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Abortion in Bangalore: How to obtain a Positive Experience?

confidential abortion in Bangalore

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Facing an unplanned pregnancy? You’re not alone. Considering abortion in Bangalore care? Finding a safe, legal, and confidential provider is crucial. This guide empowers you with information right from healthcare professionals in collaboration with mental wellness experts. We’ll explore your options and your rights and guide you towards a trusted abortion doctor near you. We’ll also address your privacy concerns and help you understand what to expect. Let’s navigate this journey together.

First thing first. Understand your abortion care needs.

Making an informed decision about abortion care starts with understanding your individual needs. This involves considering both physical and emotional aspects of your well-being.

Physically: What does your body need from abortion in Bangalore care?

Pregnancy Stage: When was your Last Period?

Knowing how far along you are in your pregnancy helps determine your abortion options (medical vs. surgical) and potential recovery time. Additionally, abortion in Bangalore is legal for up to 20 weeks for a variety of reasons. However, the abortion methods can vary based on your medical condition and the pregnancy stage. So, it’s important that you know how far have you come in the pregnancy.

How you can know your pregnancy length?

  • Home Pregnancy Test: You can buy a pregnancy test kit as soon as you miss your period. It usually shows up positive if you have good levels of human Chorionic Gonadotrophin (hCG) in your urine. Although this test can confirm your pregnancy, it has limitations. It can tell if you are pregnant or not but cannot tell the exact pregnancy length and location.
  • Blood test: The hCG we spoke of is present in the blood more than it is in urine. Its values can give a better estimate of your pregnancy week. However, it also has limitations. Firstly, it can only give an estimate of the pregnancy week based on hCG values. However, it cannot confirm the pregnancy week. Also, in faulty pregnancies, like ectopic pregnancies, hCG values can be more abnormal than in usual pregnancies. So, it cannot confirm if the pregnancy is intrauterine or ectopic and can also not provide the exact pregnancy length.
  • Ultrasonography: It’s in your best interest to visit an abortion doctor near you and get a prescription for an ultrasound. An ultrasound is a radiologic examination that is completed in 2-3 minutes. It not only lets you and your doctor for abortion learn about the pregnancy period but also its exact location. Additionally, it also lets the doctor know the health of the maternal reproductive system that can impact the pregnancy or abortion procedure in any manner. So, do not delay. Get an ultrasound today.

Medical History: Are you suffering from any medical condition while seeking an abortion?

Discussing any pre-existing medical conditions with a qualified provider ensures the safest procedure for you. During your pre-abortion consultation, you must communicate openly with your doctor about abortion.

You must tell the doctor:

  • Any medical condition you are currently suffering from or have been suffering from in the recent past. This can help the doctor choose the best abortion method for you. In addition, the doctor will also learn if your condition needs to be managed during the procedure. For instance, diabetic patients may need constant monitoring and management based on glycemic parameters. Hypertensive patients may need some alternate medicines. Patients with compromised liver function or kidney function may need dose adjustment.
  • Any medicines you are taking currently. This can help the doctor adjust the dose of medicines according to your condition. See, some medicines may interact with abortion pills or any other medicines for abortion. So, if your doctor for abortion is aware of what you are taking, she may adjust the medicines, opt for alternatives, do dose adjustments, etc. For instance, some medicines decrease the efficacy of abortion pills. So, their dose can be increased or decreased depending on the medicines being used.
  • Any allergies you know you have. By the time you are seeking an abortion, you may have come across allergens in your life. So, if you know any allergies, you have, you must tell them to your abortion doctor. For instance, many people are allergic to Penicillin, the most commonly used antibiotic class. So, the doctor can use alternate antibiotics for you during your post-abortion recovery to prevent infections.

Recovery Plans: How soon can you recover after abortion and return to routine?

Consider your daily routine and support system when planning for post-abortion recovery. There are multiple abortion options. For example, with a medical abortion, done using abortion tablets, you need a long time. Medical abortion usually takes more than a single appointment.

