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Where to have an abortion in Koramangala, Bangalore?

Are you looking for an abortion clinic in Koramangala or the best doctor for abortion there?

If yes, then this post intends to help you have a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore. Stay tuned to know all that you may need to know about abortion in Koramangala, Bangalore.

Let us get started with a few queries.

Are you carrying an unwanted pregnancy?

How far do you think or know you are in your pregnancy?

Are you married?

Are you looking forward to having an abortion?

Do you think you have a legal way out of your pregnancy?

Are you thinking of buying an MTP kit from a pharmacy?

Do you think abortion pills will help you with an abortion?

These questions are not for us to know the answers to. But they are the questions that can help you make a well-informed abortion decision.

So, let’s see what are your abortion options for unwanted pregnancy in Koramangala, Bangalore.

Abortion in Bangalore

Legal things to know about abortion in Bangalore:

If you choose to visit any abortion clinic in Koramangala for an abortion, you should equip yourself with some legal knowledge. There have been incidences where unmarried girls, rape survivors and other women seeking abortions are turned away from the hospitals.

Sometimes they are told that abortion is illegal or they cannot obtain abortion in India as unmarried girls. At other times, they are asked to bring their partner for consent. Unmarried girls have also reported that although being adults, they were denied abortions. Moreover, they were asked to bring in their parents.

Due to the stigma associated with abortions, the medical fraternity also sometimes sees abortions within the same landscape. Even if they are ready for abortions, they ask for huge amounts to maintain the girl’s anonymity. To keep the unmarried girl pregnancy and abortion status hidden, many girls pay higher the cost of abortion to unprofessional people and shams.

However, if you are seeking an abortion in Bangalore, you better know the legal things. They may help you to speak with the abortion doctor in Koramangala with confidence. So, here are the legal things regarding abortion in India.

Permissible circumstances:

Abortion in India is legal for both married and unmarried women under a wide range of circumstances. These are:

  • Contraceptive failure

  • Rape/Sexual assault/Incest

  • Fetal anomalies

  • To protect the woman’s physical and/or mental wellbeing and life.

Gestation age:

Abortion in India is legally available for up to 20 weeks under normal circumstances. In addition, it may be allowed up to 24 weeks for special cases such as rape survivors and fetal deformities. Many girls and women in India have legally availed of abortions beyond this period with the help of the judiciary.

Marital status:

Abortion in India is legal both for married and unmarried girls. An abortion may not be denied to you as a single woman or an unmarried girl in India. Earlier, the Indian abortion law as per the MTP Act, 1971, abortions were allowed only to married women for the reason of contraceptive failure.

However, with the latest amendments as mentioned in MTP Act 2021, the ‘married woman’ has been replaced with ‘woman’. So, abortion in India has been legalized for all women irrespective of their marital status.

Many unmarried girls were attempting unsafe abortions and risking their health and lives. Therefore, to help protect the health, lives and reproductive choices of these girls and women, abortion in India has been legalized for unmarried women.

Consent for abortion:

As mentioned above in the post, many women are asked to bring their husbands for consent for abortions. Sometimes, healthcare providers ask unmarried girls to bring their parents. Some even ask these girls to give the contact details of their parents so that they may be informed.

They are told that their parents should know that the girls have been in a premarital sexual relationship. When girls receive this kind of treatment at the hands of healthcare providers, they resort to unsafe abortions.

And, do you know that unsafe abortions are the leading cause of maternal morbidity and mortality in India?

For your kind information, you do not need any other person’s consent for an abortion if you are an adult. You do not need your spouse’s consent or the consent of your parents. Any woman or girl who has attained the age of 18 years can give only her consent for an abortion.

Consent of parents is required only in the case of minors and mentally incapable women.

Woman’s privacy:

Now, the twitch that propels women to pay higher the cost of an abortion is for maintaining their privacy. They may not know the legal thing regarding woman’s privacy. As per the Indian abortion rules, the doctor or any other staff member cannot disclose a girl or woman’s personal details to anyone. Neither personal nor medical details can be disclosed.

