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Abortion in Bangalore questions on Quora answered by experts

Can Mifepristone & Misoprostol Cause Abortion In Bangalore

Abortion in Bangalore questions on Quora answered by experts

The Internet has become the most readily available source for finding any kind of information. People are often unable to readily express and share their feelings with someone in person. Then, they try seeking advice from neutral and random people on online platforms.

One such platform that people use widely to ask questions is Quora. As mentioned above, abortions too fall in the same category with most girls asking their queries online. But do you think all information comes from reliable sources?

This post is an initiative to answer those queries asked often on Quora regarding ‘abortion in Bangalore’. And our answers come directly from the healthcare experts. Therefore, if you are going through a similar situation of unwanted or unplanned pregnancy, you are at the right place.

Let’s take the questions on Quora regarding abortion in Bangalore.

Query 1:

“My girlfriend is 1 month pregnant. Can she have an abortion at this stage? If yes, what’s the best place to keep her identity confidential and abortion safe?”

The answer:

Hello dear reader! Please relax. It is normal to undergo an unexpected pregnancy. And since she is just one month pregnant, she can have a legal abortion. Abortion in Bangalore, India is legal for up to 20 weeks in normal cases, just like yours.

Moreover, she can obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore as an unmarried girl. And she can get it with her consent only if she is above 18 years.

What has already happened cannot be changed. There is no undo button in real life. But there is always a chance to start better.

In your case, it is important to have a safe abortion. Safe abortions do not impair the health of the patient in the long term. They are absolutely safe in several terms. Safe abortion safeguards the patient’s physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. It also ascertains the safety of her privacy besides long-term health and life.

Firstly, the patient mustn’t self-diagnose or self-administer any abortion pills. There are several brands in the market like ‘Unwanted’, ‘Preganot’, etc. However, the self-administration of any kind of abortion tablets carries immense risks to a patient’s health and life.

Even if someone tells you that she can have a self-managed abortion at home, do not go for it. It can cause heavy bleeding and unmanageable pain. It can increase your panic and complications like ectopic pregnancy may be life-threatening.

Choosing wise and safe abortions is responsible behavior. And the earlier she is, the more are her options. Do not delay since abortion in India is available for a case like yours only for up to 20 weeks. She can safely and confidentially obtain a legal abortion in Bangalore at a registered abortion hospital.

abortion in Bangalore

Early abortion options in Bangalore done by expert abortion doctors:

As the patient is one month pregnant, she is quite early and has two early abortion options. These are abortion pills and Gentle Care suction abortion. However, the choice of method depends on several factors like how far she is in her pregnancy. Next, the doctor will need to check for the pregnancy location. This is necessary to rule out the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy.

The two abortion methods differ in several ways. And you can consult the doctor regarding what’s best for the patient. The early safe abortion methods and what to expect from each are:

Medical abortion method with safe abortion pills in Bangalore:

At the registered MTP centre, the doctor will check the patient’s vitals and analyze her medical condition. She will have to complete a small ultrasound to check for the exact length and location of her pregnancy. It is an essential test for the safety of the patient. This will help the doctor prescribe the best abortion method. And in case of ectopic pregnancy, the patient can receive early treatment with an early diagnosis.

The patient will need to get some other additional tests based on her medical condition. These diagnostic tests vary from patient to patient. And hence the cost of an abortion is always different from one patient to another.

The patient’s eligibility for abortion pills is decided after checking certain things. Check them below.

She is eligible for abortion pills if:

  • Her pregnancy is intrauterine and less than 8 weeks.
  • She does not have any acute or chronic medical condition. And is not taking any contraindicated medicines.
  • She is not allergic to any ingredient of abortion pills.
  • Moderate to heavy pain due to abdominal cramps with bleeding is acceptable for her.
  • She can wait for up to days and sometimes up to weeks to be sure of a complete abortion.
  • She can take a break from study or work. It may be more than a couple of days in case of heavy blood loss and fatigue.
  • Obtaining medical help in an emergency condition is easily available nearby.
  • In case of incomplete abortion, she is ready to get a surgical procedure to complete the abortion.
  • If the patient is anemic, medical abortion is not suitable for her. This is because abortion pills may cause heavy blood loss.

If she is fit for a medical abortion, the doctor will give her the first abortion tablet at the clinic. This pill will stop her pregnancy from progressing further. The doctor will hand her the second pill also at the same time. It may be one or more tablets.

She will have to take it at a gap of 6-72 hours after taking the first pill. The doctor will let her know the best gap and will also direct her on how to take them.

