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Abortion in Bangalore Cost: Making the Right Choice

Cost of abortion, abortion in Bangalore

Abortion in Bangalore is legally available in all certified MTP centres. However, what a woman wants and expects from her treatment may vary. All women have different priorities and face different circumstances. This post intends to help any woman, married or unmarried seeking an abortion in Bangalore find the right clinic for her treatment.

Contents of This Post:

So, let’s begin! But before that, you need to understand that abortion in Bangalore is safely and legally available to all women. So, do not attempt an unsafe abortion or self-administer abortion pills. Your unsafe abortion action can ruin not only your health but also your life. And sometimes, the consequences can be far different from your imagination. So, please spare a few minutes to read how you can choose the best abortion in Bangalore clinic for Comprehensive Abortion Care (CAC)

When the Cost of Abortion is your concern: Choosing the Best Abortion in Bangalore Clinic:

If cost is the biggest concern while you are seeking an abortion in Bangalore, then, please do not hesitate to reach out to a general hospital. There, you can obtain a safe abortion at a subsidized cost. But, please do not buy or self-administer abortion pills. They carry immense risks and can ruin your entire life. So, if the cost is the only concern and nothing else matters for you, at least prioritize health above an unsafe abortion in Bangalore. Please visit a registered MTP centre near you.

When there are so many clinics offering abortion services, you can get abortion cost estimates that can range from as low as Rs. 5000/- to a higher end ranging up to Rs. 30,000/- and sometimes even more. But, how can you choose what’s right for you?

So, firstly, you need to know what the amount you have been told comprises. For instance, a clinic may give you a very low estimate only to allure you. But the real expenses may stay hidden. This can give you a rollercoaster ride, trust us. Therefore, the abortion clinic you choose must have transparency in its cost structure.

Here are a few things that your abortion in Bangalore cost may or may not include. So, always inquire if you’ll have to pay for them separately or if there’s a bundle package available. A tip here dear friend, bundle service offerings are often budget-friendly in comparison to a situation where you have to pay separately for all services.

Cost of Abortion in Bangalore, Abortion Cost, Abortion Costs
Cost of Abortion in Bangalore

Consultation charges:

The pre-abortion consultation is the immediate thing that you will get. So, inquire if the abortion cost you have been told includes it or if you will have to pay for it separately.

Waiting time can be the cost you pay or save:

Firstly, visiting a general hospital with huge waiting queues and crowded waiting halls is the cost of abortion you will have to pay for a subsidized procedure. So, you may have to reach the hospital early for your turn to come early. Secondly, what will you do about a crowded waiting hall? Additionally, this visit may not mean an abortion, it may only be an initial consultation. So, more appointments and more waiting periods for the abortion procedure itself. Are you ready to pay this cost of abortion?

On the contrary, private hospitals like Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) specialize in single-appointment abortion procedures. Also, the option of visiting by appointment saves the potential time lost in waiting. In addition, no crowded halls means no acquaintances.

Privacy in Consultation is of Essence.

Secondly, if you choose to visit a general hospital, you may get a subsidized abortion, but the cost for it may be a consultation in front of other patients. Most general hospitals do not have separate consultation rooms. So, people waiting behind you for their turn can definitely hear and understand your conversation with the doctor. Are you ready to pay this cost for your abortion in Bangalore?

On the other hand, if you choose to visit a private abortion centre in Bangalore, you may get personal attention and the benefit of a private one-on-one consultation. But again, the cost across clinics may vary depending on the consultant doctor’s qualifications, training and experience. And dear friend, in medical consultation, the doctor for abortion’s expertise is of immense value when you want a successful procedure.

How much time you get for consultation can decide the procedure outcomes.

Furthermore, in general hospitals, the patient pool is high and people come for different things to the same doctor. So, this means, you cannot expect a doctor to have more than 2-3 minutes per patient, at the max 5 minutes. Also, these few minutes will constitute the doctor hearing you, diagnosing you, writing a prescription and explaining what to expect next.

On the contrary, in a private abortion hospital, you can expect a private consultation with the doctor patiently hearing you and your case. This consultation will also include all the aforementioned things but will take at least 15-30 minutes. Additionally, the doctor will also care for your medical history to prescribe you the best abortion method. This is highly important for the procedure’s success.

