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Safe Medical Abortion in Bangalore at certified and registered Abortion Hospital:

We can be an early choice of women for for Abortion in Bangalore who are considering their options during pregnancy. Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) provides exceptional expert care and treatment to all its patients. 

Bangalore Genesis Hospital is a top-rated hospital providing safe, legal and confidential abortions. Women can look forward to having a personalized, quick and comfortable abortion experience. 

The patient’s safety in terms of her physical health, mental and emotional wellbeing and confidentiality are the top priorities of the expert abortion team at BGH.

Abortion is a significant decision and women can have different reasons for considering it as a choice. One may need it for a serious medical symptom or may want one for an unwanted pregnancy.

Reasons for choosing to end an ongoing pregnancy may be prescribed or a personal choice. However, safe abortion is the one that meets the standards and requirements as per the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). BGH respects the choices of all girls and women seeking abortions. 

Abortion pills dosage and method of administration are adjusted and decided according to individual patient needs, especially when it comes to medicine to terminate pregnancy. So, never buy an MTP kit or abortion pills without consultation and prescription from a registered gynecologist. It is crucial to prioritize your health and safety when considering such medication.

In addition, safe abortions are essential for long-term health. Abortion care at BGH starts with the first call of the patient. The medical team provides consultation pre-abortion, a safe abortion procedure and ensures rapid post-abortion recovery. 

Women can soon resume their normal life after a safe and healthy abortion procedure. The medical team endeavors to achieve 100% patient satisfaction for each abortion procedure. And has been successful in all its attempts.

You can have a look at the hospital testimonials before scheduling an appointment. 

Access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC) is a reproductive right of every woman:

While you are considering a safe abortion in Bangalore, let’s start with some medical terms. It is better to have information that can help you in deciding the next steps towards a safe abortion procedure.


It is a medical procedure wherein the unwanted pregnancy is ceased medically or surgically. There are different methods for safe abortions. Only a qualified and experienced doctor can help diagnose, prescribe and perform the best abortion procedure for individual patients.

Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP):

Termination means ceasing and medical means with the help of medicines. So, when medicines are used to cease an unwanted pregnancy, it is termed as Medical Termination of Pregnancy. 

Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC):

It refers to the entire safe treatment a woman seeking abortion undergoes. It is the holistic approach that involves pre-abortion consultation, abortion procedure and post-abortion recovery. Also, it ensures that a woman’s physical, mental and emotional health is restored. 

Last Menstrual Period (LMP):

It refers to the first day of your last menstrual period. It helps the doctor to calculate the gestation age of a pregnancy. And to prescribe the suitable abortion method accordingly.

Seeking abortion in Bangalore: Your health, Your life, Your privacy is our priority.

Are you seeking an abortion for an unwanted pregnancy? Then, you must stay calm. You do have an abortion as an option for a wide range of reasons. But you should also know that delaying an abortion can taper your abortion options. 

Please do not self-diagnose or self-prescribe abortion pills. Self-medication may be very harmful and can pose threat to your health and even life. Do not buy abortion pills or MTP kits in Bangalore without a qualified and experienced doctor’s consultation and prescription. 

If you are finding yourself in a difficult situation or position having discovered that you need an abortion, please talk to us. We will guide you throughout the process and help you in obtaining a safe, legal and confidential abortion. 

We strive to educate the patients regarding all the information they may need to have a healthy abortion. Abortion in India is legal, yet women opt for unsafe abortions. And hence, we are here to help such married or unmarried girls and women to know that they can have safe abortions. 

So, please do not attempt a self-abortion. Risks and complications of unsafe abortions may be irreversible. In addition, some risks may even endanger the woman’s life.

Lack of clear and subtle information is the major reason behind women opting for unsafe abortions. Bangalore Genesis Hospital strives to equip you with as much helpful information as needed for you to make a safe abortion decision. 

An abortion can impact the physical and mental wellbeing of a woman both positively as well as negatively. Moreover, an abortion can have an immense emotional impact affecting the woman throughout her life. Therefore, always seek a safe abortion.

The abortion team at Bangalore Genesis Hospital:

Abortion in India is legal as per the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act 1971 and its amendments. According to the abortion in India rules and regulations, an abortion can be performed only at a registered abortion clinic/hospital.