If any person is found to contravene this non-disclosure policy, he/she may be punishable by the law. So, do not tempt to pay more than the cost of an abortion in Bangalore for anonymity.

Let’s come to your abortion options in Koramangala, Bangalore:

Before we begin with the abortion methods, please note an important point. Whether your pregnancy is wanted or unwanted, whether you choose to carry it ahead or you choose to terminate it, get the length and location of your pregnancy ascertained at the earliest.

Your abortion options depend largely on these two factors:

  1. Length of pregnancy
  2. Location of pregnancy

Length of pregnancy:

The gestation period or the length of pregnancy is the period that has been passed since conception. It is calculated through your Last Menstrual Period (LMP) date. The first day of your last period is taken as day 1 of week 1. And counting begins from there.

This gives the best estimate of pregnancy length. However, it is advisable to get the same calibrated through a transvaginal scan. It may give the exact pregnancy duration.

Every woman is different and their bodies also behave differently. Their menstrual periods may vary largely. Some women have a very short cycle while others may have long menstrual cycles. So, reaching the estimated date of conception or fertilization may be difficult. But ultrasound can help the doctor reach the exact length of pregnancy.

Although other factors are also considered, the method of abortion chosen largely depends on the pregnancy length.

Location of pregnancy:

“What? Location of pregnancy? Obviously, it is in the womb.”

This may be the reaction of most girls and women who do not know about ectopic pregnancies. So, in a normal pregnancy, the fertilized embryo passes down the fallopian tube and gets implanted in the womb. It gets attached to the uterine lining and starts growing there. Such pregnancies are called intrauterine pregnancies.

However, there are cases of extrauterine or ectopic pregnancies also. They used to be very rare in earlier decades. But, today, the sedentary lifestyle and other things contribute more to fallopian tube distortion or narrowing down.

When fertilized egg remains in the midway, i.e., anywhere in the fallopian tube, it may not reach the uterus. It starts growing there itself. This is a case of tubal ectopic pregnancy.

In other rare cases, the pregnancy may dislocate to the abdominal cavity or get attached near the cervix region. These ectopic pregnancies are not viable and need immediate termination to save the woman’s life.

Such pregnancies pose an immense threat to the woman’s life. If these pregnancies keep growing, after a certain period, they may rupture since the places where they are attached cannot sustain them.

Even if you take an MTP kit or abortion pills for an ectopic pregnancy, the abortion will not take place. This is because abortion pills work only on intrauterine pregnancies.

Ectopic pregnancies may be removed either medically or surgically depending on the individual patient’s condition. Ruptured pregnancies usually require surgery to stop internal bleeding and save the woman’s life.

Therefore, you must get both the length and location of your pregnancy ascertained. It is therefore advisable not to self-administer abortion pills without consultation and prescription of the gynecologist.

Methods of abortion in Koramangala, Bangalore:

Safe abortion or the termination of pregnancy methods have been recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). The organization has recommended three safe abortion methods for terminating intrauterine pregnancies. These are:

  1. The medical abortion method
  2. Suction abortion
  3. Surgical abortion

Now, we will discuss each abortion method in detail and help you know what it may be like.

The medical method of abortion:

MTP stands for the Medical Termination of Pregnancy. It means that medicines are used to terminate the pregnancy. Let’s learn more about this abortion method.

Gestation age:

The medical method of abortion is recommended to be used only for very early intrauterine pregnancies. So, your doctor for abortion may recommend it to be used only for up to 6-8 weeks.

Using this method beyond this period carries more chances of incomplete abortion.

The procedure:

Medical abortion is done with the help of two different abortion pills. These are Mifepristone and Misoprostol.


This is the first abortion pill(s). The doctor may adjust its dose according to your requirements. And will also ascertain how to give it to you. It means it can either be given in the hospital to be taken orally or the doctor may insert it through your vaginal opening.