After that, she will start to bleed within an hour and continue to bleed heavily for 4-6 hours. Most likely, the embryo will expel during this phase. However, it may take longer for the entire placental tissue to shed. She may bleed for up to days and sometimes a week.

A follow-up appointment is advisable after a week. This is to clarify whether the abortion was complete.

Safe, painless and stress-free abortion in Bangalore done in 10 minutes by an expert abortion doctor:

Whether she is eligible for abortion pills or not, she has a better abortion method available. Gentle Care suction abortion is the abortion method available exclusively at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH). It is prescribed for terminating intrauterine pregnancies less than 12 weeks.

Since your friend is 1 month pregnant, she may be eligible for Gentle Care suction abortion. The doctor will first analyze the patient’s medical condition. And then prescribe her the best abortion method.

Convenient and comfortable abortion experience with Gentle Care abortion in comparison with abortion pills:

  • Gentle Care suction abortion is more efficient than abortion pills. Hence, there is almost zero probability of incomplete abortion.
  • It is absolutely painless and gets complete in less than 10 minutes. Unlike abortion pills, the Gentle Care suction abortion gets completed at the clinic itself. So, the patient can go home with the joy and happiness of a successful procedure. Anxiety about medical abortion keeps many girls and women nervous until the bleeding stops. This does not happen with Gentle Care suction abortion as the patient gets the successful procedure.
  • The patient can get the Gentle Care suction abortion on the same appointment. She may not even need any follow-up. And even if there is any query, she can get it answered telephonically.
  • There are no painful abdominal cramps with Gentle Care suction abortion. Whereas, with abortion pills, cramps can be very painful for some patients.
  • Bleeding with Gentle Care suction abortion is also the minimum. Many women do not bleed at all as the womb gets empty within the clinic itself.
  • The patient can resume her routine activities the same day after the discharge with a Gentle Care suction abortion. However, with abortion pills, she may need a longer break.
  • Fatigue with Gentle Care suction abortion is usually not seen. Most patients take discharge post-abortion within an hour after resting in their private room. The rest they get at the hospital is sufficient. Whereas, medical abortion can lead to heavy blood loss and fatigue.
  • Pregnancy symptoms like morning sickness, frequent urination, breast tenderness, etc wean away quickly after Gentle Care suction abortion. However, with medical abortion, it may take weeks for them to wean away.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment.

Private, confidential and non-judgmental abortion in Bangalore:

Private abortion:

Since you mentioned that you are looking for a confidential abortion for your friend, please stay relaxed. The Gentle Care abortions are completely confidential. Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH) is a private hospital that specializes in abortion care.

The doctor does not ask any personal questions. Only the queries that are important for the medical procedure are asked. Besides, the hospital provides private abortions only by appointment. Only a single patient gets an appointment for a particular time. And the hospital accepts only a very limited number of patients each day.

Since the patients visit by their appointment time, they do not see any fellow patients. So, there are no chances of meeting any acquaintance. And since there is no waiting period, the doctor sees all patients on time. Each patient gets consultation in a private one-on-one conversation.

Even the abortion procedure gets completed in a private examination room. After the abortion, the patient can rest in her private room. Most patients take discharge within an hour post-abortion. One can directly hire a local cab. Or if you come with a companion, one can safely drive you back home.

Confidential abortion:

The abortion team strives to provide exclusive personalized abortion care. The patient can friendly speak to the doctor in a comfortable doctor-patient setting in a one-to-one conversation.

BGH does not disclose any patient information, medical or personal to anyone besides the patient herself. So, you can relax if you have any such concerns. All abortions at BGH are confidential.

Non-judgmental abortion:

Your concern for non-judgmental abortion is very valid. Many unmarried girls hesitate in getting the right help due to the fear of being judged. They fear facing unwanted consequences at the hospitals in the form of rude or judgmental comments and behavior. The stigma attached to premarital pregnancies and abortions is widespread. Hence, these kinds of feelings are expected.

But do not worry at all if you are visiting BGH for an abortion. The doctors will treat the patient professionally with high-quality medical care. The patient can feel the freedom from any kind of prejudice, including her marital status. Besides, the patient can find all the support she may need from caring, compassionate and friendly nurses.

Do not hesitate in seeking help from the best abortion hospital. The hospital regularly sees unmarried girls as patients for abortions. So, it is very common and you as an unmarried couple seeking an abortion are not alone.

Schedule an early appointment for a Gentle Care abortion.

Query 2:

“I am 19 years old, living in Bangalore and I think I might be one week pregnant. I am really scared and don’t want my parents to get to know about any of this. What do I do?”

