of three independent doctors have approved the situation. In the case of an abortion due to a birth defect, the father must give his consent.

A legal medical abortion can be performed at any time if the mother’s life is at risk. For medical, mental or reasons of birth defect, the abortion must be performed before the pregnancy reaches four months.

If a woman decides to have an illegal abortion she could face up to five years imprisonment. The penalty is the same for whoever performs the abortion; the penalty is double if the woman was not a willing participant in the abortion procedure.

These harsh penalties can also include deportation if the expat woman is found to be pregnant and unmarried. This creates a very desperate situation for an unmarried pregnant woman in Qatar because she cannot even try to visit a doctor for legal abortion.

The strict laws against abortion and unmarried women being pregnant have led to a rise in unsafe abortions in Qatar. These unsafe abortions can carry even worse punishments than prison sentences.

Unsafe Abortions in Qatar

One woman tells the story of how she tried to get an unsafe abortion in Qatar after her husband left her. She realized that she could not take care of a third child and went to have an illegal abortion.

However, the abortion was not fully completed nor was it done properly, leaving parts behind that led to a massive infection. Surgery had to be immediately performed, including a colonoscopy, and it was a very long and painful recovery before she was even able to leave the hospital.

The doctor that treated her has dedicated his life to helping low-income women survive their post-abortion trauma. He treats women suffering from bleeding, infection, perforated bowels, perforated uterus and septic shock.

Many women feel that they have no other option in Qatar because they are unable to get an abortion at a safe clinic without medical approval which requires dire circumstances. The methods of unsafe abortion may vary but all of them carry the same range of risks.

Rarely are these procedures done in sterile conditions and there are no trained professionals willing to risk their careers and their freedom in order to perform abortions. This leads to roving abortion clinics that operate in back alleys or homes with barely trained midwives or “doctors” performing the abortion.

Women who are not as far along in their pregnancy sometimes attempt to order abortion pills in Qatar online. However these are rarely administered correctly and can lead to severe bleeding if not carefully monitored.

There are ways that women who want an abortion can avoid these risks. Instead of trying to have an abortion in Qatar they can travel outside the country to a clinic where abortions can be performed legally and safely.

Abortions Outside of the Country

While abortion may be illegal in Qatar it is legal in India in accordance with the MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) Act of India. For this reason, an abortion clinic outside of the country can cater to women who are seeking a safe way to medically terminate their pregnancies.

A popular choice for expats is the Genesis Abortion Clinic in India for high quality medical care in compliance with The World Health Organization standards. Rather than have a dangerous and unsafe abortion, a woman can have an abortion overseen by qualified professionals who care about her health.

The hospital can also provide assistance to make all the necessary travel arrangements so that patients do not have to feel lost in a foreign country. All their travel and lodging needs will be taken care of; they can even be taken directly to the clinic from the airport.

The Abortion Clinic offers strict patient confidentiality along with CAC – Comprehensive Abortion Care.  Contrary to the dismal conditions of unsafe abortion procedures, the Abortion Clinic in Bangalore India is a sterile facility, practiced in the best methods for abortion and equipped with all the necessary tools. The hospital is  also completely prepared for any possible complication as a result of the abortion procedure.

For those looking for a safe, confidential and legal alternative to having an abortion in Qatar, the Genesis Abortion Clinic in Bangalore, India offers high quality service and a friendly staff.

Call or WhatsApp  +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182 to speak confidentially with the doctor in Bangalore India.

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