During pregnancy, the hormone Progesterone is found in large quantities in the woman’s blood. It is secreted when a pregnancy sets in to sustain it. In its absence, the growth of the embryo may stop. So, Mifepristone is administered as an anti-progestin. It stops the action of available progesterone and blocks the production of more.

Now, the embryo stops growing. The work of Mifepristone is over. And now, comes the second abortion pill.


Either the doctor may hand it over to you with directions as to when and how to take it. Or the doctor may ask you to visit again after a designated time, the next day or a day after.

Usually, a patient is handed over the medicine or sometimes prescribed to be taken from a pharmacy.

After administration of Misoprostol, the uterus will start contracting. These contractions will cause detachment of the embryo from the uterine lining and its final expulsion. The abortion may take place in the comfort of your home.

So, the embryo and other gestation products pass out naturally like a heavy menstrual period. You can expect the bleeding to last for up to a week. In case, it lasts longer, you may need to check up with the doctor to ascertain whether the abortion is complete.

Medical abortion: What to expect?

With abortion pills, there are certain things that you need to know. These are:

Appointment for abortion:

It may or may not be a single-appointment procedure. The majority of women respond positively to the abortion pills and get a successful abortion. But there are chances of incomplete abortion also. And you may have to schedule another appointment for completing the abortion surgically.

The efficiency of medical abortion:

Abortion pills are a safe and effective way of terminating an early pregnancy. Its efficacy is nearly 95%-97%. This efficiency is achievable only when the doctor follows all guidelines for prescribing and administering abortion pills.

The length of pregnancy, the patient’s medical history and any co-existing disease are all considered. Even if the woman is taking some medicines for a co-existing medical condition, abortion pill functioning may get impacted. The doctor checks for all these factors before prescribing abortion pills.

Chances of incomplete abortion are higher with self-medication or using abortion pills without prescription. The patient may not know the right dose and the best method of administration. Moreover, with existing medical conditions or any interacting medicines, she may not be sure whether the medical method is suitable for her.  

Abdominal pain and bleeding:

Since this method involves uterine contractions and bleeding, pain may be accompanied. Bleeding may range from moderate to heavy and pain may range from mild to severe.

The doctor prescribes pain management medicines to be taken to ease the pain and help the patient find comfort. However, in case of bleeding is very heavy, you should not delay seeking medical help. Call the doctor to follow up.

The doctor may even prescribe you some hematinic to make up for the blood loss.


The abortion is expected to happen on the third day from Mifepristone and the same day from Misoprostol. So, you need to stay at your home after Misoprostol administration.

You may need to take off from your work for a couple of days until you feel comfortable being back. Discomfort may last until the bleeding stops. However, it may like be your natural menses. But if fever, heavy bleeding or bleeding lasting more than 10 days happens with you, it is advisable to visit the doctor for a follow-up.

Schedule an appointment at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH), the best abortion hospital in Bangalore.

Suction abortion method:

As the name suggests, this method of abortion involves a suction application to aspirate the fetus. Let’s learn more about this abortion method and see what to expect from it if is your prescribed method.

Gestation age:

Suction abortion is the preferred method of abortion for terminating intrauterine pregnancies up to 12 weeks. Even women who have medical method options available can opt for suction abortion owing to its advantages.

The procedure:

If you choose to visit a registered abortion clinic near you, then this method may be performed in a single appointment.

The procedure is performed while the patient is being anesthetised to make the process painless. But it is always best to check before visiting the clinic, whether they provide painless abortions or not. Check out how to choose the best abortion clinic near you.

A thin disposable vacurette (a slender tube) is inserted into the woman’s uterus through the vaginal opening. Its other end is connected to an aspirator and a collection bottle. When the tube is in place, the doctor turns on the aspirator.

Suction is created and the embryo gets detached from the uterine lining. The tube is moved throughout the uterine lining to remove all the gestation products. These collectables get collected in the collection bottle.

The doctor keeps examining the evacuants to check if the abortion is complete. Most of the abortions get completed within 3 minutes.

In case the doctor feels any products of conception remaining, slender tools may be used for spooning them. It may take another 3-4 minutes and the procedure may get completed within 10 minutes.