Besides, abortion is allowed to be performed only by a qualified and experienced gynecologist. It is essential that the abortion performing doctor is qualified and has received relevant training to perform safe abortions. 

Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) is a certified, approved and registered MTP centre that caters to abortion needs. It ensures that each patient gets access to Comprehensive Abortion Care.

The team members include highly-qualified, internationally trained and experienced gynecologists, nurses, physicians, anesthetists and other medical assistant staff. 

The BGH abortion team makes sure that all safety measures are followed in terms of patients’ health and privacy. BGH premises are hygienic and all the medical equipment are sterilized before and after each procedure. Wherever possible, disposable materials are used for single-use. 

The safe abortion practices at BGH have been recognized and hence, it is regarded as the best abortion hospital in Bangalore. 

Besides the health of the patient, her privacy is secured. For this very reason, women seeking abortion in Bangalore can obtain a safe and confidential abortion at a nearby clinic. They do not need to travel to another place or city for maintaining anonymity. 

Schedule an appointment for abortion in Bangalore at a nearby clinic today so that you do not have to see any fellow patients or wait in long queues.

What to expect during your abortion appointment at Bangalore Genesis Hospital?

A relaxing ambience:

Anxiety is a common feeling one can have while visiting any hospital for any medical procedure. And same is true for abortions as well. To be true, patients seeking abortions for unwanted pregnancies have so many queries in their minds. And all of them add to the stress and make them restless. 

The hospital ambience plays a big role in relieving the stress of a patient. At BGH, you can expect a comfortable and relaxing atmosphere. Since you may be coming by appointment, you may not encounter any other patient or have to wait in a crowded waiting hall. 

This can help you keep your pregnancy and abortion status confidential. Even the consultation with the doctor will be pleasing and relaxing. You can comfortably speak to the doctor in a private one-to-one consultation.

Care and support:

We understand the emotional triggers behind an abortion. And therefore, to deal with such a sensitive issue, a caring, compassionate and non-judgmental nurse shall stay by your side. You may bring your partner or a friend to accompany you through the process to make you feel at ease.

Do not take our words only. Have a look what our patients say about their happy abortion experiences. 


Professional medical treatment:

The doctor will listen to your needs and guide you into the best and safest abortion procedure for you. You will also be advised to undergo some clinical tests and an ultrasound. These will help the doctor to avoid complications with abortion. 

And you can return happily after a successful abortion.

Non-judgmental attitude:

The doctors, nurses and other hospital staff are all non-judgmental. You can expect freedom from any prejudices, rude or personal remarks or any kind of stress build-up. 

Privacy, confidentiality and discretion respected at all times:

You, your pregnancy, your abortion status are all respected as your personal choices. Abortion is a sensitive issue and the stigma attached to it is also vivid. The abortion team at BGH respects the privacy of each patient. It is the only abortion hospital in Bangalore providing personalized abortion care. 

Pre-scheduled appointment, no crowded waiting hall, private one-to-one consultation and treatment, a private room for each patient and more ensure your privacy. No personal queries are asked. You can choose to share the information that is necessary for your medical procedure. 

All your personal information shall be kept confidential. No personal or medical details can be disclosed to anyone since the hospital follows the non-disclosure policy. And we take it very seriously. Your health, life and privacy are in safe and caring hands. So, stay assured of a confidential abortion.

Whether married or unmarried, all patients are treated positively and happily. This helps them in overcoming their past and resuming a happy and healthy future life. 

Pleasant abortion experience:

After one-to-one consultation with the gynecologist and your reports in hand, the doctor shall advise you on the best abortion methods available for you and what to expect from each method. 

All information will be made available to you in a friendly manner and easy to understand language. 

Once you have understood all the procedures, you can make the best choice for your case. Your choices and decisions are welcome and respected. 

You can obtain a painless, gentle touch, compassionate, comfortable and absolutely safe and confidential abortion procedure. 

Schedule an appointment for a safe, comfortable and confidential private abortion in Bangalore at (+91) 900 849 2277. You can either call or drop a message or can contact via WhatsApp. 

** All conversations either telephonically or in person are professional and confidential. Your personal and medical details shall not be revealed to anyone besides yourself. Do not hesitate, seek professional help today!