An incomplete diagnosis can result in failed and even incomplete abortions. Abortion pills are not more than 92% efficient. Furthermore, if dose adjustment and necessary changes in administration are not taken into due consideration during the pre-abortion consultation, this efficiency further declines.

Whereas, an abortion after a thorough diagnosis is more likely to factor in all the contributing factors and the result can be a successful abortion in a single attempt.

Diagnostic Tests and Associated Cost of Abortion in Bangalore:

After your consultation, the doctor will ask you to undergo a series of diagnostic tests based on your medical history and current medical condition. Now, these tests are very important for your safety.


The doctor will ask you to undergo an ultrasound to check for the exact pregnancy length and precise location. This will help the doctor decide which abortion method may be the most suitable for you.

Again, if you choose to visit a general hospital, you may have to wait in a long queue for your ultrasound. And in most cases, women get a next date when they can come and get an ultrasound. This would mean another week or more passed. And do you know, that abortion in Bangalore is legally available for the reason of contraceptive failure for up to 20 weeks? So, an additional week for just a test and then another appointment for a repeat consultation to discuss the reports and suggest a suitable abortion method.

Then, this will be followed by the abortion procedure which again shall be most likely on another appointment. So, how many appointments and abortions have not yet been done?

On the contrary, a private hospital again gives you an advantage. Their bundle package may include an ultrasound cost also. So, just after your consultation, you can get an ultrasound done on the same day, discuss the reports again on the same day, and receive the abortion procedure on the same day. Not only this, if you choose a Gentle Care abortion, you can return home after the successful abortion also on the same day. So, compare yourself to how many appointments it takes for a Gentle Care abortion at BGH vs a general hospital.

General blood and urine examination before abortion:

Besides ultrasound, you may also be asked to undergo some routine blood and urine examination. Again, the same cycle will repeat in a general hospital. And the same ease and comfort at a private hospital.

Abortion in Bangalore Procedure Charges:

After your reports are with the doctor, you can expect another few minutes of consultation. This consultation will include the available options based on your reports. So, this is the core of the cost you will pay, the abortion in Bangalore procedure itself. Now, the cost will depend on your health parameters. Therefore, this is the time you can get the best estimate depending on the methods available.

Now, here you can choose your abortion method if there are more options open in front of you. Or if there is only a single option, you will learn about the procedure, the cost and what to expect post-abortion.

Here, private hospitals may have better infrastructure and advanced techniques for abortion care. So, the cost will depend on your comfort besides the procedural efficiency. In a general hospital, you may get a private ward, but at the cost of lost weeks. Here, lost weeks may even mean that you can fall outside the legally available range of 20 weeks.

Additionally, it may also mean that you are losing a choice of open abortion methods. Late-stage pregnancy terminations are usually done by surgical abortions. So, suction abortion will not be an available option if you cross the line of 12 weeks gestation.

On the other hand, visiting BGH for a Gentle Care abortion can give you the abortion procedure and discharge too on the same day. BGH patient intake is limited to 2 patients at a time. So, you can expect personalized abortion care, confidentiality and privacy you deserve.

Post-abortion consultation:

Your abortion procedure may or may not include these charges. General hospitals may not even provide a post-abortion follow-up on the same day of abortion. You may have to visit the following week to ascertain the completeness of the abortion followed by a follow-up. So, another waiting period, another time of uncertainty and additional cost in terms of lost time (personal as well as professional) besides anxiety, discomfort and fatigue.

On the other hand, private hospitals may provide follow-ups on the same appointment with cost in the estimate bundle package.

Additionally, you can also ask for future contraceptive options during the same appointment. Many women even opt for an Intrauterine Contraceptive Device (IUCD) implantation after Gentle Care abortion. Again, a margin of separate appointments and procedures saved and bundled in the same abortion in Bangalore cost.

The choice of hospital finally rests with you. We are here only to guide you to know both the scenarios. A clearer picture can give better cost estimates. Additionally, a cost is never just a monetary figure. You always pay for the things you choose in one or other terms, not just a mere figure in Rupees.

Schedule an abortion in Bangalore appointment.

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