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Dubai Abortion Laws

Dubai is a member state of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and is subject to all of the laws of the UAE. The UAE maintains very strict laws against abortion, making abortion in Dubai nearly impossible.

The law states that a woman may only get an abortion if the pregnancy will kill the mother or the baby has been found to have a defect so severe that it will not be able to survive.  Any woman wanting to get an abortion, even for these extreme reasons must have the approval of a medical panel to show that her case does fit these conditions.

A woman who is found getting an abortion without approval may face up to 5 years in prison and 100 lashes. The punishment may be more severe if the woman is found to be unmarried as it is also a crime for a woman to be pregnant and unmarried.

Due to the strict laws and punishments against abortion in Dubai , many women in need of an abortion have two options. The first is to have an unsafe abortion either through an illegal clinic or by buying pills online.  The second is to travel outside of the country to a place where abortion is legal.

Option #1 (NOT Recommended): Unsafe abortion in Dubai

Many women who are desperate choose to have abortions either through buying abortion pills online or through visiting an illegal abortion clinic or midwife.  These options offer no protection for the woman if a complication occurs, and often the abortion will be discovered when the woman goes to the hospital as a result of these complications.

Even though the abortion pill is considered safe, taking in the wrong dose or at the wrong point in pregnancy can cause severe complications and health risks.  Many women experience hemorrhaging and abdominal pain when the pills are taken incorrectly.

Illegal surgical abortions lead to infection, infertility, scarring and even death.  Since abortions in Dubai are not reported, it is hard to know the exact number of women who have unsafe abortions or the complications they experienced.

The authorities through the UAE work to stop and convict anyone that runs an illegal abortion clinic, often these are run by people who are poorly trained and have very little knowledge about the procedures they are trying to perform.  Few doctors are willing to take the risk of performing an illegal abortion in the face of the strict punishments.

Leaving the country for Abortions

Instead of getting an abortion in Dubai, women with the means to do so choose to visit an abortion center in another country. The popular option of choice is Bangalore, India.  

Leaving the country to get an abortion is the safest option for women who are desperate for an abortion.  A high quality abortion clinic in India will cater to out of town patients and will go as far as to make travel arrangements for them.

Consequences of Abortion in Dubai

There have been several cases that have shown that the laws against abortion in Dubai apply to everyone, even visitors and non-Muslims.  Recently a South African woman was sent to jail for six months when she visited the hospital due to excessive bleeding.  Even though they could not prove that the bleeding was due to an abortion she was still sent to prison.

Many women are so desperate to avoid prison that they will do anything to have an abortion.  Sometimes a woman will be threatened by her boyfriend to get rid of the pregnancy or the boyfriend will turn them in.  A man will face no sentence for impregnating a woman without marrying her, but a woman could be sent to prison with her child and then deported upon release.

There were only 116 abortions reported in 2008 for residents in the UAE, all of which were performed outside of the country.  Woman who want to protect themselves and their lives choose to travel to a clinic where they can have a safe and legal abortion.

The Genesis Hospital abortion clinic located in Bangalore, India offers safe, confidential and legal medical abortions to women no matter where they are from.  In India, medical termination of pregnancy is legal based on the patient’s specific situation, up to 20 weeks of pregnancy.  Women will not have to fear persecution or judgment when they visit the Abortion Clinic in Bangalore, since it is a certified and approved facility to provide medical termination of pregnancy. 

Safe and legal abortion procedures are provided by experienced gynecologists in accordance with methods prescribed by the WHO (World Health Organization), and in line with US medical standards. 

Call +91 934 382 6182 or +91 900 849 2277 to speak confidentially with the doctor at Genesis Hospital in Bangalore India. 

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