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Prior to having

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Abortion in Bangalore India or Medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) is usually undertaken in the first trimester or early stage pregnancy.

On the other hand, surgical abortion relates to dismissing the fetus in the later stages of the pregnancy up to 20 weeks, due to specific circumstances, using legal, safe and medically acceptable methods.

If it is decided that you are to use this option after the required medical tests and diagnosis, our well trained, certified and skilled medical team supports you at this crucial and critical time when you require professional help.

We understand and value your concerns and therefore provide you care, comfort and confidentiality.  

The hospital has highly experienced gynecologists, doctors and nurses who are trained in Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) to provide safe medical and surgical abortion procedures in accordance with standards and methods prescribed by The World Health Organization. 

The hospital is a certified and approved medical facility for medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) in Bangalore.  All abortion procedures are confidential with full respect to the patient’s privacy.

The counseling session is provided to help you understand the complete procedure, the duration and what to expect.

While we may first diagnose you for a non-surgical or medical abortion, we also make sure that your special diet, suggested by our doctors provides you with a complete healthy meal to overcome any weakness and supplement any blood loss, essential hormones etc.

Supported and certified by major prestigious medical institutions and hospitals in Bangalore, our policy has been care to humanity first.

Utmost care is provided to the patient and full confidentiality and privacy is provided and maintained.

Call the hospital at 934 382 6182 or 900 849 2277 to speak directly with a medical professional regarding your questions and concerns.


Genesis Hospital provides a safe medical abortion in Bangalore India and keeps your case under strict confidence and values your privacy.

It offers the facility of both medical abortion as well as surgical abortion in Bangalore, India, after it is determined appropriate based on the specific patient circumstances and diagnosis, and depending upon the stage or number of weeks of pregnancy, as well as the medical conditions of the patient.

The hospital is associated with blood banks to cater to emergency conditions in case of blood loss during or after the process of abortion in the case of surgical and medical abortion in Bangalore.

Also, the hospital is comprehensively well-equipped with state of the art operation theater and gynecology center with the latest technology to support even critical and complicated cases if necessary.

The hospital maintains a very easy and hassle free management system for patient care.

The patient is provided with the Genesis patient MTP aftercare guide, after the abortion procedure to expedite the recovery process.


Important: These are the things anyone considering an abortion or termination of pregnancy must not do

Do not try to diagnose your own pregnancy and take any hasty or risky steps out of panic or concern.

We have worked with several patients who could have avoided a lot of problems by thinking calmly.  Take a deep breath and relax first. 

Your health, safety and well being are most important.  You will be provided the medical help and support needed. 

Call the hospital at 934 382 6182 or 900 849 2277 to speak directly with a medical professional regarding your questions and concerns.

These are the things you must NOT do under any circumstance:

  • Do NOT consider self-abortion or aborting your pregnancy at home or under unsupervised or unsafe conditions at clinics or hospitals that are also not certified for MTP / abortion in Bangalore.
  • Do NOT seek the help of non-medical professionals who are not gynecologists and/ or experienced doctors, which can be risky for your long term health. 
  • Do NOT take any abortion pills or medications without consulting the doctor first.
  • Do NOT wait to seek guidance and help. If you find that you feel alone, misguided or without help, seek immediate help and guidance.
  • Do NOT go to unsafe abortion clinics in Bangalore India or sham practices that are not qualified, certified or lawful.
  • Do NOT rely solely on the advise of family and friends.  You will need  professional medical assistance.

Having a medically safe abortion and healthy abortion recovery is important to the long term health of the patient. 

The risks of having an abortion in Bangalore under an inexperienced surgeon, clinics or non medical professionals can be:

  • Infection due to residual parts left in the uterus
  • Excess scraping of the uterine walls leading to permanent damage
  • Unhygienic conditions or tools leading to yeast infection or vaginal infection.
  • Permanent and serious health risks

You can prevent these risks by consulting with a qualified doctor or gynecologist and taking care during the process of any decision making.

Genesis Hospital for abortion in Bangalore respects and abides by the MTP (Medical termination of pregnancy) law of India and provides lawful and medically safe abortion only.  Abortion is provided up to 20 weeks of pregnancy under patient specific circumstances according to the law, and absolutely no sex selection is provided.  The hospital does not  indulge in abortions that can be life threatening for either the mother or the fetus.  

At Genesis, care is taken to provide the patient a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental and pleasant medical experience.  The doctors, nurses and gynecologists are highly experienced, trained and skilled to handle the full range of medical abortion cases.


For more information, questions, to discuss your situation or to seek help please call to speak with the doctor or WhatsApp at (+91) 934 382 6182 or (+91) 900 849 2277.

*** All calls are strictly confidential, private and respectful to the patient. Do not Hesitate. Call timings are from 8 am till 7 pm (IST), except during emergencies. 

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