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Abortion in Kuwait | Abortion in Bangalore India Option

Abortion Law in Kuwait

Abortion in Kuwait is strictly against the law except in the most extreme cases. These cases include saving the life of the mother, the mental health of the mother, the physical health of the mother or in the case of known birth defects.

An abortion can only be performed by reason of birth defect if the birth defect is decided to be a serious physical or mental malformation that cannot be cured. In this case, both the consent of the mother and father is required.

If a woman wishes to have an abortion for any of the accepted reasons she must be less than four months pregnant and the termination of pregnancy abortion must occur at a state hospital. For an abortion to be performed, it must be approved by three specialists working under a chairman specialist in gynecology and obstetrics.

A woman who does not live by a state hospital must obtain a referral to a state hospital by her doctor. Then she must bring her medical file and application for an abortion to the committee who has to approve the abortion.

Only in dire cases can an abortion be legally performed anywhere but a state hospital. However, even in this case the hospital must be approved by the Ministry of Health and the government must be informed of any abortions performed.

Despite the fact that the government is notified of all abortions, there are no statistics readily available about the number of safe or unsafe abortions.  A woman who chooses to have an unsafe abortion not only endangers her life but faces up to five years in prison and a hefty fine. Anyone who performs an abortion on a pregnant woman can be sentenced up to ten years in prison and fines.

The harsh penalties on anyone performing an abortion in Kuwait, leaves only those with little or no training or equipment, willing to take the risk. However, many desperate women are willing to take their chances because they feel they have no other option than to get an illegal abortion.

Unsafe Abortion in Kuwait

Kuwait is located in the Eastern Mediterranean region of the world and according to the World Health Organization over 7,000 women died in this region in 2008 due to unsafe abortion practices. In this region there were over 3 million unsafe abortions, meaning that there were 20 unsafe abortions for every 100 live births.

Considering the dangers of having an unsafe pregnancy abortion in Kuwait these numbers are staggering. Even those women who are lucky enough to survive an unsafe abortion, may experience lifelong consequences.

Many women who get an unsafe abortion experience hemorrhaging, infection, scarring, and even infertility. Often they will need to visit a hospital to even survive, at which point the illegal abortion is discovered.

Even women who choose to have an illegal abortion by buying abortion pills, either online or from a merchant, can face dire consequences. Often these pills are given to women with little idea of how they work or when they should be used.

Some will even suggest that the woman double or triple the dose if she is further along in her pregnancy. These highly potent pills, if taken incorrectly, can lead to excessive bleeding that can be fatal if not treated.

It is never worth the risk to get an unsafe abortion in Kuwait. There are other options for a woman who is in need of an abortion, options that are safe, legal and confidential.

Getting an Abortion Outside of the Country

For many women the solution to Kuwait’s strict abortion laws is to simply get an abortion outside of the country. By traveling to a country where abortion is legal, a woman can have access to a fully equipped medical clinic with well-trained doctors performing every procedure.

Because so many women are dying or suffering horrible consequences as a result of unsafe abortions, the Abortion Clinic in India will cater to women from other countries.  They will work with their patients to make all the travel arrangements and work within their schedule.

For women who are short on time or money, one day abortion trips can be arranged and the clinic will arrange all necessary transportation to and from the clinic. This safe and easy option allows any woman to get an abortion that will not endanger her life.

The Genesis Abortion Clinic in India is staffed by doctors trained in the safest methods of abortion and have all the necessary tools and supplies in place if something does go wrong. There is minimal risk to the woman’s life if she chooses to get her abortion in a foreign clinic.

When faced with the dangers of an unsafe abortion in Kuwait, or a safe, confidential and legal abortion there should be no question of the right choice. The Abortion Clinic in Bangalore, India is able to provide abortions to those women who are willing to travel. 

Call  +91 900 849 2277 or + 91 934 382 6182 to speak confidentially with the doctor in Bangalore India.  You can also call the hospital via Whatsapp. 

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    1. Hello you can undergo a 1 day abortion procedure at the hospital. You can fly in to Bangalore, India in the morning and undergo the process including scanning and procedure and fly back either the same day or next day. To speak directly with the doctor and for further details, please call +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182.

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