Safe medical procedures for terminating pregnancies according to the World Health Organization (WHO):

Safe abortions are performed by qualified, trained and registered medical practitioners following all guidelines as per the WHO. They are conducted only at a certified abortion hospital

Woman’s safety in terms of physical and emotional health are kept as the utmost priority.

The guidelines by the WHO are in terms of:

  • Who can perform an abortion
  • Where can an abortion be performed
  • Methods and techniques of abortion
  • Pieces of medical equipment used during the procedures
  • Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to follow while performing an abortion
  • Consultation from pre-abortion to post-abortion care until recovery
  • Guidelines to follow to prevent abortion-related side-effects and complications
  • Medicines and supplements to be used during abortion

The three abortion methods:

According to the WHO, the three safe abortion methods that are chosen for terminating intrauterine pregnancies are:

The medical method of abortion:

Since it is a non-invasive method of abortion, the pregnancy is terminated safely using only the abortion pills

It is the prescribed method of abortion for terminating very early pregnancies, i.e., the ones that are less than 6-8 weeks. 

The method involves the use of two safe abortion pills. These are Mifepristone and Misoprostol. 

During pregnancy, the pregnant woman’s body secretes the hormone Progesterone. It is essential to sustain the pregnancy and help in the growth of the embryo. 

The first abortion medicine, Mifepristone is an anti-progestin. It blocks the growth of the embryo by depriving it of the essential nutrition and the hormone Progesterone. 

The second abortion pill, Misoprostol is administered hours after the administration of Mifepristone. It brings contractions to the uterus. These contractions finally lead to the evacuation of the embryo and other gestation products. 

Abortion pills dosage and method of administration are adjusted and decided according to individual patient needs, especially when it comes to medicine to terminate pregnancy. So, never buy an MTP kit or abortion pills without consultation and prescription from a registered gynecologist. It is crucial to prioritize your health and safety when considering such medication

It may carry dangerous and severe ill-effects such as incomplete or failed abortion, heavy bleeding, severe pain and may even be fatal. 

The Vacuum Aspiration Method of abortion:

It is another safe abortion method that is employed to terminate pregnancies up to 12 weeks. 

It is a very short, painless and efficient procedure, a normal OPD abortion at BGH. 

The pregnancy is removed by inserting a small tube inside the womb of the woman via the cervix region. Gentle suction is applied using an aspirator. 

The embryo and other gestation products get collected within the collection bottle. The entire procedure lasts between 3-10 minutes. 

It is a single-appointment procedure. You can go back home with the confidence of a complete abortion since it is nearly 100% efficient and safe.

You can expect minimum bleeding with this abortion procedure. This method can opt for all pregnancies that are less than 12 weeks. 

The advantage of suction abortion over abortion pills is that it does not involve the risk of heavy bleeding, pain and incomplete abortion. Moreover, at BGH, it is completed in a single appointment with same-day discharge within an hour post-abortion.

The Dilatation & Evacuation (D&E) method or the surgical method of abortion:

Although the name is surgical, however, at BGH, it is a simple, short, same-day, painless and slightly invasive procedure.

It is prescribed for terminating pregnancies beyond 12 weeks but less than 20 weeks. 

In this method, the uterine lining is gently scraped to remove the fetus and other gestation products. Sterile, small and latest medical tools are used for complete womb cleaning. 

The procedure is performed by a highly qualified and experienced doctor. To make the procedure painless, it is performed under anesthesia. The entire procedure gets completed in less than 30 minutes.

At BGH, it is also a single-appointment and same-day abortion procedure. You can wake up with a completed abortion since its efficiency is nearly 100%. You can get discharged as soon as you feel comfortable. 

Since unsafe surgical abortions carry immense risks, it is necessary to obtain them only at certified abortion hospitals and by well-experienced gynecologists. 

Whatever be your prescribed abortion method, you will receive a post-abortion prescription and guidance. These will help you in a speedy recovery and return to normal life at the earliest. 

You can reach out to the hospital’s helpline number for follow-up until your recovery as and when required. Besides medical support, you can expect to receive emotional and psychological support as a part of post-abortion consultation to help you in healing better. 