Since it is the most inexpensive procedure, many women opt for abortion pills. However, they pay the cost of abortion in several ways. The abortion may take days to complete. All these days, the woman cannot get back to her routine, personally as well as professionally. This can keep the anxiety high. Plus, the fatigue cannot be underestimated. It is for real.

Abdominal pain and cramps can be experienced for a few days. If abortion pills result in an incomplete abortion, which is the most common possibility, one may need a surgical procedure for abortion completion. Now, this will not only come at an added cost of abortion but also delay post-abortion recovery.

So, you must tell your doctor what you are looking forward to during your recovery phase. Sharing your personal and/or professional routine is not a medical necessity, but it can help your doctor learn your post-abortion recovery expectations. And the doctor can accordingly advise you on the best abortion procedure. For instance, some women students or professionals and even working mothers or homemakers have very tight schedules, both at home as well as office or study. So, they seek same-day abortion procedures.

Abortion in Bangalore, Confidential abortion
Abortion in Bangalore, Confidential abortion

For your kind information, single-appointment, same-day discharge, and early recovery abortion procedures are available. If you are looking for an abortion doctor near you in Bangalore, you can certainly trust Gentle Care abortion procedures at Bangalore Genesis Hospital (BGH). Gentle Care abortion procedures are minimally invasive, painless, comfortable, safe, legal, confidential and non-judgmental.

abortion in Bangalore
Gentle Care abortion

Emotionally: What kind of abortion experience you are looking forward to receiving?

Your Feelings with Abortion:

It’s perfectly normal to experience a range of emotions, sometimes singular and at times mixed emotions. Allow yourself to feel everything – sadness, anger, relief or uncertainty. Be it anything. Feel it. Experience it. But don’t let it overwhelm you. Know your full stop. Know where to stop and look for solutions rather than just getting trapped in the web of your own emotions. Let your emotions out but decide when and where to stop. Once you are past your feelings, you will be in a position to think wiser and make better healthcare choices.

Talking it Out:

Discussing your options with a trusted friend, family member, therapist, or counsellor can be incredibly helpful. If you want to share your feelings, your partner can be a very good companion at this moment. But some women cannot confide even in their partners or family due to fear and insecurity and there can be a multitude of reasons. Don’t worry. Speak to a friend. And if no one is available, remember, a counsellor can be a great support system during this time if you need one.

Speaking to other women in online chats, social media communities and groups can also bring some relief, especially if they share common interests but are not acquaintances. These are women whose opinions about you and your choices will not impact you negatively. Additionally, their stories can bring in much-needed inspiration during trying times, like these.

Your Support System:

Identifying individuals who can offer emotional and practical support during this time is crucial. Figure out who to trust, confide in and have by your side as you undergo the abortion. At the abortion hospital near you, you may have a great doctor, caring and compassionate nurses and support staff, but back at home, a friend or companion can be of great emotional support.

Taking Time is Key:

There’s no rush. Give yourself space to explore your options, gather information, and make the decision that feels right for you. Healthcare professionals and mental health experts are here to support you every step of the way.

But, do not forget that abortion in India is legal for up to 20 weeks in usual cases and delaying can taper down your options. Additionally, risks with abortion and complications with abortion procedures increase as the complexity increases with an increase in gestation age. So, early procedures can translate to fewer risks or complications. Also, recovery is quicker with early abortions.

So, take your time to figure out things you prioritize and need, but do not delay. Decide a full-stop when it’s time to decide.

What you must tell your abortion doctor?

Abortion is not just a physical procedure. Its impact is more than just the physical aspects. It can define how you feel about your health in the long run. What experience you obtain today can either be remembered as a peaceful and positive medical experience or a negative one depending on what you undergo. It is, therefore, crucial to choose the best gynecologist for abortion near you.