The answer:

Hello dear reader! Please calm down and relax. You are lucky to be staying in Bangalore. Getting pregnant with an unexpected pregnancy is normal. Moreover, your fears and concerns are understandable. But relax. Certain things can help you know your options.

Firstly, you cannot be sure of 1-week pregnancy. This is because the first two weeks of pregnancy are counted from the last day of your menstrual period. So, technically speaking, until you conceive, you are already into two weeks of your pregnancy.

It is only upon a missed period that one can take a home pregnancy test. It is better to be sure rather than stay in doubt. So, if you have missed your period and it’s been a couple of days or a week ahead, it’s time to take the test.

In case it is negative, your period might have been delayed due to some other reason. Or your pregnancy hormone levels are not high enough for detection in the urine test.

You can either consult a gynecologist in Bangalore or can wait for another couple of days. If you still do not get your period, take another home pregnancy test. If again, it is negative, it may be stress or some medical condition like Polycystic Ovarian Disease (PCOD).

It may be better to visit a gynecologist near you. The doctor will ask you to undergo a simple ultrasound test to confirm pregnancy. If you are pregnant, the test will also help the doctor learn the exact number of weeks you are pregnant and its location.

The doctor may advise you on the best abortion method accordingly. And in case you are not pregnant, it’s a piece of good news for you. However, the reason for the delay in period needs to be found out for early treatment.

What are your options if you are pregnant?

In case you really are pregnant, please do not panic. It is absolutely fine and you can get an abortion if you do not wish to continue with it.

Since you are above 18 years, you can get an abortion with your consent only. The doctor or the hospital will not ask you to involve your parents in this. You can give your consent for the abortion and obtain it.

At Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH), you can get a stress-free, pain-free abortion in less than 10 minutes. You can return home the same day without anyone knowing that you have had an abortion.

You can even resume your routine activities after going home. But remember one thing, do not fall in for any unsafe abortion method. And why would you need to when you have Gentle Care suction abortion available at an abortion clinic near you.

Self-administration of abortion pills can pose your health and life at risk. So, it may be better that you visit the registered MTP centre and get a safe abortion.

There are very limited slots for Gentle Care suction abortion and they get filled in quick. Besides, it is the available abortion method for up to 12 weeks pregnancy only. So, do not delay.

Schedule an early abortion appointment.

The query:

“My girlfriend got pregnant and we do not want either of our parents to know about this. Nor do we wish to keep it. What are our options? Can we abort using homemade remedies?”

The answer:

Hello dear reader! It is normal for people to explore sexual intimacy without marriage and is very common. So, do not worry at all.

She can get an early abortion in Bangalore safely, legally and confidentially. If she is above 18 years old, you need not involve your parents. And they are not going to know of it with a confidential abortion.

You can obtain a safe, legal and confidential abortion in Bangalore at the best abortion hospital near you. Gentle Care suction abortion is a single-day, single-appointment, painless, stress-free and non-judgmental procedure. The patient can happily return home with a successful procedure. 

As far as home remedies are concerned, they are not safe. They carry immense risks to the patient’s health and life. There are no safe home remedies recommended for abortions. So, please do not fall in for them.

Having a trouble-free abortion is not far from reality. Gone are the days when abortions were available on multiple appointments and with parental consent for adults.

You can conveniently obtain a Gentle Care suction abortion at BGH. But the hospital intake of patients each day is very limited. Inquire for the earliest available spot by calling or messaging their helpline number.

Inquire about the earliest abortion slot today.

The query:

“What are the legal grounds for an abortion in India?”

The answer:

Hello dear reader! Abortion in India is legal on four major grounds. These are:

  1. The reason contraceptive failure which is the leading cause of unplanned pregnancies.
  2. To protect the woman’s physical and/or mental health and/or life.
  3. In case of fetal deformities.
  4. If the pregnancy is a result of rape/incest.

Other major things to know regarding legal abortion in India are:

You can get an abortion in India for up to 20 weeks in normal cases and up to 24 weeks in special cases. Some girls and women have obtained it even beyond this age with legal help.

Next major thing is that you can obtain a legal abortion in India with your consent only. Parental consent is needed only in the case of minors or mentally challenged women.

We hope many of the readers have found the answers they have been seeking answers for. In case your query remains unanswered in this post, please leave a comment in the comment section. We shall get back to you at the earliest with our response.

You can obtain a comfortable, painless, single appointment and a quick, stress-free abortion at the best abortion hospital near you. But they have very limited slots and abortions are only by appointment. All seats get filled in quick. Inquire for the earliest available spot.

Schedule a Gentle Care abortion appointment.

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