Abortion rules in India:

Abortions in India are governed by the Medical Termination of Pregnancy (MTP) Act 1971 and its amendments. These are a set of women-friendly rules so that all women can have access to Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC).

These can be regarded as the government’s initiative to ensure that women reproductive rights are protected. Also, to provide them with the best reproductive aid to protect their physical health and emotional wellbeing. 

You need to have this part of legal knowledge. This will give you confidence that you can obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore as a part of your reproductive right. 

Safe abortions can prevent many unlikely incidences like maternal mortality and morbidity associated with unsafe abortions. 

Permissible circumstances:

Abortion in India is legal for a wide range of circumstances, including:

  • Contraceptive failure

  • Rape/Incest/Sexual assault

  • To protect a woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life

  • Fetal deformities

Gestation age:

The permissible gestation age for terminating an ongoing pregnancy in India is up to 20 weeks under general circumstances. However, in certain situations, a woman can obtain an abortion for up to 24 weeks. 

Marital status:

You can obtain a legal and safe abortion in India both as a married woman or an unmarried girl.

Consent for abortion in India:

Legal abortion in India can be obtained by any adult girl or woman at her consent only. In such events, no parental or spousal consent is required. 

However, in the case of minors, parental consent is required.


No self-diagnosis:

Do Not self-diagnose or try performing self-medication or any form of Do It Yourself (DIY) abortion. It carries immense risks like incomplete abortion, heavy bleeding, pain, hemorrhage, internal injury, loss of fertility and even life.

No self-medication:

Do not self-administer abortion pills. It is necessary to consult and have abortion pills prescribed. Only a qualified and experienced doctor can ensure that abortion pills are the best abortion method for you. In addition, dose adjustment, mode of administration may also be checked for individual patients. 

Other than that, your co-existing medical condition or medicines you may be taking may interfere with the working of abortion pills. Such unsafe abortions mostly end up in botched-up cases needing immediate medical aid to save the woman’s life. 

Furthermore, it is essential to rule out the probability of an ectopic pregnancy. If abortion pills are administered for such a case, abortion will not take place. Moreover, it can affect a woman’s future fertility and pregnancies. In events, immediate medical help is not made available, there is a risk to the woman’s life.

No unprofessional treatment:

Surgical abortions carry huge risks and hence, we advise you not to visit shams or quacks. An unsafe abortion cost may never be recovered. 

No delay:

Women tend to delay in seeking safe abortions whether for confidentiality or other reasons. Delay can narrow down your abortion choices. And earlier you are in seeking an abortion, fewer are the associated complications. 

BGH offers you confidential same-day abortion procedures. So, you can choose to call them today and schedule an appointment for early abortion.

Do not be misguided or fall in for any false information.

Get help from the best abortion team in Bangalore. 

Call or WhatsApp on (+91) 900 849 2277. You can either call or drop a message requesting a callback. 

** All conversations either telephonically or in person are professional and confidential. Your personal and medical details shall not be revealed to anyone besides yourself. Do not hesitate, seek professional help today!

Frequently asked questions by patients before an abortion in Bangalore:

#1. Is abortion legal?

Ans.: Abortion in India is legal for a variety of reasons. You can obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore for up to 20 weeks under normal circumstances and up to 24 weeks for special cases.

#2. Is abortion for unmarried legal?

Ans.: Yes, abortion in India is legal both for married as well as unmarried girls and women. 

#3. Is abortion painful?

Ans.: Abortion experiences vary from woman to woman and from method to method and from abortion procedure to procedure. Moreover, it also depends on the expertise and experience of the abortion performing doctor. 

If you choose to visit BGH, you can experience Gentle care painless abortions. 

#4. Do I need the consent of my partner or parents for an abortion?

Ans.: No, if you are an adult, you can obtain an abortion by your consent only. 

#5. I do not want anyone to know of my abortion. Can I get a confidential abortion and will my details be kept safe?

Ans.: Of course, at BGH, patient details are kept private and confidential. No details are shared with anyone in any form. The hospital strictly follows its non-disclosure policy. 

Plus, all the abortions are done keeping patients’ safety and privacy at the priority. 

#6. Will abortion affect my future pregnancies?