There are a few things beyond the abortion procedure, where the abortion doctor near you can be of immense help. But you will need to do your part by letting her know a few things. Open communication is the basis of a positive abortion experience.

Physical aspects have been mentioned above; coming to emotional well-being, you need to tell your doctor:

How do you feel about abortion as a decision?

Although you can choose not to get into a personal conversation. But if you think, you need emotional support, you can choose to indulge in a little open conversation. Remember, the doctor for abortion will never ask for your personal stories or questions that can make you uncomfortable. But you can choose to confide in her if that makes you comfortable.

You may choose not to disclose why you are seeking an abortion, but you can feel free to share if your decision is uncertain. Some women seek abortion in Bangalore for unwanted pregnancies or unexpected pregnancies. Reasons can be as simple as contraceptive failure or as complex as a pregnancy resulting from rape/incest. Some seek it for economic stability before going for family expansion.

Women often seek abortion as unmarried because of the stigma and shame they may have to face. But, all of the reasons are absolutely normal. It’s okay if you are dealing with any of such things. Such women often experience a sigh of relief after opting out of unwanted pregnancies.

On the flip side of the story, some women are unable to decide because of guilt or relationship expectations and other reasons. Also, other women have to undergo an abortion even for a wanted pregnancy due to fetal anomalies or pregnancy complications. All reasons are super valid. But, feeling worn away can make your experience negative.

So, whether you are feeling nervous, anxious, guilty, indecisive, sad or anything, you can let your doctor know. She can adjust the communication following your needs. She can adjust her language and her tone, choose her words, comfort you and help you in a lot more ways than you can even imagine. And that’s what personalization means during abortion care.

What fears do you have about abortion?

Abortion in Bangalore


It is common to have fears about abortion. Also, it is normal to be feeling so. So, if you have any fears, let your doctor know about them. Women fear pain with abortion. If you speak your fear, the doctor can advise a painless and more comfortable abortion method for you. For instance, Gentle Care suction is a painless procedure rather than a medical abortion that can come with abdominal cramps and pain.

Stigma & judgment:

Many women fear judgment. They fear what other people will think and let other people’s opinions take them down. Many unmarried women feel this and often opt for unsafe abortion methods such as buying abortion pills in Bangalore. But, what they experience with botched-up abortions has been even worse than their fears.

If you do have a similar fear, tell your doctor. Do not attempt an unsafe abortion. Firstly, choose a space for non-judgmental abortion by carefully selecting your abortion provider. Then, openly discuss your fear. The doctor can again adjust her language, tone and words to be comforting for you so that you can experience non-judgmental abortion care.

Even selecting which nurse goes to attend to which patient can be tailored depending on the kind of care a patient needs and deserves. Again, this is how personalized abortion care goes beyond just the words.


The most common question we come across from women seeking abortions is, “Is it safe?” Absolutely! Abortion is safe when performed in a registered abortion facility by qualified, trained and experienced doctor for abortion using the WHO-recommended safe abortion methods.

While there are different abortion methods, each has its pros and cons and specifications. Your doctor can completely evaluate your physical and mental well-being and decide what’s the safest procedure for you. Moreover, she can put forth her expertise in abortion care and tailor the abortion care to your convenience with a method that is not only safe but also aligns with your needs. So, do not hesitate to ask questions. Answers empower you to make informed decisions, the right decisions.


Women fear understanding medical jargon. If the doctor knows about it, she can use more comfortable and layman’s words to explain the procedure. After all, informed consent is highly important during abortion care or any medical procedure.


If you are seeking a private and confidential abortion, you can get one. Your doctor for abortion can provide you abortion in a single appointment without any waiting period. From pre-abortion consultation to post-abortion recovery, your entire journey can be kept as private as you want.

Similarly, you can tell any concern you have and the doctor can help you in many ways more than you can think of. You can get a quick resolution with a confidential abortion just as you want it for yourself and obtain a positive abortion in Bangalore experience.

Schedule abortion appointment. 

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