Remember, quacks or an unprofessional won’t do that. So, some pieces may remain there in the uterus itself. Moreover, they won’t even use pain management or anesthesia. Even there may be a risk of internal injury since the method is slightly invasive.

So, it is advisable to visit only a registered abortion hospital for an in-hospital abortion.

Schedule an appointment at Bangalore Genesis Hospital for a suction abortion.

Suction abortion: What to expect at BGH:

At BGH, a suction abortion is:

  • Single appointment procedure
  • Same-day discharge
  • 100% efficient procedure. Abortions are completed in a single go and you may not need to visit again.
  • Painless and gentle touch abortion
  • Zero to minimum bleeding since most of the uterine cavity is cleaned already.
  • A uterovaginal packaging may be inserted to shorten the hospital stay and absorb maximum bleeding. It is removed just before discharge.

Owing to these advantages, working women and unmarried girls often prefer suction abortion over bedroom abortion. They can resume work the next day itself. They are back to normal life at the earliest.

Surgical abortion:

Now, when the pregnancy length has increased beyond 12 weeks, suction abortion may not be 100% successful. Since the embryo size increases and the uterine lining has also thickened, some remnants may not be removed by suction alone.

Gestation age:

So, the WHO has recommended the surgical or the Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) method of abortion for late-term pregnancies. It is the recommended method of abortion for up to 20 weeks. So, let’s learn about this a little more.

The procedure:

This is a slightly invasive method of abortion. It is performed under anesthesia to make it painless. However, you cannot expect a painless procedure in an unprofessional setting.

The cervix is dilated and then sterile medical tools are inserted into the womb. Then, the womb is cleansed by gently abrading the uterine lining and removing the products by spooning them out. The process is continued until all the womb is cleaned.

It may take nearly 30 minutes to complete the procedure.

Many hospitals require hospitalization for this procedure. They use uterine dilatants that are placed to work overnight. And the abortion is performed the next day. However, you can avail of it as a single day and single-appointment, painless abortion at BGH.

Surgical abortion: What to expect at BGH:

At BGH, a surgical abortion is:

  • Single appointment procedure
  • Same-day discharge
  • 100% efficient procedure. Abortions are completed in a single go and you may not need to visit again.
  • Painless and gentle touch abortion
  • Zero to minimum bleeding since most of the uterine cavity is cleaned already.
  • A uterovaginal packaging may be inserted to shorten the hospital stay and absorb maximum bleeding. It is removed just before discharge.

Confidential abortion at BGH:

Since you are staying in Koramangala, if you visit a nearby clinic for an abortion, there is a risk of meeting an acquaintance. Unmarried girls risk their parents getting acknowledged for their pregnancy and abortion.

Even the abortion hospital may have a known staff member of a fellow patient again are a compromise to your privacy.

Another reason may be societal stigma and you may be willing to have a private abortion.

In such a case, you can choose to travel via a local bus, train, car, cab or other means to a nearby abortion clinic in Bangalore. BGH is located nearly 8 km from Koramangala. And you can reach there in less than half an hour.

BGH is a private abortion hospital in Bangalore that provides completely confidential abortions. When you visit there by an appointment, there is no fellow patient. You can easily and comfortably speak to the doctor in a private one-to-one consultation.

The doctor may ask you to undergo a few tests to prescribe you the best abortion method and to minimize the complications with abortion. Your health and your privacy all are secured within the hands of the best abortion team in Bangalore.

For suction and D&E abortion patients, a private room is allotted. You may choose to bring a friend along for your support. Besides, a caring, compassionate and non-judgmental nurse shall stay by your side all the time to assist with your needs.

All the doctors, nurses and staff at BGH are non-judgmental and hence, you can expect a pleasant abortion experience at BGH.

Schedule an appointment:

Speak on their helpline number or drop a message for an early appointment. Since the hospital sees only a limited number of patients each day, all slots for today may have been filled up. Feel free to inquire about the earliest availability of an abortion appointment.


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