Ans.: Speaking of unsafe abortions, they can affect your future fertility and pregnancies. But do not worry, at BGH all the necessary medical tests and diagnoses are done before prescribing you the best abortion method. And the abortion procedures are also done safely and with precision. So, you can have safe and successful pregnancies in future.

#7. What is the cost of abortion in Bangalore?

Ans.: The cost of an abortion is not decided by a single factor. It may vary for each woman depending on the abortion procedure, necessary tests and scans, any special needs for patients with co-existing medical complications, etc. 

The cost of an unsafe abortion can come at a huge price in terms of the potential risks it carries. Its complications can even endanger your life. 

Seeking a safe abortion at BGH may be your cost-effective medical treatment in terms of long-term health goals. 

Since all the appointment slots for today may have been filled up. You may not want to delay. Seek expert advice today. 

Call or message on (+91) 900 849 2277 to speak to a healthcare professional and save your earliest available slot. 

** All conversations either telephonically or in person are professional and confidential. Your personal and medical details shall not be revealed to anyone besides yourself. Do not hesitate, seek professional help today!

For more information, questions, to discuss your situation or to seek help please call to speak with the doctor or WhatsApp at (+91) 934 382 6182 or (+91) 900 849 2277.

Schedule an abortion appointment. 

*** All calls are strictly confidential, private and respectful to the patient. Do not Hesitate. Call timings are from 8 am till 7 pm (IST), except during emergencies. 


Call or WhatsApp 934 382 6182 or 900 849 2277 to
speak with a doctor.
100% confidential and
privacy ensured.


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    1. Please call +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182 to take an appointment with the doctor and for details about your specific procedure.

  3. Veda chandrashekar*

    I am 23yrs old i am 6 months pregnancy i want to abortion bcoz i am unmarried so what i can do abortion*

    1. Hello, yes we can schedule and appointment for you. Please let us know which day you would like to schedule and we will confirm the same.

      Also, have you tried to call the doctor on 900 849 2777 or 934 382 6182? The phone lines are busy at times due to high patient call volume. You can try to call once more as well and you will reach the doctor.

  4. Hi doctor it’s Salman here my girl age is 17 years can u plzzzz help me out in dis she want to abortion plzzzzz reply me soon

    1. The first step is to take a pregnancy test. If the pregnancy test is positive the only way to confirm the pregnancy is through scanning.
      We suggest you to call the hospital and speak with the gynecologist and she will advise your medical options based on your specific pregnancy situation.

      1. hello I am 16 and I fear that I may be pregnant. I do not want anyone to know about this can I please get the abortion pill

        1. Bangalore Genesis Hospital

          Thank you for contacting us. Abortion pills can be very dangerous for your health. Kindly speak with our healthcare professional before taking pills. Contact us at 9008492277.

  5. hi, im from sri lanka. is it possible to get an abortion done if we come to bangalore? my gf is 4 weeks pregnant. we need to get an abortion done asap. please help

    1. Hi, yes it is possible to get an abortion in Bangalore. Please call to schedule your appointment at the hospital. Call +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182.

  6. Sir actually my girl friend is pregnant we are unmarried she is around 10 to 11 weeks now I need to know the price for abortion and how long will it take for the process

    1. A scanning will need to be done to determine the exact stage of pregnancy and the gynecologist will recommend the appropriate procedure. Please call 900 849 2277 or 934 382 6182 to discuss the specifics of your case.

  7. My girlfriend is 23 years old and want to go through MTP. Is she treated disrespectful of her being pregnant as she is not married? How is the mentality ? We want a professional consultation with no inappropriate questions.

    1. Please note that each patient undergoing MTP at the hospital is treated with utmost respect regardless of their marital status. Marital status is of absolutely no concern to the staff. The hospital is a professional medical institutional and rest assured that the staff is professional, polite and courteous to all of the several patients they work with each day.

  8. Hii my date is 25th but not got periods this month so I check with Dr. So they told tests are positive and m pregnant. I want to do abortion. Is it possible without husband. As he is not here working in Pune. Here I’m leaving alone.

    1. Please call the hospital at 900 849 2277 or 934 382 6182 to discuss your specific situation and schedule your appointment. Coming with one attendant to accompany the patient is typically recommended. Any attendant is fine.

