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Abortion Law in Mauritius

It is illegal for a woman to have an abortion in Mauritius unless her life is at risk from the continuation of the pregnancy. The doctor who is performing the abortion must speak with the Medical Council and the government and obtain permission from the Solicitor General before performing the abortion.

A woman who has an abortion and either consents or induces the abortion herself can face up to ten years in prison. The same punishment is given to anyone who performs the abortion or supplies the means with which to have an abortion.

The government has put forth several family planning initiatives in order to reduce the number of unwanted pregnancies and therefore the number of abortions. While this seems to be working, it is estimated that there are over 3,000 abortions performed each year in Mauritius.

This is a striking number considering the lack of access to safe abortions in Mauritius, which means that the majority of these abortions are being performed in unsafe conditions.

Unsafe Abortions in Mauritius

There are a number of unsafe abortions performed each year in Mauritius and many of these result in hospitalizations or death. While the maternal mortality rate in Mauritius is on the decline there are still dozens of women who die every year due to pregnancy and abortion related complications.

There are also hundreds of cases reported each year of women who seek medical attention due to complications from unsafe abortions.

Abortion methods in Mauritius and the safest method of illegal abortion is to obtain the abortion pill. However, this not only carries the risk of being sentenced to prison but there are also significant health risks to taking these powerful drugs without the supervision of a doctor.

Even if taken correctly which is rare, the pills can cause severe bleeding and incomplete abortion. Both of these complications require medical attention which runs the risk of the abortion being discovered.

A more dangerous method is to have a surgical abortion procedure performed, often these illegal abortions are performed in unsanitary conditions by people who are not trained professionals. These abortion practices can lead to hemorrhaging, infection, uterine perforation and even death.

Fortunately, there is a safer option for women in Mauritius and that is to have their abortion performed abroad.

Abortions Abroad

For many women who are in need of an abortion in a country where abortion is illegal, the best option is to travel abroad. One such destination is India, where abortion is legal until 20 weeks of pregnancy, under specific patient circumstances. 

The Abortion Clinic is located in Bangalore, India and offers a safe, confidential alternative to illegal abortions in Mauritius. The well-trained and caring staff  is able to handle any abortion procedure and can prevent serious complications from occurring.

The state of the art technology and facilities offer a range of other services, such as help with travel arrangements, counseling and even contraceptive advice.

The Abortion Clinic in India is a much better option for women in Mauritius as it ensures that the woman will be able to have a safe abortion that will not have lasting complications.

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