  9. Sir I’m 20 old I have a problem now I’m a pregnant starting 7month but sir now I want abortion now I attending divorce case in court I don’t know what I can do sir plz help me urgently I want ur suggestion

  10. I have gone a test through icon quick pregnancy test and find meself as pregnant. It’s 1 month and 15 days from the missed date. I want to abort. Need your assisstant soon.

    1. Please call 9008492277 or 9343826182 between 9 am and 4 pm to schedule your appointment with the doctor.

  11. Hello! I just want to ask if there is still chances of abortion in late pregnancies like 7 to 8 months old? Pls reply urgent.

    1. Hospital Administrator

      Medical termination of pregnancy is doable up to 20 weeks of pregnancy based on specific condition of the patient.

  12. My girlfriend is now 16 years old. Can she have abortion in your hospital at this age without any problems being done in the hospital as she is young. please I need your help. please do reply as soon as possible.

  13. How can I communicate with you to take an appointment for abortion and how much time I need and cost,

    please answer me as soon as possible ،،

    Do you have an Arabic translator?

    1. You can call or message the hospital via Whatsapp to schedule an appointment at +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182. Please call between 9 am and 6 pm IST (Indian standard time). The abortion procedure is typically completed the same day depending on the number of weeks of pregnancy. Please call to discuss the specific details of your case including the specific amount of time needed for you as well as the cost etc. You can speak directly with the doctor as well.

        1. Hospital Administrator

          The numbers given are correct and fully working.
          Please remember to enter the country code for India (+91) and try again.
          Here are the numbers with country code below:
          (+91) 900 849 2277 or (+91) 934 382 6182.

    1. Hospital Administrator

      Yes the abortion procedure can be done within a day based on the patient’s medical conditions. Regarding the cost of medical abortion and procedure based on your specific medical needs, please call the hospital or whatsapp message the hospital at +91 900 849 2277 or +91 934 382 6182.

  14. Please I need help I have 22 weeks pregnant I need abortion I’m student i under go stress seriously I have hard time please

    1. Legal permission would be needed for an abortion/ medical termination of pregnancy (MTP) above 20 weeks. Please get help as soon as possible to obtain the permission based on patient’s specific conditions.

    1. Abortion or MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) is doable up to 20 weeks of pregnancy based on the patient’s specific circumstances. 2 weeks is early stage.

  15. Hiiii my girl friend 24yrs old. She is 4months pregnant. Abortion is possible??? conditions, procedures & cost please explain….

    1. Hi, Abortion or MTP (Medical Termination of Pregnancy) is possible up to 20 weeks based on the patient’s conditions. The procedure will depend on patient specific factors such as number of weeks of pregnancy, medical history, age, health condition, special needs, expected recovery etc. The gynecologist will recommend the best fit abortion procedure with regard to patient’s long term health and expedited recovery after abortion. CAC (Comprehensive Abortion Care) is provided in accordance with The World Health Organization prescribed methods and standards.

      Please call the hospital at 900 849 2277 or 934 382 6182 to discuss the patient’s specific conditions, requirements, abortion procedure and cost of abortion. All call are confidential with respect to the patient’s privacy.

  16. Venkatachalapathi

    We want an appointment tommorow to get abortion of 3 1/2 month pregnant lady 21 years old.please confirm an appointment.

    1. Yes, appointment for abortion is available for tomorrow. Please call 900 849 2277 or 934 382 6182 to setup the appointment time for tomorrow morning. You may also call in the morning around 8-9 am to confirm appointment time.

  17. Hi this is Rohith my wife as 24 years want to get abortion now he as 3 month & we baby of 10 months can we get abortion

    1. Yes, you can get abortion. Abortion in India can be done up to 20 weeks of pregnancy and up to 24 weeks of pregnancy in exceptional circumstances.
      As long as patient is above 18 years of age, no consent is required for abortion / MTP ( Medical Termination of Pregnancy)

  18. Los ginecólogos pueden proporcionar educación sexual integral a adolescentes y adultos jóvenes, ayudándoles a comprender su salud reproductiva, la prevención de ITS, y la importancia del control de la natalidad.

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